This Map Shows You The Richest Politician In Every State

Did you know that George Washington was so rich that he wanted to reject his presidential salary? Wealth has always been a part of American politics, but, recently, political wealth crossed a new milestone (most Congresspeople are millionaires).

This map from shows the richest politician in every state, and reveals just how rich they really are.


There are 34 states with Republicans as their richest politicians, 15 with Democrats, and one with an Independent. Interestingly, every single one is in Congress. There are no executive branch politicians, including governors, whatsoever.

Geographic Influence

In many places, the results were predictable. No richest-in-state Democrats can be found in the South, but there is a cluster in New England.

There are a few surprises, though. For instance, the richest politicians in Democratic strongholds California and New York are Republicans. The Midwest is split evenly. And despite being severely outnumbered, there are a few very wealthy Democrats in the top five on this list.

Top 10 Richest Politicians in Each State

1. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) - $330M

2. Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) - $313.6M

3. Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) - $238.2M

4. Rep. John K. Delaney (D-MD) - $232.8M

5. Rep. Dave Trott (R-MI) - $177.1M

6. Rep. Vernon Buchanan (R-FL) - $115.5M

7. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) - $81.7M

8. Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) - $75.3M

9. Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) - $66.4M

10. Rep. Thomas MacArthur (R-NJ) - $64M

The 50 politicians on this map are worth just under $2.5B altogether. These ten officials have a cumulative net worth of nearly $1.7B by themselves.

Gender Disparity

We already know that the gender pay gap is pervasive. This remains true in politics.

Of the 50 highly paid politicians on our visualization, only six are women. We couldn’t find any patterns explaining why these states had such wealthy female politicians. Among the women, there is a 4:2 Republican advantage and they are scattered across all parts of the country, from Hawaii to New England.

The wealthiest among them is Tennessee’s Republican Representative, Diane Black ($75.3M).

Political Wealth vs. General Wealth

While some politicians are very wealthy, not all are. Over 100 members of Congress actually have negative net worths, and a handful are right around zero. (Check out Roll Call’s Wealth of Congress Index for a deep dive into Congressional finances.).

We also found that political wealth pales in comparison to the state-by-state wealth of non-politicians. Nearly every state’s richest person is a billionaire, but no politicians (aside from Donald Trump, who doesn’t represent a single state) have reached that pinnacle.

Editor’s Note: Al Franken, the junior Senator from Minnesota, has announced his resignation, after being accused of sexual misconduct by several women. Until his resignation is official, he remains the wealthiest politician in Minnesota, with a net worth of $7.1M.



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Also, King was on board of directors of Bermuda bank, son was executive at Upc/first wind/sune that was linked to Italian mafia, used his position as governor to stop original wind developers and get into the business himself.

When pressed by a reporter about their new found wealth, his wife said they did it for their children...the Bangor Daily News then edited out that quote after publication.

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Anyone here who runs a business knows that is private business, you get rich by finding customers, and giving them something they want for a price they think is reasonable. Individual character aside, car dealers get rich by selling cars, grocers get rich by selling groceries, developers get rich by selling software or development services, etc.

Which begs the question - they got rich, so what are they selling? And who is the "customer?"

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Congress is giving itself a tax cut, with even more tax welfare for citizen and immigrant parents serving as a decoy. It is a Merry Christmas for The Swamp and for part-time-worker moms, whether they citizens and immigrants.

Those of us who do not have children, and who live in the many states where per capita income is around $19k, get a lump of coal for standing in lines to vote for Trump and congressional Republicans.

Many of the dual, high-earner parents who regard Trump and the Republicans as racists are rewarded in this tax bill, as are many non-voting illegal immigrants who already get child tax credits up to $6,444, when they bother to report their income, in addition to free food that increases with each US-both kid.

Single moms who are citizens additionally get free housing and monthly cash assistance for working part time to stay brlow the earned-income limit for welfare. Few of them voted for Trump. Most did not bother to vote, but those who did voted for Hillary.

Other winners include moms working part time for low wages to add keeping-up-with-the-Jones’ money to a spouse’s income, which likewise helps drive wages down for citizens who must live on earned-only income, with no child tax credits that equal 3 months of full-time pay and no free housing or food.

Jingle bells, rich people and so-called “poor” parents, with your layers of pay-per-birth freebies from The Swamp’s bad of tricks.

All of the parents — rich and poor alike — have plenty of excused time off from work to spend thousands in tax cuts or tax welfare. Many spend it on parent pampering.

Swampians may not use their tax savings to buy as many $900 tattoos as the “poor working moms,” but they will use their Christmas gift from the US Treasury Department to take lengthy and frequent babyvacations, even five minutes of which would cause childless people to get fired.

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These people were made rich by the creators of Marxist Communism and it's current slightly varied form, for being traitors to their own people.  Who made them rich and why is the more important issue.  Everything is falling apart and they are likely to all end up screwed, which is great news because before recently there were no signs to be found that they would ever pay for what they have done. 

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Why do people with over $50 million in wealth want to work for a living???  Not that being a politician is work but you do have to show up every so often and answer so questions.