No One Wants the Internet of Things …

We’ve previously noted that no one wants the Internet of Things aka "IoT" (except Big Brother and a handful of companies which are trying to make a quick buck off of us).

For months, I’ve taken screenshots of IoT stories run by the very mainstream Business Insider.

What they show is that Business Insider readers ignore every single IoT story. Specifically, there is no interest in any IoT story … and even stories posted at the exact same time or after IoT stories get more interest (compare the following images to their hot stories):



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Recently I was given a presentation by the head of Intel IoT solutions on how they can help guide our company's technology pathway. They provide solutions for cities, industries, companies, what name you. It's pretty incredible how fast things are moving in terms of the smallest level of detail about a highly complex and distributed embedded system network reaching an admin's control panel anywhere on the planet."IoT" as applied to home appliances and other home controls in your house is a retarded idea. Why the fuck would you let every single device in your home be connected to the web and allow control and status reports on any of your shit?In most other environments, especially in transportation and industrial, "IoT" is a great improvement to technology and process. It is after all a concept, and not a particular thing. Boundary nodes and store-and-forward models have been a part of computing since forever - all we are doing is bringing better distributed databasing, processing, and data transmission to the table.

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MadHatt Thu, 12/14/2017 - 17:49 Permalink

IoT can be a great thing, if used correctly.Never put any passwords, financial information, cameras or audio devices into it though. It's not secure.

AGuy Thu, 12/14/2017 - 18:07 Permalink

Unless its got Netflix or Porn J6P doesn't care about it. Engineers and business do, & so do hackers. Google "Raspberry Pi".

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Japan is leading the development of automation and AI, while China is years ahead of the rest of the world in terms of implementation. Keep your eyes on these countries if you want to know what we're in for...

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I love my thermometer and led bulbs and refrigerator and dishwasher ratting me out! I was happy to have a smart meter installed on my house too! It's nice to have "people" looking out for you.

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No kidding. We had a 1950’s built Frigidaire in our store that ran for thirty years.  My kid killed it with an ice pick when he was five by trying to chip ice out of the freezer compartment.  The current model that we have at home goes out every couple of years.  We have the service contract and get it replaced because power surges play havoc with the fridge’s circuit boards. 

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