China Tests Hypersonic Weapon, Rendering US THAAD Powerless

The art of (future) war is rapidly evolving with Beijing spearheading the push into the first modern operational hypersonic glide vehicle (HGV). According to The Diplomat, the weapon, known as the Dong Feng (“East Wind”), DF-17 for short, is designed to challenge existing missile defense systems, such as America’s anti-ballistic missile defense system called: Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD).


An unnamed U.S. government source, who has studied recent intelligence reports on the People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force (PLARF), said China conducted two separate tests of the hypersonic missile back in November. The first test was conducted on November 01 and the second test took place on November 15. The Diplomat signals, that the November 01 test was the first Chinese ballistic missile launch to take place after the Communist Party of China’s 19th Party Congress in October.


Following half-dozen development tests between 2014-2016, the most recent tests were launched from the Jiuquan Space Launcher Center in Inner Mongolia. The Diplomat then explains that the November 01 test was widely viewed as successful after the hypersonic weapon hit its intended target “within meters.”

During the November 1 test flight, which took place from the Jiuquan Space Launcher Center in Inner Mongolia, the missile’s payload flew to a range of approximately 1,400 kilometers with the HGV flying at a depressed altitude of around 60 kilometers following the completion of the DF-17’s ballistic and reentry phases.

HGVs begin flight after separating from their ballistic missile boosters, which follow a standard ballistic trajectory to give the payload vehicle sufficient altitude.

Parts of the U.S. intelligence community assess that the DF-17 is a medium-range system, with a range capability between 1,800 and 2,500 kilometers. The missile is expected to be capable of delivering both nuclear and conventional payloads and may be capable of being configured to deliver a maneuverable reentry vehicle instead of an HGV.

Most of the missile’s flight time during the November 1 flight test was powered by the HGV during the glide phase, the source said. The missile successfully made impact at a site in Xinjiang Province, outside Qiemo, “within meters” of the intended target, the source added. The duration of the HGV’s flight was nearly 11 minutes during that test.

The source told The Diplomat, this was “the first HGV test in the world using a system intended to be fielded operationally.” U.S. intelligence assessments indicate the DF-17 could be operational as soon as 2020.

“Although hypersonic glide vehicles and missiles flying non-ballistic trajectories were first proposed as far back as World War II, technological advances are only now making these systems practicable,” Vice Admiral James Syring, director of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency, said in June, during a testimony before the U.S. House Armed Services Committee.

In 2015, Lockheed Martin, well aware of China’s HGV threat, dusted off their plans to upgrade its THAAD missile system to counter hypersonic weapons.

Lockheed Martin is hoping the maturing threat of hypersonic boost glide vehicles from ambitious adversaries will spark interest in the company’s dormant plan to design a more capable interceptor for the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (Thaad) air defense system.

Chinese officials confirmed they conducted a test last month of what they are calling a hypersonic strike vehicle. U.S. officials worry this missile could outsmart their defenses.

That said, China is not the only superpower in the HGV game, the United States and Russia are developing hypersonic weapons, as well.

And lastly, the Rand Corporation  warns, “the trajectory and capabilities of HGVs provide them with some unprecedented attributes that may be disruptive to current military doctrines of advanced nations.”



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Like I said many times, the second Space Race is on. One who controls Space will control the Earth. 

  • China understands this and working hard (stealing US technologies and doing their own work)
  • Russia has no science & engineering capabilities since Prostitutin's gang destroyed everything of any value
  • The USA is controlled by Zio-Banking Mafia. LMT is the US military technology integrator number 1. 20 years ago, LMT CEO Rogers had Ph.D. from Standford in mechanical engineering but now it is a female with major in human relationships and an incompetent black as a head of R&DD. It appears the Sputnik is all over again!

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ProsperD9 Russian concord crashed and took out an entire block in a suburb of Paris before it was even ready for use. Fucking things could have been dropping out of the air all over the Soviet Union no one would have known with KGB at work. It was discontinued after maybe 7 or 8 years of use the same as Concord. As much as it was fucking amazing all Soviet technology lost credibility with Chernobyl.......

The bigger picture is if hypersonic aircraft worked and were cost effective we would still be using them. They were just a dick waving contest from the Cold War and a way to get commercial aviation to pay for research for the Military Industrial Complex.

Stuff like hover trains or ground effect aircraft were incredibly impressive and I think the Soviets were ahead in some ways. End of the fucking day none of this technology will be applied for commercial use because its a threat to suburbia and the auto industry. Much easier to centrally plan or finance a road network and factory supply chain than face a situation with flying cars, Zepplins or hover craft. Tech means fuck all when engineers only work for bankers and central planners. Go ask the ghost Nikolai Tesla and every other stupid fucking genius who went up against finance and government. 

If you think I am lying look at how much is spent on sex robots and dildos and compare that with how effective the robots are for space exploration and nuclear waste clean up. These projects are white elephants to bilk to tax payer and the investor. 

On the technology front something tells me this probably reversed engineered from the U.S Aurora program. Probably brought over to China via Israel. Only important on a strategic level if a nuclear war breaks out or sued to target aircraft carriers. The billions invested in missile defense only make sense if the pay load is nuclear. Even if they are more advanced now the Chinese would be destroyed by the more numerous American ICBM´s. Their socitey would implode without U.S consumers.

Its a dick waving contest.......

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MEFOBILLS Maghreb Fri, 12/29/2017 - 23:18 Permalink

Hypersonic is Mach 5 plus.  Concord was supersonic around Mach 2, usually only over the ocean.

Concord used a turbojet.  SR71 used a turbo-ramjet and could do Mach 3.  The large cone in front of engine acted as a compressor to slow down the air enough, where it didn't cause a compressor stall.  That means the air has to be slowed down to rate of combustion.

When you get up to Mach 5 and higher, then new kinds of engines have to be used, engines that sustain high rates of supersonic combustion.., like a SCRAMJET.

Also, hypersonic vehicle gets hot from air friction, so fuel is used as a coolant.  SCRAMJETS supposedly use Hydrogen fuel, with first one demonstrated by Soviet Union in 1991.

China now has powerful supercomputers capable of doing high speed computational fluid dynamics.  China also has built wind tunnels capable of the high velocities need to do model testing.

So, it is not a dick waving contest.  The Chinese are pretty serious - it is U.S. government and its controlling plutocracy, that are a comedy troupe of morons.

MIC pushed their "defense umbrella" strategy, even though a college freshman physics student could punch holes in logic of defensive strategy.


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A trident missile hits mach 17. They wanted to put a tungsten rod in place of the warhead. It was a no go, because the superpowers said it was to easy to confuse with a nuclear launch. If you notice the article doesn't mention anything about propulsion tech. The chinese are years behind. In short all ICBM's are hypersonic weapons. US is the only one to have succesfully test scramjet tech. If making mach 3 was easy in the 60's I doubt they have much difficulty these days. WTF do you think they do with all that money the pump into the desert.

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honestann MEFOBILLS Sat, 12/30/2017 - 14:25 Permalink

Pretty much everything anyone reads in public is designed to convince everyone they need to be abject slaves to pay 10x to 100x the reasonable cost for everything from the MIC (military industrial complex), plus pay for 10x more systems than are worth buying.  The important considerations and dynamics, and what is actually happening... are generally very, very different.

Here is just one example.  You'll read a gazillion articles per decade about these kinds of long-distance weapons, all designed to justify endless spending to MIC corporations.  However, you'll almost never read that a bunch of submarines (which carry many nuclear missiles each) in international waters (15 miles from coastlines) can wipe out coastal cities in minutes without breaking a sweat.  The only other factoid you need to know is... what percentage of the population and important commercial and military industries (including weapons manufacturers) are near coastlines.  The answer is "well over half".

Another example.  Any "nuclear state" with substantial nuclear assets and delivery systems will never "give up" or "give in" without going all in.  Meaning... if the "state" is about to fall, or others have launched nukes at them... they will launch all their nukes against whoever is their attacker (and if they don't know who that is, they'll still launch against others they consider enemies).

The sad fact is this.  Nothing you read about these issues prepares you in any way to know what the real dynamics are.  Hint:  The most important dynamic is the same as for regular folks, namely "destruction is inherently vastly more potent than production".  Stated differently, "predator have enormous inherent advantages over producers".  Stated differently, "for practical purposes, it is always much easier and cheaper to destroy than protect... and virtually all expensive weapons can be defeated with vastly cheaper methods.  However, morons who are intent on stealing as much as possible while doing as little productive work as possible (namely corporations in the MIC) are the most self-destructive system of all.

The real dynamic is simple in many ways... overlaid with some very complex factors you'll never read about, and certainly not read about in appropriate context.

PS:  Given the fact the neo-con-jobs in the USSA are completely outta their freaking minds insane, and lie, steal, defraud and provoke constantly, openly state their goal as "full spectrum dominance" (literally dominate everyone in every possible way), China and Russia (and everyone else) would be utterly insane to not take that situation seriously.

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mkkby MEFOBILLS Sat, 12/30/2017 - 17:00 Permalink

Missile defense has always been a fraud used to suck money into the MIC pit.  Since the 80s low flying cruise missiles have been impossible to track and stop.

Anybody who understands radar knows low flying objects are impossible to see.  The military has known this since radar was invented 80 years ago.

So patriot/thaad can *possibly* stop a 50s tech scud, but is worthless against 80s tech.

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greenskeeper carl ProsperD9 Fri, 12/29/2017 - 20:42 Permalink

Its people the US can't get people into space without help, not satellites. We launch our own satellites just fine. Granted, one of the primary means of doing so, the Atlas V, does rely on Russian engines. But, the Space-X Falcon 9 and Delta IV/IV Heavy do not. We launch shit into space all the time, with the overwhelming majority of the launches being successful. There are 12-20 a year out of Canaveral.


For the record, I am no fan of the war and empire either. I just correct patently false information when I see it. Do some research before posting things like that in the future.

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The Chinese WU-14 can transverse the entire planet in less than an hour - It travels on the edge of space and is ‘manouverable’ at hypersonic speeds ! 

It is also nuclear capable !! 

The Zio/US feeds you a lot of BULLSHIT about their ‘capabilities’ !! 

In 1966 they produced the ‘Thunderbirds’ and couldn’t even hide the FUCKING ‘strings’ !!! 

Three years later they produced the ‘Thunderbird’ FUCKING ‘Moon Landing’ !! 

Like everything that comes out of ‘Pentagram’ - it’s ALL ‘Piss and Wind’ !!!! 

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The Chinese WU-14 can transverse the entire planet in less than an hour - It travels on the edge of space and is ‘manouverable’ at hypersonic speeds ! 

It is also nuclear capable !! 

The Zio/US feeds you a lot of BULLSHIT about their ‘capabilities’ !! 

In 1966 they produced the ‘Thunderbirds’ and couldn’t even hide the FUCKING ‘strings’ !!! 

Three years later they produced the ‘Thunderbird’ FUCKING ‘Moon Landing’ !! 

Like everything that comes out of ‘Pentagram’ - it’s ALL ‘Piss and Wind’ !!!! 

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It is not correct. LMT was designed THAAD from the early 1980s.  Patriot is 2000s system.

It is very simple and cheap to make reentry high-speed warheads maneuverable, therefore, making the ground-based antimissile systems useless.

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Posa caconhma Sat, 12/30/2017 - 14:05 Permalink

Not exactly. Smart powers can build sufficient deterrence to protect vital interests, and win long-term success and security through mercanitist- growth policies that other nations naturally wish to align wish (if they get a fair shake out of the eal).


This seems to be the Sino-Russo Grand Strategy, of which the Anglo-American Predator Class is scared witless, and willing to risk general nuclear war the defeat. Let's hope it's all bluff and the Anglo-American Paper Empire collapses slowly on its own. The Chinese and Russians aren't saintly or heroic, but seem to be more interested in "Build, not Bomb" and that automatically makes them preferable to the war and destruction the US offers the world.

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troubadourcapital Latina Lover Fri, 12/29/2017 - 08:42 Permalink

Wow I thought people on this site were patriots. It's one thing to dislike the government. It's quite another to actively wish others harm.

Regardless, it's kind of scary how fast the Chinese are advancing in weapons R&D. Considering how much smaller their military budget is.


They've gone from blatantly copying U.S. weaponry to actually innovating stuff on their own.

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greenskeeper carl DEMIZEN Fri, 12/29/2017 - 20:55 Permalink

It is indeed. Crazy fast , too, if what I've read is correct. Russia just spends their defense dollars a lot better and smarter than we do. An example would be that torpedo. We spend billions each on allegedly top of the line submarines, which ARE better than the Russian ones. Instead of trying to match it, they build a better torpedo that can whittle away our advantages. Look at the F-35. 1.5 Trillion dollars, and by a lot of reports, it doesn't even work. No need for Russia to do much on that front. What they have built to counter the F22 will be just as effective. The F22 probably is the best all around fighter in the world. But, rather than attempt to spend such an outrageous sum of money on a better fighter, they just keep their already high performing but non stealthy fighters in the air, and instead build a surface to air missile system that will, if reports are correct, shoot down anything in the sky. The S-400/500 won't even come close to costing what an F-22 costs (or an F-35) but it has made many of the advantages of these aircraft non existent. These systems also make the US reluctant to even use these new toys, for fear they will be shot down. They'd all look pretty stupid if the Iranians tagged a couple with Russian missiles. So, they will probably just sit this one out, at least until their air defenses have been exhausted or destroyed.


We, too, could build top notch weapons systems for a lot less, but we have no interest in doing so. The MIC is nothing but a graft system. Its corporate welfare. A jobs program, but one that kills people. We massively overpay for EVERYTHING the government buys.

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Greenskeeper, you are stupid and don't understand basic tech.  There is NO NEED for stealth fighters or any expensive plane built in the last 40 years.

Any defense system can be defeated by a low flying plane/missile.  Radar is useless at low altitudes.  Every military in the world has known this since radar was invented 80 plus years ago.

Israel frequently bombs the Syrian capitol despite Russian defense systems.  They just fly low and escape detection.  Easy.

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