Why US Foreign Policy Will Re-ignite Extremism In 2018

Submitted by Elijah Magnier, Middle East based chief international war correspondent for Al Rai Media

"Islamic State" (ISIS) has been defeated in Iraq and Syria, regardless of the presence of a few tactical remaining pockets. Moreover, following the decision of the international community and the other countries in the region to end the war in Syria, al-Qaeda is facing infighting and at the same time acknowledging their defeat and accepting the impossibility of changing the regime in Syria and of splitting Iraq. Does this mean the bloody extremism that hit the Middle East is over and won’t ever return? Is it possible for terrorist organisations to rebrand themselves or regain control to hit back again?

Al-Qaeda found a fertile ground in Afghanistan following the end of the Russian occupation in the 80s. It enjoyed a “resplendent golden era” until the 2000s, attacking various US objectives and bases in the Middle East. The 2003 US invasion of Iraq and the presence of tens of thousands of American soldiers on the ground in Mesopotamia offered a perfect setting, after Afghanistan, for the proliferation of jihadist extremists in the Middle East.



A widely circulated image of an al-Nusra (AQ) fighter in Northern Syria in 2013. A highly sophisticated chemical grenade can be seen, indicating outside state-sponsorship. Image source: Jeffry Ruigendijk via Ruig Photography.

Al-Qaeda in Iraq metamorphosed into that more lethal and blood-thirsty organisation (ISIS) following the war imposed on Syria, occupying half of the country and a third of Iraq. It became known as ISIS, led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, one of many who graduated (arrested and later released) from the US “Jihadist University” at Buca detention camp.

Baghdadi became the master of Ijtihad, legalising looting, slaughtering of other Muslims and non-Muslims, raping, and reintroducing the slavery market. Through its highly sophisticated communication system and the use of social media, his group managed to attract recruits from Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Bahrein, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritania, Yemen, Africa, plus many Europeans and others from all corners of the globe. These were joining for money, adventure, looking for a home, for an easy marriage, following a relative or a friend; others were convinced by the cause, and eager to live in a “prosperous Islamic Caliphate”.

Baghdadi blended with his call, and with advanced communication tools, intellectuals and non-intellectuals alike. They responded to him positively, creating the largest gathering of those willing to embark on the Jihad ever seen in modern days. Borders were open to ISIS via Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon for all those willing to join the “Jihad” and for his group to exchange commerce, oil, and weapons. All taboos were lifted in favour of one cause: changing the Syrian regime.

What was the plan? To replace the Syrian President’s secular governance with an Islamic Emirates or State? Was it to install some de-facto “Islamic State” with little governance experience and no serious allies and easy to defeat, to expel Russia from Tartus naval base (under a 1971 deal with Syria, Russia has leased the Tartus facility as part of a multi-billion-dollar debt write-off) and protect Israel from the “Axis of the Resistance”? That may be the only plausible possibility since we are observing today the US decision to occupy a quarter of the Syrian territory and unilaterally consider Jerusalem as the “Capital of Israel”, threatening all those who stand in the way. It also explains why Saudi Arabia was eagerly willing to see Iran and Assad lose the war to the benefit of those extremists sent by its Kingdom and financed with billions of dollars to win and to stay camped on Israel’s borders.

The US-EU-Saudi-Qatar-Turkish-Israeli plan has failed and Syria, Iran, Russia and Hezbollah won. But are Takfiri jihadists going to disappear? The answer is simply and sadly “no!”. Baghdadi didn’t invent a new Islam, his source of inspiration derives from books available in most Islamic libraries worldwide, inviting readers to kill other Muslims and non-Muslims according to a specific interpretation of the holy book, the Quran, and the Hadith

In fact, how can these Takfiri vanish when books calling for hate speech and the killing and intolerance of other continue to be widely available. To name but a few: ‘Millat Ibrahim’ by Abu Mohammad al-Maqdisi; the ‘Management of savagery’ by Abu Bakr Naji; Ma’alim fi al-tariq by Sayyid Qutb; Kitab al-tawhid by Muhammad bin Abdel-Wahab; Fusul fil-Imama wal-Bay’a by Abu Munser al-Sharqiqi; Masael fi Fikh al-Jihad by Abu Abdallah al-Muhajer; Maalem al-taifa al-Mansura by Maysara al-Ghareeb; Rafa’ al-Iltibas by Mohamad Al-Atibi; Fatawi Ibyn Taymiyah, Kitab al-Tawhid and Kitab al-kabaer by Mohamad bin Abdel Wahhab; and many more…

It is true that Jihadists are surely losing the Levant and Mesopotamia. Nevertheless, they operate in Sinai (Egypt), Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria and Asia. Killing jihadists is not difficult. However, the ideology remains alive and can damage any and every city: the tools and ideas are widely available which convert a peaceful human being into a beast hunting other men to kill. Moreover, the US’s foreign policy is one of the most provocative incentives for this ideology to continue existing. The US apparently cannot learn from its mistakes; occupying other territories means that, sooner or later, guns are focussed on its interests and against other associated states, worldwide.

US foreign policy has been a total failure in recent years:

  • the failure of the partition of Iraq through the Kurdistan referendum weakened the US and Israel.
  • The struggle between Saudi Arabia and Qatar gave more strength to Iran and weakened Saudi Arabia, one of US blind allies.
  • The growth of ISIS in Iraq created al-Hashd al-Sha’bi (Popular Mobilisation Units), and gave more power to Iran and to Hezbollah in Syria.
  • Hezbollah became a regional force threatening Israel and also the US interests and partners in the Middle East.
  • The US Foreign Policy in Ukraine that was aiming to enlarge NATO and its negligence in eliminating ISIS in Syria and Iraq allowed Russia to move in and bite off a chunk of the US area of control and influence in the Middle East.
  • President Assad has become stronger than ever before the war, willing to face losses and to confront Israel if necessary.
  • The failed Turkish coup d’état pushed Turkey away from the US and closer to Russia and Iran: Erdogan is even willing to meet Assad again and put their differences behind them.
  • The Saudi kidnapping of the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri damaged the Kingdom relationship with many of the Sunni in Lebanon and moved the pro-Saudi Hariri closer to Hezbollah.
  • In Yemen, Ali Abdallah Saleh will be remembered as the one who betrayed the Houthis, and was killed at the hands of Iran’s allies while escaping.
  • And finally, the US has become an unwelcome partner in the Palestinian peace process following Trump’s decision to recognise the Palestinian Capital as the Capital of Israel. Trump fell as manna to Iran and Hezbollah when he pushed the Palestinian cause back into the limelight after the damage it had received from ISIS in recent years. Even if Israel was occupying Jerusalem and was digging under the city and its holy places, the US overt decision turned the compass of all jihadists towards Israel and united most of the Arabs behind one cause, even if not all totally believe in it.

Since President Trump is in power his awkward alliance with Saudi Arabia, the “Israeli enemy” has been replaced with the “Iranian enemy”. Nevertheless, this failed attempt has created a counter effect, where Saudi prestige is hitting rock bottom, whilst Iran’s influence in the Middle East is growing at the speed of light, a country that has been guided for 29 years by a 78-year-old, Sayyed Ali Khamenei.

Khamenei triggers fear in the hearts of his enemies and enjoys the support of his own people every time he speaks. He – with a simple gesture or by taking a political position – is obeyed by the Iranians and is sitting on top of a solid ruling structure regardless of the endless western wishful thinking imagining the overthrow of his Islamic Republic. Khamenei has moved his country towards new horizons with solid ramifications in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan: much of the credit for this must go to the US’s bumbling foreign policy.

It seems the US has become expert in grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory.


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Give this self-hate shit a rest. Fact is they don't think like us - this whole argument is flawed because of "taqiya" which means lying for the sake of islam - in other words you guys take their word WAY too easily without any other consideration for their motives. It doesn't matter what attrocities terrorists commit, they'll ALWAYS portray themselves as victims - and that's the bottom line.

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shitshitshit TBT or not TBT Mon, 01/01/2018 - 08:21 Permalink

More smoke and mirrors courtesy the self designated most powerful country of the world.

In itself if it were the most powerful blob in the world they wouldn't need to resort to these under the belt strategies. 

Now people are awakening to these strategies and start figuring out by themselves. The good side of the internet society it seems.

What's surprising is that coming from such intelligent elite people they should be using more sustainable and long term solutions to push their agenda. Alas its not the case and the more they will play their book of tricks, the more people will know it before it happens and the less it will be effective, at exponential speed of course. 

Perfect recipe for a falling empire. 



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Which segues nicely with the question above: "What the fudge is Trump doing?" recognising Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.

Don't listen to what politicians say, because it is always a lie. Look at what they do, and the consequences of their actions. Trump has, at the stroke of a pen, focused the entire Muslim world on Israel, and created another decade of antagonism and terrorism. It will be interesting to see if Israel actually becomes a target, or if the western nations will suffer as usual, as proxies for Israeli oppression. My opinion is that this has been done on purpose, for exactly this reason. I'm open to other reasons, such as the potential to "unify" Israel and the Palestinian bits as one nation, but who sees that working? 

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This isn't a matter of simply asking muslims why they commit attrocities - as lying (aka taqiya) is one of their key beliefs, secondly the past century is too short of a timeframe to understand their hateful ambitions. islam started in saudi arabia, and it only grew thanks to islamic foreign intervention and islamic conquest & therefore it's not the "stroke of Trump's pen" which is to blame for islamic aggression, but instead it's entirely the fault of core islamic beliefs such as territorial expansion, militant & political islam, & hatred for kafirs (non-muslims).

They'll fight using every means at their disposal to advance islamic conquest - one thing we should all agree on is that it's refreshing to have a President who puts the islamic world in its place, for me that's what I get out of him recognizing the capital, who cares what the israelis want, it's great to see political islam treated like a bug on a windshield - because when they convince conservatives and libertarians that "it's our fault" - they've won the political war. That whole region was Christian before islam's conversion by the sword swept through that region, we should send Christian missionaries down there and create safe zones for those who want to leave islam safely, without the threat of islamic execution for leaving islam. And of course, one can't become a Christian by force, it has to be done completely out of free will - just another key difference between islam and Christianity - and there needs to be a safe zone for them to do that, we should aim for a religious revolution in the region, a complete rebellion and rejection of islam.

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Let's see what the US Gov's trend is here

-1- They decided there is too much power / money in drugs for them not to control it so the CIA is the biggest drug trafficking entity in the world.  Complete with competition denial unit called the DEA.

Now let's extend that theory by induction: 

-2- There is too much power in terrorism to let anyone else control it.  CIA runs most if not all Islamic terrorists.

Lovely bunch the US Gov.  So I would say they cut out the middle man and went straight to creating, funding directing the terrorists themselves.

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It's not pseudo intellectual... it's intellectual.

Taqfiris are paid, so they are mercenaries.  In addition, they have a covering ideology.  This ideology gives comfort and succor to their actions.  Two elements have to be present, MONEY and IDEOLOGY. 

It is the same effect with Talmudic Judaism.  This religious ideology gives sanction and cover for parasitic behavior.  Money as fuel/oxygen comes into TalmudicZion system in the form of usury out of finance.

Islam has money coming in via petrodollars.  Petrodollar system in turn was codified by ((Kissinger)) in 1974 Saudi agreement.  Petrodollars have to return to dollar zones; Saudi is not allowed to become a finance center.  Saudi's recycle to by items priced in dollars, and to buy U.S. Treasury debt.  Dollars are also recycled through Afghanistan for poppy drug trade, which helps fund Takfiris.  Recently, Takfiris were grabbing oil fields in Syria.  Petrodollars and Drug money was also recycled through CIA to buy MIC items, for off-budget war.

Parasitic religions have this commonality of being able to morph to a situation, and they also pander to the "animal" in man.  Islam is defective especially because abrogation allows post Medina constructs to have sway.  Talmudic Judaisim is defective for similar reasons; the "verbal tradition" as uttered by sages is now dominant, and sages can pick and choose to get whatever outcome is desired.  Judaism fully started walking on the dark side after Sabatai Sevi in 1666, when he held up Kol Niedre mechanism.

For the shit show to stop (or at least slow down), the first and last thing on everybody's mind should be the money system.




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to think islam believers will allow christians is naive.

i will keep it simple: kill or be killed. above in your post you mention their tactics. and how would that work out peacefully.

anyone who attacks islam better be prepared to kill by any means or expect the same to happen to themselves.

simple shit maynard. the religion of peace needs to pushed back like russia did to isis. 

or we get the fuck out of the fertile cressant...

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The roots of Jihadism, terror and false flag ops goes right to the old Testament http://www.biblehub.com/wbt/genesis/34.htm

It seems that "Dinah" was the first mossad style designed (virtual) female agent, the first false flag strategy to destroy a kingdom /city.

Today they use ten of thousands of patsies which they buy out of Islamic background with the petro dollar, but it is obvious that the strategy was created out of a very evil degenerated old testament.

The three monotheistic movements became a war strategy camouflaged as "religion"


Someone can see the design...the fingerprints all over why the Alphabet (google) follows the order of a self induced "almighty god =deep state" who is going to punish anyone with the much more sophisticated modern "menaces"  who is against the implementation of the promised "holy" land and the fake descendents of an only literally existing bloodline.

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Oh shut up with that shit!!!! Spoken like a true beta-male who knows NOTHING about islam!!!!!

We should try capitalism of thought and philosophy in that region. The only reason people don't leave islam is for fear of execution! SO create a safe zone, if people want to become atheists or Christians...that's great! But they should have their safety and security, and prosperity guaranteed 100%!!! We should convert the people of that region AWAY from islam and towards Christianity!!! *disclaimer, unlike islam, to become Christian it has to be 100% out of your own free will, so that's why as a Christian I'd be able to respect one's decision to run away from islam and become atheist - free will, that's one of our key beliefs and I stand by it 100%

The person you replied to was 110% correct and he/she couldn't have said it better!!!! We shouldn't "leave them alone"!!! There's so many Christians, atheists, and other minorities - which they would commit genocide against as soon as they got the opportunity!! F THAT!! islam SHOULD LOSE!!! atheists, Christians, and other minorities should have their security & prosperity assured in that region! free will! no to islamic conquest and islamic persecution of non-muslims!!!

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what? I'm not "coming for anyone's blood" - most people have absolutely no understanding of islam so they take the easy way out and blame "foreign intervention" - but turn a total blind eye to centuries of islamic foreign intervention, conquest, and occupation of Europe!!!

Most of you are in for a shock after you read up on what islam's all about. It's not as simple as asking them why they want to attack us - you're just hearing lies and islamic propaganda.

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We don't need to bleed for anyone! Forget israel!

I'm talking about Christians, atheists, and other minorities in that region! They could take care of their own security and defend themselves against muslims - give them the help they need! and SCREW what the islamic world thinks of that!! We're the big dogs, don't mess with our atheists & Christians!! Dont worry about pissing of muslims!!! I don't give a damn about political or militant islam, if they want to persecute Christians or atheists, then we'll put them back in their place and show them who's boss

the key thing most of you are missing is the fact that many people want to leave islam - but they can't for fear of execution! This should be like the hutterites - let them see the civilized world and decide for themselves whether they want to return to the colony or not!!!!

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Personally, I say that Muslims can stay in the Middle East.

I'm angry that Jews opened the immigration policies and let them inside western countries, but I have no desire to seek out Muslims in their own countries and change them. They and the Israelis can sort this conflict out by themselves without using us as a golem.

Only a small part of the Islamic world wants to leave Islam, otherwise more of the migrants in the west would leave Islam... and most don't. The cost of "letting them see the civilized world" has been too great in exchange for the small number that convert. I don't want anything to do with this conversion nonsense. Send them all back, and walls all around the borders of Europe.

Are you Jewish, perchance?

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In "Memory and the Mediterranean" historian Fernand Braudel described the utter futility of trying to import western values into the Arab world. He explained how 1000 years, from Alexander the Great to the Muslim conquest, was insufficient for western culture to put down any roots in the Near East. I agree we should get out of all Arab nations and leave them to slaughter each other. But the absolute height of national and cultural suicide is to let any of them into western nations.

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Why *TRUMP* Foreign Policy Will Re-ignite Extremism In 2018

Trump wanted it so bad, then OWN IT, beeatch! There is no 'US' that's a third-person pure abstraction, a thing. Foreign policy is made in first-person, served up with 'fire and fury' every morning by President Trump, tweeting his inbred Jesuit H8 and divisiveness, racism and misogyny from his private casino hotel resort suite, or 9th green clubhouse at the 'AWOL White House'.

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