BiT CoiN BaNDiTo...


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Perhaps they ushered in the NWO currency for 2018 per the 1988 Economist calendar.Has anyone calculated the exchange $kim that’s been harvested on the New World FOREX? When the .gov tax is fully implemented they’ll have one efficient way to collect and control both $kims at once.“One (crypto)ring to rule them all, one ring to find them,One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.”

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Cue "Cielito Lindo."    Ay, ay, ay, ay! oh, I am dee Bitcoin Bandito. I like Bitcoin crypto, I love them, I do. I want all dem Bitcoins. I'll get them, from you.    Ay, ay, ay, ay, oh, I am the Bitcoin Bandito. Give me those Bitcoins and I'll be your friend. The Bitcoin Bandito you must not offend.

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Cryptos can slowly gain more followers, as people start understanding them, especially when people realize you can transfer them across borders without a bankster. Some more numerous and cheaper crypto like Dogecoin may become currency in Africa. This is not going to end well for the "money" creating central banksters and their politician friends. 

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So why do you think the banksters will not coopt cryptocurrencies? I fail to see how cryptocurrencies are a “game changer” in relation to the unequal distribution of wealth, capital and privileges? At the moment cryptocurrencies are just another tool used by the banksters to enrich themselves – and yes, you can ride that wave and maybe get “fiat”-rich yourselves but how does that challenge the banksters? As long as cryptocurrencies are priced in fiat (and as long as their “value” is [wrongly] measured in their rise in fiat-price) the money/fiat-masters are still in control. In Denmark the biggest player in the crypto-sphere is Saxo Bank. They are making billions. I don’t celebrate.  

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The Fed controls most financial markets now.  The $100 billion+ total capitalization of bitcoin is easily manipulated with unlimited Fed assets.  If a billion+ dollars can be routinely dropped into gold market, the same would overwhelm bitcoin.  

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Yes! but is Bitcoin also being exchanged for fiat? this appears to me a one way flow from fiat into Bitcoin, which appears problematic to me.When everyone wants to head for exit, how will this work? My understanding is it takes 7 seconds to clear a Bitcoin transactionn. What will happen when everyone heads for ther exits and the price plummets because of this lack of liquidity?

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The price for bitcoin is quoted in fiat currencies.  This price is determined by those who sell bitcoins for dollars or who offer to buy bitcoins.  The dollars don't disappear; they just change hands.  Coinbase is a bitcoin marketplace in the US.  With only $100+ billion in total bitcoin value, it is easy for an "evil" bank, which routinely drops $1 billion in to the gold market to control the price.  This is called cornering.   A bank can be buying and selling to itself by having multiple accounts.

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It's funny. I used to look up to fiat in high regard. When I first started out I wanted to accumulate all I could. Now it kind of just comes to me and I only want precious metals. It is I guess a reformat of what was pre programmed into me from those in power. I had to research it all on my own no help.What once took me 15 years to save up, I made in one day just yesterday on crypto. The value of the dollar is plummeting. The crypto and everything else in today's financial system just does not add up. It was not supposed to happen.Just like forewarned ancient wall writings. 

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SoSquishi: A fable of greed, lust and mental deficiency==================================== Once upon a time there were a race of people called BitCon, who lived in a land calledMoronDor. The BitCon were an invisible people who were very greedy and had onlyone mission is life: to collect as many fiat dollars as possible. Oh, how they loved theirfiat dollars. They would sit around campfires at night in the hills, and sing folk songsabout their beloved fiat dollars. Why did they love their fiat dollars so? Because theywere invisible! They would wrap themselves in their dollars so others would see and noticethem. They felt like they were worthless without their fiat dollars. There was one BitCon who was far greedier than the rest and his name was SoSquishi.He was not content with his own allotment of fiat dollars, he wanted them all! He thoughtabout them constantly, he would wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, muttering "my fiat, my fiat" to himself. One day, he could take it no more. Whenthe camp was sleeping soundly, he crept through like a thief in the night and stole everyones fiat dollars. He then disappeared, and it is believed he went and hid in a cavein the hills, as the other BitCons would occasionally hear him softly chanting, "my precioussss, my precioussss". All of the other BitCons went insane, because they were invisible again,and ran around in a panic, stumbling into each other because they could not see each other!What would they do? Madness and chaos ruled over their previously bucolic land. To be continued....