Classified Huma Abedin Emails Found On Anthony Weiner's Laptop Discussing Hamas, Israel And Palestinian Authority

This afternoon, the State Department has just released the infamous batch of work-related emails from the account of top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin that were discovered by the FBI on a laptop belonging to Abedin's estranged husband, and convicted pedophile, Anthony Weiner near the end of the 2016 presidential campaign.

As you may recall, the discovery of these emails on Weiner's computer is what prompted Comey to re-open the Hillary Clinton email investigation roughly 1 week prior to the election, a decision which the Hillary camp insists is the reason why they lost the White House.

Of course, while the Hillary campaign attempted to dismiss the emails as just another 'nothing burger', the Daily Mail reports that an initial review of the 2,800 documents dumped by the State Department reveal at least 5 emails classified at the 'confidential level,' the third most sensitive level the U.S. government uses.

The classified emails date from 2010-2012, and concern discussions with Middle East leaders, including those from the United Arab Emirates, Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and Hamas - which was declared a terrorist organization by the European Court of Justice in July. Large portions of the 2,800 page release were redacted prior to release by the State Department. 

According to the Daily Mail, three of the emails were sent either to or from an address called "BBB Backup," which one email identifies as a backup of a Blackberry Bold 9700 - presumably belonging to Abedin. 

As a civilian, Weiner - though once a congressman, was unlikely to have possessed the proper clearance to view or store the classified documents on his laptop

A sample of the documents can be seen below, first, a "Call Sheet" prepared for Hillary's discussion with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:


And another update regarding "Hamas-PLO Talks":


In at least two instances, Abedin directly forwarded Anthony Weiner official conversations - one of which included Hillary Clinton and senior advisor Jake Sullivan with subject "Lavrov" - referring to Russia's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov. The email discusses an official response by a "quartet" of envoys (The US, EU, UN, and Russia) over Israel's announced changes to its Gaza policy, ending a contentious blockade. 

One wonders why Anthony Weiner would need to know about this?


Abedin also forwarded Weiner an email discussion from July 22, 2012 which had previously been released by WikiLeaks - which included the Ambassador to Senegal, Mushingi Tulinabo. While the contents of the email are redacted, Senegal had elected a new President earlier that month. Of note, the Clinton Foundation has supported or been involved in several projects in the country. 


In a statement issued Friday, Judicial watch called the release a "major victory," adding "After years of hard work in federal court, Judicial Watch has forced the State Department to finally allow Americans to see these public documents. It will be in keeping with our past experience that Abedin’s emails on Weiner’s laptop will include classified and other sensitive materials. That these government docs were on Anthony Weiner’s laptop dramatically illustrates the need for the Justice Department to finally do a serious investigation of Hillary Clinton’s and Huma Abedin’s obvious violations of law."

Fitton also commented that it's 'outrageous' that Clinton and Abedin 'walked out of the State Department with classified documents and the Obama FBI and DOJ didn't do a thing about it.'

Not surprisingly, Abedin was spotted heading into the Hillary Clinton offices in midtown Manhattan earlier today just a few hours before the release of the 2,800 emails.  Seems you're never too old to be called into the Principal's office...


We're confident this will all be promptly dismissed by Hillary as just another effort to "criminalize behavior that is normal"because what government employee hasn't shared classified materials with their convicted pedophile husband? Certainly, just another boring day in Washington...


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Did your TV tell you that too? Maybe if rothschilds didnt set up israhell via the Balfour declaration in 1947 (they are admittedly proud of that) and start genociding and taking land from innocent people this wouldnt happen. zionists control the banks, the media, history, and... your beliefs. zionists suck.

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number three should be "try" for parallelism.

not sure how to get it to a single word but maybe somewhere between arrest and indict, or indict and try, or convict and sentence, one needs "confess and turn state's evidence". that's what this part of the investigation is all about.

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seth rich may be a coincidence, one that hillary clinton roundly deserves. seymour hersh thinks he was mugged not murdered. it was, if a hit, an amazingly sloppy one that had to be followed up in the hospital, a rather risky endgame, i would say.

the real master crime in all of this is the combination of 9-11 and seven countries in five years. hillary clinton and barack obama contributed syria, libya and ukraine. all three of these are classic wars of aggression, specifically cited as "crimes against humanity" by the nuremberg tribunal at the end of world war two. it was for this exact crime that a dozen nazis were badly hanged in nuremberg gymnasium and the united nations was founded to change the future. such luck.

watch your heads barack and hillary, those holes look awfully small.

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and i meant to note that in their work in syria, libya and ukraine clinton and obama managed to murder maybe a million or more people, make homeless, blind, orphaned, crippled, impoverished, suicidal and insane . . . millions more, thus vaulting both of them into a pretty selective company of international war criminal killers on par with bush, cheney and rumsfeld, or the brothers dulles, eisenhower, kennedy, mcnamara, johnson, nixon and kissinger or roughly triple or quadruple what idi amin killed (and they were mostly his own citizens, like pol pot, stalin, mao, etc.)…

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Sadly these Emails are being released at around 2000+ per month so the final release is years away.

Whilst the mill of justice grinds slowly some of the perps are going to be dying of old age or claim to be too ill to appear in court.

Too ill, would be inhuman to imprison them, she is unable to answer questions: 

Clinton and Pelossi (faking it or not) are perfect examples of constructing a defense, over time, for bad health.

Friends in high places delay justice and call retrials etc.

UK PM and child killer Ted Heath died inn 2005 but it took until this year to establish that he would have faced charges at the time. Similar situation with MP and Defense Sec Leon Brittan.

Look at the lawyers in all these cases their all ex clinton operatives with deep connections and what happened to the Awan case.

Hope these Gitmo stories are really true.

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..."a dozen nazis were badly hanged in nuremberg gymnasium"...




Because:  A good carpenter's eye can readily and accurately estimate the precise dimensions of the Brit Home Office trap mechanism from frozen frames of this top-shelf presentation. 

So far so good.  AND: The release mechanism is where the mechanical engineering MUST be flawless for all to reliably go as well as possible for all concerned.  (Yes, *all*.)

Key Materials Spec:  Three-quarters diameter, five-strand (neither more nor less) of GENUINE Cannabis Hemp (NOT JUTE, thank'ee) fiber rope is called-for.  Fitted with a brass eyelet to form the noose, a leather sheath over the noose and a sliding wooden or hard-rubber washer (to hold it open until it is set) as illustrated therein is highly recommended.

For the condemned:  Butt-plug (unless refused) and adult-sized disposable diaper in all instances, PLEASE.  (Quality of Workplace Codes, thank'ee.)

Because:  In this SubGenius-ordained minister's long-considered opinion, sometimes a literal, physical Clean Break is all that a Lawful and duly convicted+sentenced Treasonous One needs in order to restart Life anew.  Their corroded and sold-off eternal soul having been made once again clean, bright and fit to really have real friends Next Time Around.  NORMAL as ever was.  At LAST! 

HAPPY ending for ALL, sooner or later.  :)

It's the ancient and venerable Cleansing by Noose Ritual, is all.  From the Cosmic POV, not-so-sadly but ever so mercifully as ever CAN be, some few "here below" under Heaven REALLY DO NEED it!  So the Deplorable Rest of Us just might as well learn to Do It Right, methinks. 

Why NOT?

Tip: The alibris and abebooks (dotcom) sites can help with the study too, btw & fwiw.  And that is all.  0{;-)o[

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Analysis:  Those of Them Sort who KNOW, universally fear THIS:

For my own part, Yours Truly hereby invokes the standing "Truth in Packaging" statutes to fund the COMPULSORY fMRI examination of ALL our Otherwise Indetectable Electables.  They really ARE, by their own campaigns' open admission, "Packaged Goods" whose "Images" are professionally "perception-managed" for PUBLIC CONSUMPTION. 

Just like beef and celery.  So why NOT?

Done Right, weed 'em all right out.  Or, on the very first go, predictably cut their numbers down to group-manageable size.  Because from a large pool such as this, a few MIGHT slip through.  ProbStat Instinct sure sez so... 

Even so, IMPROVEMENT is AVAILABLE.  And that is all.  0{;-)o[

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Proving once again that the number one threat to the safety and security of the average person is the police.  The police can show up at your house, and do whatever they want for any reason they claim.  Of course this guy's corpse can get retribution by suing the police, resulting in his mother's own tax dollars being paid back to her.

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