Fentanyl-Laced Cocaine Is Overtaking Miami

Authored by Steve Birr via The Daily Caller,

The rapid influx of synthetic opioids into Florida is sparking an emergency warning from federal agents who say the deadly substances are seeping into cocaine supplies.

Officials with the Drug Enforcement Administration in Miami said Friday cocaine cut with fentanyl is becoming a widespread problem throughout the state, particularly in South Florida. State drug labs are finding both fentanyl, a synthetic opioid roughly 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine, and carfentanil, a fentanyl analog roughly 10,000 times more powerful than morphine used largely as an elephant tranquilizer, reports the Sun Sentinel.

More than 180 samples of cocaine from 21 Florida counties analyzed by forensic scientists in the past two years have tested positive for potent opioids. Miami-Dade by far had the most contaminated cocaine supply, with 69 samples testing positive for opioids like fentanyl and carfentanil.

Cocaine-related deaths have doubled since 2012 in Florida and claimed more lives in 2016 than any other drug. Roughly 36 people died each month in Miami-Dade county from cocaine related issues in 2016.

“People are thinking they are taking straight cocaine and in fact they are not,” Justin Miller, intelligence chief for the DEA’s Miami Field Division, told the Sun Sentinel.


“Now you are seeing it cut or mixed with synthetic opioids. That’s really what’s scary out there.”

Since cocaine is often considered a social drug, officials fear users are largely unaware of the potentially fatal risks of fentanyl when using the substance, and “are the most likely to suffer an overdose and death.”

Fentanyl overtook heroin as the deadliest substance in the U.S. in 2016. Synthetic opioids, including fentanyl and its analogs, claimed roughly 20,100 lives in 2016, up from 9,945 in the previous year.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates cocaine overdose deaths increased from roughly 4,000 in 2009 to more than 6,700 in 2015. Officials say cocaine overdose deaths are about to explode in 2017 to nearly 11,000. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein previously warned it only takes 2 milligrams of fentanyl, “the equivalent of a few grains of table salt,” to cause a fatal overdose.

Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of accidental death for Americans under age 50 and are predicted to kill more than 71,000 people in 2017.


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Looking forward to hear that Washington cocaine is tainted with fentanyl. That would drain the Swamp, because Trump sure doesn't help much.My take is that someone has some dirt on him after all.And who knows which heads will fall after the MeToo protest on Hollywood:Rose McGowan Nude Leaked Sex Photos and Videoshttp://celebrity-leaks.net/rose-mcgowan-nude-leaked-sex-photos-and-vide…

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The percentage of pot smokers in CO are about the same as before recreational usage.  Which is surprising to me because what idiot admitted to a survey prior to legalization that they were doing something illegal.  What idiot today admits to some unknown person saying it is for a survey they are doing something illegal.  Acting as survey person would be the ultimate police scam to bust drug users.

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Since we started doing surveys drug addicts were at about 2% of our population casual once or twice a month usage of drugs has been around 10%.  I don't really care about the addicts but some fool who is used to going out and having a good time and dying from it is not a good thing.  I would not be surprised if our government or China was wanting to cause deaths.

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CDAN says a lot of them use meth, too. Fentanyl in meth is the next step.

It doesn't make sense for street dealers to kill their customers off, especially the big spenders that buy coke.

Someone either wants to destroy the drug trade by making everything suspicious, or someone is doing a reverse-Opium Wars. OTOH, at the end of the day it accomplishes the same thing.

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Though I do wish this wasn't true, I have come to the realization it is impossible to save a person from himself, medically, physically and spiritually. I have tried to on numerous occasions with absolute failure.

Change is really quite simple. It's the resistance to change that's the problem. Only the individual can make that choice and those around him mean nothing. The path is theirs alone to walk.


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Miffed Microbi… overmedicatedu… Sun, 12/17/2017 - 15:11 Permalink

I have seen many get clean after expensive drug treatment and therapy. They do well for awhile and eventually return to the ER ODing on their previous drug of choice. I try not to be cynical because I do have my own personal vises to numb life stresses sometimes, I'm not addicted to them at their level. I've learned facing my personal problems was better for me from running from them. For others, this just may not be true.

For some, I think life on the island permanently would be the only way they could maintain sobriety. It may not be such a bad life in the long run when you think about it.


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you are much much too nice a person..me not so much. - to me putting an addict in a sea of temptation and expecting them to become sober monks resisting all temptation is well a little optimistic.."Vassa is a mindful recovery community located in the Birmingham, Alabama area for men and women seeking recovery from addiction who wish to follow the Buddhist path.  Recovery is a process that happens with painstaking effort and attention in a safe environment over time.  Vassa provides a safe environment with structure, accountability and mindfulness practice where recovery can occur.Vassa in Pali is the annual retreat during the rainy season when Buddhist Theravada monks retire from the world for several months and spend time in intense meditation.Vassa is a recovery residence for those struggling with addiction who seek to primarily work the Buddhist 4 noble truths and the 8 fold path for their recovery program. Cultivating a daily sitting practice is required. Vassa is operated with a traditional sober living structure including morning meditation, nightly curfew, random drug testing, mindfulness based recovery groups, and required attendance at 90 meetings or sits in 90 days at either Refuge Recovery/11th step meetings, SMART, 12 step meetings or sitting at the Birmingham Shambhala Center. Vassa encourages residents to develop a daily meditation practice to strengthen concentration and gain insight into the causes of suffering."

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A cognitive therapist who used techniques similar to what you cite changed my life. I probably would be dead from suicide by now had I not found her 8 years ago. I never did drugs for the simple reason I knew I would become an addict. I was fortunate to say no to that first hit. I consider it a Devine intervention.

I have delved into meditation as an alternative to endless thinking which can be pathological. This movie has been quite helpful and I recommend it to anyone interested. He asks " Are you willing to exit Plato's Cave?" I say Yes.



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Thank you. I have recently have found out I have high serum calcium. This is abnormal and points to cancer. Either I have a parathyroid tumor or something much worse. Mr is freaking out and my doctor is urging me to come in for more tests.

It's funny but I really am not incredibly upset like everyone around me right now. It is what it is. Meditation is about Discipline and Focus (yang) and Surrendering, being equanimous (yin).

Life is just life and best not to cling


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That's a perfect attitude to have but you are not going anywhere.  Cut out white anything, alkalinize and hit the 10,000 IUD vitamin D3 (check to make sure wont raise calcium), take a big vitamin C throughout the day, only watch comedies and all the other stuff you probably know about.  Have you actually been feeling bad?  Try to do all organic veggies and a lot of them, blender shakes are best for absorption.  Also drink a glass of a few teaspoons of baking soda on an empty stomach before bed when you can.  Then you stay alkaline all night.  Cancer hates that.  Keep putting lemon in your water in the day.  Don't hang around anybody that treats you bad or anybody that stresses you out.  Everybody is going down with autoimmune thyroid these days.  I have that too.  It started off with a little lump about ten years ago which they biopsied and said it would never be cancer.  It took me another decade to get hormone replacement because those tests for T3 etc., are garbage.  I had to find a doctor that would treat for symptoms rather then test, which changed everything.  Don't let them scare you either.  Have faith in a good outcome, stick with the meditation and remember that you are awesome. 

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I posted this in another thread long ago, but will repeat again:Speaking of cancer, there's a pretty good documentary on Amazon Prime (you have to be logged in to Prime to stream):  Cancer Can Be KilledIt details the personal journey of cancer patients to Germany for natural and non-invasive cancer treatment.  The patients in the doc had a 100% remission rate and I believe the overall success rate for the treatment is ~90%.

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Dontblamethegoat Miffed Microbi… Sun, 12/17/2017 - 18:22 Permalink

Our daughter runs from one bad situation to another ... she won't change the people she runs with, so rehab is a waste of time/money/hope.  Same story from many sources: until the addict abandons their social circle and moves to a new place no one knows them, successful recovery is a long shot. Hard to imagine being in a social group where cocaine use is expected ...

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Carfentanil is the problem here. It binds VERY strongly to opioid receptors ( so the reversal effect of naloxone is much reduced). A major headache for emergency first-responders and ER staff alike - this stuff ia amazingly potent, and there have been some reported cases of fatalities arising from accidental "bystander contamination" with e.g. vomit.If you are interested - these make interesting (though somwhat scary) reading - https://news.vice.com/story/a-cop-accidentally-overdosed-after-touching…

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Fish Gone Bad Parrotile Sun, 12/17/2017 - 15:13 Permalink

To be a policeman, I think the minimum requirement is a high school diploma. Fentanyl doesn't just sublime and become aerosolized.  It has to be dispersed.  They managed to get the drugs from wherever they were, into their mouths.  It reminds me of guns "just going off".  This is poor technique, plain and simple.  The first story says Justin Buckel is covered in fentanyl, yet he is OK.

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At times even 3 doses of Narcan is ineffective. This is some really nasty shit. Glad I no longer serve in Fire/EMS. Miffed above said these idiots always go back and in my experience, that holds true. Now even bystanders and first responders are at risk of death assisting OD’s.

Legalizing this shit will do nothing, I say let them die and hunt down the dealers/suppliers on a bounty basis.

As some commenters here have joked about this shit showing up in food/beverage products, It will only take time for idiots to do just that.

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What this article quotes for fentanyl doses is ridiculous. 2 mg of IV fentanyl would kill a grizzly bear. I give pts 25 MCG and even with that small amount some have to be stimulated to breathe. Only someone highly habituated to narcotics can take 100MCG in a single push without airway/ breathing problems. I doubt there is almost any human who could do a 2 MG shot and survive. ( assuming no artificial airway/ breathing / blood pressure support )

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you coudl be right - I've noticed in San Francisco many times as I walk from Russian Hill towards market St. I always see homeless injecting heroin with nice new plastic syringes - at the same time - I once counted 12 in 20 min or so in broad daylight. THey have the same syringes. They are all white young dirt-poor homeless. Only once I saw an old black man (like a heroin santa) - walking around with a zipp bag full fo syringess (I coudl not see if they had drugs in tehm) and giving them to dirt poor homeless sitting in the gutters of central SF. Also remember that movie based on a true story: Kill the Messanger

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I think you're on to something there! Yeah, cyanide would work all right. But people might actually begin to seriously question that, perhaps even more than they would when someone laces relatively inexpensive cocaine with an expensive and extremely potent opioid on a large scale for no feasible economic reason! Seriously, what kind of dealer tries to kill all of his customers? Where's the profit in that? The drug business is all about the money! The basic idea is to give 'em potent stuff to get 'em hooked, then step on it (dilute more and more) to bleed them dry. My guess, aside from the very plausible concept of sick, degenerate NWO psychopaths playing eugenics which you mentioned:1. DEA or some other agency engaging in 'assymetric warfare' conceived as a 'Final Solution' to ridding the world of the drug addicted and poor and/or a PSYOP to 'bad jacket' the drug cartels so people stop buying their product (you could lace it with literal dogshit and that still would never happen!)2. Sow fear among addicts, because they are a costly burden on society and their lives don't matter anyway since their drugs of choice aren't money, power, or deadly state-sanctioned drugs like alcohol3. Consolidate the corporate-government hold on the drug racket and enhance profits further by driving people into buying more pharmaceuticals, which unless counterfeit, are at least a known quantity as far as potency and ingredients go, and are readily available4. More internecine cartel vs. cartel BS, or maybe some fool mixed some powders incorrectly?Anyway you slice it, it's one more problem that could have been prevented by re-legalizing drugs and maybe selling them from licensed pharmacies... Or maybe this is just one more sign among many that we're really picking up speed on the final stretch of bumpy road to glorious NWO lately! 

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