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As always Willaim Banzai- AKA "Leonardo da Vinci"  depicting the beauty in the smile for the reader and his fans at Zero Hedge...with pricise and delicate,form over function, symbolism over intellectual challenge with  beautiful strokes of sarcasm paint and brush, exposing the hypocracy,stupidy,vulgarity and Incompetency of the Political ELites ( both DumbocRATS/RINOS/RepugliCANTS)-Saul Alinsky Socialite-Deep-State Elites (Trouble Makers,Protectors of Pizza Gate Pedophi,les,Political & Hollywood Rapist and who use WE THE PEOPLEs Tax dollars for their extaravagance escapades with PORN and Whores, have affairs and text BIASes against #TRUMP).Keep it coming, show the rest of the AMERICAN PEOPLE who these people really are. PS: You could add the "Weiners" as the "TAIL" for the Donkey.

williambanzai7 Sat, 12/16/2017 - 02:20 Permalink

There are lots of things to say, but at this moment I would like to say this: where the fuck is Weiner's laptop and exactly what was found on his hard drive (pun intended).

I'm no expert, but I would hazard a guess that having top secret information land on the hard drive of a known (now convicted) sexual prevert with plenty to lose is exactly, I mean precisely, the kind of scenario that points to the reason why carelessly using a basement server and unsecured email channels instead of following security protocol for Secretary Dingbats official emails amounts to prima facie criminal gross negligence and NOT "extreme carelessness" (oh dear) as the bungling viagra craving boneheads at the FBI would have the common ZH lowbrow believe. A KGB agents wet dream!

And if my low brow memory serves me correctly, the lowbrow detectives at the NYPD realised this before the gum turds took control of the evidence, no doubt for reasons of national security and in the interest of conserving the purity of their precious bodily fluids.

But then again, who cares about this when the chief counter espionage dick at the FBI thinks it's ok to have an office tryst and is too holy fucking stupid to realise that his messages are being monitored. The dick whose wife collected campaign contributions from the Clintons certainly didn't give a flying Libtard fuck.

Are you savvy Scouts?

And who the fuck killed Seth Rich?

Lowbrow minds want to know...

CuttingEdge Mustafa Kemal Sat, 12/16/2017 - 11:28 Permalink

Weiner's laptop may explain (although it takes a big stretch of the imagination with Rip van Sessions in charge)  the 9000 (at the latest count) sealed federal indictments filed across all 94 district courts since Oct 30th. On average there are about a thousand issued each year, so there's something big going down, and a massive pedo/child trafficking ring countrywide is one of the few logical explanations for it. And given the zero confidence the plebs now have in their FBI and Justice...a big pedo take-down with lots of fanfare to try to gain a smidgen of respect? Just don't hold your breath on a Podesta being one of those 9000 if this is the case...The rest? On the evidence available in the public domain, whilst not reported on by a collusive and utterly contemptible MSM? Evidence which gets more unfuckingbelievablely damning with every passing day? And not just the DoJ and FBI, but every other .gov department?Certified fucking Banana Republic like no other.In fact, the US now gives banana republics everywhere a bad name, such is the breathtakingly blatant politicized corruption and depravity of its own model. Maybe another name is needed off the bottom of the scale (so as not to offend the likes of Zimbabwe and every other African and Central American shithole with no rule of law).An Obamana Republic?   

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It was to have been the..."historic"...coronation of a queen.She had patiently waited her turn to hold the royal scepter...she had plotted with her allies, minions & cronies placed at the very highest levels just waiting on her arrival...everything was in place...she, a real pro in all matters of state and of political survival, to be handed down through generations to her daughter, Dianne Reynolds...now...there is to be no dancing...no balls...no partying...no gay frivolity among the pampered elitist parasitic class of DC. All spoiled. Ruined ;-)

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nmewn Pure Evil Sat, 12/16/2017 - 10:12 Permalink

lol...it would be hysterically funny as hell if it weren't so serious.Medusa Wassername-Schultz has actual foreign IT workers rummaging through her hard drive and dancing across the House network, as she sits as the DNC Chairwoman AND as she sits on her various Congressional committies and just what is the counter-intelligence staff at the FBI consuming their time with?Writing and editing exoneration letters for Hillary Klinton using an illegal server to pass around top secret and classified information for the better part of 2016.I swear to God, this is way beyond incompetence, this is willful, treasonous, malfeseance. 

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bardot63 williambanzai7 Sat, 12/16/2017 - 09:03 Permalink

99.9% applause!  Your only observation I would question is on Weiner's hard drive (pun obvious).  I question whether Carlos D. could actually get it up when it counted.  But then, Huma was never centerfold material so the guy may not have had much practice. You are spot on to note that our nation is protected by counter espionage geniuses like this black-on-black operative who doesn't know every syllable launched into cyberspace lives forever.   Suggest we place our bets on Vlad and God Help Us. 

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chunga williambanzai7 Sat, 12/16/2017 - 09:44 Permalink

Looking at this as dispassionately as possibe it's becoming clear a conspiracy has occurrred that should result in prison time for a former president, a presidential candidate, two DNC chairs -*1, -*2, and a large batch of intelligence agency bosses.While the frauds in congress -*3 work to determine if the FBI -*4 is in the tank for Honest Hill'rey it's important to note that they -*5 voted unanimously to sanction Russia.*1 - One wrote a book admitting to election rigging and fearing for her life over the Seth Rich murder.*2 - The other one publically threatened the capital police chief demanding computer equipment that's apparently been forgotten about.*3 - Part of congress' compensation is anonymous sex harrassment insurance coverage.*4 - ~ 30 years ago, first lady Honest Hill'rey had an underling request that FBI send her their confidential background check files, and they did.*5 - They all continue to make believe they've never heard of the murder of Seth Rich, nor Julian Assange's very public offer of proof    the Russians had nothing to do with this, including the maverick outsider.

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expert diaper … williambanzai7 Sat, 12/16/2017 - 09:56 Permalink

The main mission of the FBI, Mueller's investigation included, is to gather and hide information. The FBI uses it to get extra funding, threaten members of their oversight committee and protect the candidate(s) of their choice. They have been in the lead investigation agency in every traitorous deed from 9/11 to Las Vegas and the truth has always been hidden. The FBI would never have admitted that there was a second shooter in Las Vegas if a YouTube video forensic analysis of the audio hadn't been produced by an honest citizen. The 2nd shooter admission,  by the Las Vegas office Supervisor, was so guarded that it was a cruel joke on the victims and their families. The FBI is no longer a protector of America, they have become the protector of their own schemes. This would never have happened under J. Edgar Hoover. 

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Muse minus Time Not if_ But When Sat, 12/16/2017 - 12:51 Permalink

After 2 computers taken out, a 2am tazing from the cable modem to a smart surge protector, to a paki gang stalk that I reported to the Florence pd, I moved out to a red state. Now Google censors me with copy right strikes for trying to read political articles.  Research what it means to be a TI.  There are private security firms doing the work of some global cabal just as corrupt as fib. Pray Ephesians 6:10-19, it is the Way.

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