Iran Joins EAEU - 45 Years Of US Foreign Policy Down The Drain

Authored by Tom Luongo,

Iran is joining the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). By early next year, February by this account, Iran will join the five founding members of the Union and open the door for Turkey to do so later in 2018.

Between this and the end of the war in Syria, it’s not hard to declare the Brzezinski Doctrine of U.S.-led Central Asian chaos as gasping its last breaths.

Iran finally joining the EAEU is a response to a number of factors, the most important of which is the continued belligerence by the U.S. Expanded economic sanctions on Iran and the EAEU’s leader Russia has created the need for greater coordination of economic and foreign policy objectives between them.

And it is creating the new realities in the region that will reshape the word for the next hundred years.

The Nuclear Gambit

In the dying days of the Obama administration it looked like the goal was to placate Iran to stop its pivot towards Russia and China. I believe that was the driving force behind Obama’s negotiating the controversial nuclear deal.

In effect, Obama tried to trade unfreezing Iran’s hundreds of billions in assets held in Western banks for Iran to ignore our atomization of Syria and the creation of a complete mess there.

When you stop to think about it like that how venal are we? After putting Iran under economic lockdown, having frozen its accounts, barring them from interbank communication with customers (SWIFT removal), inducing hyperinflation to sow regime change they would agree to allowing its ally, Syria, to be handed over to Wahabist animals.

In exchange they would repudiate Russisa and be thankful for the opportunity to get their money back by signing a deal which forbade them from obtaining nuclear weapons?

Such is the ‘logic’ of the mental midgets running our foreign policy under Obama.

So, now, having assisted Russia and the Syrian army in defeating ISIS Iran is making the smart move by further integrating its economy in need of diversification and investment by joining an economic union which should align all of Central Asia’s interests along a similar path.

Chaos no longer. Zbigniew Brzezinski isn’t just dead, his strategy is as well.

Left to the likes of Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain and the dimbulbs of the Bush the Lesser administration before them, these buffoons were outplayed at every turn by Vladimir Putin, Chinese Premier Xi Jinping and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

And the world will soon be a better place for it.

The Status Whoa!

Everything about the status quo of the last thirty years is changing. Syria has made it clear to everyone that the U.S. is no longer infallible. In fact, it is close to incompetent in both military and diplomatic efficacy.

The Russian intervention exposed the real roots of the conflict as well as the lengths to which our leadership would lie, cheat and steal to achieve its chaotic regional goals. President Trump is changing the direction of this ship of state, but it is a slow process being fought at every level by those embedded in departments up and down the bureaucracy.

That said, Iran’s entry into the EAEU as a full member will break open the floodgates of new members into it. Russia has been courting everyone around the region as the EAEU members work on the rules and build the organization.

Adding Iran should see the union grow quickly and help facilitate China’s Belt and Road Initiative projects get completed.

Taking that one-step further, the bigger picture comes into focus with the establishment of the New Development Bank to challenge the U.S.-led Asian Development Bank, to fund infrastructure projects.

With the flurry of big projects announced recently, including the new version of the IPI – Iran/Pakistan/India – gas pipeline this announcement isn’t so much a diplomatic coup for Putin and Russia but rather a fait accompli.

It was always a matter of when not if Iran would join the EAEU. And with it on board, countries like India, Pakistan and Turkey can join and know that they have a level playing field on which to trade which will dampen down animosities and lingering disputes.

Peak U.S.

As Federico Pieraccini points out this morning at Strategic Culture Foundation, even the tensions between India and China have calmed down as it becomes obvious to all and sundry that the U.S. is simply neither willing under Trump nor able to maintain its dominance over central Asia anymore.

In this sense, the lack of interest from the Trump administration in certain areas of the globe is emblematic. While the chemistry between Trump and Modi appears to be good, the tensions between India and China, heightened by border disputes, seems to have nevertheless dissolved. Following on from the failure of the neocons to divide Russia and China, even the border tensions between India and China seem to be now dissipating. In addition, in Ukraine, even the decision to send lethal weapons to Kiev has been downplayed, and the country now faces a counter-coup led by Saakashvili (yes, him again). Ukraine is a country in a mess, experiencing first-hand the consequences of an evil Atlanticist posture with its vicious anti-Russia policies.

Pieraccini’s argument is the Trump is a mix of ineptitude and pragmatism when it comes to foreign policy. And that mix has led to the current state of affairs, where the U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia are flailing about trying to remain relevant.

I won’t go nearly that far, as those countries all still have a powerful hand of cards to play, if only to stabilize most of what they currently have. And they will play those cards to the hilt in the creation of something approaching peace.

But, Iran is charting a new path, turning away from the open wounds in the West and towards the opportunities that lie all about them in every other direction. As I’ve been saying recently, the framework for a Grand Bargain in the Middle East is possible. And Iran joining the EAEU is a strong indicator that it wants to join the larger world economy as a trustworthy actor.

Putin has become the de facto negotiator for those allied against Israel and Trump is stepping up to do so for Israel. Once that deal is in place and Trump agrees to remove U.S. military presence in most of the region, then we’ll begin to see what the world can look like without manufactured conflict.


peopledontwanttruth peddling-fiction Fri, 12/15/2017 - 22:26 Permalink

Iran has always held the key. Why do you think it's been demonized and the target for decades.

1 Thessalonians 5:2-3
Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

2 For you yourselves know very well that the Day of the Lord will come just like a thief in the night. 3 When they say, “Peace and security,” then sudden destruction comes on them, like labor pains come on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

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Which part of the Bible talks about those stinking money changers and Christ killers?

Those NeoCon evengelicals like over at Free Republic kneel to Bibi at every turn and want the rapture. They may be surprised that the evil ones are us.

The people who I have witnessed protecting Christians in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq appear to be the Russians and the Christian Vladimir Putin, Hezbollah and their leader Nasrallah plus Iran including General Soleimani.

Go to Syrian run by a Syrian-American Christian Zaid Fadel who is grateful for the help that all of these people provided in saving Syria from the zio-Con head choppers and ISIS-real.

Some of the murdering monsters include McCain, Soros, Bushes, Clintons, Feinstein, Schumer, Bibi, Goldberg, Rothschild, Lindsey Graham et al. They have engaged in genocide against Christians in the Middle East. Just like they have engaged in genocide against Christians in Europe, Russia, Eastern Europe and the USA (see Rothschild Civil War).

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The neo-con deception is Israel as a chosen country when its actually a state of being,I wont go into astrotheology or synchretism here but God offloaded the jews to Babylon the only reference to Jewish religion in the new testament is pharisees,scribes and the synagogue of Satan,Israel is those grafted onto Christ...but we are so far down the track that telling the truth now wont make much difference or as a wise man said its is folly to take on the superstitions of the masses.

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I’m not a god-botherer, but take the bible out for a second. The facts on the ground and players involved are the same. If those people feel safe referring to their screed, so be it. I guess your “truth” is based on...what? Mine is based on paying attention to what goes on around me. I have no need for religion but I also don’t really feel the need to call someone a moron because they think different to me and/or disagree with me. Who’s the moron?

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"truth".  You tipped your hand.  Truth is based on discovering the scientific justification or support for a fact, based on the scientific method, logic, and reason.  Facts are the same for everyone, as is the truth.  If someone's truth is based on an ancient book of myths, its not facts or truths, its a belief, which is prone to confirmation bias.It Used to be Fight Club was populated by users who debated using logic and reason.  Ever since before the election, we've been overrun by bible thumpers who want to end every debate with "god said so, so i'm right".Tylers, can we have more repo articles and less politics.

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Jews who decided to save their ass instead of getting crucified, wrote the Gospels and created Rabbinical Judaism to Roman specs. The lead scribe was one Josephus Flavius. He did such a great job, the Flavian Emperors adopted him into the family. One of the first saints was the neice of Emperor Titus Flavius. The Bible is a Roman Imperial psy-op created to increase cohesion and facilitate control of the diverse empire. 

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truth - right, like the scientific experiments all show that the ground we stand on is stationary, motionless - yet the players continue their mass hypnosis of the spinning 1000MPH water ball in the face of facts.  Reinforce the hypnosis with TeeVee shows, movies, fake stories and mathematical mumbojumbo.think you're smart? the Playaz always take the folks to war, consolidate power, maintain the illusion and carry on.  we live in an electro-magnetic realm nothing at all like the fake scientism who contaminated the mass's brains & souls

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15-20 years, from Madeleine Albright to Condi Rice to Her Heinousness Hillary, women as Secretaries of State, sent out to persuade Muslim men of the necessity to sell their oil in USD...the ultimate in presumptuous arrogance. Someday history will record the fall of the Amercian Empire on the sword of political correctness and the utter foolishness of the Ivy League Idiots at the USDept of State

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Freddie said: "Which part of the Bible talks about those stinking money changers and Christ killers?"

Matthew 21:12-13 King James Version (KJV)

12 And Jesus went into the temple of his father the Egyptian God Amen-Ra, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves,

13 And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.

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Sad that at the end of the cold war, the Russian people were happy to see America win, they knew their U.S.S.R. leaders were lying in all their propaganda tv; Today its very similar intge U.S. America knows its "Elected Officials" are lying to them and their propaganda tv MSM are lying every time they take a breath.It will be a relieving breath indeed when my homeland falls into financial bankruptcy, restructures, and all of the NAZI control, beuracracy, ID, spying on its people, welfare/warfare plague ends. As a child of the 70's I kniw first hand money doesnt make true happiness! My child will play in creeks, the hills, skip rocks and swim in the lake, knowing true family values, humility, and the neighborhood they live in.

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I don't see any mention of Iran in that.

You can interpret any writings any which way you want.

A council of men in the third century determined what would be included in the book for Christianity and that nothing else was to be added. Ever.

Prophets all the way through the OT. History of God and Man living through the ages.

Since the 3rd century. Nada. No more prophets. No more history.

The book was closed. Sealed.

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You're funny. LOL. Would you mind pointing to the map (in the ZH article), and show us.…. Which tribal deity you refer to, out of a list of hundreds of tribal deities over the recorded history?2. The amazingly poor communication power of all these deities, whose range was limited to a few hundred miles at the most?  None of them seemed capable of things like Sky Writing, Loudspeaker announcements, Holographic or even 2D projection, Laser-engraved pics and texts, etc. -- things we can do today, and which would impress the hell out of the ancients (illiterate, semi-literate, smelly)3. None of these 'deities' were able to teach us about the basics of nature and the cosmos, about things that even a Gr.8 Student would know.4. None of these 'deities' were able to communicate with anyone in public. For some reason, only middlemen (shamans, prophets, priests) were needed. How convenient for them and their job security.You see how none of these pass the "smell test", w/o doing some mental gymnastics that requires the suspension of reason in favor of the usual mode of every charlatan, salesman and politician: "Trust me. You just gotta Believe (me), or you are bad."Look, there's nothing wrong with being spiritual, but let's not pretend that all of man's organized religions are anything but man-made. When a real deity appears, we will all know. We won't need a Buybull-pounding snake charmer to tell us.

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Who gives a damn about ME? Pull out of half of 150 countries we have military bases in, we don't need them - deep state does.

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Another nutty essay by "lounago"

TRUMP is nothing but another more willing Israhell bitch.!

He ca not and will not change anything in the Middle East but ferment more tension .

US moves its armour from the Middle East willingly? Are you kidding me? What are you smoking dude.

US WILL never get out of Saudi or those other small gulf shiekhdoms as they will not last
more than few weeks otherwise.

Trump the "MORON" (stupid person), watches at least 4 hours of US TV ! daily according to his aids.

Enough said !!

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The USSA will get out of the Saudi kingdom aka a Mi6/Rothschild front kingdom, when the oil is gone. This may be a lot sooner then we realize. The NeoCons/Khazars lust for Iran's oil and gas.

Trump? As long as Jared Kushner-Soros and Ivanka Soros are in The white house then trump is Bibi's boy.

I do not watch shit TV but saw in a store they had fox news running and Jared was at a Saban Foundation/BRookings conference. Haim Saban is a Christian hating Israeli billionaire who owns Univision and who wants to flood America with illegals. This is Jared's friends including Soros and Bibi.

The Christmas tree shows up at the White House and Melenia (Catholic) and Baron was there. No Donald. Melenia will not let Baron convert to Satanism. She and her son are my favorite Trumps.

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