A Bad Moon Is Rising In America

Authord by Alastair Crooke via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

It seems that we are coming to the crux: President Trump, like Reagan before him, was elected by ‘the people’ rather than by (what Paul Craig Roberts calls the ‘ruling interest groups’): “As a high official in Reagan’s government who was aligned with Reagan’s goals to end stagflation and the Cold War, I experienced first-hand, the cost of going against the powerful interest groups that are accustomed to ruling. We took away part of their rule from them, but now they have taken it back. And, they are now stronger than before”.

 I too, experienced something of the panic that the end to the Cold War induced amongst the ‘ruling interest groups’ -- after all, American policy in the Middle East (and western Europe) was entirely dominated by an unstoppable momentum to cleanse it of all Russian influence. And then – ‘pop’ - the Soviet enemy suddenly, was ‘enemy’ no more. Yet, the ‘ruling interest groups’ were, by then, fully committed to a globalized (i.e. a culturally non-nationalist, consumerist, life-style,) rules-based, political and financial, ‘world’, shaped by the US. Serendipitously, after 9/11, terrorism emerged served to underpin the perceived need for a common defence-based, NATO-esque, global ‘order’, as the glue to America’s unipolar moment.

President Obama lay very much in the globalist ‘struggle for a democratic-liberal world’ mould, (though he did try to make the ‘ruling interests’ understand that there were limits: that there had to be boundaries to US commitments). In other words, Obama accepted the globalist premise, though he tried to mitigate some of its military impulses. Notably however, he acquiesced to re-heating the Russia ‘threat’ (after Medvedev gave place to Mr Putin (thus ending Obama’s hope to seduce Russia into the embrace of the global economic order). 

But then Donald Trump, elected President by his deplorables’ base, made clear that he wished for détente with Russia, and even disdained the claims made on ordinary Americans by the maintenance of America’s unipolar global ‘order’. For this heresy, he has been punished by the manufactured ‘Russiagate’ non-scandal. “Can a president, concerned that he might be removed from office by a special prosecutor or possibly assassinated, resist the march toward war?” – asks Paul Craig Roberts, who asserts that the President has been effectively caged, by a trifecta of Establishment generals, on the one hand; and by a Goldman Sachs posse, on the other. 

That the ‘ruling interests’ have managed substantially to contain President Trump is undeniable, but what is new, and perhaps - or perhaps, not - alters the calculus, is that these ‘ruling interests’ have had to come out from the shadows into the open.

The former Acting Director of the CIA, Mike Morrell, an early voice peddling the Russian collusion meme now publicly admits in a surprisingly frank interview with Politico, his leading role in the intelligence community waging political war against President Trump, describing his actions as something he didn't "fully think through", adding that maybe it wasn't such a great idea to leak against, and bash a new president: “There was a significant downside”, Morrell acknowledges. Just to recall: Not only had Morell in an early NY Times op-ed piece asserted that he was committed to doing "everything I can to ensure that she [Hillary Clinton] is elected as our 45th president”, but he went so far as to call then candidate Trump "a threat to our national security”, while making the extraordinary claim that "in the intelligence business, we would say that Mr. Putin had recruited Mr. Trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation."

Now that Morrell has come clean, and the Robert Mueller investigation increasingly is publicly being revealed as a politicised hatchet operation, why then speak of a possible Bad Moon Rising? Well, simply because Morrell’s bout of candour does suggest that the Deep State now may be thinking compromise: It will give Trump some leeway, but will want its quid pro quo from him, too.

Some such signs of possible quid pro quo have been already apparent: Trump ate his campaign rhetoric on Afghanistan to allow the US military to persecute its (long and unsuccessful) war there. The Pentagon too, has announced that 2,000 US military, and an additional large number of contractors, will stay on in north-eastern Syria without specific time limit – after the end of anti-ISIS operations there. And fresh troops have been inserted into Iraq, and deployed to within 100 kms of the Iranian border. The ostensible justification is that with ISIS’ defeat – a void has opened, and into this ‘void’, Iran might penetrate. Only an aggressive US military presence might stop it, it is said. But American forces in Syria have been becoming ‘aggressive’ there too (against Russian Aerospace Forces, and not just Iranians) – as this report by RT makes clear:

(A US F-22 fighter was preventing two Russian Su-25 strike aircraft from bombing an ISIS base to the west of the Euphrates November 23, according to the Russian Defence ministry).

General Igor Konashenkov said: “The [USAF] F-22 launched decoy flares and used airbrakes while constantly maneuvering [near the Russian strike jets], imitating an air fight”. He added that the US jet “ceased its dangerous manoeuvres” only after a Russian Su-35S fighter jet joined the two strike planes, [chasing away the F22]. “Most close-mid-air encounters between Russian and US jets in the area around the Euphrates River have been linked to the attempts of US aircraft to get in the way [of the Russian warplanes] striking against Islamic State terrorists”, the general said. 

The statement came as a response to the Pentagon’s claims about Russian or Syrian aircraft crossing “into our airspace on the east side of the Euphrates River,” Lt. Col. Damien Pickart, the spokesman for US Air Force Central Command, told CNN earlier on Saturday.

Konashenkov said that any claims made by US military officials concerning the fact that there is “any part of the airspace in Syria that belongs to the US” are “puzzling.” Konashenkov also said that “Syria is a sovereign state and a UN member. And that means that there… can be no US airspace ‘of its own’”.

All of this rather looks as though the US military wants to flex muscle and is ‘looking for trouble’ with someone. Operational military co-ordination in Syria between American and Russian militaries, deliberately is being allowed to wither (on the US side), I understand. President Putin it seems, has read the runes correctly, and is pre-empting this new US Deep State ‘purpose’ to protect the Middle Eastern (suddenly opening) ‘void’ – by announcing a part Russian military withdrawal from Syria. Putin is not ‘looking for trouble’ there. The job in Syria is done. He knows that the return of Russia to the Middle East stands as a ‘poke in the eye’ to decades of a neo-con doctrine of precisely trying to expel Russia from the region.

But … into this paradigm of US Establishment re-calibrated purpose: ‘to protect the Middle Eastern void’ from the likes of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Hash’d al-Sha’abi and Hizbullah, percolating their influence across the region, President Trump has tossed his bombshell of declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Trump had good domestic reasons for this act: the evangelical constituency within the Republican Party is significant (perhaps even fifty percent), and the Israeli Right (Sheldon Adelson has been a big Trump donor), and its powerful lobby, represents a ‘ruling interest’ that has a clout in DC that can match up to that of other components of the Deep State. It can, if it so chooses, cast an umbrella around an American politician.

In any case, ‘the act’ would have appealed to Trump’s delight in defying conventional wisdom (especially, if in so doing, he could snub his predecessor, too). It fits too, with his Art of the Deal methodology: weigh up the elements of power in your hands, and match them against those of your business opponent. And having done this analysis, where possible, remove or weaken your opponent’s components of strength - and build your own. From this optic, Palestinian ‘rejectionism’ in recognising Israel, and insisting on Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital, was the primordial element to any Palestinian negotiating hand. Indeed, it has been pretty much all of it. And Trump simply KO’d it (or, so it may have seemed to him). Without Jerusalem, and the withholding of recognition of Israel remaining as Palestinian negotiating cards, the negotiation becomes banal. It is then just about ‘real estate’, and the amount of money required to get to a Palestinian ‘yes’. It is a particularly western way of negotiating: the weighing and balancing of literal components of power. It is not however the Hizbullah ‘way’ (I speak with a modicum of experience). Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah (Secretary General of Hizbullah) simply recast Trump’s play: asymmetrically.

‘Yes’, he said: Jerusalem is indeed ‘the core, the axis and the essence of the Palestinian case’. But that is the half of it. For Jerusalem – the Holy City – represents the core, and the essence of Muslim and Christian cultural identity. It is their history, their meaning, their sanctities. President Trump cannot ‘confiscate’ that identity, that history, and meaning – and simply give it to Israel. Nasrallah has called for Israel to be diplomatically isolated, for an Intifada, and for all movements and components to the resistance (Shi’i and Sunni; Christian and Muslim) to join the struggle for Jerusalem – the Holy City - and for al-Aqsa, the holy shrine, which is now in grave peril, he claimed. Nasrallah turned President Trump’s play from a ‘real estate’ tussle into a war of religious symbols - paradigm. His rendering makes it hard for so-called Muslim ‘moderates’ to deny Nasrallah’s casting of the conflict as one of emotionally charged spiritual symbols. They cannot, and are not. (See here, Abdul Bari Atwan, for example).

In sum, Nasrallah, backed by Iran, and in parallel by Egypt’s Sunni religious leadership of al-Azar, by Turkey (taking the Caliph’s mantle) and many others, has redefined President Trump’s Art of the Deal ploy -- not as one robbing the Palestinians of the heart of their cause, but as the re-ignition of the long struggle of all Muslims and Christians for Jerusalem, and all, for which it stands.

The American ‘ruling interests’ – after a long series of failures in the Middle East – will not abide yet more: they will retch at the thought of Israel challenged in this way; of Saudi Arabia humiliated and at Hizbullah and Iran in the vanguard of a regional campaign for Jerusalem, and for Palestine – and by implication, against those who have been seen willing to normalise with Israel.

A Bad Moon is rising: America is polarised at home; unitive government has splintered into departments at odds with each other, and with officials leaking on each other; with fake news abounding; with Congress gridlocked, and with American social and political fabric tearing apart. Against this background - can a president, concerned that he might be removed from office, and beset still by hitherto hidden ‘ruling interests’ now dragged out from the shadows into the public glare for their tawdry schemes, resist the march toward war – the original question posed by Paul Craig Roberts? 

Either a war in North Korea (“the greatest threat facing America”, McMaster says), or an aggressive military show of force against ‘bad actor’ Iran – and in support of a failing Saudi Crown Prince. Is this the diversion that either a now exposed and vulnerable Deep State, and a hobbled President, might welcome as the chance to stand erect in public esteem? Both might share a common interest in escaping domestic problems to mount a show of American strength and military power. Very possibly they might, but oddly, the US military have chosen to leave American soldiers hostage and isolated in both cases: 30,000 US forces in the DMZ between the Koreas, and in smaller outposts in north-eastern Syria and in Iraq. This may turn out badly. Remember Beirut in 1983.


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Israel has been having severe difficulty with their military. They have been trying various desperate measures in an attempt to increase the actual roll. One attempt is to press women into combat roles (a disaster). The other is to attempt to draft the religious-welfare-class of Israel, which are the Orthodox. They have responded with protests, on which Israel has turned their "skunk cannon" (a malodorant of unknown composition). Meanwhile, Israel relies upon ISIS to carry out its ground campaign against Syria, and it seems at this point it has failed.

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The occupation of Crimea was a signal that started the satanists down their false path of racist extermination.  A prophecy from times when they were just beginning to forget the last enemies that were going to be the next "great big foe(tm)".  They await the occupation of Istanbul by Russia, a delusional dream that will never come to pass.  What they will achieve is putting their eggs in one basket.  It's omelette time.

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Don't be so sure.  There is a tradition in Madagascar where they periodically dig up the skeletons of past relatives and dance with them.  And guess what?  Some of those relatives still harbor active virus that causes the Black Death.  Madagascar is now exporting that contagion to Africa and Europe.  Black Death virus is not something to mess with.  So when you invade you best be very, very careful!

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Indeed. Genetically modified pneumonic black plague virus was what caused Captain Tripps in Stephen King's novel, "The Stand."

It had a 99.9% kill ratio. It is my understanding that the natural pneumonic plague has a 100% death ratio (when left untreated). https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pneumonic_plague

WTF do you do when the local hospital and pharmacy run out of antibiotics? WTF do you do when 100k, 200k, 300k, 500k people die? I don't think people, today, understand how a serious pandemic would affect them.

Look at how a hurricane affected Puerto Rico. Weather. Imagine that on a bigger scale.

I don't think the natural form of pneumonic plague will be a problem in the western world. Conversely, I do think that weaponized smallpox is more likely. What is the one vaccination no one gets? (Unless you work in a Biohazard Level 4 laboratory?) Smallpox. Only old people have been vaccinated for it. Anyone under 40, unless they are in the military or in some type of deep state bio research, gets nothing. https://www.cdc.gov/smallpox/clinicians/vaccines.html

Well the CDC does have smallpox vaccine that has been stored for more than 40 years. And people thought modern vaccines were toxic!

Here is a link to a letter, from 1999, about the possibility of smallpox being used as a bioweapon and questions regarding the CDC stockpile: https://stacks.cdc.gov/view/cdc/14892/Email

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Continued: CNN article about smallpox being found, still viable, in 2014.


Seven-page PDF, from the CDC, written in 2001 about the necessity for a new smallpox vaccine stockpile in case of use as a bio terror weapon: https://stacks.cdc.gov/view/cdc/15225/cdc_15225_DS1.pdf

And in case you think I am exaggering the bioweapon risk, read what the CDC said back in 2011 about who still has variants of smallpox on hand (hint: the US and Russia): https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/17/4/10-1865_article

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I went to Madagascar once. Fascinating country, and a great source of museum quality ammonite specimens. Collecting them is one of my hobbies.

If you don’t mind being surrounded by blacks, for 100k you could build yourself a nice bungalow on the beach, with no around around for miles save for your servants, and spend the rest of your life sipping cocktails and letting history pass you by.

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So the Deep State wants the blood of a million innocent babies in return for supporting Trump. Piss on them Trump, call them all out and hang them all in a public square for crimes against humanity. You like to grab women by their pussies, well let's just see how big your balls are Orange man. Go after the deep state. After all , they are the real swamp monsters.

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Trump has been a small swamp-dweller for his entire life. You don’t become a FIAT-billionaire (especially within real estate) without being a servant of the FIAT/”money”-masters. When he ran for president it was obvious – for an outside observer – to see he was casted for the role as an “anti-establishment”-candidate. TPTB knows of the large – and growing – anti-establishment sentiment in the plebs. If Trump hadn’t stepped onto the stage they would’ve had to invent him/a similar candidate. Just like with Obama they needed a candidate that could channel the legitimate and logical anger of the plebs. Trump could pacify the “Tea Party”-segment (now that the “Occupy”-segment had already been totally disillusioned by Obama Inc. – and later Goldman Sachs candidate Clinton). Trump was perfect for that purpose. If he posed a threat to the status quo they would’ve done to him what they do to all relevant/genuine opposition: ignore and keep in the dark (don’t let the plebs know!). Trump was the opposite: he is the most exposed candidate in US history. Breaking record in MSM-covering and again being a case in the sad but true fact that the candidate with most MSM-exposure wins. Every time. But if you didn’t see this from the outset his cabinet of known Deep State assets should make it clear who Trump serves. It is the first cabinet of only Deep State assets – from Goldmanites to MIC-generals. Plus, just to make my case clear, if Trump wasn’t a pawn to begin with he would easily be made one: a man of his “stature” has more than one skeleton in the closet = he would/is easily bribed. He has a vocabulary of a ten year old, an understanding of politics and history as an average US pleb (=none) and is a fiat-billionaire = he is easily controlled and manipulated.  

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here is what i know: americans put on their plates way more that they can gobble down and gobble up the rest and totally suck at making alliances.  While Trump preocupies himself with russians and chinese, the others will rise.  We are couple of coups away from a  real clusterfuck. this country is run by senile talkers and entitled assholes. greed is the highest virtue, justice system is a sinister joke, bank system is run by nihilistc parasites, cities are warzones, suburbia is dead as disco. flyover lands are full of prepper militias and sociopaths.  sad. reward system confuses the fuck out of kids. they hear one thing but see something else. the drugs are always the right answer, even better if prescribed by mass murderes with a licence to kill. cops are brutal gangsters, the anger is brewing within masses. tik-tok.

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Peepoor article. Trump is far from “hobbled” by the inept Mueller investigation, the neocons, the RINOs, the dopeocrats, or anyone else on the current political landscape.

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A full moon is fully reflective. In astrology that means it can shine a light on secrets, it also shows the completion of the lunar cycle.

A waxing moon is a time of energy, to get things done.

A waning moon is a time of decreased energy, a time to rest.

A new moon is a time to plant seeds and start new projects, for the cycle to begin, again.

A lunar eclipse can be found in the charts of many Royals (Diana, Prince William, and even his wife, Kate). A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth passes between the sun and moon and causes a shadow to cross the moon.

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When the USA starts taking on the Russians in air combat, I wonder how the US people will react when they learn about the carnage of multiple USA aircraft taken down by SU-35s?  And, the SU-35s can operate from airfields with runways cluttered with small debris as is typical of battlefield environments.  The USA's jets need pristine runways so their engines do not inhale debris!When the Russians fired cruise missiles at ISIS targets, the missiles hit their targets from distances of 250 km or more.The shocked USA military leaders with the accuracy of these missiles.  The cause for their shock became evident when the USA fired cruise missiles at targets in Syria, and only half of the missiles hit their targets.The AK-47 is the foot soldier's rifle of choice in most armies around the world.  And, the Russians now have an even better rifle!  What does the USA offer?The Russians have S400 surface-to-air missiles which work quite well, and will soon have hypersonic S500 missiles in the field to intercept ICBMs.  What does the USA offer that is comparable?The USA's problem has been, and continues to be, an excessively greedy military-industrial complex that makes very expensive weapons that almost work well.  These corporations put their profits before all else.  No wonder the Russians have better armaments.  The Russians don't have oligarchs and plutocrats governing their weapons businesses like the USA!

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The one thing that jumps out at me in this article is the last paragraph.  The new Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Salmon aka MBS, is NOT "failing."  He's got the same virtually insurmountable hurdles to overcome as Trump:  An entrenched, obscenely rich, unproductive, unimaginative, highly corrupt and greedy Ruling Class of Worthless Ass Holes that refuses to give up power.  Plus, the Saudi Ruling Class are self-righteous Wahabbies and yet MBS wants to bring Islam and Saudi Arabia into the 21st Century.  

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The U.S. will avoid war, for the time being.  Trump is not beholden to any "Jewish interests."  Moving the embassy to Jerusalem is a very shrewd move: perhaps the most shrewd move that Trump has made in his presidency.  Who can question this?  It is a move above reproach from the Clintonistas, who dare not upset any Jewish money, from the identity politics crowd, who could be shouted down as anti-semites by their Jewish leaders, or from the neo-con deep-state, which is always ready to faun over all things Israel.  It is a move that unifies the U.S. public and Washington.But that is not why the move is brilliant.  It is brilliant because it paints a bright, shining target on Israel for all the jihadists and for the Iranian mullahs.  Moving the embassy to Israel is a continual reminder to the Israelis, every time they meet with the U.S. embassador, that it is the U.S. who has allowed them to reclaim their ancient capital and that if they want to retain that capital, they are going to have to carry some water for the U.S. . It forces Israel's hand.  Israel is now going to have to fight its own battles in the Middle East and, at the same time, safeguard U.S. interests.  This will allow the U.S. to gracefully exit the stage. This is a dramatic improvement in policy over using Saudi jihadists to fight U.S. battles against Soviet and Iranian client states.For the first time in a long while, the U.S. is engaging in sound geo-strategic thinking, at least in one region.  Now, if Trump could only figure out that the key to containing China is to encourage Russia to support a unified Korea and then use Japan and Korea to safeguard U.S. interests in Asia, he will have set the U.S. upon a realistic course.Unfortunately for the Trump junta, it is too late.  The economic crisis and the end of the petrodollar cometh.  Events will guide history more than U.S. leaders in the days to come.  The destruction of the petrodollar will remove the U.S. from the world-stage temporarily because the U.S. government will be in a battle for its life against internal threats: from both right and left.  Once these threats are subdued, or revolutionary powers gain control, the course of U.S. foreign policy again will become erratic and very dangerous to the whole world.  The age of American empire is ending.  In the days to come, there will be a calm as the U.S. withdraws: a calm before a great storm.

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Trump should get some credit for resisting massive (((pressure))) to continue intervening in Syria. That being said the Syrian War has already been won by Assad with support from Iran and Russia. The Gulf States and Israel's proxy war has failed and you can see the desperation as a result now.  The Saudis openly cooporating militarily with Israel would have been unheard of just 10 years ago. On other fronts he has continued the status quo in Afghanistan and is abetting war crimes by the Saudis in Yemen so overall it's been a very mixed bag with him.If Trump goes to war with Iran or N. Korea it will destroy his presidency and his base will turn on him en masse. Hopefully that doesn't happen but there are too many (((Neo-Cons))) and AIPAC shills around him to discount it entirely. I do think he will avoid war in both instances though. There is simply no popular support for it, the country cannot sustain it and there is nothing the US can do militarily about the situation in N. Korea without stoking a catastrophe.  As far as the Jerusalem decision I am indifferent to it since it really doesn't matter and the more outrageous Israel becomes the more likely it will split the left and it's Jewish Financial and Intellectual base.  You already see that happening with someone like Keith Ellisons nomination for DNC chair.  

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People constantly leave out the generals around him...all of whom have denounced the original invasion after 9/11 even though they all followed orders and fought. Trump has a much better understanding of the geopolitical landscape do to this..These articles all thrash about because as Trump and Mattis always say..they aren’t telling or telegraphing..Trump has had multiple calls with Putin and one lasted ninety minutes..lots of speculation and all these articles are the same...clueless from the same crowd,,

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Afghanistan is NOT a continuation,  subtle, unpublicized changes have been made, and it too will become a WIN,, ,,,,Yemen is SA game,,SA works with us against Islamic Extremists, we work with SA and it goes well,,,,,,,,,,,,A buffer btween Iran and Syria is absolutely required You really lack wisdom and knowledge

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There's something falsely simplistic about this article.  Trump isn't faced with WWIII or no WWIII.  Those aren't the only choices he has before him.  It isn't as simple as that.  There are all kinds of shit going on.  That's just one of many problems all the worthless presidents before him laid at his feet by kicking the can down the road while they were in office, Republican and Democrat alike.