Satellite Images Show North Korea Building New Tunnel At Nuclear-Test Site

Despite earlier hope amid Tillerson's comments on diplomacy with North Korea, a new batch of satellite images suggests that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is ignoring warnings from Chinese (as well as American and South Korean) scientists and instead pressing ahead with the country’s nuclear testing regimen at Punggye-ri, a facility situated in the country’s mountainous northeast.

As scientist from several countries have tried to explain, satellite images suggest Punggye-ri is suffering from “Tired Mountain Syndrome”a phenomenon first documented by spy satellites examining Soviet nuclear test sites. After being warned by Chinese scientists about the dangers, two tunnels collapsed near the testing chamber back in October, killing 200 North Korean workers.

According to 38North, a blog that closely tracks North Korea related news, work on what appears to be a new tunnel near the site’s West Portal is progressing, leaving the North Portal - where the last five tests were conducted—mostly dormant and likely abandoned, at least for the time being.

Meanwhile, recent commercial satellite imagery indicates that despite the continuation of small tremors near Mt. Mantap, a supervolcano not far from Pyunggye-ri, will probably raise the anxieties of Chinese living near the North Korean borderlands. A few months ago, Beijing increased radiation monitoring around the border and closed many crossing points, allegedly because of fears that Pyungge-ri might implode, sending a giant plume of radioactive dust into the sky.

The North conducted its sixth and most recent nuclear test in early September. The 300-kiloton explosion was the most powerful ever measured in North Korea, which held its first nuclear test in 2006.


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Again......Someday soon.Littleboy fatman.Will swat his neck.But he will miss the tiny drone mosquito.And will never know how he got the fatal dose. 

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Perhaps your comment is more relevant than mine.We're all being dosed with continuous fallout from Fukushima.Nobody cares anymore, except the elite oligarchs and politicians who are ready to make a mad dash for their fully-stocked deep underground bunkers.The elite are rapidly losing control of global affairs, so the only thing left is to initiate global thermonuclear war.Maybe they can poke their heads up after a few years, after every nuclear power reactor in the world has melted down.Then they can start over.

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I call this an interference in a sovereign nation's internal affairs.And of course, there are no satellite images of what happens in dimona while we are being distracted from our daily routines by this booga booga.Don't nations have the right to protect themselves by building some solid arsenal should they feel threatened by the bully in chief? 

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You forget,a cornered, desperate animal is the most dangerous.China and Russia have been working overtime to destroy the petrodollar. The Globalists have been working to remove the US dollar as the World Currency Reserve. So we are being attacked financially from all sides. Other countries are switching away from the Petrodollar in order to avoid sanctions. So it looks like the Neocons are allowing Trump to pump up the military to the point where it could win a war against China and Russia. What a "win" looks like is anyones guess in this day and age.         china

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See, the thing to do after almost collapsing a mountain and irradiating the soil with your nuclear blasts is, grab some more political prisoners out of the detention camps to replace the dead from the last dig and dig another hole into it!Cuz dats jus the way Líl Kim rolls.

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You know what I always find hysterically funny about communists & progs? The complete lack of voice (or humanity) when confronted with the reality of political prisoners, digging into an irradiated mountain, at gunpoint. Not one word about workers rights, working conditions or your beloved statist bureaucracies and their regulations.A true paradox to be sure ;-)

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See, North Korea needs the U.S intellectuals so they can find out about ....."Tired Mountain Syndrome." And I'm sure Big Pharma would like to treat North Korea for it.

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Too bad that the real reason the U.S has 3 aircraft carriers over there is because China and Russia are more and more dropping the Greenback to create a Reserve Currency that will knock the dollar from its #1 spot. Only completely unhindged Americans think it's mainly about North Korea while NK has been pursuing nukes for 25 years. Then again Americans do rank 35th in the world for comprehension.

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Why are supposed spy satalite images being released to the public I wonder?Are people waking up to the bullshit North Koread "Nuke America program" and need a shot of propaganda to keep them docile?

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"a phenomenon first documented by spy satellites" tired mountain syndrome."recent commercial satellite imagery indicates" indicates what? the article didn't say what they were looking at or even if it was the volcano mentioned in the same sentence.I will end my reply with yours: Read the story dipstick. Learn to also read between the lines and not be lead by your expectationsIt is also interesting that you need to denigrate a comment posted by someone else with a differnet opinion to yours. This indicates insecurity, additionally confirmed by the fact you up arrowed yourself. 

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Are they real termors or are they just using a little dynamite to save shoveling, the whole destabilizing the mountain story reeks of  let the man save some face and quit while he is ahead Psysopps

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Q: Don't nations have the right to protect themselvesA: They have only as many as they can garantee themselves with their military capabilities