Rare Anti-Government Protests Grow In Iran, Reports Of Jammed Satellite TV Networks

Rare protests in multiple cities across Iran, especially in the country's second largest city of Mashhad, gained momentum on Thursday and Western media and pundits are beginning to take note. Though it appears the main protest locations have been consistently described as being in the hundreds and not yet reaching mass numbers, observers say they are likely to grow in size and in intensity as economic grievances over high prices, corruption, and mismanagement have reached a boiling point.

The largest and most covered protests were held in Mashhad on Thursday. Map via World Atlas

Notably, dozens of videos were uploaded to social media channels Thursday showing demonstrators primarily in Mashhad in northwest Iran chanting “death to [President] Rouhani” and “death to the dictator”. Mashhad is considered one of the holiest and most conservative places in Shia Islam, causing some pundits to conclude that if such aggressive anti-government demonstrations can take place there, they could take place anywhere throughout Iran. Other places named by the semi-official ILNA news agency and social media reports where demonstrations have occurred are in Razavi Khorasan Province, including Neyshabour and Kashmar.

And there are some indications that authorities in Tehran are preparing for a broader crackdown to prevent protests from spreading. Though unconfirmed, Carl Bildt, the co-chair for the European Council on Foreign Relations cited on Thursday afternoon  "Reports of signals of international satellite TV networks jammed in large cities of Iran. Would be sign of regime fear of today’s protests spreading." And well-known opposition outlets further reported that over 100 protesters were arrested in Mashhad.

Ground footage of Thursday's protests in Mashad, northeast Iran.

Though Iranian president Rouhani’s signature achievement - the 2015 nuclear deal brokered with the United States and other world powers - resulted in the lifting of most international sanctions in early 2016, this has yet to bring the broad economic benefits the government had promised was coming.

A Reuters summary of the dire economic situation nationwide is as follows:

Unemployment stood at 12.4 percent in this fiscal year, according to the Statistical Centre of Iran, up 1.4 percent from the previous year. About 3.2 million Iranians are jobless, out of a total population of 80 million. Mashad governor Mohammad Rahim Norouzian was quoted by the semi-official ISNA news agency as saying that “the demonstration was illegal but the police dealt with people with tolerance”.

He said a number of protesters were arrested for “trying to damage public property”. Videos posted on social media showed riot police used water cannon and tear gas to disperse crowds.

Norouzian was quoted as saying by state news agency IRNA that the protests were organized by “enemies of the Islamic Republic” and “counter-revolutionaries”.

Also interesting is that demonstrators are reportedly criticizing Tehran for being so heavily invested in Syria at a time when Iran is squeezed domestically, while chanting "leave Syria, think about us."

Various reports over the last couple years of the war have put estimates of Iran’s military expenditure in Syria at ranges from $6 billion a year to $15-$20 billion a year (which includes financing Hezbollah and other regional militias) - a considerable sacrifice considering Iran's mounting debt and massive unpaid bills.

Israeli as well as Iranian opposition commentators have generally appeared giddy with excitement at the prospect that protests could spread inside Iran.

US government funded broadcasts and media outlets like Radio Free Europe also closely covered the unrest Thursday.

On Wednesday Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei acknowledged that the nation was going through a period of difficulty with “high prices, inflation and recession”, and rallied officials to resolve the problems quickly.

Protests in various locations have been sporadic since October, and before that the most significant mass demonstrations took place in 2011, concurrent with the so-called Arab Spring movement, and throughout 2009 as part of the widely covered "Green Movement" in response to the presidential election.



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Is that bitch (((Nuland))) handing out cookies incognito?

No doubt some Soros seed money is lining the pockets of this one, although I bet the people are pissed from inflation due to the last couple of decades of sanctions. I'm pissed at our inflation. Oh wait, I forgot, there isn't any inflation here.


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No edit or spellcheck function yet.

This is ripped from a Davidduke2000 post further down that is worth bringing up here. Interesting!

these are few days old, they were about jerusalem, they are saying death to america, jerusalem belongs to palestine. the propaganda is counting on americans who do not speak farsi to blow smoke up their ass. 

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If a government wants to stop protests, all they need to do is make cryptos legal, central banking currency illegal, call on a volunteer militia for defense, and watch their economy explode with growth. Regulations would be slashed with minimal government, people would be working and not thinking about protesting, and the theft would end. That system would spread around the world like wildfire. But no, everyone would rather have protests and shootings and war zone neighborhoods.

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The "well-known opposition outlet" mentioned in the article (ncr-iran.org) is the National Council of Resistance of Iran, a front group for the MEK (Mujahedin-e Khalq).

The MEK, for those unfamiliar with them, is an insane Marxist cult of terrorist crackpots which seeks to overthrow the current government of Iran and replace it with its own people.

Iranians from all walks of life regard this group as traitors due to their siding with Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq War.

The MEK has been making bogus claims about Iran's nuclear program (with information provided by Israel) for years.

Assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists were carried out by MEK members who had been trained by the Mossad.

Because they oppose the Iranian government, the US considers them "good terrorists". Even though they were included in the US list of foreign terrorist organizations, the US Joint Special Operations Command provided MEK operatives with terrorism training at a secret site in Nevada between 2005 and 2009.

After an extensive long-term lobbying campaign during which it paid high-profile American politicians (mostly neocons from both the Democrats and Republicans) $50,000 per appearance to make pro-MEK speeches, the group was removed from the official US list of foreign terrorist organizations by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2012.

MEK members have participated in the current invasion of Syria and the group has run terrorist training camps just outside of the Syrian borders in both Turkey and Jordan.

Add US state-run propaganda outlet RFE/RL to the mix and you can pretty much guarantee that this is just the latest episode of CIA/Mossad fuckery painted as a "democratic uprising of the people seeking to breathe the sweet air of freedom".

The outside agitators behind this theatrical production should be rounded up and hanged in public. The usual CIA-sponsored "human rights" NGOs would throw tantrums, but the Iranian government would be fully justified in doing so.

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Um,,,guys?  Did we not just read yesterday that the 'US' and 'Israel' met and 'agreed' on 'plans' regarding Iran on December 12th?

I did.  And, I canz REED!!!!!




US, Israel reach cooperation agreement on Iran: report

12/28/17 05:09 PM EST

U.S. and Israeli officials reached a closed-door cooperation agreement on how to deal with Iran, according to Israel's Channel 10 News.

The agreement, which was reportedly signed on Dec. 12 at the White House, aims to counter Iran's missile and nuclear programs. 




The next significant foreign US war will also be the last.   You can bank on that.

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My edit feature is to reply to myself.  Tyler’s, you Fucked up a good thing.

This is straight out the Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopaths at the CIA “Destabilization Campaign” ZioNeoConFascist Playbook.


It’s actually, the final card they have to play.  What’s that Mossad Pussy saying? “Thorough Deception, thou shall do War” or some shit Faggot saying they have.

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what they are saying is jerusalem belongs to Palestine, they are not talking about their government, they were walking toward the swiss embassy that represent the yanks in Iran .

people do not understand farsi so they swallow the propaganda since the us planning a war on Iran to satisfy its masters the joos.

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Why is this most desperate of Jews "smiling" (https://southfront.org/israel-set-fund-buy-votes-united-nations/) when he knows the money he's bribing with is no longer any good and the poorest of the poor seeking "financial aid" at the club house for votes will simply go to "Gold Member" (https://zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-29/russia-and-china-lay-economic-fou…) instead?!!! Including the "terrorists" that work for him and his cousin "Dhod" Sammy!

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Reports from "The European Council on Foreign Relations" and "opposition groups"??  Well now we know for sure those reports must be true because they would never lie, right??

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So 2018 is the year the Land of the Fee takes on Iran....

Gee, the same-o.

First little demonstrations due to bad economy.

Then The protests get louder, bigger

Then more sanctions at the good ole UN, maybe a little yellow cake presented by Mad Dog.

Then the paid US mercs (ISIS or a new name)start killing people.

Then comes the protecting the citizens with demockracy bombs of Iran helping them to eliminate the 'thugs' who are killing innocents.

Oh,, and don't forget the gassing.... Gotta have a biological or gas attack in there somewhere. Ya know,,, killing his own people with Sarin meme.

This American is sooooooo tired of spreading democracy.......and other BS.

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Already dazed... witless... and dreading the next 'shoe to drop'...

after yesterdays' warning shot across the bow - of TARDNATIONS' flagship franchise...

a WHOLE fabulous 'Death to Votan' the vote meter god who they pray to for relief from their retardation... day of retro 'fight club' action where all the usual suspects suddenly 'went into hiding'...

the clobbered slobberers of the alt-)0(-media wake up today to a double whammy of MOAR BAD NEWS!

First off... we have a Russian Foreign Ministry statement slamming down the DEATH TO AMERIKA krews'  favorite jihadi pretend caliph and all round bad guy... for jumping up and speakin from the wrong script|https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/russian-foreign-ministry-slams-erd…

and now... we have riots in the revolutionary religious republic of phony islam!

It's enuff to make an OBOR/SILKROAD/SCO/GOLD N FAKE NEWS sockpuppet blowhard pull up the blankets and

cry. No. It ain't "mossad"... the CIA... Deuxieme Bureau... or even MI6 behind the riots. Unknown to the compliant, couch potato, spineless and resistance-free merikan exceptionalist ...

some folks just get pissed off enuff with being constantly lied to and bullied by their political masters... AS TO ACTUALLY take to the streets and PROTEST!

But butt... Russia/Hezboolah/Iran/syrian \axis\of power...

Don't worry yourselves. Moishe has it under control. Each one of them reports to tel aviv.... just like your 'leaders.'

Tis all theater. All the time.

Now back to your feeding stations and

hEY@@! LOOK = VOTANS BACK! Put down the nail gun and return to your buttons.... cabinbouys!


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The people will not tolerate the thugs running this historically great people forever. Iran as constituted is not geographically controllable forever. This backward government falls soon enough...