Germany Owes Greece €185 Billion In WWII Reparations, Say German Researchers

Does Germany owe Greeks billions of euros in World War II reparations for the damages and the enforced loan during the occupation of the country by the Nazis? So far, Berlin has vehemently rejected any Greek claims.

However, as Keep Talking Greece reports, two German researchers, who dug into the documents of the dispute, have discovered and calculated that the German state owes Greece 185 billion euros.

Of this not even a 1% has been paid to Greece.

In their book “Reparation debt. Mortgages of German occupation in Greece and Europe” publishers Karl Heinz Roth, a historian,  and Hartmut Rübner, a researcher, unfold the documents of the dispute and come to the conclusion that the reparations issue was not solved in 1960, as Berlin has been claiming.

According to the book review published in German conservative daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Roth and Rübner have researched German documents only and came to the conclusion that:

US allies and “the power elites of West Germany” have systematically ignored Greece’s demands for WWII reparations.

In SZ article “Athens – Berlin: Open Bill, Open Wounds” it is said among others that:

At the Paris Reparations Conference in 1946, the Greek government presented a damage record of $ 7.2 billion – eventually earning a share of $ 25 million.

The leitmotiv of the book is that an alliance between the US and the “West German power elite” has systematically ignored Greek demands for decades.

Undeniable, however, is the diplomatic arrogance with which the Federal Republic rejected the Greek demands for decades. If you do not believe it, you are welcome to make your own impression in Hartmut Rübner’s carefully edited extensive documentary appendix,” SZ notes.

In the first part of the book, Roth analyzes the decades-long efforts of Athens to receive reparations.  

When the Wehrmacht withdrew from Greece in October 1944 after three and a half years of occupation, it literally left behind “scorched land”: the economy, currency and infrastructure were completely destroyed.

The health of the surviving population was catastrophic – by the end of the war about 140,000 people had died as a result of malnutrition. And finally, the Germans had sown the seed for the civil war between communist and monarchist-conservative groups, which became bloody after the liberation.

However, the selection of the documents Roth/Rübner used is almost exclusively limited to German documents, so that no insight can be gained into the interior of Greek diplomacy and its share in the failed reparations policy. For a long time, the Greek government relied on a special relationship with the Federal Republic, which, however, was based on asymmetric power relations.

On this bilateral route, Athens only achieved failures, except for a total compensation of 115 million marks in 1960, based on London Treaty of 1953. However, the compensation came about through a joint action with other West European former war opponents of Germany.

The authors make a special reference to former Chancellor Helmut Kohl who managed to avoid reparation payments when the two German states were reunified in 1990 and the 2+4 Treaty.

Before the reunification, Kohl was claiming that reparation demands were premature. After the reunification, he claimed they were too late.

Roth and Rübner now plea for the recognition of the German “reparations debt” towards Greece.

So far, Greece has tabled two proposals: one referred to 287billion euros, and one, the official one to 162 billion euros.

Perhaps Germany allowing Greece to write off its TARGET2 net claims would be a good start...

More on Greece-Germany dispute on WWII reparations here.


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"...are happy to oblige"? is that... factual?
in my memory, there is a new claim on Germany every two years
and... the governments of the Federal Republic have a record in... managing them. for decades

1. it was your choice to immigrate to Germany
2. You Have Not Been Long Enough In The Bundesrepublic To Notice It All
3. Your... Flag. It's Not What You Seem To Think, Today & Here

in good news: nobody is stringing up foreigners, in Germany. nobody is shooting people that don't speak German properly

and... your progress in Integration in German Culture is slow, but you are getting to the first stages. of course your head, your mind is still not fully here. you are still more proficient in US politics then in German or EU politics, for example. my advice is still there: study the times Caprivi was Chancellor. it would fit your new flag/avatar. do it in German

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"your choice to immigrate to Germany" lol ... enough a year or so, one will say your choice to live in the UStails i win, heads you lose ... there is no escape and no place to comes down to the nature of scorpion ... one by one everyone will fall and then Armaggedon here we come ... all going according to plan so far "in good news: nobody is stringing up foreigners, in Germany. nobody is shooting people that don't speak German properly" - good news indeed, but for how long will be the question right? yeah well go back to the above paragraph ...

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I don't think "Roth" is a gutmensch, far more likely he is an agent of the "Rothschilds" sent to sow discord, as is the centuries old legacy of that family.If all the countries "invaded" by Germany want to re-open the books, I am good on it.But forget this limited guilt hangout bullshit.Lets roll it all back, Israel, Nuremberg, Treaty of Versailles.  Lets start from the beginning of the ZOG wars."Greece" doesn't have clean hands either.

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you might be onto something ... this guy has been studying it for the last 30 years or so (obviously with free access to everything) ... i for sure could not afford to pay his salary that long ... obviously people with long term plans are his financiers ... the same ones i would guess who keep the libraries in Constandinople closed to the public ... and have been burning libraries and books from the times of library in Alexandria

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The Poles started it and the Germans finished it.The Poles were systematically eliminating Germans living in Poland.Warsaw was asked 3 times to surrender to spare the city.6,000,000 Poles killed by Germany is a load of garbage.Your American schoolboy history books written, published and distributed by you KNOW WHO have let you down and played you for a fool once again.But, you are far from being alone in that respect. 

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I'd like to know HOW MANY TRILLIONS the USSA must owe Germany for Eisenhower's EXTERMINATION of MILLIONS of Germans in freezing open-air starvation-diet concentration-camps AFTER THE WAR ENDED - not to mention the wilful meticulaously planned hell-storm immolation of the sanctuary city (women, children, old folk) of DRESDEN just months before the War's end.

It was Patton threatenting to reveal Eisenhower's post-'German Surrender' GENOCIDE that got him "conveniently" hit by a truck courtesy of the "Usual Suspects" - whose aim - documneted years before WW2 - was the EXTERMINATION of the German People.

So yeah Germany, go ahead and pay Greece that 185 Billion - as soon as you get the MEGA TRillions the the USSA owes YOU

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Gotta love those patriotic researchers, wonder how much wealth they created for Germany...Same treacherous parasites at academia in the Anglosphere demanding reparations for uproductive blacks from the white people who generate the wealth.

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all this Germany vs Greece stuff... nah. long experience tells me it's the usual bashing

it did not result, so far, in a deterioration of German-Hellenic relations. only in the (huge) Greek Diaspora this kind of articles get some "grip". Greeks IN Greece still want their country to stay in the EU, and even to use the EUR. generally speaking, they just wish for "more of it" and... their political scene to "get a grip"

something technical: "Perhaps Germany allowing Greece to write off its TARGET2 net claims would be a good start..."

it's NOT debt, it's not "net claims". example: a Greek sells his Greek Sovereign Bonds, and transfers the balance to a German bank, and buys again the same bonds to be held there

it's still... Greece's debt to a Greek citizen, his credit. but in Target2 terms, it was Greek bank credit transferred to Germany's bank credit, and it shows as T2 "imbalance"

why? because T2 is a statistic. to show "where from" the credit originated. in my example, it's still debt owed (bonds) by the Greek state to the Greek citizen. only... he is not holding it in Greece

even funnier: the T2 "imbalance" would not even exist if he had transferred it to a bank in NY, or Sidney

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"it did not result, so far, in a deterioration of German-Hellenic relations" because helenes (since you are in the know) deep inside believe in God and are taught love not hate; even though huge amounts of money and efforts throughtout the centuries have been spent to change it ....also, if i might add they have been around the block a few times and have seen it all before one way or the other and this creates the national conciousness

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right on schedule ... will be completed by the time they all die ... i guess that is the all objective isnt it?  no difference from what was done few times last century and many more times before ... remember there is God and they know it, that is the secret of greek survival and again they know it - but it is the nature of the scorpion

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Bollocks!When TSHTF Greece should have defaulted on the 40 Billion of debt that they KNEW they couldn't service.Now, nearly 10 years later, having been "helped" by a bunch of crooks known as the Troika, find themselves in hock for 300 + Billion.Even less chance of servicing that as they have been forced to "sell" assetts for cents on the Euro by the same crooks who engineered the scam in the first place.

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re The above Photo

What? THe Acropolis Temple STill Standing????

Geez... ZATO could've taught the Wehrmacht a thing or two of the 'fine art' of reducing World Heritage historic monuments to rubble!