Who To Believe On Washington's Korea Policy, Tillerson Or Trump?

Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity,

President Trump has often said that his foreign policy objective was to keep his enemies guessing. If that’s the goal, you could say that he’s doing a good job. The problem is who does he think his enemies are, because the American people are often left guessing as well.

US policy toward North Korea last week is a good example of how the Trump Administration is wittingly or unwittingly sowing confusion among friend and foe alike.

In what looked like a breakthrough, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced last Tuesday that the US would be willing to sit down and talk with North Korea “without preconditions.” Previously the US had demanded that North Korea agree to end its nuclear weapons and missile programs before Washington was willing to sit down to formal talks.

The State Department shift toward actual diplomacy with North Korea was quickly quashed, however, when the White House announced that its position on North Korea had not changed.

It seemed that the State Department and White House were each pursuing different foreign policies on the Korea issue.

The White House even appeared to belittle Tillerson’s attempt at diplomacy, releasing a statement on Wednesday that talks with North Korea would be “pointless.”

No wonder speculation persists that Tillerson is on his way out as Secretary of State.

Then on Friday Secretary Tillerson seemed to do a u-turn on his own policy, announcing at a UN Security Council meeting that a “sustained cessation of North Korea’s threatening behavior” must precede any negotiations with the US. “North Korea must earn its way back to the table,” he said. So, after just three days the offer of unconditional talks with North Korea had been put on and then removed from the table.

There is more than a little hypocrisy in US demands that North Korea cease its “threatening behavior.” Just this month the US and South Korea launched yet another joint military exercise targeting North Korea. Some 12,000 military personnel and 230 aircraft – including stealth fighters – participated in the massive war games. Does anyone think this is not meant to be threatening to North Korea?

It is a shame that the hawks in the Administration continue to dominate. It seems pretty reasonable to open talks with North Korea after a period of “good faith” gestures between Washington and Pyongyang. Why not agree on no US/South Korean joint military exercises for six months in exchange for no North Korean missile launches for the same period and then agree to a meeting on neutral ground? How could it possibly hurt, particularly considering the alternative?

The hawks continue to talk up a US strike against North Korea. Senator Lindsey Graham seemed pleased when he announced that there was a 70 percent chance that the US would attack North Korea if it detonated another nuclear weapon. Does he realize how many people will die? Does he care?

Defense Secretary James Mattis seems skeptical about neocon hysteria, declaring that the North Korean missile program does not pose a “capable threat” to the United States.

With that in mind, we can only hope that President Trump will encourage Tillerson to do another about-face and return to the idea of talks without pre-condition. Strategic ambiguity is one thing, sending constantly mixed signals when nuclear war looms is something else.


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Engdahl says Kim Jong Un is false opposition.

Engdahl says that Kim Jong Un lived in Switzerland from 1991 until 2000. He attended the Liebefeld Steinhölzli school in Köniz near Bern. The strongest hint that Kim Jong Un is a "Pentagon" puppet and not a communist (Chinese) puppet is that he had China's best friend in Pyongyang, Jang Sung-taek, executed. He also ordered the systematic execution of all other members of Jang's family including children and grandchildren (and others that were considered too close to China).

Other hints are that he is usefully (to the US) provocative and doesn't seem to listen to China.

Engdahl also thinks North Korea is an Pentagon Vassal State, but it seems more likely that Kim Jong Un is indeed a "Pentagon" man but that North Korea is (i.e., will be treated as) an enemy state.


Remember: The first rule for fighting a (real) war is to place your own puppet as the leader of the enemy.

Also, one should not forget that Trump, Obama, Bush and Clinton are all Jews.



And as an example of how real wars are fought,....

Proof that Adolf Hitler was a double agent.


It seems pretty weird when you first read it, but its clearly true.

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U got that wrong; its the Duck who has been a Moscow candidate since he dated a Ukrainian queen in the Miss Universe caper.Its obvious that the Duck likes Ruski and Slav women; like the Hungarians like TOKAyyyy ! Putin holds all the aces to Mar a lago swamp and beyond.And Bannon the loose cannon is a Closet Marxist who always believed in the Best and Brightest of Tovarich land. He has read Halberstam.Marxist like Groucho but without the mustache ! 

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I definitely didn't think that I was getting a Ron Paul when I voted for Trump.My vote was tied to the classic "lesser of two evils", although I admit that I believed Trump when he said that he would bring the troops home and resist any further foreign entanglements.Trump also did an outstanding job of concealing his Israel First policies, while he promised to MAGA.

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"I definitely didn't think that I was getting a Ron Paul when I voted for Trump."

Sure, Ron Paul was the first name that came to mind, since RP motto is to "drain the swamp"

"My vote was tied to the classic "lesser of two evils", although I admit that I believed Trump when he said that he would bring the troops home and resist any further foreign entanglements."

They all say that! And double down on more war.

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I am sick and tired of all those idiots, Trump, Haley, Tillerson and the rest of the crowd.This is the season and it would be a lot better if Washington DC and its sick agencies just closed their doors and went home, never to be heard from again.

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There is no "policy."  What a joke.  On the one hand you've got Tillerson making peace genstures, and on the other hand you've got that PMS lunatic Nimrata "you can call me Nikki" Randhawa going off with her head like the Red Queen.  Oh well, market's up, so what's to worry?

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Trump is brutal, perverse and regressive.Hitlerite threats, feints and aggressiondo not work in the modern world. America's imperial grandiosity is laughable,its theocratic-corporate radicalism isso 1960s, and its fraud-based economyis unsustainable.  Russia and Chinaoutplayed the US long ago. 

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So, let me get this straight: Trump should give a nudge, nudge & a wink, wink whenever he makes a foreign policy statement so the "American People" won't be confused. Great plan!