US F-22s Fire Warning Flares At Russian Su-25 Jets In Near Incident Over Syria

On Saturday, the Russian Defense Ministry reported an "Incident" had taken place involving a USAF F-22 over Syria which according to the Russians "actively prevented the Russian pair of Su-25 attack aircraft from carrying out a combat mission to destroy the Daesh stronghold in the suburbs of the city of Mayadin in the airspace over the western bank of the Euphrates River on November 23" with the The F-22 firing off heat flares and released brake shields with "permanent maneuvering, imitating an air battle" to which we said that in the apparent eagerness by the US to re-engage Russia, it is likely that more such near-incidents will take place.

Sure enough, on Thursday morning, a Pentagon official confirmed that a pair of U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor stealth fighters fired flares to chase two Russian Su-25 fighter jets out of restricted airspace over Syria on Wednesday. 


As the Washington Examiner adds, the aerial encounter occurred when the Russian jets strayed into airspace east of the Euphrates River, putting them on the wrong side of a "deconfliction zone" established between Moscow and Washington to avoid confrontation in the skies over Syria.

"Two F-22 went too close to two Russian jets so we had to use the de-confliction channels," the official stated on Thursday. "This is not something extraordinary… It happens sometimes several times a day."

The Russian jets immediately left the area after the intercept and warning flares from the F-22s, an official confirmed to the Washington Examiner. Meanwhile, the Pentagon could not provide an account of how many or how often Russian violations of the deconfliction zone occur.

So far, neither Russian, nor US military officials commented on the issue, although the fact that there have been two near-combat incidents in the span of a week, virtually assures that it is only a matter of time before the "worst case" scenario becomes reality, and a dogfight between US and Russian fighter planes ends in tragedy.


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Exactly.The coalition of criminally insane Bullshitters(lead by the number 1 country having these "qualities" and having the "commander -in-chief" the Donald now,NOT HILLARY) did this provocation,that can trigger a war,THE SECOND TIME.At tis point in time there is absolutely NO excuse for the illegal acts of the US army in Syria. They are acting as ISIS air force(there are a few remnants of ISIS in that "US air space",that they are protecting)Good for the Russians to EXPOSE this US Lawlessness.Where are those ZHs saying that the Donald "cut the See Eye Ayy's and Pentagon's funding in Syria"? I'm waiting for their comments.Other ,equally insane,illegal US acts and its allies :-US killed again civilians in Deir Ez Zor-The Trump administrations is having talks to allow Saudi Arabia to have nuclear uranium enrichment program/nuclear plants so they could have nuclear missiles. I have to say I;m speechless about this.We've reaches peak insanity-the israhelli intelligence head has invited the Saudi to israhell to discuss security issues. Expect a reign of false flags-the UN US envoy,the embarrassment called Nikki Haley(at this point ,worse than Samantha Powers,that one was criminal,hysterical,evil ,but not stupid,Haley has stupidity as an extra "quality) is trying to start a war ,has brought a Yemeni missile to the UN,to "prove it is Iranian". Good grief! Is there ANY HUMILIATION left that US and its people did not suffer? After the Russians,Iranians,Syrians flipped the bird to the US in Syria,after the whole world flipped the bird to us with the Jerusalem f*ck up,after the NK debacle,this idiot continues to make a mockery of the US"diplomacy". Then,there is the question of Mr. Assad who "has to go,then allowed to stay,then has no future in syria,then again can stay,and so on..." I personally have not seen something so degrading,so loathsome,so criminal than what the US has  done AND CONTINUES to do in Syria. Period. And US has a very long history of war crimes.Very important issues ,that I see ZH does not cover AND they are VITAL,are:Xi Jingping has just declared that CHINA recognizes E Jerusalem as Palestinian capital and supports a Palestinian state ,WITHIN the 1967 BORDERS.How do you say Oy Vey in Chinese?The Muslim Counsel,of 57 states has just declared that what US did is :illegal,against all UN resolutions and international laws and Jerusalem is Palestine's capital.ALL of themON THE INTERNAL front,important issues,not touched here:_an American  orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Dean Lorich,volunteer in Haiti,who started to talk about the Clinton foundation's criminality there,was found DEAD.The Clinton dead pool is overflowing. Why is she NOT IN JAIL YET?-the government is trying to cover up the  Bundy trial as there is proof of an Ef Bee Ayee  hit list involving the protestors 

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Whats wrong with the F4? I got news for you, aerospace technology has not improved as much as you think over the past forty-five years. Boeing, General Dynamics and McDonnell-Douglas has sold everyone a bill of goods {literally}. into thinking it has, so they can sell the taxpayer their over priced toys. Where do you think all that money goes? They have politicians to buy too, and they are not as cheap as they used to be. Truth is, the entire air fleet could return to 1970s/80s vintage, and no one would no the difference, especially from a defense capability standpoint. Isn't that what it's suppose to all be about, DEFENSE?

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Then Putin should supply his forces with better aircraft and not be limited to 1970's era planes.

After the last confrontation Putin, within days, announce Russia's withdraw of forces from active engagement in Syria and concentrating on just trying to hold his base on the west coast. Putin simply declared, within days, Mission Accomplished and cut and ran.

From the beginning I have stated that Putin being too fearful to declare a no-fly zone over Syria would bite him. And it has, now the US has no-fly zones over Syria.

After all the bravado, photo opps riding horses with no shirt, "Don't Poke the Bear" - it is already humilitating as the world watches Putin being bitch slapped, again. World leaders are very aware of all the murdered russian diplomats, Putin associates, murdered or jailed russian business leaders or power brokers, sanctioned russian business leaders who cannot leave russia or be detained and prisoned, the russian general recently killed by the US etc..

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What about MH17?  What about Del Ezzor?  And all the fake Olympics bullshit ever since Sochi? Russia has a far smaller and narrower economy than the ZOG, even if they can count on the China.  Hitler took the bait and smashed the ZOG in the face, but the consequences for his people were catastrophic.Putin has no other choice but to let these blood suckers self destruct, no matter how much time it takes.

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And Putin's master chess playing Lavrov let the cat out of the bag with this comment, to paraphrase "It takes time for elites of other countries to come to realization."In other words, pushing on the margins, and waiting for new political players to emerge (Trump for example) is recognition that change takes time.  War can push the change along faster, but at what cost?  The destruction of Germany by ZOG is a good example of Hitler's over-reach.Yes, Putin is playing a masterful chess game.

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Good comment yourself,as always.When you fight a war on multiple fronts,against many proxies ,supported by all the West,military,financially,politically,and last,but not least,with a huge propaganda,as Syrians with their allies have done ,there were some priorities:-first ,you annihilate the main actors,which was the so called ISIS caliphate,that the US bullshitter coalition was also"fighting";done-then,you clean all pockets,remnants,minor actors(Al Qaeda and other terrorist "moderate freedom fighters" supported by the West; in the process at this moment;this does not require heavy Russian bombers anymore;The Russians are still bombing Idleb,the last major pocket-you create de- escalation zones,like the many thousand ones done by the Russian Reconciliation zones-AFTER you clean all these proxies,you get rid of the sponsors:US bases and Israhelli illegal claim on the GolanThis is a simple plan ,so simple ,even a cavemen armchair general should be able to understand,IF HE IS A HONEST COMMENTATOR,and not a troll. You see,when you display such an obvious hate for Russia/Mr. Putin that prevents you from having a rational analysis of the situation,you reveal yourself(like Blankone). "Judging with your reptilian brain" is no judgement at all.US is going to receive a lesson so painful,so humiliating ,that this will remain in history as an example as to how not to act when you lost and were exposed to the world for what you really are.And another thing: Americans should not expect that the Russians act like them: chest pounding,making noise,acting like a spoiled child,in a Hollywood cow boy movie manner,shooting left and right. IT IS NOT their style.RUSSIA is acting like the BALANCER of the world,they have equally YIN and YANG qualities(Their huge land mass and central position between E and W ,contributed to this ,I think)The WEST(and US) is mostly YANG,unbalanced,aggressive,destructive,having short term goals and gains. The East is mostly yin,more passive,reflective,having long term plans.The worrier- like American mind is not able to comprehend anything that does not involve shooting,war,destruction,etc. Look at the comments here(like Blankone)Russia is walking a fine line,showing finesse ,and making gains .With patience. And diplomacy. And no, it is not showing weakness,even if it does not start a shooting war with the insane Americans.In my view ,weak are those that have the need to "prove themselves"

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OR...Putin is happy to lure the US military into a trap in Syria.  Another deployment for US soldiers, more IEDs killing US troops, 10's of billions of dollars a year to keep US troops in the style to which they are accustomed AND best of all, lots of Iranian and Hezbollah fighters to fight a low level guerilla war against the US...just like the Viet Cong in SE Asia.  You win by 1000 cuts, not necessarily with one big battle.  The F-22 will be as ineffective as the F-4 in Vietnam at 'winning' a long slow guerilla war.

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Bullshit. The A1 Skyraider (which what the A10 was designed to replace) was amazingly good and filled the same role as the A10 has since. It was also *much* cheaper. The US and ARVN had *lots* of Skyraiders and used them. Great loiter time.

The A10 is much slower than the Su-25 and has the unfortunate flaw that its requires dominant air superiority whereas the Su25 can actually fight back or run away at least to a degree. Both are tough planes, with the Su25 being modeled on the flying tank Ilyushin Sturmovik Il-2

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The world may be laughing, but it ain't at Putin.How is our plan to overthrow Asaad coming along? How many years has it been?  How many dead?  How much has it cost? How's Europe been affected?If you think that America doesn't have a black eye from the antics in Syria, you need to reveiw the history of this decade.

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