Switzerland Is Well-Prepared For Civilizational Collapse

Authord by Alex Tabarrok via MarginalRevolution.com,

More than any other country, Switzerland’s ethos is centered around preparing for civilizational collapse.

All around Switzerland, for example, one can find thousands of water fountains fed by natural springs. Zurich is famous for its 1200 fountains, some of them quite beautiful and ornate, but it’s the multiple small, simple fountains in every Swiss village that really tell the story. Elegant, yes, but if and when central water systems are destroyed these fountains are a decentralized and robust system for providing everyone with drinkable water.

The Swiss political system is also decentralized. If the central government fails, the Swiss might not even notice. The mountains and valleys also mean that Swiss towns and villages are geographically independent yet linked in a spider-web of robust connections.

Despite being at peace since 1815, Switzerland is prepared for war. Swiss males (and perhaps females in the future) are required to serve in the military (those who cannot, pay a special tax) creating a robust reservoir of trained citizens ready to serve in an emergency.

The Swiss have been tunneling the Alps for hundreds of years creating innumerable secret hideaways for people and stores.

As a further example of how ridiculously well prepared the Swiss are for any and all threats, there are things like hidden hydroelectric dams built inside of unmarked mountains so that in the event of mass bombings, they’ll still have electricity from these secret facilities. And, remember, these are the things the Swiss government has let us know about. It is thought that there are probably more fortifications and hidden goodies scattered about the country’s landscape. (ital. added, AT)

In addition, to thousands of military bunkers permeating the Swiss mountains there are several hundred thousand private and public fallout shelters the largest of which can hold some 20,000 people. Some of the largest installations have been decommissioned and even turned into museums but there is little doubt that they could be rapidly re-purposed.. As the Swiss continue to improve their already fantastic railway system it’s standard practice to convert old railway tunnels to security shelters.

Buried deep alongside the hydroelectric dams, shelters and food stores, the Swiss also have libraries ready to reboot civilization:

“In another [underground bunker], detailed instructions on how to build devices for reading all known data storage formats, even older formats like floppy disks, are kept, so that if that knowledge is otherwise lost, future generations can still decode our data storage devices to access the data within correctly. Essentially, the researchers involved in this particular project have attempted to create a “Rosetta Stone” of data formats and are using a ridiculously secure Swiss bunker as the storage point for that knowledge.”

Switzerland is famous for being the place to store wealth in times of crisis and that remains true today with a few twists. The old-rich store their gold in heavily guarded Swiss banks, the nouveau-riche store their bitcoins in Swiss underground bunkers built to withstand cyber- and nuclear attack:

It’s no surprise that Nassim Taleb likes Switzerland because this is a country that has made itself anti-fragile in order to survive the black swans of civilizational collapse.

Hat tip: Maxwell.



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And people there are not yet totally infected by amazon and co. Sure...Now there's a rub: watch out the invasion of somali rapefugees in all the country. It is being attacked from the inside by barbarian hordes.

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You fail to see the difference between Zionist elitist rich people and the people who are jew or may look like jews (which most of the mediteranean people look like).The things you said just confirms that the Swiss elite is in cahoots with the Zionist one.The holocaust existed but those people were not gased all they were first worked to death, experimented on. While the rich jews left and were helped by the german authorities to flee most of them to US.  

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The elite also have control through BIS, SRF, SNB, Banking, Pharma, etc. This elite's controlling Switzerland, and their minions, like yourself, make patently false statements while protected from the repurcussions of thier lies, like you did above.  It is just the same as with Louis XV, but in your case your are pobably at the level of one of his petty local officials.  A Ghordius.Then as now the empure's bards would spew the official elite line, and then as now no one could contradict it.  The only difference is that now the capital has moved to Jerusalem and the new ruling elite want us genocided.  At least Louis XV and hiy sycophants wanted a strong, French France.  Your liege lords what Switzerland and all of Europe de-Europeanized.

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Would you guys cut it out.  War propaganda takes on a life of its own, and remains as legend.  Here are some facts about the concentration camps.https://www.wintersonnenwende.com/scriptorium/english/archives/articles… youself, Why would they have "camp money" if the intent was to holocaust?  The camps were entirely consistent with 1) An in-between device that was not prison, but a place to remove anti-social elements, especially bolsheviks.  2) After war began, a place to make war material -using camp labor.  Also, consider that post WW2, revisionist historians have been shown as correct, using data (not propaganda).Any "holocausting" happened toward the end of the war, with individuals who blamed Jews for the disaster befalling Germans.  There was NEVER a state policy of mass murder.  In fact, it was the opposite, especially as the NSDAP was in alliance with Zion.  Havarra plan Zionists and Nazis were working together.With regards to Switzerland, the Nazi's called it the "porcupine" and they did not want to get caught up in its quills.  Swiss were nortorious sharp-shooters, and could hide in caves etc.; this was not conducive to blitzkrieg mechanized army conquest - the wehrmacht would have gotten bogged down.With regards to BIS and stored gold in Switzerland, then yes - Schacht was in on creation of BIS.  Consider that Schacht always wanted to pay the reparations, while HItler considered them predatory.  Schacht was a "banker" man and a gold man at heart.  Later in life he admitted that his mefobills worked, ultimately causing tax roles in Germany to increase 3X between 33 and 38.  In other words, Schacht evolved in his thinking, like many intelligent people do. So, the BIS story is one of bankers getting together, and seeing commonality with each other.  And yes, this commonality increases when it is "tribesters" as heads of these insititutions.  Nobody can prove that Schact was an illuminist, or in cahoots with Jews, who intended to undermine Germany.  The actual history of Schacht does not fit this narrative, and creation of BIS and Switzerland's independence is more complicated that simple residual propaganda.

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Is your avatar Schacht?  Having become "woke" only in the last several years, I haven't had time to turn my focus on him.  I still have difficulty getting at the real truth about freemasons, let alone Schach's involvement.Schacht was Deeply involved with Weimar, which on its surface should have disqualified him as a Nazi.   

"in November 1923, Schacht became currency commissioner for the Weimar Republic and participated in the introduction of the Rentenmark, a new currency the value of which was based on a mortgage on all of the properties in Germany.[9] Germany entered into a brief period where it had two separate currencies: the Reichsmark managed by Rudolf Havenstein, President of the Reichsbank, and the newly created Rentenmark managed by Schacht." 

As far as Hitler and Switzerland goes, I don't think his plans were ever anything more than for contingency.  He only invaded Belgium, Denmark and Norway because they were not maintaining neutrality and the British were going to invade them anyway.  The Swiss had prepared a "reduit" or bunker strategy, with central Switzerland holding out and blasting all the essential tunnels.  Hitler knew they wouldn't be a threat and he never wanted to invade neutral countries anyway, despite all the ZOG lies.Switzerland was acutally under a far bigger threat by Eisenhower, who wanted in 1945 to blow around past Alsace and the German Seigfried line by going through Basel.  In the end, BIS nixed these plans.

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Hollywood will make sure that the sheep know only one story. Camps were there to exterminate Jews. There was no one else in there. Jews were gassed, burned and everything ran like a Swiss watch because German's were in charge and the poor Jews were the victims.

Now sit down with an American and try to tell him/her something different and see how fast you will see that familiar blank stare, "You are crazy".

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Not a fraud.  The bill was examined when discounted.  Examination included making sure goods were produced.  Upon discount, the bill found new Reichsmarks issued from Reichsbank. (Discounting is the act of turning in the bill for money... it is an exchange.)New reichsmarks then entered the money supply in proportion to the goods just produced.  The new money allowed already made goods to be discharged. Later said reichsmarks were taken up in taxes, hence 3x increase (almost).  Germany had no great depression.Since Nazi economy is not studied, then mefobill experience is poo pooed.  I say to Western Neoliberal economists... you have been hypnotized and baffled, and your degree is not worth using as paper in a bird cage.Yes, my avatar is Schacht. 

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noone must be allowed to discuss the gaschamber fraud.In usa its okay because noone knows what really happend, they all just "learned" what they "know" from mass media brainwash. sureley tons of jews died and many got killed just for being jews. It was a world war and the jews were the enemy. Gaschambers.. give me a break...

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You're completely centered on one group in your "Oh how terrible .." comment. And I don't blame you. We in the West have been conditioned to think that ONLY Jews were dying in camps etc. during WWII.

Well it's time for people in the West to wake-up to the fact that it is not so. Millions of other nationals also died horribly but not a peep is said about them and for sure not in the form of "6 million ....". Generally it is "Russians died in ..."

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LOL! You are a really funny joombecile. Maybe you could explain what this exactly means:“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel.”“In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money.“This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew.”“Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat… That is why gentiles were created.”Is anybody here writing something like this about joos? 

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That invasion is underway, and they are being crammed down Switzerlands throat by the likes of Ghordius, even though the Swiss people have overwhelmingly supported a complete stop to the invasion a few times.  For some reason the Swiss Ghordius's start blathing and ignore what the people vote.  The Swiss are just one small part of the empire of Zion, now with its capital in Jerusalem.Most "refugees" just want to live among their own and collect benefits.  Although they are sent all over the country, as soon as they can they leave the smaller towns and villages and head to where their own race has a presence.  This usually means in the lower altitude bigger cities and not in villages in the alps.

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These stories are probably paid for by the Swiss tourism board.They don't tell you that Seitzerland is the fastest outsourcer in Europe. In 5-10 years they will have no industry or local production left. Even the banks, pharma and insurance companies have already moved most of their staff to India, so large parts of the local population are unemployed and not counted as part of the work force anymore... like in the US.Most of their supermarkets import +95% of all products from the EU. So, in the case of any crisis Switzerland will starve in no tine cause they gave up on local agriculture. It is cheaper to buy subsidized food from France or the Netherlands.At the sane time they have their own Obamacare debacle. The Swiss insurance rates go up by insane amounts each year and they are mandatory without covering anything without extra costs, so it is just a zero service tax.Nobody in Switzerland really affords to buy a property. They just loan money for houses they never afford to pay for in their life time.3rd world imigration is worse than in the EU. They spend insane amounts on somalis and ar@b afticans while they raise the taxes each year on working class people.Salary wise Switzerland is behind Germany when it comes to top professionals.The famous Swiss military wastes 2 years of their young people's lives on collecting trash in the forrests or sitting around in bunkers drinking beers. There is no real training for anything.Switzerland has almost the same dracobian rules on how much cash you can take out as the EU. The Swiss pension funds are all going bankrupt and have been losing insane amounts of money each year whike the SNB buys facebook shares.Starting in 2016 the banks no longer sell gold to non-customers with a bank record of who they sold it to. They are clamping down and preparing for thwir own collapse.WAKE UP

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I agree with you on everything except this:

"At the sane time they have their own Obamacare debacle. The Swiss insurance rates go up by insane amounts each year and they are mandatory without covering anything without extra costs, so it is just a zero service tax."

I guess you want single payer, so that makes you a useful idiot.Each Swiss hospital employs hundreds if not thousands.  Invaders are give free care, as will as lazy Yugo's and Albanian's.  Prices have only one way to go until this problem is dealt with, and that is up.  That is not the fault of the Swiss or their medical system, that is primarily the fault of the EU, which is just another ZOG.

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FINALLY the truth is revealed from someone who knows from obviously living there, as I did.Reality is that Switzerland is no paradise, and the trajectory is DOWN, not up.Very refreshing to finally read a post on ZH from someone who actually knows what they are talking about instead of the over-abundant unemployed proletariat cockroaches who have polluted this web site with their sofa-based pseudo-knowledge of everything that they have zero experience with.

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I can't let some of this nosense you write stand like that, since I live in Switzerland (but also worked several years in the US).Of course you can buy most agricultural products made in Switzerland, and stores such as COOP, Spar, Migro and even ALDI make a concentrated effort in that respect and have a large selection of Swiss products. Of course you can also buy many import products, but many Swiss prefer meat from Switzerland. We have again a national vote to become more self sufficient, but of course certain imports will alway be required.The Swiss insurance is NOT in any way comparable to Obamacare. Yes, it is mandatory, but I can chose between about 10 different insurance companies, but have stayed with the same for the last 10 years, because of the good service. In that time my rate went from $275 to $350 and that is with a franchise (deductable) of only $300 and then co-pay of 10% and that includes medication. That is NOWHERE in the same ballpark as the distaster of Obamacare in the US. For that I can see my doctor, who will give me no less than 15 minutes at short notice and a specialist within a week, if needed.Property is expensive, that is true, but still about half the Swiss have their own condo or house. Let's not forget that the present interest rate on a mortgage for 5 years is a very low 1.15%, so it is very affordable, but the problem is the downpayment of 20% that many people do not have.The Swiss do NOT raise taxes every year, that is just nonsense. I live in a village of 1'200 in the north of CH (not in an Alpine valley) and my taxes are much lower than they were in the US. The system is totally different here, as taxes are collected locally for the town and the canton. In my case with a significant salary it is about 18% plus the federal tax of about 6%, but people with earnings of less than 40'000 pay practically no taxes.The banking is nowhere near to what you describe! Firstly, most of us still pay cash for shopping and restaurants (a few even for cars). You can get literally any amount in cash at the bank and I seen over 100'000 drawn out when I was there. We have not have had checks since over 10 years, as we pay electronically, or cash at the post office, which I often do. You can transfer just about any amount in or out, and I did so just recently.The pension system is not fully funded, but about 90 to 95% and we are quite aware of needing to fund it fully through a variety of initiatives to be voted on. I am not aware of any pension that has gone bankrupt, so please let me know "all".It is true that we have too many asylum seekers, about 45'000 this year, and most Swiss do not like it. It is also true that we spend too much on them, IF they are accepted, otherwise they only get a very low amount a day, about $20 called "Nothilfe". There are a few cases of abuse that we all hate, where a large family (accepted) draws large support, and in my and many other's opinion we are much too generous.I never thought that military service was a waste, and it toughened me up till now. Most of my collegues loved their initial and yearly service and they are also fit enough. In addition, while "active" till about 45, depending on rank, you have to complete compulsory shooting practice every year, and many continue beyond. What exactly is wrong with that, compared to no service at all?True, what you say "Wake Up", we can always do better, and I hope that we will do so and create less incentives for the assylum seekers and deport more who are not accepted. 

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