NFL Attendance Continues To Plummet As Empty Seat Epidemic Enters Week 15

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As the NFL copes with a ratings slump and ESPN slashes $80 million in salaries after losing 15,000 subscribers a day in October, another major issue facing the league continued to play out in week 15 - terrible attendance

Ravens vs. Browns, Start 2nd Qtr

While many blame the kneeing epidemic of unpatriotic players refusing to stand for the National Anthem - which started in the summer 2016 pre-season by former San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick, others point to a boring season, cord cutters and broke millennials staying home. 

Either way, it's ugly. Since most NFL attendance figures are based on "tickets distributed" as opposed to actual turnstile count, and most NFL ticket sales are to season-ticket holders, it's nearly impossible to tell how many people are simply choosing not to attend games for which they've already bought tickets. Except, pictures don't lie...

MetLife Stadium was a ghost town at the end of the first quarter, and "1/2 full" as the Philadelphia Eagles and NY Giants headed into the 4th quarter: 

The Arizona Cardinals vs. Washington Redskins at FedEx Field was ROUGH:

San Francisco 49ers vs. Tennessee Titans at Levi Stadium: 

30 minutes before kickoff: 

15 minutes after kickoff - NBC Bay Area web producer Sara Bueno tweeted "Most fans I've seen at a #49ers game in a very very long time"

The Ravens vs. Browns game was also a hot mess of empty seats: 


 Beginning of the second quarter

The Green Bay Packers vs. Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium was cricket-city:

Now imagine how attendance would be if the country was covered in snow!?

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Tarzan Deplorable Mon, 12/18/2017 - 06:33 Permalink

The Jaguars were "sold out" the last two weeks, and the stands still looked a quarter empty.  I don't know about most stadiums, but in Jax they have the BudZone, a huge bar with dozens of huge TVs.  Many of the seats are empty because people pay over $60 for a "cheap" seat, then run to the bar and watch the game on TV.  How smart is that?Yes I still watch a game here and there.  What the hell do I care if a few players kneel during the anthem? I'd guess the same percentage of ZH readers would do the same, and I still visit ZH here and there......

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pods cheka Mon, 12/18/2017 - 11:20 Permalink

I stopped watching when after every single play whoever made the play had some pre-planned jigaboo dance they act out after they seek out an on field camera. I saw a safety make a tackle downfield like 10 yards and jump up and do a Gorillas in the Mist display. Really?  If I want to watch some Silverback territorial threat display I'll watch a documentary. Get the fuck up and go back to the huddle. Fucking narcissists one and all.Probably been 10 years since I watched a complete game. We watch a bit of the super bowl, but that is so my kid can talk about it in school.  Fuck playing it, don't want him to grow up to have me feed him oatmeal. Basketball?  Bwaaaaah. Not even gonna start with that.pods 

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Paul Kersey Juggernaut x2 Sun, 12/17/2017 - 23:29 Permalink

Their advertisers must be thinking that NFL stands for Not For Long.

"The most expensive games to attend are in FedEx Field, where two people on average will spend $272.17 to watch the Washington Redskins, paying an average of $87.33 per ticket, $9 per beer, $5 for a soft drink, $6 for a hot dog and more than $57 to park, according to new study from, a leading online destination for personal finance and consumer banking information."

For the Redskins? WTF?

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jeff montanye Paul Kersey Mon, 12/18/2017 - 08:37 Permalink

i'm no football fan but i have noticed that the richest counties of consequence, in many ways, are those surrounding the poorer district of columbia.i believe the u.s. government is sucking the money from the dying middle and working classes of this nation, and the rich as well, and paying themselves, their lackeys, their lobbyists, their prostitutes, presstitutes, drug dealers, luxury goods purveyors, bars and restaurants (and, apparently, somewhat sad football team) an inordinate amount of other people's money.sound possible.?…

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greenskeeper carl IH8OBAMA Sun, 12/17/2017 - 20:44 Permalink

I don't care what they do at this point, I'm never coming back. I had already dropped the amount of time spent watch sports or sports talkshows down to a fraction of what I did in my mid 20s. Im used to not watching, and do not miss it at all. So many better ways to spend a day than watching a bunch of dindus in tights chase each other around. Every time I think about it, which is pretty much only when I come across a post like this, I mainly marvel that I ever used to watch that shit at all. Hopefully, I'm costing them multi generational money too. My kids aren't being raised watching football with daddy. I won't be encouraging my son to play, won't be taking them to games, any of it. IF I ever take them to a pro sports game, it will probably be baseball, since the Braves have moved North of the dindustan they used to play in. The kids might very well grow up and become big football fans, which is fine, their choice obviously, but thats a hell of a lot less likely to happen when they aren't brought up around it.

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Mazzy greenskeeper carl Sun, 12/17/2017 - 20:50 Permalink

I keep telling people this.  I say it to every customer I interact with.  "I don't OWN a TV".  People are super duper surpirsed at first, but then I tell them how much more time I have to spend with friends and family.  I have more time for running and skiing, bowling and board games.  I can even do art now.  Fucking ART!!!  What, you think I'm less of a man for engaging in creative persuits?And all we have to do is a society is.....stop watching.Just tune out.  Drop out. Stop giving them money.  Eventually the advertisers will figure out that they ain't getting the eyeballs they once were, so they'll shell out less or drop out altogether.  Everyone is immune to most advertising out there anyway, well at least I am.  Does anyone else think the Neilson ratings are one big fat lie?

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greenskeeper carl Mazzy Sun, 12/17/2017 - 21:02 Permalink

I confess, I do still have a TV, with rabbit ears and a netflix subscription. We like to watch the local news, and wheel of fortune like old people. Don't watch it much though. People at work think I am weird too, for not having cable or satellite. Saturdays and sundays are spent doing things with the families, preferably not even at our house. I've gotten into shooting tournaments now, so I try to do that at least a couple sats or suns a month. My wife is more of a runenr than I am, and will find 5ks to run in, while I pull our small kids around in the big wagon. If there is no shooting match close by, Ill go shoot a couple rounds of skeet or a litte pistol practice. Soon my oldest will be big enough to join in on at least some of it. I enjoy working on my yard, too, so theres that. Even things as simple as going for a walk. All so much better for you and society than watching that kind of bullshit on TV. I'd give some form of art a try, but I'm terrible at painting anything other than plain flat surfaces on a house. I mostly just read.

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Mazzy greenskeeper carl Sun, 12/17/2017 - 21:09 Permalink

Embrace that weirdness.  I'm fully comfortable with telling people that I don't own a TV.  Everyone already knows anyway.  Let them think what they will.  It's not unusual now that it's been out in the open for a few years and no one thinks less of me for it.When I go to work people see me for my competence and knowledge, and that's what I WANT them to see in me.  I don't want them to like me because I saw some stupid game or the latest episode of whateverthefuck show on television.  But I do listen, and I ask questions about their shows.  It's interesting getting someone to describe to me what's going on while they already know that I have never seen a show.  I think pretty much everyone respects my choice.  If you tossed your TV out the window this evening I think others would respect that in you too.

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jeff montanye Mazzy Mon, 12/18/2017 - 08:58 Permalink

imo it's not so much the television set itself, which i have two of, one an nec cathode ray behemoth dating from the seventies and still playing dvds well enough.  the best of film and, even, television shows are worth's the fucking television networks and commercials.  they are dangerous to your the ny times my neighbor gives me.  packing stuffing, painting protection, fire starter, . . . .just don't read it.

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ebear Mazzy Sun, 12/17/2017 - 21:16 Permalink

I've never understood spectator sports.  What's the big attraction of paying extortionate prices to sit in the cold, eating rancid hotdogs and drinking over-priced watered down draft whilst watching overpaid fools chase after a stupid ball?Now if they put the losing team to death, like the Aztecs used to do, it might be more interesting, but I'd still prefer to get on my bike and ride some trails, or maybe go snowboarding or windsurfing, or just splash around in the lake.  If you live in a town or city you can even join a team and actually play a sport.  No need to watch and you'd actually get some exercise, which I'm told is a good thing;) 

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GeezerGeek Ajax-1 Sun, 12/17/2017 - 21:39 Permalink

It was 30 years ago that the NFL had a massive walkout and brought in lots of inept replacement players. Does anyone have the attendance numbers from then to compare with current attendance numbers?I also wonder if the replacement players for the NY Giants could beat the current crop of NY Giants. From what I hear, they're also rather inept.

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