Man Says "Russian Mind Control" Forced Him To Kill His Mother

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been blamed for a lot of nefarious actions lately.

From swaying the US election in Donald Trump’s favor to orchestrating the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, paranoid Democrats have apparently convinced themselves that there’s no geopolitical disaster that Putin didn’t have a hand in.

And now, one deranged Bakersfield, Calif. man is blaming “Russian Mind Control” for driving him to murder his own mother.

That’s right: We can add matricide to the list of misdeeds that have been attributed to the Russian leader.

Suspected murderer Matthew Jensen reportedly tried to kill himself with a small pocket knife after being stopped by police on Oct. 24.

Here’s the local ABC affiliate with more details about the grisly act:

Court documents detail the moments before, during and after a man allegedly stabbed his own mother to death in Tehachapi in October.


Documents detail Matthew Jensen's mental state, the number of times he stabbed his mother Barbara Jensen Teague, his claims as to his possible reasoning and that he had been released from a hospital for mental evaluation the day before her death.


On October 24, Jensen was pulled over in Kingman, Arizona. At the time he was pulled over, documents show that Jensen attempted to kill himself using a small pocket knife. Jensen apparently slit both his wrists and stabbed himself in the chest. He was taken to Kingman Regional Medical Center where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.


It was during that stop that the welfare of Jensen's mother became a priority for law enforcement.


Kern County Sheriff's officials went to the home in Tehachapi where the two lived together. After not getting an answer at the door, officials made their way into the home. That's where they found the body of Barbara Jensen Teague, covered in blood.

According to the coroner’s report, Teague was stabbed 42 times: "17 to her right flank, 13 to the right side of her trunk, five to the back of her right arm, three to her right thigh, two to her back, one behind her right ear, and one inside of her left thumb. As a result of those stab wounds had three stab wounds to her right lung, five stab wounds to her liver, and multiple sta wounds to her small and large bowels."

Documents showed that Jensen said he was "incredibly happy" while living with Teague. He claims to have entered her room while she was sleeping where he found her in the fetal position, and began stabbing her with a small knife.

Documents show that Jensen said his mom "thrashed and struggled" and cried  "stop, stop" as he stabbed her repeatedly.

Twenty minutes later, while his mother lay bleeding in her bed, Jensen loaded his dog into his mother’s car and started driving east.

According to ABC, Jensen said "the pain and the guilt of killing his mother caused him to cut both of his wrists with a Leatherman style tool, located in the car. Jensen said he also stabbed himself twice in the chest in attempt to commit suicide."

But it wasn’t until he had been transported to a holding cell and interrogated that he professed his motive for the attack.

While being interviewed, Jensen said he was "under Russian mind control" and that he was hearing voices. He said "the voices had told him to kill his mother. ... 'I did what they told me, I killed my own mother'".


After allegedly killing his mom, documents state that Jensen didn't remember anything. He said he remembered feeling compelled to kill himself, but instead killed her.


Jensen said he remembered looking "in her bedroom and she been stabbed to death. He stated 'Oh my God', no one could have done that but me".


Court documents also show that Jensen had been taken to Adventist Health hospital in Tehachapi on October 23, the day before his mother was found dead.


His mom had said he was acting strangely the days leading to his being evaluated for a 5150 mental health evaluation.

According to ABC, police said Jensen "was calm and polite".

The police report recommendation stated, "No further action needed, based on my interviews with (redacted) and (redacted) it appeared Jensen did suffer from some type of unknown mental health disorder. Jensen, however, at this time did not appear to be a danger to himself or others, nor did he appear to be gravely disabled to the point he could not care for himself, thus a 5150 mental health hold was not placed on him."

Jensen was initially being held in Mohave, Arizona before he was extradited to Kern County.

He's since pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder. His next court date is Jan. 17.


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"MK-GB Ultra!"

Let's remember that control is spelled with a "K" as in German.

Operation Paperclip brought Megele and all of his twisted hoard to the US to continue their "program" here.

They didn't even change the name....and nobody noticed.

The new, co-opted 4th Reich lives and serves the same masters.

It's literally "outta 'dis world".... ;)

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JSBach1 wee-weed up Sat, 12/16/2017 - 00:05 Permalink

It was later revealed the investigators became suspicious after finding black gear on the suspect's person. When questioned further the suspected recalled hearing those heavily accented Russian voices distinctly and loudly at this gathering, shortly before killed his mother:

The heavily accented voice was later found to be that of Gyorgy Schwartz.

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Super models do not find me attractive.  Fuckin' Russians!Fuckin' Russians made me forget to take the dog for a walk today.Russians hid my car keys and my sunglasses so I couldn't find them.Russians made my hair go grey and fall out.Russians impoverish- oh hang on, no.  That was the banksters.

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