Iran's "Iron Fist" Unleashed: Revolutionary Guards Take Over Security As Israel Praises "Freedom Fighters"

Tehran's iron fist has been unleashed. On Monday, the Wall Street Journal's Farnaz Fassihi - a well-known Iran watcher who has been following protests inside the country closely, reported  that Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has announced it is taking charge of security in Tehran after nationwide protests entered their fifth day, and as new reports of gunmen amidst the crowds of demonstrators have emerged.

The IRGC announcement was first reported by Iranian media outlets on Monday - a day after the IRGC reportedly warned that anti-government protesters will face the nation's "iron fist" if the unrest continues. Though demonstrations did not initially center on the country's capital, instead popping up last Thursday mostly in a handful of cities across the ultra-conservative northwest Khorasan Province, fresh videos purporting to show angry crowds confronting security forces in Tehran have emerged, and state-run media also reports that a police officer was shot and killed Monday.

Image via "Iran Freedom" - a media account associated with the controversial opposition in exile group, People's Mujahedin of Iran (MEK). via Twitter

According to Reuters at least three other policemen were wounded after a man opened fire with a rifle in the midst of demonstrations:

The killing of the police officer happened when a demonstrator opened fire with a hunting rifle in the central city of Najafabad, police spokesman Saeed Montazer al-Mahdi was quoted as saying by state TV. Three policemen were wounded. It was not clear when the incident took place.

State TV said armed demonstrators on Sunday had tried to seize police and military bases but were stopped by “strong resistance from security forces.” It gave no further details and there was no independent confirmation.

This comes after at least 13 people have been reported killed across the country - mostly demonstrators either reported shot or in a couple of instances accidentally killed by other rioters. But new reports of government buildings and vehicles being burned, along with today's death of a police officer, as well as claims of armed rioters among the opposition certainly indicates dramatic escalation of what many analysts say are protests driven fundamentally by widespread anger over economic mismanagement and corruption.

Over the weekend, Brigadier-General Esmail Kowsari, the IRGC's deputy security chief in Tehran, told the ISNA news agency: "If people came into the streets over high prices, they should not have chanted those slogans and burned public property and cars." Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps has long been the country's most elite military group, and reports directly to the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei - with a mission of "safeguarding the revolution" which first brought the Ayatollahs to power in 1979.

Thus these latest reports of the paramilitary group taking charge in Tehran indicates the government is increasingly choosing to view the demonstrators as unlawful rioters and potential armed criminals engaged in destruction and aggressive acts targeting authorities.

It was also previously reported  that Iran had imposed "temporary" restrictions on social networks Telegram and Instagram in order "to maintain tranquility and security of society", according to a government source quoted in state run IRIB. Videos have since emerged of Tehran demonstrators attacking what are said to be IRGC militiamen engaged in suppressing protests.

In one widely reported video, protesters claimed to detain an IRGC member after he attempted to use an electric shock baton. They are shown stripping the guard's clothes off in an act of defiance and public humiliation.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed videos purporting to show Iranian security forces firing on demonstrators have increased on social media:

And late Monday the head of a prominent Iranian opposition group in exile which has close ties to Washington and runs its own paramilitary organization issued a call for the UN Security Council to act: "I urge the UN Security Council, the US and the EU to undertake urgent actions to prevent the Iranian regime’s slaughter of protesters. The clerical regime has killed and wounded dozens of demonstrators in cities across Iran over the past five days," tweeted Maryam Rajavi of People's Mujahedin of Iran (Mujahedin-e Khalq), an organization which has for decades devoted itself to the violent overthrow of the Iranian government.

Rajavi had previously in the day condemned western and UN "inaction" over the situation in Iran.

Also on Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a televised message directed at Iran via YouTube wishing "the Iranian people success in their noble quest for freedom" - something which is likely to have an adverse effect on protests, considering that authorities in Tehran have accused protest leaders of serving the interests of and being in league with foreign "enemies" like Saudi Arabia and Israel.

For this reason Netanyahu expressly denied that Israel was responsible for the unrest, as previously suggested  by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in a speech given earlier in the day.

"I heard today Iran's President Rouhani's claim that Israel is behind the protests in Iran," said Netanyahu in the video. "It's not only false. It's laughable - unlike Rouhani, I will not insult the Iranian people. Brave Iranians are pouring into the streets. They seek freedom. They seek justice. The seek the basic liberties that have been denied to them for decades."

Netanyahu further accused the Islamic Republic of mistreating its people and wasting its money to "spread hate" abroad instead of taking care of its people. The unexpected speech came after Israeli ministers were previously told to "minimize" their comments on the situation in Iran - though in an irony not lost on many commentators, Israel has long lobbied the US and UN to enact crippling economic sanctions which have served to make the plight of the common Iranian citizenry worse.

Netanyahu's speech also came the same day that a viral Times of Israel story claimed  the United States has quietly given Israel the green light to assassinate Iran's top military officer, Iranian Revolutionary Guards al-Quds Force commander Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani.



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The irony about Iran is that, for the most part, Iran is doing the right things, such as nuclear deal to attract investments and better price for their oil.

However, it’s not enough to take care of the whole population anymore because there are too many people.

Look at the US, the biggest benefited of industrialization and financialization but still have over 100 million adults out of the work force.

And Trump’s policies will make employment even lower by 2020. How would you be able to tell?

Watch clinics and hospitals going the way of the malls while the cost of healthcare and insurance will go up.

You can hold me to this prediction.


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Escrava Isaura Conscious Reviver Tue, 01/02/2018 - 04:27 Permalink

Conscious Reviver: All the wealth in Amerika went to the Banksters and Bankster programs like promoting war and terrorism.

Gee. Guess what? Morally speaking, the conservatives are no better. The Bible and the Quran even allow owning slaves.

Looking back the best system ‘social order’ would have been anarchism, which is a left ‘mediocre’ product.. Even socialism would not work well as anarchism, because socialism has capitalism embedded in it.

However, conservatives hate anarchists because anarchism is more laid back and hate any type of structure such as religion. Conservatives love capitalism but hate its outcomes. The educated class on the left loves capitalism as well, of course, because they were the biggest beneficiaries. Just look at the wages of academia and doctors.   

Anyway, capitalism crashed the anarchists and capitalism is what we have now.

Good luck when capitalism crashes, because capitalism is built on lies and illusions, making the population totally unprepared.

Anarchism not so much.


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Infnordz Escrava Isaura Tue, 01/02/2018 - 09:59 Permalink

As "The Philosophy of Capitalism", book 1, discussed: Anarchism is a nice idea, like Libertarianism, but is defenseless against sociopaths, so will eventually be conquered or have to transform into Patriachical regimes.  Matriachical regimes can't last because women can't mentally/physically fight as well as men.

It's probably better to have a distributed Patriachical structures designed so that the sociopaths are more distracted fighting each other, so have less resources/time to prey on non-sociopaths; the Swiss Canton system is closer to this than most other countries.

As the Alt-Right points out, you need enough formal Patriachical rules on how lives are lived to stop destructive r-type degeneracy, including resource waste, quantity over quality, disloyalty to like (leads to submergence/conquest/extinction), and harmful social/sexual behaviours, including use-of/involvement-in porn, feminism, overt homosexuality, hypergamy, polygamy, and deranged fake genders, including sex-change mutilation.

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Clinics and Hospitals will not be going the way of the malls unless there is a outbreak of healthiness and eternal life, 80% of all medical need is in the later stages of life and that's set to intensify.

Iran isn't doing the right thing anymore than the USSR did when it centrally planned, but you are right about their population.  All Islamic countries have this central problem, Islam sets the women up to breed at maximum capacity and the population increases massively.  No economic system can keep pace with this population growth forever so all Islamic countries are unstable.

Hence Islamic countries are all dictatorships in the end, or become secular.

Iran's only way out of this is to go to war to lower the population again.

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Escrava Isaura EddieLomax Tue, 01/02/2018 - 04:39 Permalink

80% of all medical need is in the later stages of life and that's set to intensify.


But, these needs are within a capitalist social order, meaning who’s going to pay the clinics, the doctors, the nurses, the technicians, and so on?

Will you work for 50 to 80% pay cut?

If healthcare system is not properly funded, unless Trump changes his approach and figure out a way to subsidize this sector as he did with the military, you’ll see clinics and hospitals going the way of the shopping malls under his administration.

Yes, you can hold me to this prediction.


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I am always amazed at how many people like yourself, who think they know everything, but are so frequently and consistently wrong.


But rather shutting up and paying attention in the hopes of becoming more educated, you constantly double down.


I would think your constant plethora of down-votes would be an good indication to you that your head is really fucked up.

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Iran is Caucasian and can make things.  They don't have the mentality of "I take it from you to get rich."  

Iran is actually a natural ally of the West.  Jews and Arabs are unnatural allies.

So, the West chose wrong, and against its interests when it consorts with Sunnis and Jews.

Islam is adopted religion in Iran, and has morphed to Iranian sensibilities.  It is still a skull fuck religion, but if it can be moderated the Iranians may be able to do it.

Iran's fertility rate dropped strongly after 1972, it can drop again.

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Hypocrites and Pharasees and Netanyahoo is an exemplary specimen...

......yet your average "Christian" in the west supports these so-called "jews".

Do they not realize that Christianity is a REJECTION of Judaism and it's practices?

Do they not realize it?

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It's a good damn thing the people of the middle east are so patient with Israel - if Israel were the enemy of US/Israel we'd a given em a little shock and awe by now. What is fun about this article is that the US has 'free speech zones', murders ranchers over land and deployes sound and water cannons at G20 protests yet the people yawn.


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Cmon now, you should know that the two words Jesus and Christ were not even combined until 312 AD......three centuries after the historically unverified life and times of Yesua, the supposed Messiah........Read the Christ Conspiracy, The Greatest Story Ever Sold........Its jam packed with solid historical information........Weve been duped.......If you look behind the Jews, whos behind the curtain?

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Christians know the followers of Pharisaism(judaism) are still the enemies of the gospel, just as the scriptures say.  We know these people are not real Jews according to Romans 2:28-29.  We know that God is the one who gives the name Israel, and he gave it to his son, Jesus Christ.  Matthew 2:13-15--->Hosea 11:1.  Those who believe and obey the gospel have put on Christ and are of the Israel of God.(Gal. 6:16, Rom 9:6-8, Philippians 3:2-3. 1 Peter 2:9, etc)

The traditions of the Pharisees(judaism) is the very thing Jesus rebuked and corrected, and the same set of traditions that got the followers of called the "children of the devil".  They are the Synagogue of Satan.  Nothing has changed.


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Behind the carefully worded statements...

of potentates/putinates/n poodles of the $power(aka - the only 'power' which matters anymore)

can be discerned by the thoughtful reader... the outlines of the emerging realities of a muddled east/eurasian... 'pivot' ... t'wards a new world ordure HQ'd in the 'new jerusalem' whence flows the spice, from an interlocking network of satrapies the trappings of which include ALL VARIETIES of 'apparently opposing' ideological trimmings... included but not limited to...

  • neo-liberal 'islamist' regimes with designs upon recreating the glories of medieval ethno-religious pogroms.

hard line 'islamist' theocracies which sit upon large reserves of petro products ... and even moar 'combustible' populations of fed up folks.


pretend 'neo-christian' regimes really run by guys with an astonishing frequency of connections to a tiny sect of lubavitch neo-gnostical millennialists... and similar supplies of carbon based combustibles.


pretend nationalist 'america-first regimes run by [see immediately above]...BUT ... dwindling stocks of petroleum... and however... large supplies of weaponry in UUGE need of inventory turn over and a huge interest in keeping their armaments industries in good health. ...

all jostling for a place under the sun in the coming neofeudalist paradise promoted on these pages!



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Iran's "Iron Fist" Unleashed: Revolutionary Guards Take Over Security As Israel Praises "Freedom Fighters"

Observation: ISLAM, a religion of PEACE!! NOT!!!!

Can you imagine if IRAN's rules were implemented in America? People of groups like ANTIFA, BLM, NEO-NAZIS, PROCHOICE RALLIES, etc would have been SHOT or IMPRISIONED for life. Oh, I forgot to mention TORTURED as well!!!

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Go to Ukraine?

NO!  Out!

Havarra plan in reverse.  Send them to Africa.

The Negroes will follow behind the tribesters, complaining loudly. 

Putting tribesters back into Europe would be a disaster.  Are you crazy?

The tribe needs to be dissipated, so do it buy mixing two parasites together.

  Putting a parasite onto a host is the same thing as planting fleas on a dog.  It is cruel.  You aren't thinking straight.

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The Knesset - "The largest party, Mapai, moderate socialist, won 46 seats. It favored gradual nationalization of industry, leaving some margin for free enterprise, and advocated giving Arab Palestine to Trans-Jordan. Mapam, the United Workers party, Marxian socialist, won 19 seats. It stood for rapid and complete nationalization of industry and closer relations with Russia. Mizrachi, the United Religious party (16 seats) wanted to build the state on Jewish religious law. Heruth, the Freedom party (14 seats) the former underground group Irgun Zvai Leumi, wanted Israel to take all Palestine as well as Trans-Jordan by force of arms. The Communist party won four seats. The remaining delegates belonged to seven minor parties. Three members of the Knesset were Arabs." - Compton's encyclopedia

Any similarities between Congress and the Mapai, Mapam, Mizrachi and Heruth parties is purely coincidental.

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"The Jews" again?

Their menfolk are being cuckold by their womenfolk who are running off with Arabs. They prefer Sharia and strong masculinity.

Oh well, so much for "Votes for Women"! Another failed Progressive experiment.

Anyhow, back to the topic on hand.

I see two Monotheist death cults doing what Death cults do.

Did you know, you "morally superior" monotheists, that when a Mongol sets up his yurt, he drives no stakes into the ground, lest he desecrate mother earth?

Monotheism is THE problem, not the solution.

Did you think, monotheists, that the air you breath is made in a Capitalist factory somewhere?


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So Mongols couldn't drive a stake into precious mother earth, but had no problem whatsoever pillaging their way across the continent?

It's not just monotheists, it ANYONE who rejects their rational mind to instead lazily accept another's doctrine out of faith. It is these lazy idiots who refuse to reason and instead refuse to drive a stake into the earth who are the problem. Monotheism does not require an official title, it simply requires the refusal to THINK.

The human's ONLY true survival tool is their rational mind with its ability to reason, to discern and decide right from wrong, threat from opportunity. To refer to a book or simply a political ideology to decide for you, is DEATH.

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What we witnessed with the Mongol invasion was the Revenge of Abel upon Cain.

Genghis Kahn hated cities as they are a blight upon God's perfect creation.

Which is consistent with their injunction against driving stakes into Mother Earth.

It was not mere wanton destruction that the Mongols embarked upon. Anyone who acknowledged Genghis as Khan was incorporated into the winning side.

And for a few blessed years the world was at peace. "

A naked 18 year old virgin could walk from Europe to China with a gold bar on her head and not be molested".

Genghis was quite strict that way.

And then the whispering, lying monotheists crept back into the Ger.

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"The Jews" again?

Their menfolk are being cuckold by their womenfolk who are running off with Arabs. They prefer Sharia and strong masculinity.

Oh well, so much for "Votes for Women"! Another failed Progressive experiment.

Anyhow, back to the topic on hand.

I see two Monotheist death cults doing what Death cults do.

Did you know, you "morally superior" monotheists, that when a Mongol sets up his yurt, he drives no stakes into the ground, lest he desecrate mother earth?

Monotheism is THE problem, not the solution.

Did you think, monotheists, that the air you breath is made in a Capitalist factory somewhere?


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