Austria's Anti-Immigrant Freedom Party Enters Government; Wins Key Ministry Posts

Two months ago, in Europe's latest shocking, anti-establishment outcome, Austria's 31-year-old Sebastian Kurz became the world's youngest leader after his conservative People's Party won the Austrian National Council elections, making him Austria's youngest Chancellor in history, while the establishment Social Democrat party suffered its "worst result since Hitler rule."

Sebastian Kurz and his girlfriend Susanne Thier

And now, two months later, in a double whammy for Europe's outraged liberal establishment, the anti-immigrant Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) - which finished third in October's elections with 26% of the vote, less than a percent behind the Social Democrats, has joined a coalition government with Sebastian Kurz and his People’s Party (OVP). The agreement between the People’s Party and the Freedom Party, which is returning to government after more than a decade's absence, was struck on Friday, the two parties’ leaders, Sebastian Kurz and Heinz-Christian Strache announced in a joint news conference.

Austria's president approved the new coalition on Saturday, two months after inconclusive elections. According to BBC, the coalition government makes Austria the only country in Western Europe to have a far-right party in power.

Sebastian Kurz and Freedom Party chair Heinz-Christian Strache

Introducing the new government, and the 180-page document setting out its agenda, Mr Kurz said the two parties had agreed "on a clear pro-European outlook". Meanwhile, Strache, who in January advocated a law similar to the ban on Nazi practices to be introduced against “fascist Islam,” spoke about “mutual appreciation” with Kurz, adding that they share “the responsibility for our homeland Austria and for the people in this country.”

While the two parties have yet to unveil the details of the coalition agreement, some of the key points that will shape the next government have already been discussed: among them is a further crackdown on migration

“We want to reduce the burden on taxpayers ... and above all we want to ensure greater security in our country, including through the fight against illegal immigration,” Kurz said.

And while the FPO will be the junior coalition partner, it has already secured several critical posts in the new cabinet. Party leader Heinz-Christian Strache will be vice-chancellor, while his party colleagues will run the ministries of the interior, defense and health and social security. Specifically, Herbert Kickl, will be the new iterior minister: the party's general secretary and campaign director, 49, was a speechwriter for the late party leader Jorg Haider and is a close confidant of the current leader, Hans-Christian Strache.

For one, the sweep assures that any and all benefits for migrants will be eliminated. To be sure, the opposition has expressed concern that the police and the security apparatus are now all firmly in the hands of the Freedom Party.

Separately, the new foreign minister will be Middle East expert and writer Karin Kneissl, who is not a Freedom Party member but was nominated by the party, which to some suggests that the Freedom Party now effectively runs Austria.  At the request of Austria's president, the posts of justice minister and interior minister would not be held by the same party, Mr Kurz said.

Today's crowning success of the far-right Freedom Party, which gained 7 percentage points on the previous elections, come amid a backlash to the immigrant wave that swept Europe in 2015 in the aftermath of Angela Merkel's now defunct "open door" policy. The party's hardline anti-immigrant stance emerged after Austria was overwhelmed by a wave of refugees fleeing the US-stoked proxy war in Syria.

Since 2015, the Alpine country took in some 150,000 asylum seekers, which accounts for over 1 percent of its population, one of the largest shares per capita alongside Sweden. The signs of the growing popularity of the far-right was evident in December last year, when Freedom Party candidate Norbert Hofer’s bid to become modern Austria's first far-right president was only narrowly defeated in a neck-and-neck contest with centrist Van der Bellen.

And so, with Austria set to form a right-wing government, institutionalized opposition to Europe's liberal “open door” policies on migrants is no longer restricted to the EU's eastern territories. Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with their own conservative governments, remain staunchly opposed to the EU relocation scheme and refuse to take in a single refugee. Now, with Austria joining the "resistance", the anti-migrant wave have officially broken into central Europe.

And now, we await Europe's response: when the Freedom Party last entered a coalition in Austria in 2000, the country's fellow EU member states froze bilateral diplomatic relations in response. While they were lifted months later, such measures are unlikely to happen again, as resurgent populist groups have been promoting anti-immigration and eurosceptic agendas across much of the EU, and the last thing any other establishment party wants is to experience a similar revolution in the top political echelons.


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America:  Build the wall.Austria:  Build the wall and throw 'em back over it into Merkel's yard.Normal immigration is fine.  Weaponized migration is not.

peddling-fiction shitshitshit Sat, 12/16/2017 - 17:48 Permalink

Political correctness will now be migrant unfriendly.The migrants are Muslims.<-- don't hate the messenger.There are many million of them in Europe.Many are battle hardened and hate infidels.Trump just recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital.The Muslims are very angry.Next move: US Embassy to Jerusalem.The Bomb: raze Al-Aqsa and overt WW3 is on like Donkey Kong.The Muslums will be armed and let loose in Europe.Do you see the bigger picture now!Heads up folks.

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I view that as a win. Once uncivil discourse starts, the rest of Western Europeans will have to get on one side or the other - while facing bad demographics and debt to the eyeballs. And who cares if Sweden or France cross over to the multiculti side, when is the last time they won anything?

Out of that will be born new Europe - or Darker Ages will come.

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Teja Xena fobe Sun, 12/17/2017 - 12:59 Permalink

Anti immigrant positions may sound reasonable these times, but have two pretty little issues.Issue one is that it is easy to get votes by being "anti immigrant" while at the same time double-crossing your voters by lowering the taxes on the rich only and plundering the state. Voters start to notice? Simply become even more anti immigrant. Then, if needed, tell them "it is the fault of the Jews". Then, if needed, start a war. Btw, the FPO in Austria did plunder their home state of Carinthia. Hypo Alpe Adria Look it up.Issue two is that you should make sure to have enough young people to populate your "own homeland". With birthrates around 1.5 for "white" people in most countries (if not lower) (whatever "white" is, locally), have fun. And the US thinking of simply banning abortion does not work when your semen count falls below critical thresholds due to stress, pollution or whatever. Also, young people do not seem to love authoritarian fascist governments telling them to be quiet and procreate.

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UnschooledAust… shitshitshit Sat, 12/16/2017 - 17:37 Permalink

The Austrian Green Party - advocates of every regressive left bullshit you can think of - got eliminated with the last elections. A realistic left spin off of theirs made it into the parliament, but is now in deep shit because their founder and strong man got some #metoo-issues.As you said, PC is dying, meanwhile eating its own children.

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Finance capitalism wants third world immigrants.  Why?  To make wage arbitrage.  To have new debtor to pay bond holders.  The immigration battles have been going on since 65 immigration act.  Why does both the left and right like it?The publicans want wage slaves, the rats want voters.  Oligarchy doesn't give a damn about politics as long as the green keeps rolling in.Weaponizing muslims is a way of sowing discord, so you don't look at your overlords.The left, especially feminists, consider any non-whites (white males are the Patriarchy in their fevered minds) as victims of the Patriarchy.  So Muslims get a pass by feminists, despite the fact that Islam and feminism are incompatible.So, it is not socialism... 

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Unlike in America, I sincerely doubt that the bankers of Europe are under any delusion that these Muslim invaders are going to perform any meaningful work.In the US, mexicans pick fruit and vegetables, work in manufacturing, and are the ranch hands for all the elites private "ranches".I have been looking for some stories about Mexicans staying to fight the fires to protect their rich employers ranches in Ventura/Montecito.  Haven't seen any yet.I just don't think Muslim invaders in Germany are going to lift a finger to help out in that kind of a crisis.  Far more likely, they will wait for the right moment for a Dolchstoss.

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Austria is also pro Russia and against the American sanctions,all of them,including the new ones,passed by the WHOLE SENATE ans CONGRESS(only 2 in the Senate and 3 in Congress against) and SIGNED INTO LAW by the DONALD.And guess what just happened in Austria,in a miraculous manner? How long can Europe survive without Russian gas?The question was first raised in La Stampa following the fatal explosion at the Austrian gas facility on Tuesday, which severely disrupted gas supplies in Europe.Can you say  See Eye Ayy/Mo$$ad Christmas miracle?You see how things appear bigger than they are,if you step back and look into the rear mirror reflecting true news?

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ConfederateH Joe A Sun, 12/17/2017 - 08:16 Permalink

Clueless western useful idiots have no idea whats going on.  While their governments would have them freeze, Gazprom is the company that is doing the most to keep them warm:

"It was reported that the company is doing its utmost to ensure uninterrupted gas supply to its customers in this direction."… is the same with the Muslim invasion.  While Nato parades across Northern Africa and the Levant murdering Christians and creating a moslem invasion on behalf of their Zionist owners, it is Russia who is trying to tie everything back together and make those towns and villages hospitable so that the true refugees can return.

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ConfederateH veritas semper… Sun, 12/17/2017 - 09:24 Permalink

"Austria is also pro Russia and against the American sanctions,all of them,including the new ones"

As I recall, any EU country could have vetoed these sanctions, and none did.  Austria included.Besides, this new head of the Freedom party has already gone on hands and knees to suck the kike cock just like Jenifer Lawrence and all the other Hollywood bimbos.  Shabboz goyim is one expression for them.  Controlled opposition is another.  This is why no EU country vetoed the any of the Russia sanctions, they were told not to by their liege lords in Jerusalem.

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Nationalist parties in Europe are in a far better situation than the US just by virtue of demographics and will inevitably seize power. 15% for afd and even a third of voters for Front Nationale represents a massive sea change in European politics. And with more results like this they'll be mass deporting Kebab in no time.Here is my top five Most Cucked Nation List for 20171. Britain2. Sweden3. Canada4. Belgium5. FranceHonorable mentions to Holland and Germany while U.S is disqualified for no longer being a white country.

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Heterodox economics Scanderbeg Sat, 12/16/2017 - 20:37 Permalink

Yes, I'm optimistic about the nationalist parties in Europe too.  More of them hold office now than just three years ago.Because of that, "boogeyman" attacks against these parties will fail, for the public will readily see that these nationalist parties promote sensible policies.  These nationalist parties will increasingly be seen as normal and mainstream.   

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I'm canadian and have been to germany and canada should not be in front of germany in this list.  You have to understand that canada is nothing like any identifiable european nation.  What is Canada??????   Nothing I say and when the zombie apocalypse occurs it will be.................happy hunting   Europe is so cucked generally at least they have a fall back identity,   Canada is fucked. 

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You need to leave some (a lot of) white space between Britain and Sweden because Britian is so overrun with obese Marxists and Establishment drones it really needs a list of it's own.  I happened to have to go there for a couple of days recently and my god...what depressingly fucked country.  I just couldnt wait to get the fuck out.

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This outcome puts the fear of God into the German establishment.A Coup within the Austrian Conservatives, an election with a population completely pissed off, very good results for Conservatives and Nationalists, the Green party - advocates of every regressive left bullshit you can think of - eliminated, Socialists in permanent internal quarrel....And the German people can see everything - because of same language no media "translation" necessary - with their own eyes.So proud of my country. Not going down without a fight. On the contrary, Austria will prevail.BTW: Fuck Merkel, fuck Junckers, fuck Soros.