At Least 40 Killed In ISIS Suicide Bombings Of Kabul Cultural Center, News Organization

For the second time in the span of a month, fighters loyal to the Islamic State have bombed a Shiite cultural center and news organization in Kabul. The attack demonstrates that the group is still capable of carrying out deadly attacks despite being driven from territory it formerly held in Syria and Iraq, according to the New York Times.

The attack also targeted the Afghan Voice Agency, a Shiite news organization. But during the assault on Thursday, one suicide bomber managed to enter the Shiite facility, the Tebyan cultural center and religious school, during a group discussion, where he detonated his explosive vest, said Sadiq Muradi, Kabul’s deputy police chief who said that women and children were among the dead at the center.

The scene of a suicide bomb attack that killed dozens in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Thursday.

ISIS swiftly claimed responsibility for the attack.

At least 40 people were killed and dozens wounded on Thursday morning in a complex bomb attack that hit both a Shiite cultural center and the Afghan Voice Agency news organization in Kabul, officials said...In the past, Islamic State loyalists have singled out Shiites for attack, and the group claimed to be behind an attack last month on another news organization in Kabul, Shamshad TV.

Witnesses reported that at least two other explosions followed in the area, the Qalay Nazer neighborhood in western Kabul, including one blast at the entrance of the Afghan Voice Agency, killing one journalist and wounding another.

Nasrat Rahimi, a deputy spokesman for Iraq’s Interior Ministry, said that at least 40 people had been killed and another 30 wounded, but that was an initial accounting. He said that two blasts after the suicide bombing within the Tebyan center were caused by improvised explosive devices that inflicted relatively few casualties.

Later, Wahidullah Majrooh, a spokesman for the Health Ministry, said that 35 bodies and 20 wounded people had been taken to a hospital so far.

Earlier this month, Russian forces and the Syrian Army managed to drive the Islamic State from its last Syrian stronghold. The Russian General Staff issued a statement on Dec. 6  declaring that all territories previously under terrorist control were liberated in a final push by the Syrian Army this week, and with the support of Russian forces. The victory caused ISIS forces to scatter, heading to other strongholds like Afghanistan.

However, Russian President Vladimir Putin  warned security forces to be on high alert as thousands of foreign ISIS fighters are expected to return home to remote parts of the Russian Federation where, Putin warned, they might try to carry out more attacks in densely populated urban centers like Moscow.

ISIS’s defeat coincided with reports that the CIA, in an attempt to arm so-called “moderate” rebels, ended up delivering arms to ISIS - an Obama-era blunder that has received surprisingly little coverage in the mainstream press. One Russian general even accused the US of training ISIS troops at a base  near the Syria-Iraq border.


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Huffington Post buy us out?

The comments section is all fucked up with no thumbs up or thumbs down arrows.

We don't want to praise or offend any longer?

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Maybe read some of the earlier comments:

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now verified by Clinton and Obama and Mueller and other Marx drones ignoring the reality that values exude always and only from the breast of each individual, and therefore; to which no other individual has a right to initiate force upon from their own store of equal, but not superior values.

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Stir up a conflict, then arm both sides. MIC winning. The so-called "Islamic State" also does an excellent job giving NATO an excuse to maintain a military presence in Central Asia.

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who asked the other NATO countries to go there? President "Dubya" Bush

now explain to me why Dubya wanted that. because, at the end...

... this place is full of people for which Dubya could not do wrong... while moaning about NATO

it's the same people that were miffed when Dubya was told that NATO would not go to Iraq, note

it's the same people that were miffed by the last UN vote where 128 countries said that the recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel would make everything more difficult in the Middle East

have some Freedom Fries as side-dish, while you are at it

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I'm right there with ya pal, I'm a non-interventionist.

But apparently it looks like you missed the part about Sunni's murdering Shia. That goes on regardless of the bloody progressive warmonger led intervention.







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Sectarian violence was not a problem in Iraq until the illegal US war there, an action which directly led to the deaths of 1,000,000 men, women and children (the worst crime against humanity if the 21st century).


Sectarian violence wasn't a problem in Syria until the US chose to back radical Islamic terrorists in an effort to overthrow Assad



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Afghanistan is now a progressive jobs program for progressive Obama's progressive wahhabist/salafist Freedom Fighters who have been left progressively unemployed in Syria thanks to the anti-progressive forces of Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, and the Syrian Arab Republic.

Just another successful progressive unemployment reduction program from progressive Trump.


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astonishingly weak. I am European. that label of yours, "progressive" does not apply to me. it's an American politics label

it's like complaining that those 128 countries that voted recently in the UN are all "progressives", or something

tyranny? yes, I do complain about tyranny when I see that. would you recognize tyranny if it was staring down your face? I doubt it

weak. and that about something that stung you, otherwise you would not have answered. fail

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Almost anyone living in the EU has no clue on just how indoctrinated they really are.   LOL!  (I lived and worked there for years.) 

How are your poor misfortunate Soros funded "immigrants" working out for you?  Got gang rapes???   

While you are at - contemplate a "Cultural Center" in Kabul.   I laughed my ass off.  What fucking culture?  You mean like the country that gave the world the Taliban and blew up the Hindu shrine that has been there for many hundreds of years...

You know this is what is coming to Europe as this barbaric cult takes over while you progressive pussies let it happen... Demographic alone is going to bite you right in the ass sooner than you think.   Moh and his 4 illegal wives all on the dole will out breed Europe in less than a few decades.   

Bye Bye Europe.   Blame your "Progressive" (read here Marxist) leadership who clearly does not give a rat's ass about you or your kids.   

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remind me again why Osama Bin Laden had to be sent there, with Stinger missiles to shoot down Russian "Hind" helicopters

Because the psychopath and lifelong russophobe Zbigniew Brzezinski thought it would be a good idea to give Big Poppa Commie his own Vietnam by destabilizing the sane, modern (albeit Soviet-aligned) government of Afghanistan.

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And Hillary made sure that got more.   How did that EU toppling of Khadaffi work out for you?   Got a bunch of barbaric "immigrants" to gang rape your women?

Don't come here and lecture us when you will be begging to move to the US when the Shit hits the fan full force thanks to the Nazi collaborator Soros.

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Because you don't bite the hand that feeds you? Look at the bigger picture and it makes sense. Islamic State as these terrorists call them, along with the splinter cells, are simply carrying out the zio agenda. If they attacked Israel how does it help the zio bullshit that the Shi'ites are (according to the zio muppets, not me) the blame of everything?

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read your history about Afghanistan and its rich culture until the British, USSR, and USSA got involved.

NO ONE, will ever tame their independent fervor and love of freedom!!!

Kabul's leaders have always been compromised by the fallin Empires, but[t] *they only find their destruction in the end! 

It's where 'Empires' go to DIE'...--- say it ain't so via the infamous 'Khyber Pass via Spin Ghar , Hindu Kush mountains of their all giving substance and justice GOD!

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Why do the Swiss NOT give a fuck about the ME?  The USA needs to emulate the Swiss... It's time to dismantle the OSS/CIA and let the Ivy League White-Shoe Boys get a real job, close all USA military bases in other countries, and start fixing the USA.  Also, imprision all NeoClowns - if they had real jobs they wouldn't have time to exercise their stupidity...

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Zerohedge is re-arranging the office furniture to make space for the copy proof-reader they just hired... or so I was told...

...and someone stepped on the vote ethernet cable, so it's broken...



When nine hundred years old you become, look this good you will not.

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Only if the great US of A didn't move the embassy. I'm not sure who was for and against. looks like a win-win for the rest of us, although suuunis have taken a strong lead.