"Black Cities Are Still Bleeding To Death": Baltimore Pastor Blames Police Absence For Surge In Killings

For the third consecutive year (2017), Baltimore City, Maryland, has had between 319-343 homicides, making it the most dangerous city in America.

The Ferguson effect joined together with an out of control opioid crisis has been the driving force in violent crime, turning the city into a complete mess with some labeling it a war-zone.  

On top of the death and despair, Baltimore gained national attention during the 2015 riots, after Freddie Gray, a young black male was arrested and died in police custody. Needless to say, there are much larger trends at play, including 50-years of failed Democratic leadership and decades of de-industrialization, which have ultimately given today’s war-zone a silver patter to thrive.

The Reverend Kinji Scott, a pastor in Baltimore who’s held various positions in local government, recently spoke with Lauren Frayer, an NPR journalist, on the current environment in Baltimore. Scott clearly describes the city as a war-zone and said, “we have broad daylight shootings–all over the city.”

He’s among a group of activist who believes the higher homicide rate is due to a relaxation of police patrols following the Ferguson effect and the death of Freddy Gray. “We wanted the police there,” Scott said. “We wanted them engaged in the community. We didn’t want them beating the hell out of us, we didn’t want that.” Scott believes real change will come when the black community forms strong relationships with the police; however, that has yet to happen.

When asked if he’s optimistic for 2018, this is what Scott had to say:

I am not. Because I look at the conclusion of 2017, these same cities — St. Louis, Baltimore, New Orleans and Chicago — these same black cities are still bleeding to death and we’re still burying young men in these cities.  

This interview has been edited for length and clarity by NPR.

Interview Highlights

On the current state of community safety in Baltimore

When you think about young people who are out here facing these economic challenges and are homeless and living places that are uncertain, and you’re a parent — you’re scared. Not just for yourself really, but for your children.

The average age of a homicidal victim in Baltimore City right now is 31 years old. We had a young man who attended one of the prime high schools, [Baltimore Polytechnic Institute], Jonathan Tobash, and he was 19 years old, he was a Morgan State student. And he was killed on his way to the store. That’s the state of Baltimore right now.

On whether the community wanted police to back off after the death of Freddie Gray

No. That represented our progressives, our activists, our liberal journalists, our politicians, but it did not represent the overall community. Because we know for a fact that around the time Freddie Gray was killed, we start to see homicides increase. We had five homicides in that neighborhood while we were protesting.

What I wanted to see happen was that people would be able to trust the relationship with our police department so that they would feel more comfortable. We’d have conversations with the police about crime in their neighborhood because they would feel safer. So we wanted the police there. We wanted them engaged in the community. We didn’t want them beating the hell out of us, we didn’t want that.

On whether the high murder rate is unique to Baltimore

It’s not. I lost my brother in St. Louis in 2004; just lost my cousin in Chicago. No it’s not unique, and that’s the horrible thing.


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But may , black mlives in the end don't matter all that much to incur such inconvenience...?

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Memphis has been rotting for years.  My Dad used to live there in a really nice neighborhood - beautiful place.  Within 5 years of my last visit, he sold at a huge loss just to get out of the area.  The place went from beautiful to looking like Allepo in just a few years - it was crazy how fast it went downhill.  Once the blacks got a foothold in that area, he said they spread like a virus and the whites moved out as fast as they could.

It seems all you ever hear from the Black community is that it's someone else's fault that they live in a war zone (usually Whitey's fault).  To some extent I can agree: The Communist Left absolutely power-fucked them when it bestowed upon them the "Free Shit" and "Permanent Victimhood" mentality and penalized families for staying together.  They need to openly shun parasites like Sharpton, Jackson, and Obama - and step up if they really want to change anything - it has to come from inside.

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My sister has lived in Germantown TN - right by Memphis for about 20 years.


She was totally anti-gun her whole life, thought nobody except police should have one. I am totally pro-gun, so we would always have lively discussions about gun control.


About 5 years ago she called me and said she wanted my help - could I recommend a handgun for home defense.


Several home invasions in her area - a neighborhood that had always been crime free.


I of course helped her - and her husband - they took my advise - went to a local range - took some training - shot a few different guns and they now have a .380 auto. I told them a 9MM would be a good choice - but my sister (65 year old that maybe weighs 95 pounds) though the recoil was a little too snappy.






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That reminds me of what Charlton Heston said to his anti-gun liberal Hollywood friends during the 1992 LA Riots. They asked him to lend them firearms; he said "Sure...after the obligatory 2 week waiting period."

He didn't say what his friends responses were, but with liberals, they're so full of cognitive dissonance, especially WRT race realities, that  the irony would probably have been lost on them.


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I'm friends with an old man. His stories about how things used to be are really pretty amazing. Apparently, when one of the black bastards killed another one back then, the police didn't even bother to investigate. There would just be a mention in the newspaper the next day. "Two negros got into a knifefight in front of X bar, one killed the other," and that was the end of it.

Funny how the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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you think, huh?  Well, the reality is that the percentage of black people in America is steadily dropping.  It needs to come way down from 14% to about 6% or 4%.  So leave the police out of this.  You wanted them out and they left.  Its going to stay that way for a long while.  This is now a self-regulating problem.  As black lives waste each other, there will be a steady decline in violence.  works for me.

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 "Scott believes real change will come when the black community forms strong relationships with the police; however, that has yet to happen."

I watched a show last night highlighting "drugs".  Black gentleman said something like "I used to have a job but I can make more money selling drugs"...he admitted that drugs are destroying his city/hood, but basically, that's not his problem...

...and, the answer is that people need a "better relationship with the police"  WTF!!!

...hey, there are so many shootings in Chicago that they can't even begin to really investigate them, so if a group of neighborhood men form their own "self defense" (i.e. sniper) groups, then their chance of ever being prosecuted is small.

go for it...

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  You live in a nice safe white neighborhood, don't you.

  I grew up in the white middle class burbs. 50+ yrs later the neighborhood was getting very dark and my Dad passed. We reno'ed the house for sale because it was the right thing to do. The property values were shit. Why is this? Because no sensible white folks would buy a house and subject themselves to a nigger hood. What you call racism others call realism. Yes, there are a few upstanding black folks out there. Mostly they want to move to white neighborhoods. Deyz be Uncle Toms yo?

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Mosley is on FIRE today!

My best buddy had occasion to visit Btown in appr. the 79/80 time frame, and he told me upon his return that he walked the streets at dusk and was quite terrified by its denizens. Random people would call out their windows "You in the wrong place boyee - you better run the fuck outta here". And this same guy went to Jamaica (in the same time period) to a resort (Sandals, i believe), and left the safety of said resort to go into the jungle at night with some locals (Rastas) to get some weed. He felt right at home (NY). Not a care in the world - no problem. What does that tell you?

Niggers are so fickle that way (and too dangerous and unpredictable for whites to be/live/work in vicinity of them). Passive aggressive, the whole lot of them. Come/go come/go come/go (Like a bad teenage relationship). They will never "cotton" on how civilization works.

Like the "Left", my advice is the same "Leave them alone and they will eat themselves" ie the current sex harassment debacle/purge.

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