Let Them Eat (Yellow)Cake - Where The Uranium Comes From

Uranium is in high demand, as it is used as fuel in nuclear power plants around the world. Statista's Dyfed Loesche notes that according to the German Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources BGR, Kazakhstan is the biggest producer of the radioactive metal. The central Asian country produced around 24,600 metric tons of the substance in 2016. This is a share of close to 40 percent of the worldwide production.

Infographic: Where the Uranium comes from | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

Australia comes in at third place with 6,300 metric tons. However, in terms of total resources Australia has the most. Around 1.1 million tons are slumbering in its earths, of which not all can currently be excavated at reasonable costs.

Around the world there are known resources of some 3.5 million tons, so there is no foreseeable shortage.

Until now, the United States is still the biggest consumer of uranium, consuming 18,200 metric tons in 2016 compared to 5,300 tons in China.

However, China's need for uranium is likely to increase in the future, as of the 61 reactors that are being built in 15 countries worldwide, 21 are located in the People's Republic. In Namibia, in southeast Africa, the Chinese run Husab pit took up production in 2016, which could become the world's single biggest uranium production facilities.


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The price is so low that some of the richest mines in the world in Canada are shutting down.  US stockowners own plenty of the Canadian production, so there's no reason to get butthurt over the alleged impropriety of the Clintons in the sale of Uranum One, an almost completly irrelevant junior.  If the market were ever to be even remotely close to being under-supplied, nuclear reprocessing of the massive stockpiles in spent fuel pools would finally move forward after decades of DOE mismanagement.

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"alleged impropriety"? How about criminal act?  This was not an "impropriety".  It was not a "mistake".  It was an intentional act of criminality from which the Clintons made a fortune, and important people in the FBI covered it up - another criminal act. Unless, of course, you subscribe to the concept that the little guys commit crimes but the big guys only commit mistakes.

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...how come no-spine Jeff Sessions has not charged Hillary and her cronies for STEALING lotsa Uranium in the Uranium One deal.wtf?I am coming to believe that Trump is just part of the Punch 'n Judy Show. He is a well-paid actor, under the thumb of Israel.

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Probably because the uranium in question cannot be exported.  But why let reality get in the way of your insane fantasies about Hillary.  Why not make up stories about Hillary eating white, christian babies?  That would be much more fun and accessible for the average Trumpeteer.   Let's face it.  The average Trump supporter can't possible understand anything involving finance or investments (hence their support for the new tax plan).  But eating babies?  Easy.So, Sessions should arrest, waterboard and hang Hillary for eating white, christian babies.  The charges are as valid as any of the others.And anyone who says different is an Obama-loving, Al Qaeda hugging, commie, fascist, asshole, America hater!

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The Trumpologisits need a conspiracy.  If there's no conspiracy, they can't understand it.  It could never be a question of supply and demand, it has to be a rogue CIA agent that is conspiring to over-throw the United States.  Better yet, a group of rogue agents, called... The Deep State!

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The chart and the article are kind of misleading. The chart is correct for uranium ore, not processed fissile uranium. Each source listed has different yields based on natural isotope distribution. If higher yield fissile uranium ore is sought, then Niger/Namibia actually jumps to the top of the list. The Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs were made with African Uranium.Uranium stealing has long been suspected in the death of UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld, so the Cankles caper is nothing new.Yellowcake is already processed Uranium. Leached from ore, it takes tons of ore to make a kilo of good leached yellow cake.It's not rare, but it ain't readily available and with high levels in Kazahkstan, why would the Russians want our yellow cake? 

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I think we're getting close to the bottom for nuclear power. When it starts to come back to the fore, pay attention to thorium as well as uranium.Next generation nuclear reactors are going to be:

  1. Not American.
  2. Thorium based.
  3. Fundamentally safe by design.
  4. Clean  - they'll eat the current byproducts.
  5. Efficient. Current reactor designs are ~0.5% efficient.

Just keep your eye out.

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 Just exactly is Bain and KKR doing around the WestingHouse Toshiba Bankruptcy after feeding out 422m a year on the 5 Billion debt.    This is the corruption of crony capital and a very bad deal for the parties involved.   http://lawprofessors.typepad.com/files/clubbingcomplaint.pdf settled for pennies on dollar. The courts https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/scotus/   the bending of laws by traders' ans speculators to protect the legal and illegal drug and exploration gang.  There is just a stench of publishers and content creators protecting  murderous drug financed  education and propaganda lies of pseudo pop psychology propaganda. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-07-31/500-years-stock-panics-bubbles… reactors.  It's about time....  DON'T CARE CAN'T BE WEAPONIZED.  Now Uranium, oil, Natural gas, all important. Their trying to rehash thePeloponnese war by getting brother against brother and moving treasury and Naval power.     Same Schifft difference divide and conquer and war hero propaganda.   Now have Freud and Bernays propaganda lies and deceptions added to the coliseums to entertain in masses for elites.  

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Nuclear power, clean, cheap, carbon free, unlimited energy.  The US has more than a 100 year supply of fuel in its soil.  How ironic that the US is shutting down nuclear reactors so it can burn coal and natural gas, just as the world's climate and environment gets destroyed by carbon.If ever there was a perfect example of ignorant people, the US is it.  And how perfect is it, that exactly when the climate begins to melt down, they elect an incoherent idiot as president, that wants to bring back coal, donate millions of acres of protected lands to oil companies, remove all the ennvironmental protection laws, and banish all efforts to solve global warming.Thank you Trumpologists!  Thanks for the entertainment!

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"Clean", yeah if you wait 500,000 years..."Cheap" if you discount the huge taxpayer subsidies and the costs of guarding the material and the health effects.."Carbon Free", after you mine, move, store, process, guard, refine, guard, move and discount the billions of gallons of diesel needed to get the uranium, build the plants and ignore the decommissioning costs in energy.So, hows that nuclear enegineering degree doing for ya' Goober?They say that cigarettes are actually good for you too, as long as you pick the right brand. 9 Billion cost charged to ratepayers on abandoned planthttp://www.myajc.com/business/plug-being-pulled-plant-vogtle-nuke-twin-… 

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Uranium One Deal included rights to mine U in all of Kazakhstan, Canada, US for Rosatom.  Ruskies trying to corner the Uranium market to control production amd pricing.  Thanks for enabling, HRC.

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Even if there were ever a shortage of Uranium ore, there is any amount of depleted Uranium lying around. It can be converted to fissile material in a breeder reactor. Such as at the Beloyarsk nuclear power plant or the one being built at Sanming, China.