Indiana Bill Would Force NFL Colts To Repay Angry Fans Offended By Anthem Protests

The political kneeling protest by NFL players has now reached the blowback phase. Angry football fans across the United States are demanding that NFL teams refund their tickets based on the player acts they deem offensive during the National Anthem. It’s a vicious trend coupled with a rating collapse that’s creating a toxic feedback loop for the NFL.


And now, the latest escalation comes from an Indiana lawmaker, who intends to file legislation that would require Indianapolis Colts to refund fans at home games if players kneel during the National Anthem.

Rep. Milo Smith, R-Columbus, who is spearheading the movement said his bill would allow fans at home games who feel disrespected by kneeling to ask for a refund in the first quarter.

“To me when they take a knee during the national anthem, it’s not respecting the national anthem or our country,” Smith said. “Our government isn’t perfect, but it’s still the best country in the world and I think we need to be respectful of it.”

The IndyStar, a local newspaper, reached out to a Colts representative, who failed to comment on the proposal.

Earlier in the Colt’s season, Smith had a bad experience of his own, which spurred him to develop the refund bill.

Smith and his daughter were attending the Colts’ September game against the Cleveland Browns when a group of Colts players decided to kneel along with about 200 other NFL players across the country. He was offended but stayed at the game. “I’m pretty patriotic, and it didn’t sit right with me,” said Smith.  

Jane Henegar, executive director of ACLU Indiana, countered Smith and said his bill could be a “constitutional violation.”

“In effect by passing the law, government would be weighing in…and fining political speech by the Indianapolis Colts,” Henegar said. “It seems like the worst thing that could happen is government weighing in and trying to control in any direction the political speech of private actors.”

In October, President Trump asked Vice President Mike Pence, who attended the Colts verse 49ers to walkout “if any players kneeled", and that is what Pence did.

Earlier this month, a season-ticket holder of the New Orleans Saints sued the organization demanding his money be returned, because players disrespected the National Anthem during the 2017 season’s home games.

The trend is clear, the blowback phase is evident, and the American people have had enough! Across the land, angry NFL fans have put aside their team’s rivalry and have banded together as one to demand change. The concept in focus here is that the will of the American people, if unified can demand sweeping changes in the NFL and even Government.



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I think they should take 2 knees to show everyone who their masters are.  After that, they might as well go home because nobody wants to watch our niggers play your niggers.


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True - I don't give a shit about NFL - stopped watching about 6 years ago because of all the whining - made me sick.

But there are in fact NFL bylaws that require them to stand but like all special 'cultures' they get a pass

Fuck them all.

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True - I don't give a shit about NFL - stopped watching about 6 years ago because of all the whining - made me sick.

But there are in fact NFL bylaws that require them to stand but like all special 'cultures' they get a pass

Fuck them all.

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Well Canuk, conservatard snowflakes ARE a stupid lot but, they are good at one thing: they are masters of projection. They will scream "dont tread on me", but cheer when police kill citizens in the street.  They will yell, "small goobermin" but, have no issue spending damn near $T a year on MIC and surveillance systems that spies ... on them!  They will support the "war on drugs" which is there to keep them from getting access to low cost alternatives build a police state, AND encroach even MORE of the few civil liberties they have left (asset forfeiture anyone).

So this NFL issue, where they deflect from what these 1st amendment protest are actually about(killing citizens in the street) is instantly converted into something the lumpen snowflakes can understand, like "soldiers, flag, gawd, etc"

What is truly, beautifully, ironic though, is that these creatures who scream "patriotism" have become the perfect, mindless, unquestioning, tools, absolutely mind-controlled by a foreign entity: faux newz (Murdoch is not 'Murican).  

Exceptional, indeed!

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at a sporting event.


More leftard logic.

Lemme he'p ya' out here, skippy.  People PAY MONEY to go to these games. That means they are a captive audience for these sheboonigans. The players damn well know this - that's why they're doing it this way. If they acted out in the parking lot, or after the game, nobody would care.

You don't get to force me to pay to endure you shoving your Marxist Critical Race Theory in my face.

I'm not required to subsidize myself being scolded, by pampered idiots with MUCH more money - and privilege - than myself, that anything less than the total extinction of whites constitutes white supremacy, racism, patriarchy, etc.

And there are tens of millions just like me. We do not seek to oppress anyone. But if two people run a footrace, the winner is not oppressing the loser. If you don't like the playing field called America/Western Civilization, there are others on the planet, just as someone can choose between football, basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, golf or even chess, as their preferred arena of competition.

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Hmmm, been watching that foreign owned faux have you?  NONE of the "kneelers" (some whites too) are promoting "extinction" of whites. Too bad you can't read and can no longer think for yourself.  They are protesting cops killing civilians on the street in cold blood.  Sorry shawn vannity didna 'splain it to you and told ya they hate 'murica, the flag an family values.  READ for yourself what they are trying to bring attention to.  You can then reject their notions but at least be informed.  Try coming out of the matrix, waters fine.

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I don't like these people either, but why, exactly, should they pay the money back? You bought a ticket, you went to the game, or didn't. Thats on you. If you get offended by something and decide to leave, thats on you. Unless there is something in a contract that says "100% money back if you are offended by anything these players do" you are not entitled to a refund based off anything these people do. I say this as someone that can't stand the NFL, but I like frivolous lawsuits even less. Stop buying the tickets, stop buying the merchandise, stop buying things from their sponsors, stop watching it on TV.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but these guys did get up after their "take a knee" and played football right?

Your example would hold if after they took a knee they brought out a hoop and started dribbling.

Snowflakes, the lot of them.  

If the NFL doesn't mind their players kneeling, so be it. Don't watch the games. If you don't find that acceptable, well don't buy a ticket. If you bought season tickets, well, too bad so sad. 

It's like suing because you expected your team to win every game, then they lost every one.  Sorry, that's life.


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Not to be argumentative, but stop being such a ridiculous cunt.  There are too many homes with folded flags that represent a lost loved one and purchasing a ticket for a sporting event wasn't what was included within reasonable expectations when players decide to disrespect the US flag and the national anthem, it's one thing if they don't sing, one thing if they can't get their hand on their heart, or lack a fucking ability to see more than their myopic selfish instincts.  The ticketed season payer has reasonable expectations that should be met in a public venue: and the players didn't meet that reasonable expectation.  Why not cancel the time and not tell the customer?  Or just decide to not announce the game?  Or move the fucking schedule around at the last moment the cocksuckers!!!  

People who want their money back after this shit show of spoiled and frankly disgusting players should be given a full refund and incidental and consequential damages including reimbursement for parking, and 25 cents a mile to and from the game.  If I bought a ticket for a sporting event I expect that players get up off their fat asses and stand for the flag as part of that deal.  

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What about the fans, should we have to stand as well?  Maybe they can look into a law about that too?

When I buy a ticket I reasonably expect that the fans should show homage for the flag, and anthem. Like you said, people have died for it.  Right?

This isn't about fans negotiating with the team. This is about introducing the force of government into the equation.

And I will be a ridiculous cunt till the day I die trying to limit the scope of what the government influences.  Because if they can give you everything you want, they can take away anything that they want.


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I know this guy "larwee" and he told me this story about going to the game and requesting people remove their hats during the anthem.  The guy is USMC and a decent guy, and guess what??  People removed their hats.  Even when taps is played, you stop where you're off to and stand for a moment of respect.  The people who are doing all of the protesting are undermining the respect that they claim that they want.  This respect is in 2018 color blind, it is gender neutral, if it is given it is thus received.  This whole thing really started about pig socks by some QB who similar to Tim Teebow was good at the college level but not cut for the NFL.  I provided the link to the 2016 story and the pig socks.…

Now here is the final irony about "larwee" this is a decent person, cowboy fan and that doesn't go well with me for starters.. but all the same.. good guy.. good marine.. and he would request you take that hat off and stand, and that would be it.. but if you wanted to be the asshole and then decide to go a further mile??  Be rude?  Get stupid?? Oh you're fucked then, not that that was his initial angle.. but truly he takes offense when you disrespect not him but the ideas that he respects.

So it's not what you think.. it's not the disrespect to larwee, it's the disrespect to the things that larwee knows are sound, valuable, worthy, and sincere.  It is a symbol of more than just a flag it is a referendum on values which some still have an honor.  So on a serious note: if you reasonably expected that from the experience and somebody purposefully was disrespectful to your values in a public venue, then yes I would as a jury member side with the claim for compensation.

It's not about a piece of cloth or a song, it's about just general civility and respect.. 

so stop making excuses for these cunts and get off the hate america 1st wagon.. stop putting the sensitivities of these players myopic above the sensibilities of others..

Kaepernick has brought this upon himself and he's not the only NFL player seemingly not starting for any other reason than say Teebow.. the difference?  Tim Teebow wasn't an asshole about the rejection and didn't do stupid and disrespectful displays of contempt against members of the audience as Kaepernick did.  Families of police officers have an equal claim of refund to attending an event where they are purposefully insulted and singled out.  It's just disrespectful and the customer shouldn't be expected to put up with it.   If a waitress is ridiculously rude and it is captured on camera you get up and walk out of the restaruant and then go get Judge Judy to explain to you on TV that you are a rude asshole and not going to get paid!  Keep in mind that this was done at a public event and that civility can fall under the jurisdiction of community standards.

I'd love to be on the jury.


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Have to agree with you pods......I am torn because I stopped standing at sporting events after we invaded Iraq and started supporting terrorist.  The hypocrisy was to much for me.  I am just exercising my 1st Amendment rights....before I have to exercise my 2nd.

Does that make me un-patriotic?  Should the government punish me?  It comes down to are we free or not?

If you don't believe these dindus are out of line it is your right not to watch them.  But you shouldn't be telling people what they should do or not do.

In parting, I have two words..........fuck statism.

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The NFL is selling a game of football. That it can not stop kneeling players demonstrates its not selling EVERY single aspect of the players' attitudes to every single thing. Please note: kneeling is not inherently disrespectful or insulting: it's a withdrawl of assent,. It asserts nothing except a reservation of 100% commitment to every aspect of public patriotism. Please also note, I dont agree with their actions: there are more important issues & merely acting as they have comes off as mere self indulgence: if they really cared they'd be doing a hell of a lot more than what they have. 

Incidentally, anyone who stayed to watch the game AFTER being disgusted by kneeling, & now claims a refund is going for their cake & eat it too.

Oh, & why do sporting events require public displays of formal patriotism ? (Especially, domestic sporting events.) Why can't people just enjoy the game without being reminded of so-called love of country? Reminds me of Captain Black in Catch 22: ended up you couldn't even get the salt & pepper or something equally inconsequential without doing a "Loyalty Oath". And don't think that Trump & Co & many of their supporters are not as equally cynical as Captain Black....

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XlibertyX Beowulf55 Sat, 12/30/2017 - 09:54 Permalink

"I am torn because I stopped standing at sporting events after we invaded Iraq and started supporting terrorist.  The hypocrisy was to much for me.  I am just exercising my 1st Amendment rights"

The last 3 times I went to a professional sporting event, I went to the can, the beer stand (Wrigley Field), or stood with my hands behind my back and looked around at all the zombies -- it's frightening how mechanical the slaves are. Pavlov, call your office ...

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everything you think you know is a lie. 9/11 was an inside job, Vietnam was about funneling billions to the men at the top, 40 trillion spent since fake 9/11, and let me tell you something that should shake you to your ignorant core, someday these same military and police that you are dickriding will show up at your house, and take your guns from you, and guess what????   you are going to give them up.

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Liberty2012 Joe Mama 3 Fri, 12/29/2017 - 16:53 Permalink

No, not exactly.  However, if you take something I give you and stomp on it, particularly while telling me you have a right to it, then don’t expect me to look kindly upon you.  The military put their lives on the line so the rest of us can continue to live freely.  If we don’t appreciate it, or don’t play our part as citizens, why should they respect us? 

The world today is a disconnected from reality in many ways.  Charity and respect are disappearing.  When the government does everything - as in decides who to take from and who to give to - who deserves respect and who doesn’t - then the relationship of individuals suffer.

Individual people should decide who they respect and who they want to help.  The government should be in background.

Freedom requires most citizens to actively understand and support it.  Otherwise it fails.  In that sense, Freedom is a collective.



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Bad_Sushi Dilluminati Fri, 12/29/2017 - 12:59 Permalink

Exactly right, some things still matter in this world and watching people you just paid to see play a football game disrespect your country matters a great deal. That was never in the package, should never be in the package unless its advertised as such and we all know that ain't gonna happen...

Hey folks come on down to the stadium and see the game, our team is going to shit on the flag while the National Anthem is sung! You don't want to miss it! 

As the bonus attraction the players on the visiting team will also disrespect your flag and your country! See you there! 

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Dilluminati Bad_Sushi Fri, 12/29/2017 - 13:23 Permalink

The quality of the play has declined, the product is so filled with commercials that it isn't enjoyable to watch.  That is another discussion, but heh I thought it was a contact sport and remember when defenses won games.

Honestly the game ISN'T what it once was and that makes these cunts and their pig socks all the more laughable.  These new kids are not in the same league as the guys in that video.

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Handful of Dust Dilluminati Fri, 12/29/2017 - 13:59 Permalink

As mentioned above, mental anguish and emotional distress should be part of their compensation.

This is esp true for people who bought their tickets before the felons began doing their anti-American disrespectful kneeling. I don't know any people who would pay to be spit in the face like this except for some white liberals who don't go to football games.

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Abaco Dilluminati Fri, 12/29/2017 - 14:16 Permalink

While I disagree with the ignorant and misguided motivation of these players I think there is another perspective to be considered.  The NFL began the politicization of the game with the Breast Cancer Awareness month and the militarization of the show that they did for millions from DoD. 

All of those folded fags are a stain on the nation.  Good people went to serve their country with a false trust in the government leaders. 16 years after 9/11 no one can articulate a decent reason for our people being in Iraq or Afghanistan.  We won WWII in 4 years - why can't we beat a bunch goat herders stuck in the 1300's. To have our young people sacrifice their lives so the MIC can keep their profits flowing is beyond obscene.  And this worship of the military in all things serves only to shroud this obscenity.

The most disgusting thing you can do to the military is have them shed their blood for no good reason. The War on Terror, is bullshit so long as our borders are open and we import low IQ muslims. We shouldn't be celebrating those who lives were wasted in service of a lie.  we should be stringing up the people who abused the trust of the military.


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ReturnOfDaMac Dilluminati Sat, 12/30/2017 - 13:59 Permalink

But you ARE being argumentative.  Such a snowflake response.  It is not disrespectful of the flag or the military to protest the state itself, when the state is doing the opposite of the very thing the flag stands for (state killing of Americans in the street).

By the way, the deal you made was to exchange some fiat for the right to sit in the stands, cheer or boo as you wish, at some guys chasing a ball.  That is all you agreed to.  The brave men and women in Arlington (some of mine are actually THERE), didn't die so the state can shoot its own citizens in the street.  The honored dead from Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and elsewhere did NOT die so some jacked up halfwit can shoot and kill unarmed Americans 'cause he was scared.  This is a disgrace to all that these true, brave, REAL American heroes died for.  Stupid tribal brainwashed fake faux programmed droids will never be able to understand this, never.  As a real patriot I ask you, don't be them.

If you don't like them kneeling, or cheerleaders showing their beautiful boodies and voluptuous boobies (cause that may offend some religious folks), or whatever, you can simply not attend.

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