Mattis: "War Is Not Over" In Iraq And Syria

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Declarations of victory over ISIS by both Iraq and Syria, along with Russia, are not having an impact on US military policy in the region, according to Defense Secretary James Mattis, who insisted on Friday that “the war is not over.”



Which isn’t to say that the US is determined to keep fighting a war against ISIS, as such, but rather that there’s definitely going to be a war against somebody in those countries. Mattis in particular has been keen to talk up the idea of an “ISIS 2.0” emerging in areas ISIS has been expelled from.

Mattis’ comments are very interesting in the context of other Pentagon statements, which have insisted that US troops would stay in Iraq and Syria long after the ISIS war has ended. This had long been assumed to be just a quiet, permanent garrisoning of the two countries, particularly controversial in Syria since they don’t welcome a US military presence.

Instead, Mattis seems to be presenting this as not just an open-ended deployment, but an open-ended war against an ever-changing collection of enemies. In Syria in particular, this is likely to mean a shift away from Islamist rebels and toward pro-government militias.

In Iraq, the continuation of the war is likely to be very much like the last US occupation of Iraq, fighting with any and all forces that are aligned in opposition to the Iraqi government, or against the occupation itself.


Theosebes Goodfellow Moe-Monay Mon, 01/01/2018 - 21:27 Permalink

I'm still waiting for Mattis to tell us what the fucking goalpost looks like.

How can one declare victory or loss without knowing what the end-zone looks like?

"Say General Mattis, how would you define "winning"?"

When do we get to stand down in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and all the other little shitholes our sons and daughters fight in for big corporate America?

Fuck you and your endless war.

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uhland62 TuPhat Mon, 01/01/2018 - 21:36 Permalink

What would the bomb factories do if there was a victory and the war or all wars were over? Can never happen with the mentality and business structure they have.

It can only happen when the money dries up but that will be a while. It will happen, though, because money spent on bombs and fighter planes is an investment without yield for the people who have provided the money = taxpayer.

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Gardentoolnumber5 Beam Me Up Scotty Mon, 01/01/2018 - 21:18 Permalink

Yep, cue the antiwar protests that disappeared during Oblameo's run. Although, Cindy Sheehan was still protesting she was no longer a cause celeb without a Republican in office. The Neocon warmongers in both parties need to be put away... like 20 years ago. One would have thought after the Iraq debacle the American people would have woke up to the Neocons... ignorance in America runs deep and miles to go before I sleep.

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WillyGroper . . . _ _ _ . . . Mon, 01/01/2018 - 20:53 Permalink

slave, search Giammaria Ortes

the vipers of venice have been hammering the earth's carrying capacity since the 1700's.

it was 2B back then.  it would appear that's tptb rational for genocide.


you can grow a lot of food in a small space & if they'd quit screwing up the water cycle with chemtrails that wouldn't be an issue either.

so what makes you believe such fear porn trash?

wake up.

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BobEore 07564111 Mon, 01/01/2018 - 21:11 Permalink

Wat's dis?

Our local 'lead from behind' quarterback of the Qabbalistic kind... is no officially behind... the DUUMP THE DRUMPF movement?

Clear signs that the upcoming anniversary in three weeks is bound to bring about the regime change which was baked into the mostest-indebeted POTUS ever CAKE... from day one!

Like a Kerensky model puppet introduced for purposes of a smooth transition from Czarist monarchy to full bore TALMUDIC BOLSHEVIK TERROR STATE...

Drumpf has bumped... up against his best before due date... and now we obediently wait...

for the head shot whot will be heard round the world... as the signal for the TALMUDIC BOLSHEVIK TERROR STATE... 2.0... which the quislings and fifth columnists lounging all over these pages have worked so hard on behalf of for the past year.




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any_mouse BennyBoy Mon, 01/01/2018 - 19:57 Permalink

Mad Dog aka Chaos.  He is the decider in chief now?

There is no reason to be in Syria except to support Zionist plans for lebensraum and Syrian oil reserves.

The USA/NATO is the entity that does not belong in Syria. They are the invading virulent organism.

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Ace006 Mr Twitch Mon, 01/01/2018 - 23:41 Permalink

They might make a mistake like the US did when it orchestrated that attack on SAA troops near Deir ez-Zor. The Russians could forget to answer the phone on that deconfliction line. It happens.

There's an odd concept. Deconfliction. Neocons must regard it the way a dog cocks its head when you do stuff it thinks is weird. "De whu?"

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