Trump To Withhold $255 Million In Pakistan Aid Over Counterterrorism Failures

The Trump administration is about to deny Pakistan $255 million worth of military aid after the terrorist-harboring nation "did not take substantial action against the Afghan Taliban or [the Haqqani Network], or substantially limit their ability to threaten U.S. interests in Afghanistan," according to an annual State Department report on terrorism.

A soldier secure an area as other troops move toward a forward base during a military operation against militants in Pakistan. (AP Photo/Mohammad Zubair)


The United States does not plan to spend the $255 million in FY 2016 in Foreign Military Financing for Pakistan at this time,” a US National Security Council spokesperson told the Hindustan Times, one of India's largest newspapers.

“The President has made clear that the United States expects Pakistan to take decisive action against terrorists and militants on its soil, and that Pakistan’s actions in support of the South Asia Strategy will ultimately determine the trajectory of our relationship, including future security assistance," writes The Times.

Jalaluddin Haqqani (Photo: Sarah Kahn)

During a mid-October incident in which Pakistani forces freed a Canadian-American family and captured one of the Jihadi abductors belonging to the Taliban-linked Haqqani network, Pakistani officials rejected US requests to access the man - as authorities believed he could provide valuable information about at least one more American hostage.

American officials are eager to learn what the militant knows about Kevin King, an American university professor who was kidnapped along with Timothy Weeks, an Australian citizen, in August 2016. Mr. King is believed to be alive but ill and American officials are hopeful that he and Mr. Weeks might be released.

Another American, Paul Overby, vanished in 2014 in Afghanistan. Mr. Overby was trying to interview the leader of the Haqqani network when he disappeared. -NYT

While the Hindustan times is reporting that the Trump administration has already decided to withhold the aid, the New York Times reported on Friday that a final decision is expected in the next few weeks, and will depend on an unknown set of conditions Pakistan would need to meet in order to receive the aid. Pakistan, however has few friends in the Trump administration. 

Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, the national security adviser, served in Afghanistan, where he saw firsthand how Pakistan meddled in its neighbor’s affairs. Lisa Curtis, the council’s senior director for South and Central Asia, brought critical views about Pakistan from her previous post at the conservative Heritage Foundation.

In a report she wrote in February with Husain Haqqani, Pakistan’s former ambassador to Washington, the two called for the administration to “avoid viewing and portraying Pakistan as an ally.” If Pakistan did not take steps to show its commitment to America’s counterterrorism goals, they wrote, Mr. Trump should strip it of its status as a major non-NATO ally. -NYT

Stripping Pakistan's status as a major non-NATO ally would be far more punative than withholding the $255 million in Foreign Military Financing from the State Department, while Haqqani said Pakistani officials have been bracing for some kind of aid cutoff. 

Defense Secretary James Mattis previously delayed a $50 million aid package to Pakistan in July by withholding a certification that the country had done enough to fight the Haqqani terrorist network. The State Department told the New York Times that Pakistan's actions will ultimately determine the course of "security assistance in the future," adding without further comment that conversations with Pakistan are ongoing.

Gen. Joseph L. Votel - head of the Pentagon's Central Command which oversees Pakistan and Afghanistan, would not comment on the Haqqani operative, aside from that he was "probably pretty important," and that militants involved in hostage-taking were "significant." 

"What we’re trying to do is to talk to Pakistan about this, and not try to communicate with them through public messaging," said Votel.


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Slippery Slope peddling-fiction Dec 31, 2017 3:33 PM

This is about Pakistan not wanting its people to be relentlessly droned any longer.


Nope. This is about islamic conquest, islamic foreign intervention, holy war against the 'kafirs' (all non-muslims). I salute President Trump. islam is the greatest cancer of the world. If you consider yourself a "libertarian", hate to break it to you, mainstream libertarianism is so clueless when it comes to islam, as they fail to teach very well intentioned libertarians about the pure hatred of islams foundational beliefs ("extremists" don't exist, this is MSM propaganda, the whole damn ideology is extremist).




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That may be true, but it’s interesting how as soon as Pakistan supports yuan trade with China, suddenly the ussa brings out the "supporting terrorists" card, and other anti-Pakistan pronouncements.

why, it almost makes me think that "fighting terrorism " was never real, it was just a convenient excuse to commit acts of aggression against other sovereign nations by the ussa empire.

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Heres another:

Cut off Israeli welfare handouts for attacking us on 9/11, and Vegas.

The Deliberate False Flag Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty.

Adolf Hitler vs The Jew World Order

9/11 - 15 Years Of Lies An Cover-up

Incontrovertible - New 9/11 Documentary by Tony Rooke

Holocaust History - Dr. Frederick Toben (2003)

9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money

Holocaust is fake too. Sorry, but you dickheads earned it.


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Are you completely stupid or do you have cognitive dissonance like most of us JUSAans?

In order of importance of the false flag 9/11 action: CIA; Senior USSA government officials/politicians; Mossad (jews from Israel), the United Kingdom and last but not least Saudi Arabia (the patsies, also passed on to some fucking guys living in caves somewhere in Afghanistan).

I don't have time to explain it all to you - moron. Go watch about a 100 objective documentaries on New Year's Day. I believe you think Oswald shot Kennedy, that Pearl Harbour was a SURPRISE attack, that the fucking jews didn't mess up USS Liberty and so on forever.

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let's cut to the zionist chase,shall we?

The bribe money to Pakistan is cut off because Pakistan showed the US the birdie,is orienting itself toward OBOR and SCO.It is not willing to cooperate anymore with the Beast.

High ranking Pentagon officials were recently there trying to twist their arms.And Pakistan said that it is not willing to accept anymore only unilateral actions involving its part ,as not willing to continue to be a pawn for US.

You need some perspective ,people

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India must be feeling some geopolitical pressure, as they are apparently staunch economic allies with the West, while they watch their regional neighbors ally themselves with China and Russia.

India will likely make every effort to remain politically neutral, notwithstanding their long-term enemy with Pakistan.

The Indian military has American made military technology such as the F18 Super Hornet, and they also possess Russian anti-ship missile technology such as the "carrier killer" Sunburn missile system.

India will only be able to straddle the fence for so long. Eventually, they will be expected to pick a side in the coming global conflict.

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The US and Israel have been funding and supporting ISIS and Al Qaeda all along and every use of the term "counter terrorism" has meant the exact opposite for 20 years+, so what the hell is really going on here? 

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Considering they cannot keep their bubbles afloat forever and the ME nation toppling plans that Richard Clark talked about has proven difficult, maybe they will go for the big war between India and Pakistan to distract everybody and keep their heads out of the noose.  Once the economy goes into any serious depression both Israel and the banks are screwed, so is the global warming meme.  Nobody will give a shit about any of it anymore.  It just seems like everything they are doing is failing and they have ten irons in the fire that are all going cold.  This is all good as long as they don't succeed at getting something huge going. 

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