Three Charts That SCREAM "Inflation" In 2018

The financial system is preparing for an inflationary shock.

The single best means of measuring inflation vs deflationary forces in the US financial system is the TIP to Long-Treasury (TLT) ratio. When this ratio rallies the system is predicting inflation. When it falls, the system is fearing deflation.

Running back to 2010, we’ve been in a long-term deflationary downtrend on this ratio.

This deflationary pull has dragged down the entire commodity complex over the same time period.

But this is about to end. In the short- term, the TIP:TLT ratio has MASSIVE support at current levels. And given the clear descending wedge pattern it’s formed, the odds are favoring a sharp breakout to the upside sometime in early 2018.

This is going to ignite a HUGE rally in commodities and other inflation hedges. Our big theme for 2018 is INFLATION. And we're already producing numerous winners from this trend.

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Graham Summers

Chief Market Strategist

Phoenix Capital Research


Gulfcoastcommentary Mon, 12/18/2017 - 12:49 Permalink

People have been predicting big inflation for a long time and it hasn't materialized yet in CPI, PPI, but these measures are so screwed-up by government.The truth is that inflation is already running at about 4% at the same time the official policy of the educated-idiots at the Fed Reserve is for even MORE inflation!  Those fucking pricks! They apparently believe govt statistics!!   We're surrounded by idiots and enemies.I've added some commodity plays to my portfolio in addition to my GLD as a precaution.  So far, longer term bonds like LT Muni CEFs and TLT have held up, so I'm sticking with them as I live on my dividend income.  I'm keeping a close eye on them however.I still think that we'll ultimately face a deflationary depression, but it might be triggered by a more noticeable bout of inflation first (that even CPI might show.)

bunkers Mon, 12/18/2017 - 13:25 Permalink

IF the stock market crashes, will cryptos crash? IF cryptos crash, will they return to their current levels?IF we have hyperinflation, what percentage of Americans will survive it?