US Retail Sales Surge At Fastest Pace Since 2012 As Online Sales Soar

Despite a fourth monthly decline in real earnings, the good ol' American consumer is doing what she does best - consume. Retail sales surged 0.8% MoM (much better than expected) and 5.8% YoY - the best since March 2012.

Data beat across the board... except motor vehicles and parts dealers - everything else is surging. However, it is worth noting the spike in gasoline station spending - which accounted for a third of the surge MoM in the headline print... not exactly a positive spending scenario.

With online sales (nonstore retailers) dominating - up 2.5% MoM (biggest since July 2015), up 10.4% YoY.


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The economy was the biggest hoax in american history according to candidate Donald Trump when Obama was president but now that he is the president it is the greatest economy in history even though literally nothing has changed and we have even more debt. Im not sure how that works, but since Trump said it....Bill of Rights will defend it to the death.

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He did insinuate the economy was in tatters, He did say the Stock Market was in a bubble. He did say the wars were causing America debt problems and we should extract ourselves.  He did say we should have a better rapport with Russia. He did say jobs would be returning. He did say a fence was to be built to help eliminate illegal infestation. He also said he would make America's military strong again. That was what scared me. A military that invaded a third of the world needs to be stronger?  That military still won't get out of Syria, still in Afghanistan and Iraq,,, now in Niger and Somalia and God only knows where else.The Military has a full trillion budget this year,,, building planes and ships that come nowhere close to the specifications but makes billions in profits for the MIC. I imagine the missing 21 trillion from the Army and DdD that wasn't outright stolen went to the MIC and contractors such as Blackwater. I know their name changed but this fits them and the clowns they hire better.The 17 spy agencies warring on American's at home and abroad. The Donald chose a new clown for the FRB that will likely destroy the money even more. He seems to be doing his best to get a good ole nuke war going with NK. And it's pretty obvious Israel has mucho input into his administration that other than Tillerson is full scale war mongering, spend like a drunken sailor NeoCons.Exactly where his worship is coming from I'm not completely sure BUT it appears most are into this Pax Americana shit where America rules the world,,, whether the world wants it or not. Every failure is reconstructed as a success saying it is the Don's shrewd method of winning. We are still enjoying False Flags such as LV. You know it's a FF when hundreds are wounded with a hundred dead and  the story pretty much disappears in two weeks.Yea,,, I don't see much change either. And the Biggie,,, Obamacare,,, is still alive and well. Yes, a lot of talk but no real action.He'll probably get re elected as the standards aren't very high to be an American president.... or any office for that matter. Just claim you'll bomb the shit out of someone and you support Israel in everything seems to be enough these days.That's if we don't annihilate all life on the planet first.

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CNN: "Retail Sales were announced and were up due to trump drinking 12 cokes per day.  Sanjay, how dangerous is this to one's health and what kind of weirdo does that?  is this a national security issue??  Could Russia have influenced his decision to be so unhealthy?"

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The other day, my neighbor was in the local Sam's Club store.  They had all of one - ONE - checkout line open in a store with 15 checkout lines, during what is usually the busiest time of the year.  He asked one of the employees what was going on ... the employee said, "Everyone is buying online ... people just aren't coming in, not even for Christmas."  Neighbor said the place was like a ghost town.

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Grandma got herself a new computer,
So she can go shopping right at home,
She no longer needs to use her walker,
She can do it online or the phone.

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remember gasoline prices are way up this year--the wholesale priceand restaurant survey still says minus 2.5% traffic.gettign to the point where it is difficult to trust anything from the govt 

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Online sales are the propaganda line still very insignificant relative to the retail pool at less than 9%.   Other than that the inflation factor is certainly kicking in especially at the grocery stores.  As mentioned above the DEBT is the bomb was at ( my local Kroger affiliate) Sunday the blinged out gal in front of me tried 3 credit cards before one took.  Try discounting the bad debt against the rumored sales increases and your are netting out way negative.    Like my accountant likes to point out WTH is going on with TAX RECEIPTS if the eCONomy is doing so freaking great why are all the states reporting DECLINING tax receipts.... Potemkin USA.  Scam in progress.

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I wonder how much of this money is spent on prepping items by people such as myslef who feel a crash coming on...A few solar panels, storable food, water filters, ammo, etc. 

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Not as many will get sick staying home instead of mingling with people in the cold/flu season?   We will likely lose social skills staying home?   We used to hunter-gather in nature, then there were stores where you only gathered as they did the hunting, now you can hunter-gather right from your couch.   Awesome but on the road to what for the humans and their bodies?   Modern man is outrunning evolutions ability to adapt him properly for his new and every changing  surroundings, diet and weather.   Something will give and it won't be the necessary evolution process.  It would be like releasing chickens breed for large breast back into the wild.  musing about our changes.