Gowdy Eviscerates Andrew McCabe: "I'll Be Surprised If He's Still An Employee Of The FBI By This Time Next Week"

Once again echoing the dinner conversations of a growing number of American households around the country, Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) ripped into FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe on Fox News regarding text messages released earlier this week between Agent Peter Strzok and lawyer Lisa Page that revealed an FBI plot, allegedly hatched in McCabe's office, to prevent a Trump presidency at all costs.  Among other things, Gowdy said he would be somewhat shocked if McCabe was still an employee of the FBI "by this time next week."

"I'm still trying to figure out why 3 FBI agents are discussing politics in the Deputy Director's office because you're not supposed to discuss politics on Federal ground.  And FBI agents aren't supposed to engage in politics for Hatch Act reasons."


"Remember, we were supposed to interview Andy McCable yesterday on another committee.  It was all setup and ready to go and then at the last minute they said he can't come.  I'll be shocked if he comes next week.  I'll be a little bit surprised if he's still and employee of the FBI this time next week."


"But the notion that 3 bureau agents would be conspiring or plotting on how to handle the outcome of a presidential election is the opposite of what you want in an objective, dispassionate, neutral FBI."

For those who aren't familiar with the text messages in question, here is the text that Agent Peter Strzok sent to FBI lawyer Lisa Page, a woman with whom he was having an extramarital affair, last summer:

Meanwhile, if there is anyone out there who still harbors any remaining doubt that Special Counsel Mueller's probe is anything but a farcical, politically-motivated witch hunt, then we highly recommend you also view this Trey Gowdy gem from earlier this week during a hearing with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. 

Of course, only time will tell if Gowdy is just engaging in some self-serving political grandstanding or if he's intent upon firing some swamp creatures.


JSBach1 stormsailor Fri, 12/15/2017 - 23:03 Permalink

Gowdy said he would be somewhat shocked if McCabe was still an employee of the FBI "by this time next week."

No Trey....let's correct this quote, shall we...?

Gowdy said he would be somewhat shocked if McCabe was still [not at the end of a rope] "by this time next week." [along with a procession of others in the wings...]

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chunga Davilis Fri, 12/15/2017 - 19:27 Permalink

I've been bashing the ass off of him for a while. After what we've been seeing come to light the last few weeks it really looks like high crimes have been committed by a former president, a presidential candidate, 2 DNC chairs, and a slew of top brass from various intelligence outfits.That's pretty heavy duty right there and I can see where one would be reluctant to go at that alone.

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chunga Oliver Klozoff Fri, 12/15/2017 - 20:30 Permalink

The other things AG Sessions has done that he hasn't recused himself of are well documented and I don't like any of them. It's going to be very important for guys like this Gowdy, and more so Ryan and McConnell to do more than just lip service.If the mid-terms come along and this debacle is still going on, red supporters are going to stay home and the blues will take over. If that happens they will not hesitate to impeach the maverick outsider. Time is of the essence.

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vato poco chunga Fri, 12/15/2017 - 21:11 Permalink

am right there witcha in re sessions. he's all seersucker boy scout when what I want is a rabid pit bull with a frickin laser on its head. and I tend to get realllll impatient when someone trots out the 'playing possum/4D chess' notion. that said, there's a lot of FBI/DOJ/Deep State filthy laundry coming to light these days. and it's coming out in a clearly planned & structured manner. with the promise/possibility of much more & much worse yet to come. and the dem pols are clearly beginning to panic - just a wee bit. I find myself forced to admit that sessions must be given credit for at least SOME of this. FBI/DOJ/Deep State Scum would bury this if they could ....so something or some one must be preventing them from doing it. if not sessions, who?

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Scuba Steve chunga Fri, 12/15/2017 - 21:43 Permalink

Speaking of Maverick, its interesting SongBirds' cancer/hospital/footinjury/cut to the head flares up whenever more news and proof comes out.Why do I get the feeling there is going to be a fake funeral for Songbird in the near future?Can we have someone stationed in New Zealand to report on new arrivals?

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otschelnik chunga Sat, 12/16/2017 - 05:03 Permalink

Roger that chunga.  Even if Sessions wanted to prosecute, the DOJ / FBI are populated with SJW's. Who is willing to investigate UraniumOne, the Clinton Foundation, or the DNC financed golden shower dossier?  Where will the special agents find time between their Alinsky night school course, misogyny seminar, and race sensitivity training?  Major swamp draining needed.

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Dark star Fri, 12/15/2017 - 18:51 Permalink

The rest of the World is watching this circus, and at the end of it, they are going to give the USA either the thumb down or the thumb up.There is far more at stake than individual careers.

nmewn Theos Fri, 12/15/2017 - 19:18 Permalink

The "trade of"...Strzok, McCabe, Comey etal trying to effect the outcome of an election as "impartial lawmen" with their preference of one candidate (WHO THEY WERE CRIMINALLY INVESTIGATING) over another candidate with the full resources of the federal government behind them?...lol...pass me some of whateverthefuck you're smokin.And.She.Still.Lost...LMMFAO!!!Very bigly ;-)

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Not Too Important Dark star Fri, 12/15/2017 - 18:59 Permalink

Would you invest millions of dollars in a large business, employing hundreds of people, while this shitshow is going on?

The first priority for any business is the rule of law. If there isn't any - and we certainly don't have it - they'll spend their money elsewhere.

The Chinese Silk Road Initiative is a golden opportunity for investors, far from perfect but a far, far better future than building anything in the US. Even if Trump cleans house, if a Satanist gets back in the White House, what's to prevent them from rebuilding their 'Deep State' again?

If a body has cancer, you clean it out as fast as you can. You don't let it fester until the host is dead. Real business investment doesn't give a damn about this circus, they're looking for long-term stability, which we will never have again.

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Bigly El Vaquero Fri, 12/15/2017 - 19:27 Permalink

They have big human rights issues. Regulations, but so polluted. Semi capitalist semi commie weird hybrid.But while they do get corruption too, they ruthlessly and quickly deal with it.  Our ongoing saga never ends and it is quite possible we have lost rule of law here for good. If we don't see some indictments soon, I would agree that the US is not a better investment.

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El Vaquero Ajax-1 Fri, 12/15/2017 - 19:49 Permalink

There is private production, which automatically precludes communism.  Communism is supposed to be a system that transitions into a stateless, classless society where the community owns the means of production, and it almost always gets stuck in a phase that is like fascism, except without private property rights and a fuckload more brutality towards its own people.  That was China.  But that is not China today.  Today, China is a quasi-capitalist and quasi-fascist.

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Not Too Important Publicus_Reanimated Fri, 12/15/2017 - 19:33 Permalink

So is the NWO. They are the ones that dreamed up Communism in the first place. Here in the US they're called Democrats and Neo-Conservatives.

The US is finished. The party's over. Our future is radiation and death. The Pacific Ocean is dead. We're next. According to the math, it really starts to hit in 8 years.

I wish it was different, I've got kids, but I know what happens when nuclear power plants blow up. And there will be more, lots more.

This isn't about Communists. It's about Satanists - them versus the rest of us. The Chinese don't want shit to do with the Satanists. The Satanists gave them the Opium Wars. Neither do the Christian Russians, for obvious reasons. The wars that result from all this will be fought long after we're all dead.

I wish you and your family all the best, PR, but it's just nuclear math at this point.

May God have mercy on us all.

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HRClinton Not Too Important Fri, 12/15/2017 - 22:17 Permalink

Yesterday, Simon Black posted a ZH article, about the US being the biggest Tax Haven of all countries. Even so...Not withstanding the potential tax breaks for foreign entities, it is the onerous and excessive Regulatory Compliances that are killing businesses from growing, or attracting new ones from abroad. The money that is coming in, is not creating mega jobs. It is merely acquiring  useful US assets, while paying the FIRE industry.If I were a young enterprising person, I would be  building businesses along the Silk Road.

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