Assange Tweets Mysterious Encryption Key At 3AM; Sparks Rumors About His Safety, New Leaks

At roughly 3AM London time, Julian Assange sent another cryptic tweet featuring a 60-character code along with a link to the music video "Paper Planes" by Maya Arulpragasam (A.K.A. "M.I.A.").  Of course, as with past such tweets, no one has any clue what the encryption key means but it sparked yet another wave of frenzied speculation by the twittersphere.

The reference to "Paper Planes" led some to speculate that Julian Assange had finally secured his freedom from the Ecuadorian embassy in London and was en route to the United States...

...while others jumped to far darker conclusions suggesting the the code was a "dead man's switch" intended to trigger the release of documents in the event of Assange's death.

Still others suggested the code was simply a signal that a new Wikileaks dump was imminent.

Finally, others found a deeper meaning to the Assange tweet in the lyrics of "Paper Planes" and/or the political activism of its author, Maya Arulpragasam.  As The Guardian pointed out last fall, Arulpragasam has her own "Visa" issues with the United States after her renewal application got mysteriously delayed back in 2014 and has been stuck in limbo ever since...a fact which she attributed to having "supported Wikileaks and stuff."

There is a song on the new album called “Visa” that takes aim at American immigration policy, something Arulpragasam unwillingly knows a lot about. Her application to renew an expired visa has been stuck in mysterious bureaucratic limbo since 2014. In an age when British popstars with any sort of US fanbase are routinely granted permission to work in America, her two-year hobbling seems unconventional. “Obviously what’s happening to me is very deliberate,” she says. “I don’t know who’s doing it, it’s like fucking playing Cluedo.”

In general, though, she does not pitch her suspicions small. “On paper I’ve supported WikiLeaks and stuff. And now Hillary Clinton is running for president. And until that’s solved I might have a problem, because anyone who ever associated with that website is going to get fucked up. Even if you delivered [WikiLeaks] their takeaway, you are going to be on a list. Do you know what I mean?”

I ask her if she ever worries she’s paranoid and she replies, smartly, that in the aftermath of Edward Snowden’s revelations about the NSA it’s wrong “to even use the word ‘paranoia’ as if it’s a weird condition. Because it’s common as a fucking cold now. Everyone has to have an element of paranoia.”

As RT points out, while Monday’s message seemed bizarre, it’s not the first time WikiLeaks has published lengthy character codes on Twitter. In October 2016, the organization published three “pre-commitments” regarding then-US Secretary of State John Kerry, Ecuador, and the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

In that instance, Gizmodo subsequently reported that the “pre-commitments” were a mechanism to ensure that unreleased information isn’t tampered with, as altering the information would also change the codes. Whistleblower Edward Snowden has also used the tactic, tweeting, and subsequently deleting, a similar message in August 2016.


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I have to agree with you Tmos.  Given how corrupt things are.  Given it is now as crystal clear as it can be that the empire is the biggest drug lourd of the planet courtesy of the CIA.  Given that JFK was without a single doubt killed by a plot that included the CIA / LBJ and a 54 year long coverup by the mainstream media.......

The thought that ANYTHING would break the right direction is nothing short of a miracle.

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maxblockm Moe-Monay Tue, 01/02/2018 - 20:17 Permalink

My guess:

Paper planes = only planes of significance, 9/11

+ lyrics of Paper planes makes it sound like there is info on the connection between 9/11 and US/CIA covert {middle east} drug trade.

Third world democracy
Yeah, I got more records than the K.G.B.

Some I murder
Some I let go

All I wanna do is [shoot/kill]
And take your money

No one on the corner has swagger like us [U.S.]
Hit me on my burner prepaid wireless
We pack and deliver [drugs] like UPS trucks

Pirate skulls and bones
Lethal poison for the system

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Syria: complete fail for the USA. We caused a jihadist mess, Russia cleaned it up.

Quatar: complete fail for the USA. We tried to force them into our anti-Iran campaign and guess what? They flouted us, are still close to Iran and they are doing just fine.

Iran: competitor for the next fail. Beating up on Nork looks like a more consequence-free opportunity to flex our aging muscles.

What did we do with Pakistan today? Just another fail. They are already aligning (along with India) to the new axis. See, Pakistan has no reason to attack Afghanistan. They never did.

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Pakistan has never been our friend, particularly the ISI. And let us not forget that the Liberal messiah, Barack Hussein Obama - may his name be subject to derision - proclaimed while running for president (the first time) that he would invade Pakistan. Few seemed to have noticed it, but I was floored. Lady MacBeth, I mean Clintoon, completely ignored it.

Pakistan is one of the 57 states - Islamic states, that is - and is not to be trusted.

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Politics is as cutthroat as a $10-per-hour call center or a corporate back office, full of constantly absentee mom-gang workers, which is the only group besides the rich that politicians serve, anyway. Too bad most of them do not bother to vote and are not even registered to vote. 

Free Julian Assange, the opposite of a back-watching and frequently absentee mom-gang employee, with her cushiony spousal income or welfare and child-tax-credit welfare, who risks nothing for her mom-protection-gang job. 

I will have to say that there are some exceptions in the case of mom workers. Take that brave-to-the-max journalist in Malta who was murdered for trying to be a watchdog on power. Let’s just hope that the Ecuadorians are protecting Assange from harm.

He should not release documents that reveal troop movements; that is for sure. Those are just young guys who signed up for military service, thinking they were protecting their country. Those are also young guys who need work in underemployed nations.

But in this era when the Real Press has been displaced by sex gossipers chasing ratings for their corporate owners, the brave journalists are indispensable. 

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