Rosie O'Donnell Offers GOP Senators $2 Million To Vote Against Tax Bill, Angry Backlash Follows

On Tuesday evening, Rosie was fired up when she tweeted at Republican Senators Susan Collins and Jeff Flake for a no vote on the upcoming tax reform plan, asking both senators to contact her through direct message for their chance to collect a million dollar check. No Republican senator ended up voting against the bill.

Twitter users immediately lashed out at Rosie saying “this is beyond fucked" and is very illegal. Referring to her apparent disregard of 18 U.S. Code § 201 – Bribery of public officials…

The rule says anyone who “directly or indirectly, corruptly gives, offers or promises anything of value to any public official” in exchange for an action, such as a vote.

It’s not immediately clear if O’Donnell’s tweets violated the bribery statute. But Rebecca Roiphe, a New York Law School professor, said the word “corruptly” is the strongest one in the rule, which O’Donnell didn’t display in the tweets.

“It’s political commentary,” Roiphe, a former prosecutor, told the Daily News. “What she’s trying to do is show these people had already been bought off.”

Most prosecutors would use their discretion, Roiphe said, look at the context of the political situation and not even interview O’Donnell.

“It all rides on what her intent was in writing that tweet,” she told the News. And trying to buy influence isn’t “the point of this whole string of these tweets. What she’s trying to do is fake-offer a bribe to point out that they’ve already been politically been bought.” 

Other claimed that Rosie, being a comedian, will most likely come out saying “it’s just a joke" although reading through the tweetstorm of users, she was hardly joking...

The comedian immediately came under fire for what many called straight-up attempted bribery of a U.S. official, which is a crime. Rosie will likely say she’s a comedian and it’s just a joke … however, she did say, “no s**t.” Maybe Rosie’s lawyers got in her ear … ’cause she deleted the post.

One Twitter user points out to Rosie, this is bribery!… And get ready for it, her response: “I disagree.”

Rosie then proceeded to jump off the deep end, and directly tweeted at Senator Collins, sharing a picture of her family and asking: “do u think your family is proud of u @sennatorcollins.”

Meanwhile, at least one user reported Rosie to the FBI for bribery...

... although considering the FBI's ideological bias these days, the result may be the FBI's twitter account retweeting Rosie the next time the comedian decides to jokingly break the law.