China Resists US Push To Blacklist Ships Caught Trading With North Korea

After the US Treasury Department released satellite images purporting to show Chinese ships transferring oil to a North Korea-flagged vessel in blatant violation of UN Security Council sanctions, the US is pressing for 10 ships, several of them Chinese, to be added to the list of entities banned by the UN.

But there’s one problem: China, which like the US holds a permanent veto over UN Security Council decisions, is pushing back. It says it will only accept sanctions on four ships, according to the Wall Street Journal.

While there’s some skepticism about how well these rules are enforced, UN sanctions would require members to bar blacklisted ships from their ports.

A Security Council resolution passed last week gives member states more authority to seize the ships that have breached international sanctions and ban them from their ports. And the satellite images mentioned above have shown just how easily North Korea has managed to circumvent sanctions managed to restrict energy flowing into the country while also choking off its exports of North Korean coal.

Chinese deputy ambassador to the United Nations Wu Haitao speaks at the Security Council on Friday.

Earlier today, we reported that South Korean officials seized one of the ships shown in the US satellite photographs. The ship, the Hong Kong-flagged Lighthouse Winmore, was being held for inspection by South Korea. Its crewmembers will reportedly be allowed to return to their home countries once the inspection is finished.

That ship was caught transferring oil to North Korea-flagged Sam Jong 2. Both the Winmore and Sam Jong are on the US’s list of 10 ships deserving of sanctions. But neither ships are included on China’s revised list of four.

The declassified American intelligence, which was presented to the U.N., includes a series of photos taken Oct. 19 showing the Lighthouse Winmore side-by-side with the Sam Jong 2, allegedly engaged in an illicit ship-to-ship transfer of petroleum. Other photos show the Yu Yuan taking on a load of coal at Wonsan, North Korea, on Aug. 12 and unloading it on Sept. 5 at Kholmsk, Russia. Some of the declassified intelligence was reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

South Korean officials described the Lighthouse Winmore as a textbook case of sanctions busting. “This case is representative of how North Korea tries to tactically go around U.N. Security Council sanctions using illegal networks,” a South Korean official said. “Seoul authorities will report to the United Nations Security Council Sanctions Committee after taking relevant action.”

Aside from the Winmore and Sam Jong, the Chinese didn't agree to designate as sanctions violators are the Xin Sheng Hai, Kai Xiang, Yu Yuan and Glory Hope 1 whose registered owner is China Dandong Xianghe, according to the U.S. submission to the U.N.

It is alleged to have transferred up to 600 tons of oil to a North Korean ship on Oct. 19, days after loading the fuel at Yeosu, South Korea, the official said.

American intelligence has flagged several other incidences of sanctions violations involving North Korean ships. On Aug. 26, the North Korean-flagged Ul Ji Bong 6 was loaded with coal at the North Korean port at Wonsan. On Sept. 5, it delivered the coal to the Russian naval base at Kholmsk, which is located on Russia’s Sakhalin Island.

The Winmore

The Lighthouse Winmore

In their formal communication to the sanctions committee, a Chinese official said Beijing’s decision on which ships to list was based on the evidence but didn’t discuss the cases in detail.

Western experts say China is doing what it has always done regarding North Korea: Agreeing to tough sounding sanctions while refusing to follow through with enforcement. At least one of the ships targeted by the sanctions is Chinese owned. Several are North Korean.

Further complicating the issue of who exactly is responsible for violating the sanctions, the Winmore was being rented out by Taiwanese entity Billions Bunker Group at the time of the suspected violation. The ship carried a Hong Kong flag.

Ship-to-ship trade with North Korea on the high seas is forbidden in UNSC Resolution 2375 adopted in September, but such violations are nearly impossible to detect unless China aggressively cracks down on smuggling.   

And while it is not known if the Chinese government is directly condoning sanctions violations, Beijing on Thursday said there was no illicit trade, with defence ministry spokesman Ren Guoqiang saying China and its military strictly enforced the UN resolutions on North Korea.

“The situation you have mentioned absolutely does not exist,” Ren said at a regular media briefing, without elaborating.



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Just sink the ships that are fucking around - after all, if they were doing nothing wrong, they weren't there at all.

In which case, no one is gonna miss them except for the ship owners and the insurance companies.

I guarantee you that after 5-10 ships sink, the embargo will be tighter than the sphincters on Huma, Washerman Schultz, and Cankles The Terrible when they go on trial. 

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Truther SILVERGEDDON Fri, 12/29/2017 - 21:27 Permalink

Sure. Let's also obliterate the US military that are fucking around in Syria who are providing weapons to ISIS, and transporting the head choppers into military bases for more head culinary training, who were never invited there in the first place. Just to keep to Zionist Joo bitch (Bibi) and AIPAC happy.

Fuck the US Warmongering shitheads. BTW, if the "Chinks" demand to see the US gold reserve, Mnuchin's polaroid's quickie won't suffice or save face. Then we can start looking at a boomerang effect.

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Vageling JimmyJones Fri, 12/29/2017 - 19:58 Permalink

This will come back like a boomerang. It Will bite the USG in the ass. This newly staged "leverage" is a typical form of irresponsible politics. Damn down to utter corruption and plain fucking USG corruption. And so far where is the tangible proof? 

Boats doing shit. Crew gets payed. I saw no evidence of robbermint orders. This is CNN offering you a blowjob.

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GUS100CORRINA JimmyJones Fri, 12/29/2017 - 20:00 Permalink

Yes indeed, losing face is really bad. The people involved in this activity now have a real big problem with CHINESE leadership for being caught.

I find it interesting how the TRUMP administration was aware of the "NOKO" trading violations since Oct'17 and said nothing until now. 

Maybe, just maybe, CHINA didn't really know that the USA had been collecting incriminating information on oil deliveries.

Both CHINA and RUSSIA need to realize that they are not dealing with the "OBOZO" administration any longer where anything goes.

I just hope and pray that this does not lead to conflict in 2018.

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Dilluminati Fri, 12/29/2017 - 19:46 Permalink

China does everything to undermine stability and peace.  They are not carrying their weight in respect to stability in Asia and should have cut off the hermit for the nukes a while back.  This is China's proxy and problem.  I'm all for stopping this real example of a threat sooner rather than later.

The Chicoms think Obama is still in office.

RubberJohnny Fri, 12/29/2017 - 19:50 Permalink

Psychopaths rule the world.

They are leading us on a path to utter self-destruction just as in Atlantean times when the greatest scientific wonders had been achieved but ended up under the control of psychos, such as Putin, Trump, and that Chink leader Yuan Hung Lo.

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Whilst not quite a blockade yet, the US is definitely heading in that direction.

"You may only trade with others if "We" say so" seems to be the case - helped by the very much "pet" MSM continuing to parrot the "NK is a Rogue State" diatribe - a "Rogue State" for doing EXACTLY the same as the US, Russia, UK, China, and other "Nuclear Powers" - but no one mentions Israel, do they . . . . . 

Countries DO have the RIGHT to defend themselves, WITHOUT persecution by the Global Bully. Especially since the same Global Bully has been responsible for how many millions dead on both sides of the DMZ??


"One Law for the US (and their sycophants), another "Law" for the rest of us".

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They have a legal right to test the missiles.

Much better to persuade them by persuading them that life would be much better for the population as well as the leaders with some wizzo trade deals.

But then why would they believe the word of an American. Any solution here will need to have China and Russia on the bottom line. Its crazy to have to say it but their word is worth more than the US's.


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The Slants have been undermining us for the past 50 years since the Korean war. They steal our proprietary information, they constantly hack us, they make the absolute shittiest products in the world, and they stab us in the back after pretending to be our good friends. Fuck em. Stop buying ALL of their shit tomorrow ! Buy from Vietnam, South Korea, India, and other friendly countries. They can take a fake Buddha statue and shove it up their rice holes.

rwe2late Fri, 12/29/2017 - 20:09 Permalink

 The Chinese and Russians apparently erred (again)

to approve undeserved UN sanctions based on a pack of lies.

 Serbia, Iraq, Libya, and now NKorea.

Russian and Chinese ships will now be

subject to seizure and/or blacklisting.

Meanwhile the US & US corporations can ignore many international laws,

assassinate by special ops or drones, torture,

supply weapons to Ukraine and Saudi Arabia and Israel,

invade and occupy Syria,

and oversee the Afghan/CIA drug enterprise.

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Bwahah ahahahhaha....... ohh my, how retarded can our Gov gets?

The Chinese will only accept 4 ships to be blacklisted... lolz ahahahha

Then the Chinese will change the numbers on those ships lol zhahahaha


Are we fucken retarded or what?

BrownCoat JibjeResearch Fri, 12/29/2017 - 22:38 Permalink

Who cares what China says? The US can enforce the UN resolution. Done!

Forecast: If the US confiscates the ships, the Norks will test another nuke. There isn't much space in their little country so its possible they will create a nuclear hot site like those splattered all over the two Cold War protagonists. In Asia, life is cheap. So, having a radioactive cloud spread over Nork neighbors will bother no one but the US.

Everyone is fuken retarded. Too bad rational thought faded with Western Civilization.

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Nearly impossible to detect?  What about those photos?  We can track lost cats with satellites.

Track ‘em, Seize ‘em, and Keep ‘em- that will stop the smuggling.