Balloons & Flash Drives: How A Private Organization Is Trying To Incite Rebellion In North Korea

Authored by Anders Hagstrom via The Daily Caller,

The U.S.-based Human Rights Foundation (HSF) has worked with North Korean defectors to smuggle flash drives and other tools into their dictatorial homeland to counter the regime’s propaganda throughout 2017.

HSF director Alex Gladstein claims that his organization has successfully smuggled up to 10,000 flash drives into the country containing documentaries countering state narratives, according to The Telegraph.

The organization also uses massive hydrogen balloons plastered with news bulletins to float across the border into North Korea in hopes that citizens will realize their true situation and bring the country down from within.

“This is to liberate minds,” Gladstein told the paper.


“We’re creating little windows to the outside world so that the North Korean people can make decisions for themselves about what they want to do with their lives.”

HSF’s “Flash Drives for Freedom” campaign sees volunteers go to great risk smuggling USB sticks through black markets on the China-North Korea border. The majority of North Koreans have devices that can read the flash drives, and since the program began, HSF has smuggled in 2 million hours of footage and 48 million hours of reading material, reaching an estimated 1.1 million North Koreans. According to HSF’s website, the flash drives contain ebooks as well as an offline version of Korean wikipedia.

HSF began the program in 2013 by simply filling hydrogen balloons with DVDs and leaflets and floating them across the border. High level North Korean defectors have said that causing the general population to question their living conditions is one of the most effective ways to attack Kim Jong Un’s regime.

“Given the history of Eastern Europe, I hope that people can think about the potential of information rather than reckless conflict and provocation and totally failed diplomacy,” Gladstein said.


“There is nothing the government can do with information, they can’t manipulate it. It’s a very powerful thing.”

Thae Yong-ho, who was once second in command at North Korea’s U.K. embassy before defecting in 2016, calls the general population of North Korea Un’s “Achilles heel.”

“We cannot change the policy of terror of the Kim Jong-un regime,” he said. “But we can educate the North Korean population to stand up by disseminating outside information.”


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Oh great! Wikipedia.  Ever check any of the pages about say for example Eustace Mullins?Nicest guy ever but since he was anti Zio he gets pasted with anti semite label on wikipedia.  Those sorts of pages are all taken over by page NAZI and no amount of editing on your part will ever be retained.That's why I would under no circumstances donate.  I love wikipedia for the technical stuff but the damage they do to the truth on politically related topics is inexusable.

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Ah, so a  "private organisation" is doing political work in one of the world's top battlegrounds. It still baffles me why any distinction is still being made between private, NGO or FGO (fully govermnment-owned organisation). Some of the worlds most dangerous outfits are private organziations that serve as tools for the deep shit. And most NGOs are in reality run by government-related people or outfits.I don't even know, what is worse these days - a "private" organization meddling in other countries' affairs or an openly government-sponsored one...Heck, is the government still "public" or in reality a private body? Is GOOG's Eric Schmidt working for the DoD or is the DoD already working for GOOG? And, more importantly, what difference does that even make at this point?

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8 hours at tub-o-lards Walmart, they'd be screaming to go home. They probably spent a year searching all 54 states to find the women on the new remake that only dumbshit (PCR) Americans could watch. From Variety:starring Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, is a stupidly entertaining trash folly, the kind that could only be made today: an obscenity-and-insult-laced, aggressively “competent” adaptation of a 25-year-old TV show that manages to repackage every aspect of the series except, perhaps, the reason ...

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You are a 100 percent right, but I have to wonder if they did re-enter the workforce, lets say 20million of them (say the free shit was cut out or back), what would happen to the low end of the wage structure?  We are already at a point where $15/hr is a damned good job, supply and demand would say that this already low number would drop further....... and the Aggregate misery index would only rise....I still cant comprehend how people are making it.....

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(((Gladstein))).I am shocked that another jew is fucking with international affairs of a country.I bet this guy is a bigger psychopath that fat Kim. He could not care less about the people of North Korea.He just cares that his tribe is prevented from getting their greedy hoofs on that nation's natural resources and other assets. 

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Another CIA front... LOL....This reminds me of the CIA plot in the movie Air America where they were going to drop extra large prophylactics thinking the Vietnamese would quickly surrender to ferocious US troops with twelve inch dicks.The intelligence level at Langley is definitely awesome,,,

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The North Korean government ain't stupid.  They'll just send up a few hundred thousand lookalike Human Rights Foundation ballons with contaminated flash drives that destroy whatever device they're plugged into.  The North Korean population will be convinced that the evil Western running dogs are again trying to destroy the glorious Democratic People's Republic of Korea.