Facebook Dumps 'Fake News' Patrol After Spectacular Backfire

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Facebook has abandoned it's fake news 'fact checkers' program to label articles reviewed by Snopes and Politifact as 'disputed,' after the program backfired a little over a year after inception.

Te company pointed to a slowdown in news flow, the fact that stories were required to be deemed "false" before earning a "disputed" label, and because many people were instead drawn to clicking on the articles in question...

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg says they are a technology company who doesn't hire journalists - so, you know, whoops?

Several Facebook employees made a post on Medium detailing the change:

"In December of last year, we launched a series of changes to identify and reduce the spread of false news in News Feed:

  • We made it easier for people to report stories they think are false news
  • We partnered with independent fact-checking organizations that review articles that might be false
  • We reduced the distribution of articles disputed by fact-checkers
  • We launched a collection of features to alert people when fact-checkers have disputed an article, and to let people know if they have shared, or are about to share, false news"


Disputed flags could sometimes backfire: We learned that dispelling misinformation is challenging. Just because something is marked as “false” or “disputed” doesn’t necessarily mean we will be able to change someone’s opinion about its accuracy. In fact, some research suggests that strong language or visualizations (like a bright red flag) can backfire and further entrench someone’s beliefs.

The company will instead offer up alternative stories containing facts that have already been checked.

Perhaps Facebook also realized that Snopes - run by a bunch of degenerates, has a long history of liberal bias? Last year they were dressed down by the Daily Caller in a fascinating Exposé - featuring evidence of Snopes' liberal bias, several instances of flat out lies, and insight into the individual opinions of the militantly liberal fact checkers who love insulting conservatives.

Let's also remember that Snopes co-founder David Mikkelson, pictured above to the left of the morbidly obese cat - cheated on wife Barbara Mikkelson with the literal prostitute and Snopes administrator pictured in the frame below; taking her on expensive vacations around the world using (allegedly) embezzled Snopes funds while banging her like a steel drum. He then married her despite the fact that she had a website devoted to being a whore and is "past her time as an adult model."

Meanwhile, Politifact is riddled with propaganda. They are incredibly biased, funded by a Clinton Foundation donor, and not even close to being qualified to sit on an exclusive panel of Facebook "FAKE NEWS" judges.

Worst. Thought police. Ever.

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greenskeeper carl Dec 27, 2017 11:12 PM Permalink

Many people, hell probably most people, on the right don't trust Faceberg anymore than they trust the rest of the MSM. Its hilarious that it never occurred to them that labeling something 'fake news' would just make people more likely to read it. "Faceberg says its fake news, must be true then" is exactly what will run through people's minds. They have to be among the most self absorbed people on the planet to take year to figure out that this backfired.

HamFistedIdiot Dec 28, 2017 1:17 AM Permalink

I can't upvote or downvote comments, even though I am logged in. I can't see the vote tallies or green arrows like I used to. This is an important feature. Also, I am not able to display comments 300 per page as I had before. I hope this is a passing bug and not a new normal.

I Write Code Dec 28, 2017 2:15 AM Permalink

Have to just laugh at the site right now, until the iLance team gets the new shit deployed.  If the chase 99% of the pop-up ads that have been showing up recently, they'll be heroes.

William Dorritt Dec 28, 2017 8:47 AM Permalink

What happened to the comments section ?

Yes i use ad blockers so my machine is brought to it's knees on every web site by trackers and other ad viruses.

Why not sell what i call billboard ad space on the web site to finance it?


Sudden Debt Dec 28, 2017 7:12 PM Permalink

You can see funny shit on facebook


If you put up a picture of a fat woman and put the word "FAT?" with a question mark, that picture will be banned because it's stereotyping and insulting.



If you put a picture of a fat woman and the words "FAT BITCH" on them... no problem :)


Downtoolong Dec 28, 2017 8:06 PM Permalink

Fake news, propaganda, native advertising, deceptive advertising, false advertising, fake people, frauds, bots, fake friends……..,

and Sheryl Sandberg’s response is effectively “Whoops, but, it’s not our problem; we’re just a technology company”.

How convenient.

Their slogan should be, “We’re Facebook, we don’t care, because, we don’t have too.”

And, perhaps it’s about time to place a Psychologist General’s Miranda Warning at the top of each user’s Facebook page:

“Everything you say, click, post, tweet, photograph, email, search, view, comment on, and purchase - not to mention everywhere you are at every moment – can and will be used against you in a court of relentless target marketing.”

DjangoCat Dec 28, 2017 8:13 PM Permalink

Thanks for putting the votes back.  When I came on this morning my login didn't work.  Too many failed login attempts, it said.  I did not make those failed attempts, someone else did.

One thing I liked about the old system was being able to sort by last first on the list.  I liked that.  Can't do that anymore.

Love these upgrades.

trutherator Dec 29, 2017 3:45 PM Permalink

They failed at tilting the pinball machine last election with Swamp Media and Swamp Web (Google Facebook and buddies) and Fake News. Now they've been exposed as expecting people to trust them Ha! How stupid they think their users are!

All else has failed so now they're doing outright censorship. And the word "censorship" applies because they are a government front. Not presidential front. The Deep State hordes that populate the Imperial Capital and get their lifeblood by sucking it out of the economy of their subjects.

The guys that see The Donald as an interloper that does not belong in the Ruling Oligarchy. Billionaires are okay as long as they "donate" to the political party of their choice, pick one of two choices.