Trump, Netanyahu, & Bin Salman: Destroyers Of The Neoliberal World Order

Authored by Federico Pieraccini via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

The neoliberal world order has been in crisis for some years now, with no signs of recovery. Trump's victory is an expression of a breach of trust between the American people and the national elites.

The perfect storm. This is what the situation in the Middle East looks like. More and more events in the region seem to be leading towards an epochal change in the delicate balance of power.

The balance of power in the Middle East was quickly altered following the victory over terrorism in Syria by Damascus and her allies. Moscow’s new role guarantees Iran virtually unlimited space to manoeuvre in the region. The new Iranian military bases in Syria match the agreement between Russia and Egypt for the creation of common areas of cooperation against terrorism.

In this complicated context, Donald Trump emerges as a destroyer of US interests in the region. Observing the cooperation between the Kurdish Syrian Democratic forces (SDF) and the Americans in Syria, we can see the genesis of all the problems between Ankara and Washington. Turkey used to employ political Islam (Muslim Brotherhood) as a way of destabilizing the Middle East and North Africa, once one of the central strategies of Obama and the State Department as well. Turkey now gravitates towards the multipolar milieu of Moscow, Beijing and Tehran. The role conferred by these three nations allows Erdogan to manoeuvre skilfully between allied nations as well as fomenters of Islamic extremism like Qatar.

Turkey is just an example of the delicate balance upon which the region rests. Moscow has become the sole mediator for all parties, and does not appear to have bad relations with any of them. The Saudis are going to buy the S-400 system from the Russians; Netanyahu is forced to try to influence Moscow in order to retain some kind of leverage over Iran, but to little avail. Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) has gone further, thanks to Trump and the green light of his son-in-law, arresting dozens of Saudi authorities and financiers (very close to Clinton and Obama), undertaking a genocide against Yemenis, arming Wahhabist Islamist terrorists in every corner of the region, and cutting off all relations with Qatar in a quasi-war that is turning out to be manifestly ineffective.

In this uncontrolled chaos, and among the factions loyal to the United States, Netanyahu is seeing Israeli missiles, launched from uncontested Lebanese airspace, being shot down in Syria. MBS cannot even force his pupil Hariri to resign; and even Saleh in Yemen was killed after betraying and abandoning the Houthis. Abu Dhabi and Riyadh are finding themselves coming under fire from Houthi forces, facing the consequences of their senseless military choices closer to home. In Israel, the Netanyahu government is drowning under a sea of corruption scandals, demonstrators on the streets demanding his resignation. Are coloured revolutions returning to bite the master's hand? In order for Saudi Arabia to avoid a similar scenario, made worse by a dearth in welfare as a result of the drop in oil prices as well as the coffers being emptied by wars, MBS has decided to arrest and rob all of his opponents. Trump does not seem to care about the consequences of these actions, taking care to coordinate events at the highest levels with Xi Jinping in Asia and Putin in the Middle East.

Trump has made a wise choice by renouncing the impossible goal of achieving global hegemony, aiming instead to sort out domestic problems. He is committed to the cause of his electors, and to this end seeks to extract as much money as possible from his allies in order to restart the US economy, aiming for re-election in 2020.

In this sense, the lack of interest from the Trump administration in certain areas of the globe is emblematic. While the chemistry between Trump and Modi appears to be good, the tensions between India and China, heightened by border disputes, seems to have nevertheless dissolved. Following on from the failure of the neocons to divide Russia and China, even the border tensions between India and China seem to be now dissipating. In addition, in Ukraine, even the decision to send lethal weapons to Kiev has been downplayed, and the country now faces a counter-coup led by Saakashvili (yes, him again). Ukraine is a country in a mess, experiencing first-hand the consequences of an evil Atlanticist posture with its vicious anti-Russia policies.

The rest of the world, with mounting bewilderment, watches on while all manner of decisions are made with no rhyme or reason, such as the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The only ones to lose in this scenario are naturally the closest allies of the United States: Israel and all the Arab countries united behind the Saudi (money) state that are now obliged to stand up for the Palestinian cause. Whether out of incompetence or a strategic inability to take a position, it matters little why these decisions are being made. Donald Trump, MBS and Netanyahu are exactly what the region and the world needed. Why? Because these three figures, thanks to their actions, have reunited the axis of resistance in the Middle East, fortified the Russian presence in the region, and opened the door to Asian money for reconstruction, focused on integrating the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative. These three stooges have open the door to total defeat thanks to their reckless decisions.

New technologies, like the blockchain, as well as the revaluation of the importance of gold, accompany an inexorable competition to diversify from the US dollar. American military power is in crisis, but the US dollar remains the main reserve currency of the world. In addition to solidifying alliances with opponents by turning them into friends, Moscow and Beijing are aiming to create a new economic environment based on real value ??(currencies supported by gold) to undermine the financial speculative bubble brought on by the dollar, central banks, and all those financial systems that have created a totally fictitious economy completely disconnected from reality.

Trump is focused on the United States and appears uninterested in global affairs, which is a boon for global stability in the long term. In the meantime, Russia, Turkey and Iran are trying, with new economic and military solutions, to govern a region that is the epicentre of global chaos. Cooperation in disputed areas could reach a new level with Egyptian and Chinese soldiers working as peacekeepers. This seems to be another Russian masterpiece to accelerate the pacification of the region and widen the spectrum of nations involved militarily in the new multipolar world order.

The crisis of the neoliberal-neocon system is evident, although its media, ever useful for propaganda, tries to portray a false and artificial reality. The sense of despair intensifies when mainstream media tries to sell to the world audience the fairy tale of evil Russians trying to influence American elections. Nevertheless, other defamatory claims made, with no evidence offered, involve the Russian national Olympic team and allegations of doping. Their small victories, such as censorship against RT, show the true evil face of the old neoliberal world order.

MBS, Netanyahu and Trump represent all that is wrong in the West and the Middle East. The more they try to survive, the more they harm the interests of the neoliberal elites, only serving to reveal their true genocidal face (as in Yemen or Palestine) or even publicly admitting that their every political move is intended to favour the United States (Trump's doctrine of "America First" lays it out quite openly and clearly).

The neoliberal order is based on a deception knowingly perpetrated by the mainstream media. They cloud the news to give a specific, partisan view of events. For those firmly opposed to such a warlike and dehumanizing drift, advantage must be taken of the opportunity presented by the unlikely trio of MBS, Trump and Netanyahu. By sweeping away the neoliberal hypocrisy, it is easier to show the brutality of the West’s ruling elite. This unlikely trio even achieved the more than unexpected effect of uniting almost all forces opposed to this warmongering world order, consolidating alliances and friendships in various geographical areas.

From North Africa to the Middle East, passing through South America and Asia, Washington is no longer the unique voice dictating all the decisions. Unlike in the past, Washington no longer chooses for others but instead prefers not to participate in order to avoid making plain its military and economic weakness. Even the withdrawal from the world stage is a strategy, especially if it is promoted as being done of one’s own volition, rather than being forced by circumstances.



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Although I might actually agree with some of this, it would help if it had not been written in the style called "raving".  Excessive use of adjectives and adverbs and derogatory nouns.It reminds me of my student days (in the mid '70s) when our student "leaders" (ha!) and their propaganda department in the student newspaper, used to produce reams of bile about the "lickspittle bourgeoisie", "capitalist hyenas", "the glorious proletariat", the evils of South Korea, the virtues of North Korea (seriously!) etc.It would been all very boring and predictable if it hadn't been so hilarious - because we knew their social backgrounds and the few that did come from the "glorious proletariat" were significantly outnumbered by those born into the "lickspittle bourgeoisie" and "capitalist hyena" sectors of society.

WTFUD Dec 14, 2017 7:18 AM Permalink

Trump is on a hiding to nothing. With all his supposed good intent being scuppered at every turn by various treasonous elements within HIS National Security Services, he appears totally devoid of the necessary nous in dealing with them, which lends me to believe that the Presidency of the USA is more of an ornamental nature, that is, a Puppet of Deep State.

If Trump was serious he'd have rounded up the 'Usual Suspects' and made examples of them, however, the TRUTH is, he's yet another Presidential Victim charged with propping up the rat/rot infested system of US global hegemony.

My Christmas Message to him would be to Unleash the Dogs and make examples of those Swamp Creatures/Destructive Elements who RUN these high profile Public Agencies for their own benefit and against the interests of the country.

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Best to remember that Trumpy took over the 'front man' job at Resorts Int in the 80s.... a front group for the usual suspects like Rockefeller/Rothschilds and their intel agencies, CIA/Mossad... so Trumpy is a member of the club.. not the DC club, but the larger one, but there's a huge difference in being a useful idiot/front man for the club and actually being a 'made member'... TRumpy's and most of the idiots,puppets/pawns in DC are in the kiddie club... and TRumpy learned from Cohn how to play this game using the tabloid press, which is the entire MSM that includes twitter, Google, etc. Tumpy is perfect for this role as our empire is hollowed out and pushed over the cliff into WW3.Net is just a psycho... Zion is full of them... being such a small state... it serves a purpose in the fanatic game.... build them up and crash them down... 'In the end there can be only One.'

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I generally like Pieraccini's work, until this piece.  He paints U.S. Middle East policy as disjointed and inchoate, which it is, at the moment, because of a conflict between the Trump junta and the deep-state in terms of what America's interests in the region should be.  The object of the game for Trump is to pressure and support reform in Saudi Arabia to end wahabbi radicalism and forge a Saudi-Israeli alliance to stem the rising tide of the Iranian-Russian advance. This is the first move that the U.S. has made toward a coherent policy in the Middle East since the end of the Second World War.  The creation of an Israeli-Saudi alliance would allow the U.S. to withdraw from the region and foist the cost of defending Arab oil onto Israel.  The move of the embassy to Jerusalem is part of the overall plan: to induce Israel to become an active defender of U.S. interests in the region, rather than the first in a long list of regional allies that continuously petition for U.S. military support while offering nothing in exchange.Chinese mercantilism and Russian diplomatic initiatives in the Middle East are not going to end the Shia-Sunni split nor the Jewish-Muslim rift.  This is pure fantasy.  Chinese mercantilist economic practices are doomed to destabilize, not stabilize, both the global economy and the politics of the entire Eurasian land mass.  A great influx of cheap Chinese trade goods to Europe and the subsequent loss of European manufacturing to cheap Chinese labor is not going to "stabilize" a region already trending toward revolution over the immigration of millions of terrorist Muslims into their communities.Russia gains nothing long-term by facilitating the expansion of Chinese mercantilism.  The Sino-Russian alliance is one of opportunity designed to overthrow the existing economic order, nothing more.  When the existing U.S. imperial global economy collapses, the Sino-Russian alliance will also collapse, as the Russians will realize that they gain nothing by competing with Chinese slave labor and facilitating Chinese exploitation of the world's resources to boost the Chinese economy.The U.S. is making a decision and beginning the slow process of contracting the perimteter of its imperial outposts  It remains to be seen if the Trump junta can retain power long enough to see this through to completion.  Soon Russia will have to make a decision as well: an alliance with Europe or with China.  It cannot have both, and this has been the traditional conundrum of Russia's geo-strategic position since the days of Kievan Rus: to appease the Khan or remain in the fold of Western orthodoxy.  Vladamir Putin, as able as he is, cannot alter these geo-strategic realities. My advice to Russia is to stop with the absurd dreams of a Sino-Russian imperium, based on Chinese mercantilism.  This is a Russian delusion very similar to the neo-con delusion that has possessed the U.S. deep-state and the Clintonistas.  Russian policy should be based upon bi-lateral relations and the Realpolitik that has placed Putin in the position to replace the U.S. as the leader of the West.  Praising the wonders that will ensue if the entire world becomes the vassals of the Chinese Khanite is pure delusion and propaganda.  Replacing the petrodollar with the Golden Horde is just another "new world order" fantasy.

archie bird AurorusBorealus Dec 14, 2017 8:48 AM Permalink

Totally Do NOT agree.  Why must RU decide between Europe and China? Have you not heard the word Multilateral before? Multipolar means MULTILATERAL not bilateral.   Last I checked BRICS included Brazil, RU, India, China AND South Ameria and the One Belt, One Road includes all the Countries in which the trade route passes.  If Putin was trying for a Sino-China imperium why all include all the OTHER trade route countries and countries in the BRICS agreement?

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It must decide for the reason that I mentioned; Chinese mercantilism is a menace to the entire world and opening a "silk road" directly threatens Europe.  Why must Russia decide between China and Europe?  Russia has been in this position since the Mongol Horde appeared at the gates of Kiev.  Vladamir Putin cannot change this reality.  Eastern despotism is in direct contradiction to Western traditions and has been since Alexander demanded that his generals prostrate themselves in his presence and take Persian wives.  Russian moral authority in the Balkans is based upon its role as leader of Orthodoxy, the third Rome, not as the ally of a mercantilist Mongolian horde.

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Ordo Ab Chaos, bitchezall parties named, but another layr of subterfuge, distraction.this article is difficult to read. all over the place. COINTELPROreal power, unseen, continues to grow and consolidate... #HostLife - The people have been turned into "hosts" (a food source - rent payers) for the 1% inbred parasites (leeches - rent collectors) through the re-establishment of the "West Virginia Coal Mine Experience"™ (circa 1900). By quietly monopolizing necessities (food, water, shelter, utilities), by debt expansion, and by wage suppression: we now work in the company "mines" (cube farms, whatever), live in the company housing (mortgage), shop in the company store (credit card debt), pay MONOPOLY prices for necessities. Cradle to grave slavery to the "Nanny" Corporations (all owned at the top by Banksters)

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An accurate assessment, but one which lacks the deeper insight of root cause and grand design. It is the generational wealth behind international banking interests which see greater profit and consolidation of power in the new "nationalism"paradigm described.Let governments govern their nations and leave globalism to the IMF/BIS/CB system - international banking wants the multi-polar world order, and they are shaping this outcome - once this is understood all puzzle pieces coalesce.

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A number of countries are annoyed, including the UN because they believe that Israel is wrong to occupy its post 1967 territory. Some believe that Israel has breached international law. The situation is not straightforward. To gain an understanding Google: ''Falklands – Implanted Population' Academia'' (1 pg) or use link. (In the same respect the Argentinians believe that the Falkland Islanders are an implanted population). Falklands – Implanted Population (1 page):

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Trump needs to do exactly what Dirka Bin Salmon did; arrest every one of the treasonous Deep Staters and hang them by their pathetic little peckers upside down at a Holiday Inn until they confess and turn every one of their coconspiriters in. Once he's done with them, they're off to a Black site. It's the only way he'll survive to 2020.

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The US "mediating" to any Middle Eastern conflict is like asking an arsonist to ensure peace in a neighbourhood.With sidekicks like the Nutty Yahoo and the Saudi devils, who actually needs enemies?

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The OIC Organization of Islamic Cooperation stands by Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine so now Putin or someone else can become an honest broker for the piece process that the Israel's never wanted in the first place why do you think the problem never been solved. Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital so what at least Muslims are all on the same page united against the Israeli's. If Trump is elected for second term maybe US may finally move its embassy out of Tel-Aviv no time soon. Too much Jewish influence in US politics they may have over played their hand; it is better for some else to worry about the Mideast instead of the US. The fact is Israel occupies Jerusalem to the west period that is not news or for that matter its capital is not news since 1980.

gespiri Dec 14, 2017 4:01 AM Permalink

I wonder if this "Strategic Culture Foundation" is similar to CFR or other NGOs indirectly backed by globalitsts like Soros who is facing their demise and irrelevance.

ChaoKrungThep gespiri Dec 14, 2017 4:59 AM Permalink

Strategic Culture Foundation is pro-Russian but fair on Western events. Trump may be the symbol of this new "pivot" away from the insane neo-Liberalism but he's not smart enough or connected enough to manage it. I'd guess he's been plonked on the stage by a rebel, ie sane, faction of the Deep State that's had it with the crazies and is trying to save what's left of the American empire. His stupidities are too well known, his crassness too embarassing for any intelligent person to suffer long. He's a rabid attack dog let loose to do his masters' bidding, and will be put down when the job's done.  Good dog.

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I wouldn’t count on The Deep State concern for the US Empire. They’ve been around since they won the first round of Monopoly/capitalism in the mid 1800’s and have always played on all the horses in the race – they don’t care which one will win. They own the casino. There might be different fractions within the Deep State in US: old money (the banksters, oil, gold/silver, property, stock, bonds, MSM, the monetary system), the MIC (including a growing privately owned intelligence industry) and new “money”/fiat (IT – but all dependent on the old money/the fiat-paradigm). All the Deep State actors are interdependent – the old money finances and profits from the MIC and the new money (and vice-versa). I think the Deep State knows US is done as an empire. The Deep State has planned for this for decades. US is already a totalitarian police state with no moral credibility on the global stage. The Deep State have used all previous crises to consolidate power and the next crises (for the plebs) will be used to unmask its power – and a de jure neo-feudal US emerges (it is already de facto). US will become the model for their wet-dream: global unmasked money-rule/Mammoncracy. But yes, you have to be blind not to see Trump as a pawn (knowingly - or more probably unknowingly) of the Deep State.

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What a weird article. Hit piece for who or against what?Trumps hands are very much tied. if he went the Clinton/Obama road then it will be clear he will not be able to win the next election. He is doing what he promised or he fears his supporters will abandon him.And that might trash the Petrodollar. But in the end if you need CIA dirty tricks that work really bad for every year that passes (remember, Norks are around and not willing to negotiate because Saddam and Ghaddafi got betrayed so no political deals can be made)then it might be best to let go and have the others try their luck and see what opportunities rise from that mess. Problems does Donald have. I dont think he really is so excited about the stock bubble. He does take credit as a politican does but he understands well how weak the world economy truly is. Trying to use that "roaring US economy" as any kind of leverage right now would be stupid. China alone can mess things up if they so wanted.

gregga777 Dec 14, 2017 3:12 AM Permalink

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is the real puppet master of the United States of America. From a dank and darkened room in the basement of Moskva's Lubyanka Prison he sits like a spider in the center of a vast web stretching around the world.

• He plucks a string and one of the 17 American Gestapo (Geheimstatspolizei) / KGB (Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti) agencies or the DoJ (US Department of Corruption, Injustice & Persecution) or the Anglo-Zionist FAKE NEWS Media launches into yet another frenzy of anti-President Donald J. Trump Russky collusion hysteria.

• He plucks another string and Hitlery "the Rotten Rodent" Clinton launches into another laughably hysterical excuse about who stole the 2016 Presidential election from her.

• He plucks another string and William Jefferson "Bill the Pedophile" Clinton spreads HIV/AIDS to more victims.

• He plucks another string and the FBI (Feral Bureau of Weasels) secretly releases long withheld details about the elitists sexual crimes against women and children.

• He plucks another string and rewards Hitlery "the Rotten Rodent" Clinton and her KKK (Klinton Krime Klan) with $145 MILLION for 20% of all US Uranium mining assets.

One wonders where does he find the time and energy!

desertboy Dec 14, 2017 3:07 AM Permalink

Federico Pieraccini sounds like yet another contracted blogger paid out of Beijing.  The associations made in the article have that awkwardly conflated tone.Yes, drivel.