Is Jihad Festering In America?

Authored by A Z Mohamed via The Gatestone Institute,

  • Saudi influence on American administrations, and relationships between senior officials in both countries, is behind Washington's ignoring Riyadh's "well-established... involvement in supporting terrorism and terrorist groups." - Report by the Institute for Gulf Affairs (IGA), released on June 1.
  • The IGA report, covering the three-year period since then and including extremely serious charges against both Saudi Arabia and previous U.S. administration and security officials, indicates the urgency with which the current administration needs to treat the issue and act upon it.

A new investigative report reveals that hundreds of Saudi and Kuwaiti nationals residing in the United States -- some with dual citizenship, and most students subsisting on government scholarships -- have joined ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq during the past three years.

Titled "From American Campuses to ISIS Camps: How Hundreds of Saudis Joined ISIS in the U.S.," the report -- released June 1 by the Washington-D.C.-based think tank, The Institute for Gulf Affairs (IGA) -- provides details of the flow of students leaving American institutions of higher learning to fight in the Middle East.

According to a 2016 working paper produced by the National Bureau of Economic Research, Saudi Arabia is the second-largest source of ISIS fighters from Muslim-majority countries, with an estimated 2,500. If the IGA report is accurate, a whopping 16% of these fighters were in the U.S. when they joined ISIS.

An equally disturbing finding of the report is that the Saudi government, which has been monitoring its nationals in the U.S., is fully aware that many of their own citizens are joining ISIS and not only has done little to stop them, but has kept information about the subject from American authorities.

This finding completely contradicts the 2014 State Department assertion that "Saudi Arabia has continued to cooperate with the United States to prevent acts of terrorism ... through information exchange agreements with the United States."

Meanwhile, according to the report's authors -- IGA director Ali al-Ahmed, a Saudi Shiite expatriate critical of the Sunni regime in Riyadh, and researcher Mohamed Dhamen -- the FBI failed to notice the steady stream of would-be jihadis exiting the U.S. and heading for Iraq and Syria. This failure should not come as a surprise, given the fact that one of the FBI's own employees -- Daniela Greene, a translator with top security clearance – absconded to Syria in June 2014 and married the ISIS recruiter she had been assigned to investigate. The rogue agent lied to the FBI about where she was going, alerted the terrorist that he was the subject of an FBI probe and shared classified information with him.

In a May 10 letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley requested additional information on how Greene -- who eventually turned herself in, and reached a lenient plea deal -- was able to slip through the system undetected. Two days later, Grassley released a statement. "I'm troubled that a relationship between an FBI employee and a prominent ISIS recruiter went unnoticed, and more troubled that there wasn't a safeguard to successfully catch this incident," he said.

"It's important for the public to understand how this happened and how similar problems will be prevented in the future. We also need to know how prosecutors settled on the charges in this case. A sentence of two years seems unusually light for such a potential threat to national security."

Greene's case sheds light on the findings of the IGA report and its claim that Saudi influence on American administrations, and relationships between senior officials in both countries, is behind Washington's ignoring Riyadh's "well-established... involvement in supporting terrorism and terrorist groups."

The number of Saudi students in the United States in 2016 reached 125,000, the "most in the world," according to a June 14 Arab News report. Those who leave to join a terrorist group and subsequently return -- enabled by their U.S. citizenship, combined with lax monitoring of and leniency with them -- present a clear and present danger to America's home front.

As then-FBI director James B. Comey said during a House Homeland Security Committee hearing in September 2014:

"Foreign fighters traveling to Syria or Iraq could... gain battlefield experience and increased exposure to violent extremist elements... they may use these skills and exposure to radical ideology to return to their countries of origin, including the United States, to conduct attacks on the Homeland."

The IGA report, covering the three-year period since then and including extremely serious charges against both Saudi Arabia and previous U.S. administration and security officials, indicates the urgency with which the current administration needs to treat the issue and act upon it. American blood is at stake.


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In all seriousness, if I was them, I'd head straight into places like Baltimore and Detroit and start organizing.  They are RIPE for a take-over from their weak, corrupt local governments.  You could set up Muslim enclaves where the cops aren't allowed to go (and don't want to go) just like they do in Europe. 

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Agree. Israhell has caused more damage to the US (like 9/11 and its aftermath) than this fabricated jihad.

"Worse still, it has successfully manipulated my country, the United States, and has done terrible damage both to our political system and to the American people, a crime that I just cannot forgive, condone, or explain away.” - Philip Giraldi, Former CIA Officer

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You're right NoDebt. I'll go one step further. Muslim enclaves will become entrenced first because of political correctness, with their allowed Sharia style laws enforced by their own local Sharia govts. The next logical step will be for opposing enclaves to use the exact same tactics to carve out their own fiefdoms, enforced by their own laws and law enforcement entities. Segregation will result. Think along the lines of massive gang/mafia territories. We will have essentially 3 sects: Black/Muslim inner city enclaves, White Conservative Christian Armed rural enclaves, and traditional urban/suburban govt enclaves dominated by the socialist uniparty and divided into 2 basic sub-groups, liberal elites and Hispanic dominated lower classes.This is all being made possible by the complete destruction of the Rule of Law, allowing for the creation of the quasi new govt enclaves to be created outside the normal US Constituion govt structure. Inevitable conflict over resource allocation and segregation enforcement will occur between the enclaves. This will be magnified by failures of business to operate in the conflicted enviroment, resulting in economic collapse. To prevent this, the Security State will try to regain order, but the Security State itself will probably disintergrate much along the lines of the new quasi govt enclaves so you will have fractured Security States supporting their own enclaves and opposing their rivals. The end result is a recipe for civil war with the likely disolution of the union into new independent federations of states based on political ideology.

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Not to worry my friend.  Munitions have a long shelf life.  I have 140 year old Springfields that are more than functional; they will kill anything that walks on this planet.  Ammunition has a shelf life of half a century.  Just relax inevitable does not mean imminent. Just keep the guns well oiled and the ammo dry and in the shade.   When the inevitable happens, you will thank your patience and perseverance.

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Dang, I better put in my purchase order for firearm and Big-ticket defense corporation stocks now!  Looks like were gonna have a combination of Invasion USA, ThunderDome and Red Dawn for the next couple of years.

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US: 51% Of U.S. Muslims Admit They Want Sharia; 25% Okay With Violence Against Americans…UK: 2/3 Of Muslims Wouldn't Share Terrorist Information With The Police…UK: 1-In-3 British Muslims Students Back Killing For Islam, 40% Want Sharia Law…

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ISIS is fake. The real jihad against American citizens is the US Govt, alphabet agencies and The Pentagram. They are in "jihad" against taxpayers along with their demonic friends the MSM and banksters/elites.

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"I don't see much future for the's a decayed country. And they have their racial problem, and the problem of social inequities... everything about the behavior of American society reveals that it is half Judaised, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a state like that to hold together?"- Adolf Hitler, In conversation, 1942

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Bill Warner(Ph.D.): A Rational Study Of Radical Islam/Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret Rotherham Child Abuse Scandal: 1,400 Children Exploited, Report Finds Muslim Sex Grooming Gang Abuse Happening Across Britain…UK: 9000 Female Genital Mutilation Cases Attended To By British NHS Last Year…UK: Met Warns Of Steep Rise In London Gun And Knife Crime…UK: Gun Crime In London Increases 42% London Only 45% White British…

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My sense has been aligned with a point in the article. At some point a while back, at the height of Barry’s villainy, I got the distinct impression that he wasn’t just “not on our side” but that he was on theirs.... this seems to have some new support in the form of stories about the prince who funded his career.

But I felt like Barry was setting things up for a violent episode, focusing on jihadis then seemingly pouring into the country (apropos to which, it’s bad enough that even here in south TEXAS of all places, I drive a bit north, past Austin, and there are entire suburbs around Temple, TX, that seem peopled entirely by scum mahound.)

At the time I suspected the motive was to use them like hitler used the brown shirts and squash them mercilessly as a means of ushering in martial law.

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Do your research.  Jihad has different levels of meaning.  Some of those meanings have to do with the concept of getting right with God.   It has to do with living a life more closely aligned with the teachings of Islam.  Every Muslim struggles with this.  Therefore, Jihad is ongoing.  At that level, the outside observer might even encourage the process.  On the surface it seems extremely benevolent.  Unfortunately, Islam can offer no quarter to nonbelievers.  Therein lays the rub.  Their faith compels them to convert everyone. Those who do not convert must be either enslaved or killed.  It is a warrior’s religion that richly rewards its adherents with the spoils of war in this life and promises sensual pleasure in the afterlife.  This is why you find the soldiers of Islam killing Christians in the south of France as early as 732 ad.  This struggle is never ending and will not subside until all are either enslaved or converted.  

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Re. Do your research??  Do your own cloud9.5"Unfortunately, Islam can offer no quarter to nonbelievers."Not true at all. Granted that under the initial invasions it was convert or die, but that was 14 centuries ago.  Look into how the Christian Portuguese conducted business when they showed up in the Indian Ocean. Believe me. Not pretty at all. There are endless cases of nonMuslim communities living under Muslim rule. They have to pay some tax and then can do what they want. Syria for example has been under Muslim rule since around 700 C.E. yet they have several types of Christians and Druze living there. Iraq has Christians and Yadzis. Iran has Jews, Zoroastrians and I don't know what else. Everyone was getting along over the past few centuries until we showed up and started with the slaughter. The Muslim invaders of Spain brought Jews with them. Lay off the MSM / Gatestone kool-aide. In fact, if you look at Israel, you can see that it is the Zionist Jews that don't want any other faith living among them, even if those other faiths were there for centuries before the entity was created. Projection is what they do. 

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The Gatestoners are sick bastards and they want to drag you into their ancient feud with the muslims. That feud belongs where it began in the Middle East, not in North America, South America nor Europe.These people,  the Gatestoners and their many accomplices are a cancer on our societies..  Show them the door.