Canadian Billionaire, Wife, Found Dead In "Suspicious" Suicide

The billionaire founder of Canadian generic drug Apotex Inc, Barry Sherman, and his wife Honey, were found dead in their Toronto home on Friday under what police described as "suspicious" circumstances.

Honey and Barry Sherman

Police said they were investigating the mysterious deaths after responding to a midday medical call at the Sherman’s home in an affluent section of northeast Toronto. Two bodies covered in blankets were removed from the home and loaded into an unmarked van on Friday evening.

“The circumstances of their death appear suspicious and we are treating it that way,” said Constable David Hopkinson. Homicide detectives later told reporters gathered outside the home that there were no signs of forced entry, and no suspects were being sought as of this moment.

The Shermans recently listed their home for sale for nearly C$7 million ($5.4 million). A real estate agent discovered the bodies in the basement while preparing for an open house, the Toronto Globe and Mail reported, citing a relative.

Their neighbors, who according to Reuters include business associates and some of Canada’s most powerful politicians said they were saddened by the deaths.

“Our condolences to their family & friends, and to everyone touched by their vision & spirit,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wrote on Twitter.

Linda Frum, a member of the Canadian Senate, said she was "gutted by the loss" of the couple, two weeks after presenting a Senate medal "to one of the kindest and most beloved members of Canada's Jewish community."

Ontario's health minister, Eric Hoskins, described the couple in a tweet as "wonderful human beings, incredible philanthropists, great leaders in healthcare."

Toronto Mayor John Tory said in statement he was “shocked and heartbroken” to learn of the deaths, noting that the couple had made extensive contributions to the city.

“Toronto Police are investigating, and I hope that investigation will be able to provide answers for all of us who are mourning this tremendous loss,” Tory said.

Sherman, 75, founded privately-held Apotex in 1974, growing it into the world's 7th largest drugmaker and the largest Canadian-owned pharmaceutical firm, with annual sales of more than C$2 billion and over 11,000 employees, by introducing large numbers of low-cost generic drugs that took market share from branded pharmaceuticals. He stepped down as chief executive in 2012 but remained executive chairman.

"All of us at Apotex are deeply shocked and saddened by this news and our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time," the company said in a statement.

Barry Sherman was ranked 363 on Forbes richest people in the world list; the publication put his net worth at $3.7 billion. He ranked just above eBay billionaire Jeffrey Skoll, and was believed to be the 5th richest person in Canada. The couple was known for their philanthropy, giving tens of millions of dollars to hospitals, universities and Jewish organizations, CBC reported. “They were extremely successful in business, but also very, very giving people,” former Ontario Premier Bob Rae told CBC. “It’s going to be a very, very big loss.”

While there is no additional information on whether the suicide was foul play , in February the Globe and Mail reported that Lobbying Commissioner Karen Shepherd was investigating a complaint about a 2015 political fundraiser that Trudeau had attended.


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Well, probably the same folks that would take a drug called plavix ..You know it occurs to me from previous experience, every time I went to the doctor he found something wrong. So I devised an ingenious method to beat this medical racket. I quit going to doctors! Eat more eggs and bacon. Fuck it  ..Now drink your eggnog ..

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Bodies of billionaire pharmaceutical magnate and his wife are found hanging side by side by the indoor swimming pool of their $5.4million Toronto home by a realtor showing the property to potential buyers

  •  Bobby Sherman and his wife Honey were found dead in the basement on Friday
  •  Two bodies covered in blankets were removed from the sprawling home 
  • A real estate agent showing off the house found their remains next to the pool
  • The philanthropist couple had recently put their house on the market for $5.4m 
  • Toronto police sources believe it could have been a murder-suicide 
  • Sources say Honey was killed and then moved to the basement 
  • Their deaths have stunned the country, and has prompted an outpouring of grief

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I would look at their financial situation, especially regarding this lawsuit about inheritance they were about to get served with. If they put their house for sale that means either they needed cash or they needed to disappear. Indeed disappearing they have.  It looks odd for billionaires to sell a house that was only valued a couple of millions. What's the deal here? Were their other assets illiquid and without any actual value? Were they on the brink of being officially ruined?  

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The new trick of pharma is notations on the instructions that it is dangerous to stop taking these drugs after you start. Call you doctor to tell you (convince you to stay on it) how. There is a data base that lists every doctor that takes money from Pharma. They make upwards of $100k per year in commissions.… of these cost $500 per month. Same ones originals in S. America, Asia cost $160/m

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(A) Barry caught Honey in bed with her Russian dance instructor or (B) TEVA Pharmaceuticals took revenge by deployig Israel's mossad to do a hit job. Israel Joo befelt betrayed by Canadian Joo and had to layoff 14,000 employees.… Barinder Sandhu was Teva’s senior director of regulatory affairs for U.S. generics between 2014 and 2016 when, the lawsuit says, she used USB flash drives to download confidential files on her work-issued laptop, synced a folder titled “My Drive” with about 900 documents to a cloud-based account, and sent them to Jeremy Desai her boyfriend, the president and CEO of a rival generic-drug company, Apotex Inc. It went beyond shop talk to slipping confidential company information to a lover about medicines being developed, and those approved, for the public.

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"every time I went to the doctor he found something wrong..." No shit!  Same here.  The one time something was wrong, they missed it and it cost me 70% of my kidneys, which was followed by a series of additional mistakes that resulted in a week in the hospital and two surgeries.  Almost all of the hospital deaths are caused by human error.  OK.  Now go get your flu shot.

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"I quit going to doctors" LOL  I know exactly what you mean.  I've discovered that as soon as they send you to a new specialist for some obscure perceived illness, the new Doc has his hooks into you.  You can never go just a time or two.  It's like, "I want to see you again every 3 months so we can monitor this."  Ha ha ha ha.  They all want to get you on the revolving door to regular office visit fees.

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