Santa Barbara Evacuates As Uncontained 230,000 Acre Thomas Fire Becomes Fifth Largest In State History

Santa Barbara officials expanded evacuations Sunday as the Thomas Fire continues to rage through the Southern California county - burning over 230,000 acres to make it the fifth largest in the state since California began keeping records in 1932. Overall, approximately 8,500 firefighters are battling six wildfires across Southern California. 

The #ThomasFire fire grew by over 50,000 acres throughout the day, with containment dropping from 15% to 10% - resulting in mandatory evacuations for approximately 5,000 Santa Barbara County residents, while 30,000 more were told to prepare to leave, bringing the total number of evacuated or sheltered citizens to just under 95,000.

790 structures have been destroyed and 18,000 remain threatened by the Thomas fire. The immediate concern is the town of Carpinteria - with the fire quickly moving west above the city chock full of dry vegetation that hasn't burned in nearly 100 years, said Steve Swindle, spokesman for the Ventura County Fire Department. 

The fuels in there are thick and they’re dead so they’re very receptive to fire” -Steve Swindle

About 30 minutes south on Hwy 10, the blaze destroyed 524 structures and damaged 125 in the city of Ventura, with an additional 266 structures destroyed and 56 damaged in unincorporated Ventura County. Harsh Santa Ana winds along with extremely low humidity created ideal conditions for the Ventura County fire to jump into Santa Barbara County Saturday night, with winds gusting at speeds of up to 35 mph. 

Efforts have been made to prevent downed power lines from sparking new blazes, while the Santa Barbara zoo has battened down the hatches and confined animals to their cages. The LA Times reports: 

Crews were cutting lines outside the city in an effort to keep flames from further encroachment and “contingency strike teams” were dispatched throughout Carpinteria in case the blaze manages to cross fire lines, said Newport Beach firefighter Jude Olivas, a spokesman for the Thomas fire response.

The Santa Barbara Zoo was closed to the public Sunday, and its 500 animals were confined to their night quarters. The zoo was outside the evacuation area and not in immediate danger, but there was smoke and ash on the 30-acre property. “We drill for and are prepared for emergencies,” zoo director Nancy McToldridge said in a Facebook post. “We are taking all precautions to ensure the safety of our animals and our staff.”


The animal care staff was providing “enrichment,” including toys, treats and puzzles, to prevent the zoo residents from becoming bored inside, said director of marketing Dean Noble. The gorillas like music,” Noble said.

The Thomas fire has forced over 88,000 people from their homes in total, costing an estimated $25 million. The cause of the fire which began on Monday is still under investigation. As we reported earlier, California governor Jerry Brown had a sobering message for Southern Californians after a week of raging wildfires: This is your new normal. 

California Governor Jerry Brown (D)

Offering a grim outlook for the state’s future struggles with uncontrollable blazes, the governor told California residents to brace for these types of fires to become an annual occurrence.

"This is kind of the new normal," he said, adding that extreme fire activity will happen on a regular basis for decades.

"With climate change, some scientists are saying that Southern California is literally burning up," he said. "So we have to have the resources to combat the fires and we also have to invest in managing the vegetation and forests ... in a place that's getting hotter."

As for the three other notable California fires which we will discuss in a subsequent post: 

  • Rye Fire - West of Valencia in LA County has burned 6,049 acres, 6 structures, and is 93% contained. 
  • Creek Fire - North of Lake View Terrace in LA city limits has burned 15,619 acres, 123 structures, and is 95% contained
  • Lilac Fire - San Diego, has burned 4100 acres and is 75% contained

With the other fires mostly contained, the next 48 hours could prove disastrous for Santa Barbara and surrounding cities. 


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fresno? talk about some shit hole...usually people should be happy to get out of there. You look like you didn't.What happened, you got hooked on meth or what? Besides, they should tax california to smithereens: their CO2 quotas went absolutely through the roof this year. They should not even be allowed to light a ciggie for 10 years now.

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Know that dead wood and flammable crap you fuckers won't let anybody clean out because it will endanger the western mutant reptilian red spotted 3 eyed disease carrying tick is what's burning?HONESTLY  PEOPLE OUT HERE DON'T EVEN LET FLAMMABLE AREAS BE CLEANED FOR "ECOLOGICAL" REASONSIf it feels good, it must be something or other.  Pass the wine and cheeseThis is the same ecological mentality of the same people who in the town of Pacific Grove got an old lady killed some years ago.  She was walking through the protected area enjoying the monarch butterfly migration (Yes, and it is spectacular) but the PG folks refused to take the dead wood and trees from the monarch's area as ecologists bitched to the high heavens on preserving the scantity of the  ......  A dead tree fell on her and killed the little old lady.  (LOL  Agenda 21 at the local level, useless eaters)Supposedly it's all for the chillen' (Droned in ME), the immigrants (Welcome to your new ghetto, and here's where you register Democrat) and the pensioners (Not the old folks, for CalPers, silly)  Why doesn't it surprise me that Pacific Grove was cited as one of the worst communities with respect to pension under-funding in CA?redish v bluish pill stuff ... reality/synthesis   whateverI'm just the reporter

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It must be all those harbored illegal alien criminals hiding in Sanctuary Cities that are running around setting fires and there are 1000's of them. It should be noted that a number of very recent youtube videos have appeared that document arrests of people wearing black clothing )ANTIFA, TERRORISTS?) who were setting fires.GOOD LUCK CALIFORNIA ON YOUR SACTUARY CITY POLICY!!! GLOBAL WARMING is not the problem, but CA is creating GLOBAL WARMING with all of these fires. PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL EPA overreach also to blame because it resulted in poor forestry management practices that has created fuel for any fire.Beware lest any man (Governor "Moonbeam") spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world.CA can now officially be given the title: HELL ON EARTH.

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Santa Ana winds and the accompanying wildfires have been a part of the region for thousands of years. You can find centuries of charcoal deposits in various exposed basins around the area. And the native tribes like the Chumash and Tongva all have histories surrounding the hot winds from the north and the fires they have caused for millenia. But Moonbeam assures us it is Trump's fault.

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"An army of federal crews in white protective suits descended on Sonoma and Napa counties and beyond Thursday seeking to identify and remove the most hazardous waste left behind: propane tanks, oil drums, toxic garage chemicals.The toxic sweep is the first step of the massive post-fire cleanup — the largest ever undertaken in California — that is expected to take place early next year, state and federal officials said.U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and state officials will survey all the homes, schools and buildings turned to ash before any debris is removed in Napa and Sonoma counties. Then special teams will move in and remove hazardous waste and test each site for toxic substances.That cleanup must be completed before residents or the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers may clear what remains on each of the burned-out lots.It’s a staggering job, with more than 8,000 buildings in wine country destroyed and more than 40 people killed.“The fires have left an enormous amount of debris on a scale unlike anything we have seen. It has become a monumental task to do,” said Sean Smith, the state’s debris removal coordinator who is overseeing the efforts.Once the work begins, officials said, about 200 homes will be cleared a day in Sonoma County alone.Local authorities are asking homeowners to sign a form that requires the property owner to assign to the government any insurance payments for debris removal and give control of that task to the corps. Because of the scale of the destruction, officials believe it would make more sense for one agency to handle debris removal than for homeowners to do it themselves.Smith said a home insurance policy might provide $10,000 for such a task, but the cost may be far higher and the federal government will cover the extra cost.“Once the amount is exhausted we don’t want any more money back to the program,” Smith said. “If the insurance is $10,000 and it costs us $40,000, the only obligation the property owner has is $10,000.”"… is going to be rebuilding those houses soon.  They are still preparing special BDS clauses to all the contracts fire victims are going to be forced to sign.

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"“It’s more money to spend when we already had our houses there so now we’re going to have to pay all these fees and do all these updates to make it current, which is going to cost us even more,” Mizzi said. “Some of us, I don’t know how we’re going to do it.”Estimated permit fees to rebuild a home destroyed by fire range from about $10,000 to $15,000. If a new second structure is added also, total fees could be nearly $39,000 to $88,000 according to numbers provided by Sonoma County."

The difficulties in getting permits is going to be hair raising.  If any object was not "licensed" and approved in the original house, then they will be forced to get permits starting from 0.It is making building codes retroactive.…

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I remember during the elections, about the time Bill met with Loreta on the tarmac.  Suddenly, out of no where, a massive pacific storm was headed towards san diego/mexico.  Completely dominated the headlines for a few days until the Hillary scandal was off the front page.  In the end the tropical storm was about as serious as an old man with prostate problems.

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utopia my ass - I lived in Venice Beach and SF - I have neve rseen so many dirt-poor homeless sleeping in gutters and using the whole place as their toilet (and I don't blame them). Injecting heroin etc. I have never seen anything more apocaliptic and I have been aroudn the world. Nobody can afford to buy anything. Even the self-mutulated freaks addicted to plasstic surgery do that to themselves on borrowed money

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The standard modus operandi for a typical Mexifornia year in weather:1. Drought, followed by2. Wildfire, followed by3. Torrential rain, followed by4. Mudslides, aided by the occasional earthquake.THAT is the norm in Mexifornia and has been for thousands of years. If man comes along and decides to build in that environment, YOU HAVE BEEN FORWARNED.My opinion is that it is God's rebuttal of the wickedness of the West Coast.

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BoP, there is climate change, just not the CO2 human burning variety. What are ChemTrails? What is the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge blocking the Jet Stream?Why is CA and offshore CA covered in ChemTrails?Why is nobody here or almost anywhere asking these questions. It looks like Agenda 21 went live and the subjects in the petri dish never noticed. Normalcy Bias kills people, impoverishes people, enslaves people. 

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With people watering their lawns, lots of reservoirs build, California of 20th century was one of wettest in last 20. Humidity in socal has nearly doubled from 1930s! With reversion to the mean, lots of dry timber (heck in name of conservation ca libtards can't cut it or let it burn), this will be the greatest tinder burning show on earth.

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Logged on just to respond to this comment re Jerry Clown Brown and climate change....Long history of the Brown family overseeing the destruction of  our beautiul state.....California's become a poster child for what has in mind for the other 49 states...Fuckin' moonbeam.....when are we going to hand out consequences to these felons?

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