What Has Made America's Inner Cities Into A Violent Warzone

The stories coming out from Chicago and Baltimore paint an increasingly pessimistic picture: that America’s inner cities are transitioning into a warzone, where violence has returned to levels not seen since the drug wars of the early 1990s.

Take for example Chicago, five men were killed and at least 20 people shot over the four-day Christmas holiday weekend. Last year, 59 people were shot over the same period, leaving 11 dead.

Across the United States, homicides rose about 9% last year with more than one-third of the increase concentrated in Chicago neighborhoods, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Despite the overall deterioration of American inner cities, there was some improvement in areas such as Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., where declines in violent crimes have been in downward trajectories since the 1990s.

According to the WSJ, soaring homicides in Chicago and Baltimore share wide wealth inequality rates, de-industrialization, depleted residential real estate, and a reduction of police officers following the Ferguson effect in 2014. Nevertheless, the opioid crisis is fueling much of this death and despair in the inner cities, trapping the younger generations into a perpetual world of crime.

Meanwhile, in Washington and Los Angeles, “gang interventions and community policing,” which explores ways to strengthen the community have led to a long-term reduction in homicides. The article brings up the dreaded word gentrification, while it has worked in Washington to suppress crime, it has certainly not been effective in Chicago and or Baltimore.

David Weisburd, a criminologist at George Mason University said about 1% of city streets contributes to 25% of a city’s crime, and 5% of the streets produces half the crime. He coined the phrase the “law of crime concentration.”

In Chicago, half the violent crime came from five neighborhoods, including West Garfield Park, exemplifying Weisburd’s theory. In fact, crime in the area has surged to levels not seen since the “drug wars fueled by the crack-cocaine epidemic” of the 1990s.

As the WSJ adds, "violence in Chicago erupted last year, with the city recording 771 murders—a 58% jump from 2015. The third largest city in the U.S. with 2.7 million people, Chicago had more murders than New York and Los Angeles combined." Violent crime in Chicago is concentrated in just a handful of neighborhoods, where inequalities are wide and it’s not just in wealth.

WSJ interviewed Amarley Coggins who started dealing drugs aged 12. A decade later, he sits in jail for “felony drug charges and possession of a weapon”.

Amarley Coggins remembers the first time he dealt heroin, discreetly approaching a car coming off an interstate highway and into West Garfield Park, the neighborhood where he grew up on Chicago’s west side. He was 12 years old and had just been recruited into a gang by his older brothers and cousin.


A decade later, he sits in Cook County jail, held without bail and awaiting trial on three cases, including felony drug charges and possession of a weapon. “I have a lot of friends who didn’t make it to 22,” said Mr. Coggins, who hasn’t entered a plea. “I want to stay alive for my son and my family.”

“People see these empty buildings standing there, over four years on, and it is just a reminder that the city has turned their back on them,” said Danton Floyd, a community member in West Garfield Park. According to police, drug dealers and residents said West Garfield Park has an abundance of drugs, as demand is surging “by white suburban and rural consumers of heroin and opioids.”

With the drug crisis surging, Chicago city officials have attempted to make strategic investments in ailing neighborhoods. Officials have begged multi-national corporations such as Whole Foods and Wal-Mart for local investment in hopes to spur economic development. The problem with neglected neighborhoods, which have had decades of little to no investment, is that death and despair are hard to change overnight.

Much of the same is happening in Baltimore, where police trust is eroding post the Ferguson effect (2014). The city of 615,000 has just hit a 100-year low in total population, along with a three-year surge in violent crime fueled by opioids. While Chicago seems dangerous, Baltimore has the highest homicide rate in the United States, on par with Venezuela (See: Baltimore Murder Rate Surges Again In 2017 (Now Tied With Venezuela).

“Baltimore City has a lot of people walking around that have committed homicides and shootings,” said former deputy police commissioner, Tony Barksdale. Meanwhile community leaders and former police members warn that police have disbanded proactive operations to combat crime since the April 2015 riots:

Some community leaders and former police officials say police have pulled back from a more proactive approach on the street since April 2015, when riots erupted after Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man, died from a broken neck he sustained in a police van. Officers had chased Mr. Gray from North and Pennsylvania, a known drug corner, and arrested him for allegedly possessing an illegal knife. 


A police department spokesman said foot patrols have increased because now officers are mandated to walk through neighborhoods in the first months of field training, which wasn’t the case a few years ago.


Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis, in charge since July 2015, also said violent criminals feel emboldened. He said judges too often give offenders who use guns suspended prison sentences.

You look at Baltimore’s crime numbers, that’s criminals taking advantage of weakness,” Mr. Barksdale said. He further said: “I am against mass arrests, but you still need arrests.”

JPMorgan Chase funds the Racial Wealth Divide Initiative at CFED, and warns an astronomical amount of Baltimore citizens have a net worth of zero; the racial divide and wealth inequality is among the highest in the country, contributing to high levels of violent crime.

Baltimore residents describe life on the streets:

Ericka Alston-Buck, who runs a youth center blocks from where Mr. Gray was arrested in 2015, says the violence is tied to poverty that hasn’t eased since the riots. “You have to be here to feel the blight, the vacant houses, the cat-sized rodents that run through the streets, the open-air drug markets, prostitution, no grocery store,” she said.


Jacqueline Caldwell, a local resident who leads a nonprofit umbrella group that includes several west-side community associations, said the police have become nonexistent over the past two years. “I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out we need more police on the street, more community involvement with the police,” Ms. Caldwell said.


John Skinner, a former deputy police commissioner who retired in 2014, said after the riots, police feared “another triggering effect.” He said while he thinks the retreat from proactive policing was brief, its effects were lasting. “Violence can escalate really, really rapidly. When it occurs it’s tough to get that stabilization back,” he said.  

The sad conclusion is that the inner-city playgrounds of the establishment elite, Chicago and Baltimore, have been let to fail. The decades-long experiment is now resulting in a war zone that is progressively getting worse, not better, despite recurring narratives to suck in poor millennials for revival purposes. As a country, it’s time to take two steps back and reflect on the failures before we taking any more steps "forward" otherwise the situation will only get worse.


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The title of this article is a question? Here's what it is!

First, we import opiates by the ton for pharmaceutical companies so we can manufacture thousands of addicts annually. Full support Dem/Rep parties.

Second, those thousands of addicts are arrested for possession, dealing, breaking & entering, sex crimes, possession of stolen property, and violent crimes like shooting, rape, etc.

Third, these thousands of addicts are let out on bail. They fail to appear and are then picked up to pay more court fines and be re-released to fail to appear again, and again, and again.

Fourth, these addicts are not put in treatment programs because 'they never work'. Actually, that's a bullshit educated Berkley psychiatrists view, when given the choice, people prefer being clean, but they have to be sober for a long period of time to regain control.

Fifth, educated psychiatrists pump drugs into addicts calling it a miracle cure for one addiction, simply making another. Rather than teaching people to cope, they turn them into addicted clients.

Sixth, even if these criminals get clean, there are no jobs. Who wants to hire a former addict with theft charges? I wouldn't.

So, as long as we keep creating addicts and giving them criminal records, we will have more career criminals living off the system and breaking into homes because they won't ever find a decent job. But hey, the medical school doctor who prescribes the pain killers and the Berkley Psychiatrist who prescribes other addicting drugs to counter the opiates, and the pharmaceutical companies who deal the drugs, and the addicts that fake their illnesses because they get free medical and sell the prescriptions on the streets, and the criminals we elect to office who virtually all happen to have law degrees and do everything they can to increase profit in their trade, are not the culprits.

The system isn't only a joke, it's a shit show. Give it 10 years and we'll be letting murderers and rapists walk the streets. Oh wait, they already are.

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They are coming back and the guys at ZH are in the process of revamping and improving the site.  Show some patience and respect because honestly the work it takes to produce this must be incredible.

They well could have shut down the place for Christmas week to do this but have pushed on and we who so enjoy coming here need to give them room to do whatever they are up to.


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The answer is so simple, so elegant, and so ultimately effective to fix much of what is wrong in our cities:

THEY HAVE TO GO BACK! I don't give a fuck where. Just not here.

They, like Semites, are completely alien and incompatible to western civilization, albeit for different reasons.

Keeping people in our country who mooch off of us, hate us, and destroy everything has not been a good policy. Inviting millions more was suicidal. And here we are now with country that is 60% White and a future that looks like Brazil. Thank you jews for your constant agitation for more immigration.

Again, nobody wants to admit the truth, and when simple solutions are pointed out they go into convulsions of virtue signalling.

If you've lived around mud culture, you know the deal. It sucks and there is ZERO social trust there.

If you live in Vermont or Oregon you probably don't. YOu've only read about it and probably assume those of us reporting the truth are bad people.


Go find out for yourself. If you survive you will be awakened to what is causing the problem. Hint: it's not guns, economic inequality, bad home life, poor parenting, et al.

It's who they are. We are all products of our heritage and our genes. Our respective cultures are manifestations of those genetic traits.

The data is in and it doesn't lie. Only liberals and SJWs pretend otherwise.

We will not vote our way out of this. Voting will bring us an awful hybrid of Zimbabwe, Venezuela, and Brazil.

A future for White children is not included in the current model.

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"What Has Made America's Inner Cities Into A Violent Warzone?"

LOL! Why is the sky blue?

Trayvons helped make these cities that way. Free Shit Army. Oh and those dual shitizen tribe members and temple types are very deeply involved in the drug trade in ShitCongo and the others places. I knew a goy who worked for one of their companies which was connected to ShitCongo and they were deeply in the drug trade. The company he worked for was legit but he learned a lot of thing.

The only thing worse than these Trayvons are the dumb white American males (especially Texans and southerners) who are sheep watching NFL, NBA, NCAA and high school Trayvon rapists and thugs. Total white idiots enabling it all.

theteam owners, colleges and leagues are equal scum but white males enable them all.

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I like what you are saying Wren but just remember Chicago is the city that gave the world John Wayne Gacey. CPD turned a blind eye to a convicted sex offender Democrat Activist clown serial killer for about 10 years. Not sure how we factor that in but we probably should because because that faggot devil had a higher kill count than some of the most dangerous gang bangers.


Something the FBI or any police force will never admit is the Murder Clearance rate across the U.S is 50%. This means only half of any murders even have a suspect. Probably best to keep the quiet to not encourage all the fucking psychopaths in Chicago but all statistics need to be looked at considering that. By that I mean there are no real statistics. Could actually be 10 or 15 John Wayne Gacey Democrats (Or Log Cabin Republicans) responsible for the spike in murder. It happened back in the 70´s with the Zebra Killers in San Fransisco and that was only 6 guys.


like you say about the drug warfare that is certainly a factor but I think the gentrification programs are also a major factor. The violence clears the city better than the unemployment and lowers property prices. Same way half of Detroit burned down for the Insurance there is a real financial incentive to wipe out communities that are no longer economically performing. Like John Wayne......I mean J Edgar Hoover said officially there is no Organized Crime in America. I think historically Chicago was the exception to that. Either way conspiracy or no conspiracy someone in real estate is going to make a fucking John Wayne Gacey killing when they clear the social organizer in chiefs old turf. 

On the bigger front there are rumors there are extrajudicial measures being taken to handle the crisis. We can only hope Rahm Emanuelle gets the best people in to handle the crisis. Something tells me the arch zionist and former White House of chief of staff will bring them in. Make Chicago look like the West Bank again. 


As for all ZH echo chamber I agree. Its in their DNA. 


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Why am I getting down votes... On FB I am KNOWN as William Stoughton and run the group Hot Springs On Trial. There I spent a couple years posting mugshots of recent arrests, posted the criminals entire criminal history, then would do a calculation showing that the re-offending criminals should still be in lock up.

AT CourtConnect showed Patrick Jason Woodall was sentenced to over a century in jail for mass B&E's, yet was out a year after his last arrest to break into 5 more homes.

Tyrone Lamont Hayes, nice local article about how he shot and killed someone, Nolle Prose, even though the cops found him with a bullet in him.

Dagan Turner, stole a vehicle and dropped it in the woods. Cops located it and put a GPS in it. Yep, it moved and he was arrested. Nolle Prose.

Meth houses, drug dealers, felons busted with guns, homes busted into, total shit show in a town of 40k in Arkansas. Don't even begin to delude yourself and think that crime in your community is any better. Fact is, when the stats show too much crime, the cops switch to traffic duty.

Check out the page and the research I've done. The crime is disgusting, the system is fucked, and sympathetic liberals only break the system more living in some peaceful fantasy world full of rainbows and lollipops.

And I get flames there too, but I don't give a shit because I show everyone who is arrested, for what, and how the local DA is a worthless pos along with the lawmakers.

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Look at the philosophical history of the time. Usually, people form into small communities where everyone is cool with each other, and the 1-2% of folks who are *not* cool are shown the door. And inside the community you see families, each on a homestead.

What we call "modern" thinking is the destruction of the family-homestead, and the elevation of Organization Man, who is an interchangeable unit of production to be deployed as needed by a feifdom's ruling oligarchs. There are "families," but it's not actual families so much as outsourced child care. Everyone is atomized and isolated.

There are a few isms that describe this arrangement, and socialism is one. The main difference between each is minor changes in who is the oligarch and how they become one.

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