"What The Hell Is Going On In Chicago" And Other Highlights From Trump's Speech To FBI Grads

With the feud between the White House and FBI growing bigger by the day, you know...in light of FBI Agent Peter Strzok's efforts to collude with Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to institute an "insurance policy" intended to make sure Trump would never win in 2016, no one had any idea what to expect when Trump took the stage earlier this morning to address graduates of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA. 

As it turns out, Trump had nothing but praise for the FBI grads but he did re-launch his full-frontal assault on Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago's surging violent crime problem, asking "what the hell is going on in Chicago?"

As a quick reminder, courtesy of stats from HeyJackAss!, here's a quick recap of "what the hell is going on in Chicago."  In aggregate, 3,451 people have been shot so far in 2017, or roughly 1 person every 2.4 hours, and 651 have died from there injuries.  Per the chart below, the violent crime is a persistent cloud over the city of Chicago with shootings and murders happening on a daily occurrence.

Meanwhile, the following long-term chart puts the surging violence of the past two years in perspective as homicide rates suddenly surged to levels not seen since the mid-90s, when gang violence was at its peak all around the country. 

In another comment that is sure to cause a sudden bout of high blood pressure for Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, Trump called for the death penalty for anyone who kills a police officer.

"We will protect those who protect us, and we believe criminals who kill police officers should get the death penalty."

Of course, Trump's Chicago and cop-killer comments aren't the only ones sure to make the rounds on MSNBC this weekend as the following criticism of the "lottery" visa system will undoubtedly be highlighted as further evidence of the President's 'racist' tendencies.

"They have a lottery. You pick people. Do you think the country is giving us their best people? No. What kind of a system is that?"

Finally, Trump wrapped up his speech, one that was noticeably void of any quips about FBI bias, with a thank you to law enforcement officers and their families.  Guess we'll have to continue to monitor Twitter for the fireworks...