Watch Live: Trump Celebrates Tax-Reform Victory, But Doesn't Sign Bill

Two hours after the House of Representatives sent the final version of the Trump tax reform plan to the president's desk, President Donald Trump will speak about the bill's passage at what's been labeled "a bill passage event" by the White House.

Watch live below:

Of course, the reason for the awkward technical language is that Trump isn't planning on signing the bill at today's event. Instead, it's likely he will need to wait until the new year to sign the bill to put off Medicare spending cuts until 2019. Unless Congress manages to include a waiver to these requirements in its continuing resolution to keep the government funded, Trump will wait. However, if he waits more than 10 days, the bill will automatically be vetoed, accoding to CNBC.

Trump praised GOP leader Mitch McConnell for sheparding the bill through the Senate. He also congratulated Republicans and discussed some of the bill's virtue's during a cabinet meeting earlier today.







Earlier, in a vote that almost exactly mirrored yesterday's results, the House once again passed the final Trump tax bill - formerly known as the conference agreement on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act - by a vote of 224-201.