Poland's New PM Wants To "Make Europe Christian Again"

Authored by Andrew Korybko via Oriental Review,

Poland’s new Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki shared his dream to make Europe Christian again.

The newly appointed premier replaced Beata Szydlo and symbolizes that Poland is taking a more combative posture towards the West than in the past. While Prime Ministers undoubtedly have a very important domestic role to play too, it’s important not to overlook the international implications of Morawiecki’s appointment, especially given what he shared in his very first interview after the announcement when he said that

My dream is to re-Christianize the EU since unfortunately, in many places, people no longer sing Christmas carols, the churches are empty and are turning into museums, and this is very sad.


In responding to the interviewer’s comment about how the EU might cut off funding for Poland, Morawiecki proudly said thatI do remember one former president telling us earlier this year ‘you have values, we have funds.’ Well, I would love to help the West with proper values.

Rhetoric such as this would have been unimaginable a few years ago, but it just goes to show how far the intra-EU split has gone ever since Brussels and Berlin teamed up to pressure the bloc to accept the forced relocation of civilizationally dissimilar migrants.

It also speaks to the growing confidence that Poland feels nowadays in officially introducing a conservative-religious ideological vision to challenge the EU’s liberal-godless one, demonstrating how it plans to lead the “Three Seas Initiative” and advance its EuroRealist agenda. Moreover, Morawiecki’s words prove just how strongly Poland and its ruling Law & Justice Party, popularly known by its Polish abbreviation PiS, have been influenced by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his Fidesz party. Hungary may have been the ideological heart of the EuroRealist movement and Orban its first national figurehead in the EU, but Poland is now carrying the torch through Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s “grey cardinal” stewardship because this Central European country is actually big enough to make a real difference.

It was one thing for a landlocked nation of less than 10 million people to have this continental outlook, and another for the leader of the regional “Three Seas Initiative” and its 40 million-strong country to promote this perspective, which makes Poland an EU-wide force to be recognized because of how ideologically different its worldview is from Germany’s.

Whereas Berlin will continue pulling the purse strings and exercising its influence through economic means, Warsaw is flexing its soft power muscle by appealing to what matters most to many of the people in Central and Eastern Europe, and that’s the national identity that they fear is under threat because of Germany’s aggressive EuroLiberalism. If Poland can succeed in winning hearts and minds in the region through its religious-conservative EuroRealist ideology, then the next natural step will be to tighten the trading bonds between its “Three Seas” partners in order to generate a stronger economic basis for turning their vision into a reality.

With the right combination of soft and economic power, Poland can return to becoming one of Europe’s Great Powers, but this time with a sway that extends across the strategic “Three Seas” space and enables it to shape the continent’s 21st-century geopolitics.


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Seems that some people do not want a future where everyone is cultureless, genderless, faithless, classless, and otherwise devoid of anything that would prevent them from becoming raw material to be molded by the global interventionists.

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I'm an atheist, and still I wish him success.Some people are able to distinguish between religion and morality, and understand that certain values are good both for the individual and society as a whole, regardless of the question whether there is a god or not. However most people don't, and in the lack of religion they sink into senseless hedonism.I would much rather like to see a Christian Europe, than a moraly corrupt, nihilistic Europe, opening its gates willingly to Muslim terrorists, so that they may conquer it and end its misery.

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When I was as an atheist, I was like you and never belittled faith - for mine in science sayin what it turns out never to have said, was a kind of fait. I even had dreams of describing an atheist morality based on human experience. But then I came to understand Christianity and it became a 20 year old memory.

The point is that the coarseness that pervades the dominant cultural anti Christianity is typically very hostile to it.

You are a better man than most

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I'm open to creationism but idk why christianity adds in all these absurdities and demands you believe them. (divine impregnation, a bread wafer being a person, etc).It's like youre being logical then throwing up huge barriers that are rationally ridiculous and unnecessary.  I can see why people don't believe in christianity based on those ridiculous demands they make of their followers.

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In other news... an Australian government commission reported that 7 percent of all Australian Catholic priests molested children between 1950 and 2011. In some orders, up to 40%. Reports were supressed by higher clergy.Good to hear that the Polish Government wants to support the Catholic Church. The above would not be possible in Poland, I am sure.The Polish government wouldn't allow such a commission to publish their report. 

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The concept of human rights dates back to the Magna Carta, and has been a basic tenet of Western civilazation for centuries, before the radical left has distorted it beyond recognition, and turned it into an instrument to import hoards of barbarians to serve as their voting block. To smear all human rights as some nefarious conspiracy theory is to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  

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You'll find nothing about "human rights" in the Magna Carta, you lying Jew.It was about restoring Anglo-Saxon rights to Anglo-Saxons after the Norman invasion stripped away their old customs and rights. The right to be judged by a jury of his peers really meant a jury of his Anglo-Saxon peers instead of a Norman lord, not that Pajeet Choudry imported from beyond the borders of his own people would somehow be equal to him in his own society.You are a swindler with mendacious arguments, like all your ilk. 

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The question really becomes is will you long-suffering Jews be willing to hold hands with the other subservient peoples in order to rid the oligarchs who consciously deemen, exploit, and murder most common people with no afterthought, no regret, merely to exploit their self-interest?

We, just people of the world, are willing to hold brotherly hands with you, who share a spirit in the HUMAN struggle and NOT JUST some historiaclly, religiously, ethnocentrically sanctioned text by those taught to the CHOSENITES.

We will be all better off in the end for stopping all of these religious, monetary, transcendental beliefs handed down by our superstitious stubborn omni-aware predecessors!

When will our Jewish brethren, who share these beliefs, speak out against these barbaric practices -- and thereby in accordence this practice end the misery and persecution of their OWN people?

Help us help you!!!!

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I'm not sure how to reply.First let me say that I personally support every people's right to live peacefully within their ancestral homelands, without being subjected to artificial mass immigration and the destruction of their culture (and if you are wondering, that would apply to the Palestinians as well, if only they were willing to live peacefully alongside the Jewish state). I am quite certain that a majority of Israelis subscribe to this point of view, and so I would say that we are willing to "hold brotherly hands" in the pursuit of freedom and dignity for all man kind.I do admit that there is a large group of Jews (especially in Europe and the US), who belong to the radical left, and are working tirelessly to promote "multiculturalism" and other disastrous policies. You must realize that they do not speak for the rest of us, and that their views are extremely unpopular here in Israel. As I have pointed out many times, most Israelis are horrified by European immigration policies, and are fearful of the idea of an Islamized Europe. This is also the reason why we are so close to the eastern European nations such as Poland and the Czech republic, which have a stronger national identity.I see the radical left as the root of all evil. It is the wish to preserve the welfare state in spite of declining population and dire economic realities which drives our leaders to promote mass immigration. It is the notion that all people are literally equal (regardless of their culture, their values or their education), which justifies such policies. It is the rejection of national identity which leads to open borders, and it is the guilt of the rich which drives people to believe that third-world immigrants are more deserving than their own people. These are all the values of the left.So please don't blame "the Jews" for the downfall of Europe. Like always, it's just the radical left.

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Also, per my post just below, "the radical left" is code for an ideology that says "if doing something immoral can bring you a quick victory or quick enjoyment, it is good to do." combined with the view of humans as mere biomechanical machines that can be tuned and modified much like an automobile.

In this way, murdering a dissident is no different from throwing out a bad microwave, and taking children from a family is morally no different from swapping out a tire on a car. The opportunity for evil should be very clear, once you fully see what the "left" interventionist mindset really is.

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Your respecting ancestral homelands (race/culture homogenenity), rings hollow when you seek to justify the "Jews" including in "Israel".It is documented fact that most "Jews", including the occupiers of "Israel" are European fakes (i.e. not Hebrew Semites who are probably all darker, even Black skinned), so had no right to colonise/invade and genocide native Semite/Arab people, including Palestinians, via long term Rothschild investment.  The Palestinians, and African/Middle-East nations have every right to defend and recover their stolen land, including use of deadly violence!The stupid waste of WW1 and WW2 may never have occured if the "Jews" had been permanently and mercillessly removed from all Christian nations in the 18th century.The radical left was founded and run by Jews, as are several other subversive groups including Neo-cons; their evil subversion and usurping of power has been documented in several books, including in shocking detail in the 3rd in a series of books on them, "The Culture of Critique"!Just cut the crap already; even the "Israel" PM's son mocks (((their))) hypocracy!

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Jesus knew they were a stubborn people. He never preached violence towards them. As a Christian, knowing Jews faith is to my God, albeit they miss out on Jesus mercy, their judgement will undoubtedly come as the Lord wills it. What many miss here is with the end of Christianity, in large dissapears Christian mercy, patience, long suffering, humility, and forgiveness. As we thin out, a world devoid of these life principals takes hold in the selfish, priud and vengeful hearts of men. Darkness is spreading everywhere, and Israel will have sealed her own fate at the hands of the Godless without her Christian cousin. Shiuld she infact be found to have harmed her brethren (i refuse to believe it- my heart could not handle a betrayal like that!) It would feel like discovering a loved wife committing adultery...heartbreaking! I pray it isnt so.

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I'm really sorry to hear that.But I'm afraid that being an atheist in an Islamic country is even worse.If Europe is ever fully Islamized, Jews and Christians will become  "dhimmis" - second class citizens, forced to pay a special tax called "the Jizya" and subjected to all sorts of humiliations, as the Islamic scriptures demand. Atheists and polytheists, on the other hand, will be put to death.Are you sure you are not better off as you are?

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following your logic, whenever a devout Muslim meets a secularist Frenchman, the first knows what is right or wrong while the other is devoid of a conscienceinterestingly, the Christian Gospels have a Parable from Jesus, about the Good Samaritan. that's an unbeliever... that knows better what is right or wrong then many devout believers, in the Parablestrange thing, eh? Jesus Christ telling a Parable that directly contradicts your views

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The Right cheering for Hungary, Poland and Austria is conceptually quite similar to the Left cheering for Venezuela.Both will find out that they have been cheering for corrupt liars ruining their countries.And in both cases, the braindrops never learn and will cheer for the next round of liars, too, same as they supported the USSR or Cuba on the Left or Italy, Germany and Spain on the Right.Depressing.

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The full list is very long, but you are right - Family and the Father are also institutions that represent a competing influence.

When I get time to read I've started looking at the philosophy books from the last ~200 years (plan to keep going back over time). The funny thing is, we've been warned for centuries because the interventionists have been broadcasting their plan for a long time, yet somehow the influences that created modern schools and the modern media are never actually mentioned. I guess they don't want their ideological roots to be debated, but instead taken for granted as the only "reasonable" option.

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The Catholic Poles also have a long history of violent hatred towards Orthodox Christian Russians.  In the early 17th century, during Russia's "Time of Troubles",  the Catholic Poles, with the blessing of the Pope, invaded Russia several times slaughtering many thousands of Orthodox Russian Christians, including women and children, because they wouldn't covert to Catholicism.  Hell, they even nearly burned Moscow to the ground in 1611.  

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Yeah. Here in Poland our new prime minister is known mainly as a bankster. He is proud of getting Morgan Bank here. But on ZH I can read he is christian and so on. What a fantasy world.I can tell you one thing: Poland is really like a mirror of the USA. Our government, its Christianity and ideas are exactly the same as Trump's government. You can believe in words or you can believe in deeds.

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