Chinese Military Rushed To North Korean Border In "Preparation For War": Report

A Chinese province along the border with North Korea is seeing an influx of Chinese tanks, soldiers, and military trucks, according to the  DailyNK and the Daily Star.


According to the same report, People’s Liberation Army (PLA) forces have been building up military assets in the cover of the night around the Tumen River in Yanji city, Jilin province, which borders North Korea.


One source told the Daily NK, “there were so many soldiers in the car that there was a lot of traffic. I have not seen so many soldiers trucking to Yanji so far.”

Another source said, "Chinese troops are gathering around the Yalu and Tumen rivers. It is also heard that the tanks are moving to the North and the Chinese border."


Chinese authorities have reportedly told local residents near the Northern Korean border: “Trump to hit North Korea in the New Year, we are preparing for war on the peninsula.” 

And according to the Daily Star: Chinese military officials have recently conducted the so-called “war ceremony” – urging their troops to be ready to fight.

If the media report is accurate, it would suggest that China - fearing the worst - is preparing for war on the Korean Penisula. Previously, internal documents leaked from China’s main state-owned telecommunications company shows three villages and cities in the northeastern border province of Jilin, have been designated for refugee camps-if war breaks out. China is afraid a swarm of refugees from North Korea could cross the Tumen River into China.

Zhang Liangui, a professor of international strategic research at the Communist Party’s Central Party School said, “it is highly possible that there is a conflict between North Korea and the United States now. What China does here is to be prepared for any kind of situation happening on the Korean Peninsula.”

While China prepares for war on the Korean Peninsula by moving military assets to border cities along the Tumen River. There is another threat breaking Tuesday morning: North Korea is preparing to test the largest ICBM to date.


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So are they going to fight NK or support them?  History isn't our friend in that regard.

Maybe I'll bust out the old MASH episodes?

This looks to be a great NY for MAGA.  NK, starting shit in Iran, giving the kikes the go ahead to kill Iranian military guys.  This is just great.  Let's add in some large bank failures and a bank run that crashes the dollar to make it a real party?

Fuck it, I might just buy me an ASIC rig and start mining me some coins. It's so damn cold here that I can use the extra heat it throws off to heat the house.


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I was wondering if there was a kikester who believed what the  intel-trash left over from your buddies’ admin “leaked” about that.

Kike away ... I can sleep better knowing some dumbasses will fall for that. Either way that General is out of commission ... tisk.

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Excerpt, Editorial from publishers weekly:

"The authors draw no great lessons from Fox Company's ordeal, but deliver a precise, technically accurate account of the fighting."

And there ya have it .. lessons of war, never learned.

See, the powers that be, money changers, war mongers etc. the have been pulling these stunts since time immemorial .. not that it lessens the story, the real life and death struggles of mortal men.

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Xi will protect China's interests but is not always right...

China – Argentina – the Falklands

In tune with Macri's words, Xi Jinping thanked Argentina "the support they have given us for our claim of a single China as we support theirs for the Falkland Islands."  (Telam 17 May 2017)

How would a map of the world look today if all of the territory lost and gained over the past 180 years reverted to its 19th century status? Quite a ridiculous proposal.

Falklands – Acquisitive Prescription(1 pg):