Taxi Driver Arrested In Rape, Murder Of British Diplomat In Lebanon

Lebanese police arrested a taxi driver in a 3am pre-dawn raid in connection with the rape and murder of British diplomat, Rebecca Dykes, who was found Saturday morning in a ditch beside a mountain highway in the outskirts of the Lebanese capital, Beirut. 

Rebecca Dykes (family handout)

Sources tell The Times that the taxi driver's first name is Tarek and his initials are TH, while CNN reports Lebanese police have determined that Dykes was sexually assaulted and strangled with a rope, before being found with the suspect's bodily fluids allegedly on her body.  

The suspect has reportedly confessed to killing Dykes, and that the murder was a "criminal act" and not politically motivated. The information branch of Lebanon's internal security forces, the intelligence department of the police, is conducting the investigation. 


Dykes, who is believed to have been 30, was last seen Friday night around midnight leaving a bar named "Demo" near central Beirut's Gemmayze district, a popular spot for nightlife. 

British Ambassador to Lebanon, Hugo Shorter, tweeted "The whole embassy is deeply shocked, saddened by this news. My thoughts are with Becky's family, friends and colleagues for their tragic loss.

A family spokesman said We are devastated by the loss of our beloved Rebecca. We are doing all we can to understand what happened. We request that the media respect our privacy as we come together as a family at this very difficult time.

According to her LinkedIn page, Dykes worked as a program and policy manager with the Department for International Development (DfID), as well as serving as a policy manager with the Libya team at the Foreign Office. Prior to that, she worked with the Foreign Office as an Iraq research analyst. 

A Foreign Office spokesman said: Following the death of a British woman in Beirut, we are providing support to the family. We remain in close contact with local authorities. Our thoughts are with the family at this difficult time.

Ms Dykes was a graduate of the University of Manchester graduate, and held a masters in International Security and Global Governance from Birkbeck, University of London.


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 The girl was the typical young professional idiotic style and got pretty much what she deserved because she probably never ventured outside of her comfy cocoon before. Now I'm pretty sure diplomatic personal get their share of warnings when in not so secure countries, and yet she decided to ride that cab alone. She probably had 2 black eyes when they found her body because she must have been explained at least twice what to do and what not to do.So much for international diplomatic bullshit degrees from whatever university. They can't even think about their own security, and yet they want to rule external affairs.   

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Sudden Debt shitshitshit Mon, 12/18/2017 - 15:36 Permalink

When you go over there, you need to respect their culture as much as we want them to respect our culture over here.There, rape of a woman who is walking alone in the streets is normal. No kidding.She crossed the line and had it comming, even if over here I would say the cab driver should be shot.And if you don't respect somebody's culture, bad things will happen.We're the only idiots who don't defend our culture. It's up to their culture and country to decide if the cab driver did anything wrong. I think not because everybody in their country agrees it's normal.She shouldn't have walked alone outside in that country. Point. End of discussion.Over here, we should kill him, this is totally NOT in our culture.But we have to respect their culture in their country as much as they have to respect our culture in our country. Everybody knows how bad of an idea it is for gays to go to Saudi Arabia. And yet, gays still go there on vacation.Their choice but when they get arrested, the police over there may do to them what they want. Their culture.We have our culture and it only shows we should be a lot more protective about it. By just saying it's awfull, you agree that it should also happen here that rapes become normal. Why? Because you agree all sides have to let lose their culture and everybody may do what they want. I don't. Over here, people like that should be hung and shot.So people who say it's bad she got killed and raped are those responsible for all the rapes and murders over here by Muslims.

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It's all just rascist because the Muslim just did what the Koran told him to do.Also, the woman knew that Muslims over there do that, and taking a cab at night over there is like asking for it.Muslim may rape woman who aren't maried and who are outside without a man at their side.No kidding, that's how these people live. And woman over there will agree.It's a terrible thing that happened but everybody over there knows that this is what happens to a woman.Everybody loves muslims but woman should realise that in the Muslim culture, woman are property and if they're not property, a man may do to her what they want. We shouldn't try to change their culture because we'll never be able to.We should just leave all those countries, ban them from our countries and just do trade without border crossings. 

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I agree it wasn't very smart of this woman to do what she did.  Still it wasn't her fault and she didn't deserve what happened to her.  The cabbie obviously (assuming he wasn't setup) has issues, likely from his Muslim upbringing.   Reasons don't make excuses though. The only silver lining, it lets cab drivers know, if they attack a fare that works for an embassy, there's a record of it happening, and they will be caught.  It also lets government officials in Lebanon know it will affect their limited tourism income.  And it lets travellers know that Lebanon is unsafe, if one hasn't read the warnings, such as the one the US embassy publishes:…

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She evidently was not wearing the Kohl yellow bracelet "Do Not Murder Me" that surely would have protected her.They're widely available thru out Germany and in the Kohl City Hall gift shop along side the "Do Not Rape Me" and "Do Not Molest My Little Girls" wrist bands.So she's evidently (according to the common knowledge in Kohl) partially at fault.

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It is also sad, very sad. And this was real rape — violent rape — not touching on the arm or lewd comments / gestures, labeled as sexual harrasment and fetching thousands of dollars in law suits and hundreds of hours of news coverage.

She was a lovely and likely smart young person, but......

it is good that, in the USA, Tillerson is cutting down on superfluous diplomatic staff, keeping it to truly essential, experienced diplomats who are necessary for operations. Whatever function she played as a diplomat, it was NOT worth this young woman’s life. You can be sure it was not.

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I was thinking of the irony of someone who is supposedly educated in security doing stupid things that got her killed. However, on the part that you brought up is very serious, and the reason for a most of the conflicts that have destroyed entire nations , killed millions of people and desplaced multitudes more.The arrogance of certain people and societies that they have the right to global governance. Fuck them. Stay the fuck out of other nations' businesses. In retrospect,  I am glad this cunt is dead. The last thing this world needs, and especially the middle east is people like her.

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At least he'll be dealt with properly."The methods prescribed by law are hanging and firing squad, although hanging has been the predominant method throughout Lebanese history. In the Lebanese Republic, the President has the sole authority to pardon an inmate and all execution orders must be ratified by him." (wikipedia)

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Dykes worked as a program and policy manager with the Department for International Development (DfID), as well as serving as a policy manager with the Libya team at the Foreign Office. Prior to that, she worked with the Foreign Office as an Iraq research analyst.

Iraq, first, then Libya. And how much of this analysis got translated into policy, and how much of this policy management wound up with corpses attached to it? Methinks this may have more going on than meets the eye...