Norway Is Moving To Decriminalize All Drug Use

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Norway is the latest country to move toward decriminalizing drugs and promoting addiction treatment rather than punishing addicts.

This week, a majority of members of the Norwegian parliament directed the national government to reform its policies.

The majority in the parliament has asked the government to prepare for reform,” a spokesperson for the Storting, the Norwegian legislature, told Newsweek.


It has started a political process,” he said, still cautioning that “it’s just the starting point.” Despite some headlines’ claims that drugs have already been decriminalized, there is no legislation yet.

Nicolas Wilkinson, the SV (Socialist Left) party’s health spokesman in the Storting, said the majority wants to “stop punishing people who struggle, but instead give them help and treatment, according to VG, a Norwegian publication. He said the switch in policy will lead to an emphasis on treatment and follow-up programs, though lawmakers made it clear that they do not intend to legalize drugs.

It is important to emphasize that we do not legalize cannabis and other drugs, but we decriminalize,” Sveinung Stensland (H) [Conservative Party], deputy chairman of the Storting Health Committee, told VG.


The change will take some time, but that means a changed vision: Those who have a substance abuse problem should be treated as ill, and not as criminals with classical sanctions such as fines and imprisonment.”

Officials in Norway have been considering reforming the country’s prohibition policies for over a decade. Newsweek summarized:

“In 2006, it started to test a program that would sentence drug users to treatment programs, rather than jail, in the cities Bergen and Oslo. In early 2016, the country gave Norwegian courts the option to do this on a national level.”


“The goal is that more addicts will rid themselves of their drug dependency and fewer will return to crime,” Justice Minister Anders Anundsen said at the time. “But if the terms of the programme are violated, the convicts must serve an ordinary prison term.”

The shift was introduced by the country’s conservative party, though some on the right condemned it, arguing drugs should remain wholly illegal, while reformists believed the change in policy didn’t go far enough.

As Arild Knutsen of the Association for Humane Drug Policy said last year:

“If Norway was truly progressive, they would follow WHO and UNAIDS recommendations and fully decriminalize drug use, ban forced treatment and stop using involuntary urine controls.”

Now, it appears Norway is inching closer toward decriminalization. Portugal opted to decriminalize drugs in 2001, a move that has drawn praise for the decrease in drug use that followed.

However, lawmakers hope to free up resources so police can pursue drug traffickers (rather than users), and other restrictions will remain. VG explained:

It will still be a ‘ban on use and possession of drugs.’  However, the two major parties agree to ‘change the authorities’ reactions to persons taken for use and possession of drugs, from punishment to help, treatment and follow-up.’”


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It is not told directly but this drug problem might have been wildly amplified by the influx of rapefugees...That will cut potential revenue sources from the rapefugees, in addition to ensure the merchandise sold is sane and controlled in the first place.Less hypocrisy, brilliant move, following Portugal.

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Norway Is Moving To Decriminalize All Drug UseMy response: Just one more idea from the PIT OF HELL that will lead to mankinds demise. O'foolish GALATIANS, who has bewitched you???EUROPE is indeed a SPIRITUAL WASTELAND.For anyone wanting to know more, look up the GREEK WORD "Pharmakeia" and explore the matter for yourself. Below is one video that provides a lot of good information.Video Pharmakeia The Sorcerer's Wand: CAREFUL OUT THERE and have a Merry Christmas.

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I am for legalizing...if people want to do stupid shit they should be able to do stupid shit as long as it's not harming others.  Caveat - there must be state run help for people with drug problems.  BUT SOCIALISM.  I don't care.  If you take the money OUT of the prisons and the "WoD" there will be monumental amounts of money to help the junkies.There would still be laws similar to alcohol (age/open container/public intox etc... legislated by the state)This does not mean that I can shoot up and go to work...that is a slippery slope..there would have to be accountability and an employer should be able to say 'ur high. ur fired.' and that would include 'trace' amounts in the blood stream.  Something else that would have to be defined...I am a state power, less fed, NO socialism type of guy but the WoD is a joke and people getting locked up for d e c a d e s for drugs is ridiculous (3 strikes).  Many of the 'drug' problems are not wasted people but people having to fund their habit and the fallout from said aquisition of funds.WoD is a big scam.  A. the fall out is massive. B. it furthers the police as paramilitary force (i don't blame them...i'm not going into SE *wherever* with nothing but the best hardware C. it's a $$$ glut and with excessive $$$ comes corruption. IT DOESN'T WORK AT ALL.  LOL How much WORSE could it be if there was no WoD mentality?  In certain places ANY drug is available almost 24/7.

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Obviously drug addiction and abuse is not a problem that lends itself to a legal/incarceration solution.  We've spent an awful long time proving that.  Such an approach is very lucrative for certain well-connected Oligarchs, but a disaster for the rest of us.Drug addiction and abuse includes tobacco, alcohol and excessive caloric intake, and it's a mental health issue.  A thought disorder.  Somebody who weighs 450 lbs shoveling in a half-dozen Big Macs to make it to lunchtime isn't thinking properly, seems rather obvious.  A junkie deciding to add a little Fentanyl to the smack isn't thinking properly, I think we can just stipulate.  Putting said people in a cage controlled by drug gangs isn't going to help.People say, "Just let people die."  OK, if you have an anti-social disorder and complete cynicism.  Human beings have banded together since the evolution of the species and only defectives don't need a social order.  So it's up to us to come up with a social order that provides people with useful things to do, and takes care of them when their health falters.  If it's bad financially to have a functional society, then maybe our financial system is the problem.  Devotion to a stupid system that doesn't work as it's supposed to for a useful purpose is the height of idiocy, like shooting methamphetamine. 

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Why should the state, ie the rest of us, have to pay to fix someone else's problem with drugs? I'm for legalizing as long as someone doesn't drive or go to work on them. But as for rehab, tough shit. It's their problem let them pay for it. Besides, most rehab doesn't work anyway because drug like alcohol abuse is a symptom of a bigger problem: failure to grow up, take responsibility or to get on with life.

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Not only should the government legalize all drugs, they should hand them out for free to anyone that asks. Hand out pamphlets on how to use them to properly commit suicide, kinda like Mexico does with border jumpers.

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no, legalizing limits massive black-op CIA/DIA profits..  ..just maintain existing naturalized Paki ISI agents importing tons of US protected Afghan smack in protected diplomatic status shipping containers to major ports foisting on citizens anywhere and everywhere USA to keep the justice money machine rolling for lizard-class politicos, judges and fuck-face cocksucker Andy McCabe

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the inspector general's investigation combined with the fall out of the mueller investigation may very well capture hillary clinton eventually.drug legalization is the kind of out of the box, yet cure for ills that seem so easy and obvious to fix (as opposed to, say, war or poverty) that should appeal to president trump.  i want the president to be the gift that keeps on giving; it is so hard to get a free thinker through the american political process.we need more presidents without any political or military career, imo.  fuck precedent, fuck knowledge of protocol.  see where it got us by the end of obama: greatest control fraud in history, utterly unprosecuted; totally politicized and corrupt investigative and clandestine services; two million dead, six million homeless, six trillion dollars pissed away on seven countries in five years and still the most expensive and less effective healthcare systems in the advanced world.

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Canabis and  Depression A study following 1600 Australian school-children, aged 14 to 15 for seven years, found that while children who use cannabis regularly have a significantly higher risk of depression, the opposite was not the case - children who already suffered from depression were not more likely than anyone else to use cannabis. However, adolescents who used cannabis daily were five times more likely to develop depression and anxiety in later life. (Royal College of Psychiatrists)

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i think so and do remember that coming off pot produces a, sometimes delayed, temporary depression that can induce further pot use to counteract so depression seems to dog users.  so either don't stop, do stop, or deal with it.  possibly rather light use can avoid this's just the drug; you're not really depressed.

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The white Viking males first had thier children stolen from them by the feminists.  Then the feminists stole the entire $1T sovereign wealth fund and used it for free birthcontrol, free maternal leave, free PMS therapy.  Then the feminists worked with their (((puppet masters))) and let the entire third world in so that they could cuck thier cunts.Now the feminists and their puppet masters have stolen the country from the vikings, and all they have to offer any more is de-criminalized and cheap stupor inducing drugs.Don't laugh, its happening in the US.  What else could this opium/fenatyl epidemic be about.

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"free birth control is a wonderful idea.  unwanted children explain a lot of the horror in today's world."


"free maternal leave and pms therapy sounds like a much better deal than the global war on terrorism, as well as way cheaper."

False choice.The real question is what are you going to do with millions of useless man hating and half senile spinsters and their cats?  Just like the younger, shicksa tramps they are training, they think that beta men are going to be their slaves 4 evuh.What happens when this lie they have constructed finally collapses and they are stripped of thier beta-male reparations will be one of the more interesting developments in the next decade.There will no longer be free shisksa pills then.

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Author unknown   Repeal the 17th and 19th Amendments and you will restore representative government in this country. The Senate will represent the States, and the House will represent American families.  Back before women could vote, just about every man of age, able to vote, was married and generally had kids. His vote was not some selfish individual exercise, he was voting for what was best for his entire family, including his wife and children. His vote represented the will of his family (and anyone claiming women had no say is ignorant of the persuasive power of women, and the long history of women exerting significant power in government prior to women's suffrage). Now, with individual votes for every individual person, the smallest unit of government is not the family but the individual, and individuals are selfish, easily swayed by government bribes, and easily divided up into conflicting things like men vs. women, generation vs. generation.   One of the key arguments against the 19th Amendment at the time was from women themselves, who knew and understood that with the right to vote also carried with it responsibilities to one's family and community that men had taken on for generations, particularly the duty to defend that family and community by taking up arms in times of war. In other words, women opposed the 19th Amendment fearing they would be subjected to military draft. Only when they were assured that the right to vote would be granted to them without any responsibilities included, did women start to support women's suffrage in large numbers. This is very telling of the way the vote used to be treated, and the way it is treated now.   The entire culture of the electorate was radically changed, and was soon followed by a massive expansion of government size and power as government hand-outs became a method of winning votes from now individual, selfish voters not representing anyone but themselves. There was also a corresponding rise in age of average marriage, a massive rise in divorce rates, and a huge drop in birthrate that has since necessitated a huge influx of foreign labor to keep the economy going, which further shreds the cohesive nature of family and community that sustained the nation for its prior history.   Why do you think the Left is now pushing for an end to the Electoral College? That is the last part of our government that is truly a representative form of government. They have destroyed the family as the smallest unit of representative government. They have turned the Senate from a deliberative body looking out for the interests of the States into a corrupt institution subject to the persuasiveness of bribes and hand-outs. Next they seek to take over the Presidency which will allow them to win power by appealing to the interests of a selfish individualist majority concentrated in only certain areas rather than what's best for every state in the Union.  

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read again:

"Portugal opted to decriminalize drugs in 2001, a move that has drawn praise for the decrease in drug use that followed."

the "experiment"... works. 16 years of experience

the template "WAR ON ...." is the "experiment" to reconsider

of course we all know that the US War On Drugs is actually about State Control, Prisons For Profit Biz and so on

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