Snowmageddon Dumps Record 60 Inches Of Snow On Erie, PA; "Declaration Of Disaster"

On Tuesday, the city of Erie, Pennsylvania signed a declaration of disaster emergency, after a two-day storm dumped 5-feet of snow. Heavy lake-effect snow set record-setting snowfall totals in the snow belts to the east of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.

From 7 p.m. on Dec. 24 to 6:02 p.m. Dec. 26, Erie had received 60.0 inches of snow, which shattered numerous records for the region. Nearly all of the snow fell on Monday and Tuesday.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Bill Deger said, “this is now the biggest two-day snow total on record for Pennsylvania, besting the old record of 44 inches, which was set in Morgantown from March 20-21, 1958.”

Dale Robinson, the county’s emergency management coordinator, said that the declaration will allow the National Guard to respond to the paralyzed region. Robinson adds the National Guard deployment is “really for precautionary measures for the additional amount of snow we think we’re going to get.”

Images posted on social networks showed a world covered in several feet of snow: 

Erie, PA: One resident’s house is barely recognizable with over 5-feet of snow.

Erie, PA: Brave man dreams about baseball in the chest-high snow.

Erie, PA: Resident is trapped within the home upon opening the door to over 5-feet of snow.

Erie, PA: Handrailings are barely recognizable

Erie, PA:  Erie News Now’s vehicles are not going anywhere. Sorry, no news today.

Erie, PA: Clearing a pathway through the front yard never looked so hard.

Erie, PA: One resident might have to file for disability after shoveling 5-feet of snow from their driveway.

As of Wednesday morning, NWS Cleveland reports additional snow will accumulate through the day with temperatures ranging from -5 and -10 degrees F. So far no sign of global warming...