How to Act Compassionately Towards Transgender People: Do Not Encourage a Delusion

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I’m not allowed to say what I am about to say, according to the mainstream media.

They claim the only reason I would make this argument is that I am full of hate.

The truth is, I don’t want to see the media dupe people with a mental health condition into making destructive decisions.

I came across a news story about an entire family in transition. First, the son began a transition to female, and then the daughter to male, followed by their mother to male. The mother then met someone transitioning to female, and they are now engaged.

Is it “wrong” to say, mother, son, and daughter? Is that now considered “hate speech”? It is almost impossible to coherently discuss transgender issues without running afoul of politically correct speech.

All I know is that I had to read the article twice to understand who started as male, who was female, and what they now identified as. Already politically correct speech is clouding the ability to convey basic facts.

The Media Bullies Anyone Who Wants to Have a Rational Discussion

CNN invited Ben Shapiro on as a stand-in punching bag to discuss Caitlyn Jenner. This was in 2016 just after Jenner won some award for being super brave about transitioning.


Do you see the way they all team up on Shapiro and try to beat him into submission? They tell him he is full of hate. They say he is angry inside. They bully him. They yell at him.

And the strong-jawed person with long blond hair sitting next to Shapiro threatens him with violence while laying hands on him saying, “You cut that out now, or you’ll go home in an ambulance.”

What the hell is going on?

Shapiro is simply trying to have a discussion about biology and sex. He can’t even get his point out because all the other guests attack him for using the correct words to describe objectively true facts.

What is accepted as true on CNN is the statement, “We both know, that the chromosomes do not necessarily mean that you are male or female.”

But in the real world of biology, that is exactly what that means.

Yet the public is supposed to accept the falsity without protest, or even discussion. Shapiro was threatened with violence for asking a transgender person what chromosomes are present in their cells. The message is if you don’t want to be singled out and bullied, accept what we tell you as the truth.

The media uses phrases like “gender confirmation surgery” and “sex assigned at birth.”

A surgery which changes superficial indicators of sex confirms your gender. A biological fact at birth is an arbitrary assignment.

What Does the Science Really Say?

Make no mistake, the people pushing all this confusion are not at all consistent nor scientific.

They say that gender is a social construct that can be chosen. That is redefining what the word gender means, but fine. We can make a distinction between gender (cultural expression of sex) and sex (biological anatomy).

So then who cares if a boy likes dresses and tea parties, and a girl likes getting dirty and playing video games?

But the media isn’t done. They turn around and say you can change your biological sex to match your gender expression.

This is not true.

They can redefine the word gender to refer to stereotypical expressions of sex. But they cannot ignore the science that sex is defined by the chromosomes in your cells.

You can’t even get an accurate picture of any science behind gender dysphoria from supposedly scientific publications. They join in to blur the lines between science and propaganda.

National Geographic ran a story exploring the lives of transgender children. Except that they also throw in a case of a chromosomal condition where a child is born with both male and female genitalia. Another case details an enzyme deficiency which causes a child’s sexual organs to appear female until puberty when a surge of testosterone causes the male development of the sexual organs.

These conditions are real medical anomalies which blur the biological lines between the male and female sex. They are entirely different from the mental condition in which people self-identify as the opposite sex but show absolutely no physical attributes of that sex.

I don’t doubt that these people feel like the opposite sex. They are allowed to feel and act as they wish.

What they cannot do is force me to play along. They cannot force me to ignore science, and pretend that they are capable of becoming the opposite sex. They cannot force people to lie to their children and teach them that you can switch from one sex to the other. You cannot.

But you can go to extremes in how you express your gender. This includes irreversible mutilation meant to make your genitals look like those of the opposite sex. This also includes barely tested hormones and drugs which could very well cause serious health issues.

The media is helping to push life-altering drugs and surgery on people, including children.

The media is convincing people to make decisions they may regret, and imbibe substances that are untested, and carry serious risks.

And the media’s lies about the science behind “gender reassignment surgery” is making life harder for people with the mental condition called gender dysphoria.

What is Going on Here?

It all seems like an elaborate test to see how easy it is to control people. When the news says jump, we are supposed to say how high. There is to be no discussion of science, and no room for dissenting opinions.

I agree with Ben Shapiro. There is no hatred in my opinion. I don’t even have a problem with adults transitioning if that is what they want to do. I believe in freedom, so I would never want to restrict any individual’s action that doesn’t hurt anyone else.

But I think the media is using and abusing people with a serious mental health issue.

I don’t think the “solutions” put forward are healthy. And I will not be bullied into joining a mass delusion about the ability to change sexes.

I won’t join in and encourage transgender people to get surgery and take drugs that are dangerous. I certainly won’t lie to kids about the definition of male and female.

And I believe it is child abuse to allow a kid to take hormones and mutilate their genitals in an attempt to appear as the opposite sex.

On the other hand, think parents should allow their kids the freedom to dress and act however they want. If their interests are those more typical of the opposite sex, so be it. If your son wants to wear dresses, grow his hair out, and be addressed as she, I don’t think it is crazy for a parent to allow this. By all means, let your kids express themselves freely.

But once you start giving hormones and life-altering surgery to ten-year-olds, that is child abuse.

When it comes to adults, I also have absolutely no problem with people dressing however they want to dress, and cutting their hair in whatever way they want. By all means, eschew traditional gender roles. Act the way you want to act. Honestly, who cares what other people think? Who cares what I think?

But it is from a compassionate standpoint that I urge people who identify as the opposite sex to think twice about surgery and drugs. What happened to not having to change in order to love yourself? What happened to being perfect the way you were born?

I understand that people may truly wish they had the opposite sexual organs. But it is not at this point possible to acquire functioning sexual organs of the opposite sex. You can mimic the way they look, but you cannot change your biological sex.

The Compassionate Way to Deal With Gender Dysphoria

In the transgender family, the kids wanted to express the opposite gender before the mother. So the parents do not appear to have directly influenced the kids’ gender identification. The mother claims transgenderism runs in the family. And this may very well be the case. Mental conditions are often hereditary.

But again Shapiro brings up a good point. We don’t tell schizophrenics that they are hearing real voices in their heads. That would be cruel. Instead, we attempt to help them.

The suicide rate for transgender people is alarmingly high. But Shapiro claims the rate is the same before and after a transition. That means transitioning does not alleviate mental anguish.

So is it really so crazy to think of other possible solutions?

Maybe mutilating sexual organs and taking hormones to make the body mimic the opposite sex is not the best treatment.

You cannot change the chromosomes in your body. You cannot produce sperm if you are a woman, and you cannot ovulate if you are a man. That is science. And still, when Shapiro says these things, he is called a bigot, a hate-monger, and so on and so forth.

But like Shapiro, we should not yell back at the bullies. We should not engage them at their level.

Now more than ever, rational people must stay cool, calm, and collected. This is a message of compassion, not of hate.

The media is not compassionate to transgender people suffering from mental anguish. They feed into their delusions. They encourage “solutions” that do not actually solve the problem. The media tells transgender people that they can mask their condition with surgery and drugs.

They should encourage people to get psychological help to accept themselves without altering their bodies. And they should be honest about the science behind sex changes.

Except for some rare medical disorders, you are the sex you are born.

If people want to express themselves as a gender typically associated with the opposite sex, that is their choice. I would never bully someone for that, and I sincerely hope others would treat them with respect as well.

But compassion and civility do not require the denial of biological fact.

Turning Point

Is this a deliberate attempt by the media to brainwash people? It certainly seems like a concerted effort to derail an objective discussion. It’s like they are testing how easily they can control what people say and think.

This is a crucial point where we will decide if freedom of speech and freedom of thought still exist. Will we move forward “allowed” to discuss science and mental health without being threatened with violence?

Or will we be bullied into submission, afraid to speak or even think the wrong way? Will we become thought criminals for daring to think against the mainstream viewpoint?

Labelling people as hateful for disagreeing ensures a narrow perspective. It is a way to ignore legitimate viewpoints by pretending they come from a position of ignorance and anger.

Rational people should have no problem putting emotions aside to discuss the science behind gender and sex.

Finally, why do they need my, or Ben Shapiro’s approval anyway? Why does that even matter to them? We aren’t saying they should be stopped from expressing themselves. We aren’t threatening them with violence–quite the opposite!

There are people that don’t like the way I live my life. In fact, Ben Shapiro considers certain things I do sinful. And I don’t care because I don’t need Ben Shapiro to endorse and accept every aspect of my behavior.

Live the life you want to live, and by all means resist anyone who tries to stop you. But don’t try to force others to endorse or praise your actions and beliefs.


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one cannot have a logical debate with someone that holds communist beliefs nor the useful idiots employed by such communists. 

NoDebt viahj Mon, 12/18/2017 - 14:42 Permalink

If I was a woman I'd probably just use the Mens room if I had to go and the Womens room had a waiting line (which they usually do anyplace crowded).  Who's to say which gender you "identify" as at that exact moment?Also, since everyone knows that you are "only as young as you feel" I declare that I am 32 years old henceforth.  Or maybe 93.  Sort of depends on the situation and what I'm trying to achieve.  I'd love to start collecting full benefit agae SS right now if I feel like it.And, of course, race is not a problem for me either.  I currently identify as "white" but I could identify as "black" if it so suits me and I could just change back later (sort of like Obama).  So at any moment, anything anybody says to me I might agree with or might find offensive but I might change my mind about it later depending on how I "identify".Amazing how the people who brought us identiy politics are the same ones who destroyed the meaning of identity.  

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There's a mother (recently widowed) who lives on our road. She has a son of 9 years and a daughter of 6. When I first met her and her husband I'd learned they'd moved from Brighton, England (a town of repute for homosexuals). I jokingly said that was probably a good move if they had ambitions to be grand parents one day. I received a frosty stare... Now I know why. She is openly encouaging her children to "bat for the other side". The daughter has a boys haircut and is dressed in boys clothes (this has been going on for 3 years now) whilst the son seems to be in a confused state. I worry on their behalf. She is obviously indoctrinating them into believeing that hetrosexuality is not the norm and that they need to identify as homosexual. I wouldn't be at all surprised if she encourages them to become trans gender at some point. Sounds a bit of a conspiracy theory, but I know for a fact she has an agenda. She picked up a job as a classroom assistant to an English teacher at my son's school, and in one lesson where the actual teacher wasn't present, she showed the kids the Film "Pride". This is a fabricated wet dream by the liberal film industry based in Sheffiled, England in 1984 during the miners strike. It dipicts a group of homosexuals helping the miners in their plight. If you know any miners, you'd know straight away what a crock of shit this is. Suffice it to say, my son and the rest of the class took not a blind bit of notice of this English film in their French classroom.I have, of course, let it be known to people in the area what a great job she's doing in the classroom and for her kids in the name of diversity... Let them decide. PS. Her husband drank himself to death. I wonder why.....

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...the people who brought us identiy politics...destroyed the meaning of identity...

Thank you ZH for bringing the article.

I've been here for a while now and as a "Christian" I many times would present my view(s) with trepidation, reluctance and actually, fear, but with the underlying premise of Fight Club, I've come to embrace it.

This particular subject is particularly interesting to me because it melds "flat earth" science, societal degradation / "evolution", the pursuit of "happiness" or "self-actualization" and many other points on the horizon we focus on to get us through our days.

While revisiting some on-line lectures given by the late Dr. Gerstner, (who was in fact the also recently deceased R.C. Sproul's mentor and acknowledged "theologian's theologian"), he makes a pointed distinction in the love regenerated people are to experience towards others, i.e. the concepts of "complacency" vs. "benevolence".

In this context, "complacency" is to be exhibited by the regenerate towards other regenerates, with the other to be conveyed to those yet to be or who may never be beneficiaries of "the call". The nature of being human prevents us from knowing what our common Creator already knows and is thus the means for our authenticating the faith only He can and will provide to those thus "called".

It's interesting the pronoun "He" is used in context to the divinity, but one must remember that although the physical mother of Jesus gave birth to others as a result of her subsequent union to Joseph, our Father in the faith did, before the advent of time, (i.e. matter being placed into motion), design His entry into the world of man to occur through a virgin's womb.

So, "...will we be bullied into submission, afraid to speak or even think the wrong way? Will we become thought criminals for daring to think against the mainstream viewpoint?..." I hope not.

jmf. Oh, and Merry Christmas.

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It isn't the media independently pushing this; its their employers, the globalist banks. I suspect most zeroheads are aware by now of the determination by the globalists to utterly destroy all nations/cultures/tradition/faith etc. Marx said, if you want to destroy a nation; in addition to debasing the currency, you must destroy the nuclear family. First up was the miserable construct of "feminist ideology" so women would be chasing their egos, paying taxes and competing with men instead of loving them. The entire male/female dynamic was turned on its head and literally millions of men and women are now incapable of loving intimate/emotional/physical relationships. Pushing homosexuality as the norm has also been forced top down upon the people. Even the LGBT has stated the number of people in America who are other than heterosexual is about 8%... so 92% of the population is now being inundated with so much propaganda, many; if not most, people believe LGBT represents 25-50% of the population. That's some amazing propaganda...

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Anyone looking for some entertainment?   If you haven't done so, go read "The World According to Garp".    (Don't bother with the movie...while entertaining, it left out much of the good and thoughtful parts of the book, and was pretty confusing to those who hadn't read it anyway).Excellent book, deals with many of these issues, and is a hoot to read.   A classic. 

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Truth is, it's not a mental health issue with transgender people. It's a genetic issue and therefore a medical issue that was previously misunderstood.

Oliver Klozoff Herdee Mon, 12/18/2017 - 23:15 Permalink

lolIt truly is a genetic issue with them, they were born with the wrong ones!I knew a kid once, a buddies neighbor, who was a butterfly since birth. The dad was an average, monkey suit wearing guy but the mom was a stone fox. I happened to speak to them once about him and I could tell the parents were both helpless, at their wits end trying to understand.It sucks to think that the parents of similarly afflicted children probably now have no legal recourse to seek psychological treatment for this terrible dis-ease.

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There sure seems to be some sort of very strange coordinated effort to push these ideas on the brains of the masses at large.I am a very understanding guy, with a lot of world experience and have not lived a sheltered life.  And you can be attracted to whoever you want, I could care less, and you can dress and act however you want.  If you are a guy and want to dress and act more feminate, or if you are a girl and want to act and dress 'butch' go for it.But, frankly, chosing to FALSELY POSE and present yourself as someone of another gender is a form of FRAUD.  I believe there should be criminal charges for people to perform this dishonest fraudulent behavior.   This has noting to do with who they are attracted to, or how they want to dress/behave. This is a group of mentally ill people who are having psycotic delisions and they are wanting to perform actions which are lies and dishonest and get away with it.  People should not let this behavior be normalized and accepted and should not allow them to act like their delusions are not actually psychotic delusions.You have to wonder if there is not some sort of strange motive behind the mass media pushing this so hard on the public.

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I've put too much thought into this stuff lately and have come to a conclusion: After visiting the site and reading some of the horrible shit that goes down in H-wood, I'm believing that everything that is pushed out in advertisements, movies, TV, etc is to not just train the masses to believe it's OK, but to enable their own sick and twisted desires. All of the powerful people that setup either clubs for young kids/actors or a charity/shelter type-place to house children with no families, etc. then apparently abuse these very kids.  All of the homosexual actors, directors, etc that also apparently "groom" these children from very young ages to believe this stuff is normal.  They know they have a platform to get their voice and opinion out there and couch it any way they desire to contort the general consensus to begin thinking that what they espouse is normal.  Therefore, creating an environment where their actions are accepted. Possibly a stretch but I'm at a loss to try and explain these behaviors as they're so far outside of traditional norms.  

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Hey Crocodile Dundee, the surgery can be pretty convincing these days, so watcha gonna do,  grab everyone-you-meet's crotch and 'fuck their feelings',  just to be sure?If they ask me nicely I'll call folk whatever they want, no skin off my nose, I just can't guarantee that I won't chuckle while I'm doing it, I'm only human.Like so:Sibling Judith: Any anti-imperialist group like ours must reflect such a divergence of interests within its power base.Sibling Reg: Agreed. Francis? Sibling Francis: I think Judith's point of view is valid Reg, provided the Movement never forgets that it is the inalienable right of every man- Sibling Stan: or woman. F:Or woman, to rid himself- S: or herself. F: or herself, agreed. Thank you brother. S: Or sister. F: Thank you brother. Or sister... Where was I? R: I thought you'd finished. F: O.. right. R: Furthermore, it is the birthright of every man- S: Or woman. R: Why don't you shut up about women Stan? You're putting us off. S: Women have a perfect right to play a part in our Movement, Reg. F: Why are you always on about women, Stan? S: I want to be one. R: What? S: I want to be a woman. From now on, I want you all to call me 'Loretta'. R: What!? S: It's my right as a man. J: Why do you want to be 'Loretta' Stan? S: I want to have babies. R: You want to have babies!? S: It's every man's right to have babies if he wants them. R: But you can't have babies! S: Don't you oppress me. R: I'm not oppressing you Stan, you haven't got a womb; where is the fetus going to gestate, you going to keep it in a box? (Stan starts crying) J: Here, I've got an idea. Suppose we agree that he can't actually have babies, not having a womb, which is nobody's fault, not even the Romans, but he can have the right to have babies. F: Good idea Judith. We shall fight the oppressors for your right to have babies Brother; Sister, sorry. R: What's the point?! F: What? R: What is the point of fighting for his right to have babies when he can't have babies? F (thinking): It is symbolic of our struggle against oppression. R (aside): It's symbolic of his struggle against reality. -Monty Python's Life of Brian (a must C)

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Firstly, thank you. When I saw the headline, I immediately thought that this has all been sorted out by Monty Python in the late 70s.Secondly, downvotes? For Monty Python? WTF?!!!Symbolic of YOUR struggle against reality!I was having a conversation about pigs on a pig-keeping website a while ago, as you do, and the topic was a piglet that had been born without external genitalia. It happens from time to time, and is often fatal, as there is no exit for urine, faeces, or both. I made a facetious comment about how the pig self-identified, and was shot down by the resident transgender pig farmer. Who knew there was one?! Who knew that differently gendered people keep pigs? I was not aware of that fact. I am better schooled now.(Fucking weirdos)

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