Putin Called Trump To Thank Him For CIA Tip That Prevented Terrorist Bombings

The Kremlin confirmed today that the Trump administration and Russia have indeed colluded...

...To save lives from a looming terrorist attack!

In a 'shocking' report from the Kremlin, the Russian President Vladimir Putin has thanked his US counterpart Donald Trump for help in preventing a terrorist attack in St. Petersburg.

Data provided by the CIA enabled Russian security services to find and detain terrorists. As SputnikNews reports,

While expressing the Kremlin's gratitude to the CIA director and the agency's employees, Putin has ensured his counterpart that Russian special services would "certainly and immediately" share intelligence information with their US colleagues on the terrorist threat in the country "as it had always been done before."


The information shared by the CIA helped "track, find and detain a group of terrorists planning explosions in the Kazan Cathedral of Saint Petersburg, as well as other public places" in the home city of Putin.




The Putin-Trump talks have been their second conversation by the phone this week, with the presidents discussing the North Korean nuclear issue earlier this week. Commenting on the talks, Trump said that Washington could rely on the Moscow's support on the issue and considers it to be of major importance.


The Kremlin has repeatedly emphasized that Russia is willing to develop ties with the US on an equal basis and with mutual respect, with President Putin saying during his large-scale end-of-year press conference earlier this week that he hopes that Trump "will have opportunities to improve contacts" with Moscow in line with the US president's campaign pledges to "get along" with Russia.

Is this the kind of relationship 'we, the people' want with the 'murdering thug' Putin? Should America's premier spy agency really be 'saving Russian lives'? Is this treason? Or is this a clever plot to make it appear that the world's leading nuclear superpowers may not be quite as entirely hostile and armageddon-prone as Washington neocons (and the left) would like everyone to think?

These and many other questions will need to be answered!

p.s. it seems a few readers missed the sarcasm in the above sentences.


FreedomWriter tmosley Sun, 12/17/2017 - 14:47 Permalink

Hey Vlad, there's a few dots we haven't quite connected in our Deep State Department. Reckon that you and the FSB boys could give a brother a hand? World peace and all that. But no more piss dossiers please, just real pictures of them buggering children or hard proof of State treason. It would be gratefully appreciated by peace-loving, God-fearing Deplorables the world over. Don;t forget to send copies to DNC headquarters before they are published. That way we can catch a few suicides and disappearances before the evening news. Spassiba

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NickyGall Sun, 12/17/2017 - 13:35 Permalink

Here is an article that compares freedom of the press in the United States to that of the rest of the world:                                                                        https://viableopposition.blogspot.ca/2017/11/freedom-of-press-in-post-truth-era.html 
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We are living in a post-truth era.

Consuelo Sun, 12/17/2017 - 13:36 Permalink

  Hmmm... Budding BFF's...?    Or,What was it again that Trump said about China a few days ago...?I wonder in this game of high geo-strategem:Two's company and Three's a crowd...?

Disgruntled Goat Sun, 12/17/2017 - 13:38 Permalink

White Christian Russia should be our stauchest ally in the fight agaist Islam .... too bad that does not fit with the Progressive narative .... the Clintons and Obama are ready to lead us to war to keep their money flow going ...

ThankUGartman Sun, 12/17/2017 - 13:40 Permalink

As high ranking freemasons "Ordo AB Chao" level I would hope a brother would help a brother out. They have roles to play after all. Q Anon was the real source Err...Mr. Drumph I mean.

pocomotion Sun, 12/17/2017 - 13:41 Permalink

Sounds like truthful dialog there.  Just like the time I was in Prague and a man said to me:Máte žvýka?ku na duši vaší botyI asked, how did you know?  He repliedI Spit out my gum in front of you...True story, only I can't remember if the story was true....

Son of Captain Nemo Sun, 12/17/2017 - 14:08 Permalink

President Hump to Vladimir Putin...

Hey Vlad given that we broke off our terrorist attack unlike so many times before... that... well... ya know maimed and murdered your people inside your Country in the last 25 years with "Chechen proxies"...

Could you see your way to giving us a $10 trillion unconditional loan package to be paid back (without interest of course) at a date and time of our "choosing"?...

Xi is being a real asshole and won't GIVE IT TO U.S. which is why we've been threatening his neighbor with a nuclear holocaust from our Armada of "powerful ships"!!!