A Furious Pakistan Summons US Ambassador, Calls Emergency Meeting After Trump Tweet

One day after Trump, in his first tweet of 2017,  slammed Pakistan claiming the US "has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools" the furious Pakistani government summoned the U.S. ambassador to protest against Trump’s angry tweet which Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif dismissed as a political stunt, while also calling an emergency cabinet meeting to establish the "difference between facts and fiction."

In the tweet, in addition to accusing Pakistan of providing "lies and deceit" also accused the government in Islamabad of providing "safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help."

In response, the Pakistan foreign office summoned US ambassador David Hale to explain Trump’s tweet, Reuters reported. The ministry could not be reached for comment but the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad confirmed on Tuesday that a meeting had taken place.

Foreign Minister Asif dismissed Trump’s comments as a political stunt born out of frustration over U.S. failures in Afghanistan, where Afghan Taliban militants have been gaining territory and carrying out major attacks. "He has tweeted against us and Iran for his domestic consumption," Asif told Geo TV on Monday.

"He is again and again displacing his frustrations on Pakistan over failures in Afghanistan as they are trapped in dead-end street in Afghanistan." Quoted by Reuters, Asif added that Pakistan did not need U.S. aid.

Speaking to local media, he accused the US of aiding and abetting terrorists that were making incursions into Pakistan. “US forces based in Afghanistan also overlooked safe havens of the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) which has killed thousands of Pakistanis,” he told a private TV channel, referring to a Taliban-affiliated militant group based in Pakistan’s volatile region bordering Afghanistan, as cited by the newspaper.

Asid also took to Twitter to fire back at Trump’s outburst, saying that Pakistan would soon respond. “We will reveal the truth to the entire world. We will separate fact from fiction."

On Tuesday, Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi chaired a National Security Committee meeting of civilian and military chiefs, focusing on Trump’s tweet. The meeting, which lasted nearly three hours, was brought forward by a day and followed an earlier meeting of army generals.

* * *

As we reported previously, on Monday the U.S. National Security Council said the White House did not plan to send an already-delayed $255 million in aid to Pakistan "at this time" and that "the administration continues to review Pakistan’s level of cooperation".

The spat immediately reverberated across the region, with Pakistan's regional enemies praising Trump's angry  tweet.

Afghan defense spokesman General Dawlat Waziri said Trump had “declared the reality”, adding that “Pakistan has never helped or participated in tackling terrorism”.

Jitendra Singh, a junior minister at the Indian prime minister’s office, said Trump’s comment had “vindicated India’s stand as far as terror is concerned and as far as Pakistan’s role in perpetrating terrorism is concerned”.

But Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang, asked during a briefing about Trump’s tweet, did not mention the United States.

“We have said many times that Pakistan has put forth great effort and made great sacrifices in combating terrorism,” he said. “It has made a prominent contribution to global anti-terror efforts.”

Meanwhile, Pakistani officials rightfully say tough U.S. measures threaten to push Pakistan further into the arms of China, which has pledged to invest $57 billion in Pakistani infrastructure as part of its vast Belt and Road initiative.

To this point, two weeks ago we reported  that Pakistan is considering replacing the dollar with yuan in bilateral trade with China. Speaking to journalists, Pakistani interior minister Ahsan Iqbal said China desired bilateral trade should take place in yuan instead of dollars, in yet another push to de-dollarize what China considers its sphere of influence.



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“We will reveal the truth to the entire world. We will separate fact from fiction."

EXCELLENT!!!!  You can start by explaining that it wasn't Bin Laden they killed and "dumped in the ocean".

Most of the fools believe that shit.  But you know what, if it doesn't make sense, it probably isn't true. 

Why would the president not bring an alive Laden home for display?  GEE, wouldn't that be a big fucking prize?


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If there were a true fo life video of all the actors here, they would all be in clown oufits. On the day of 9/11 they interviewed a prominent New York builder. He said the way the planes entered the towers was not the way planes hit buildings. There were explosives involved. Yes, it was the Donald. The Pakistani military played a minor role. One of their generals wired money to the Hebrew-speaking cokehead who called himself Mohammed Atta. Everyone on all sides knows all about 9/11. So they all know that the conquest of Afghanistan for heroin, lithium, oil pipelines and geostrategic bullying was not the sacred war one is taught to believe. Everyone knows. The Pakistanis, the Chinese and of course every bigshot in America. The neocons who did 9/11 and are now trying to murder Trump because it's good for the Jews. And of course, Trump and his whole crew who hope when the empire is in ruins they will have won their country back from the clutches of Judaia. So relax. Put on your own funny stuff and pour yourself a drink. To the Executive Order that is going to seize the assets of the Clinton Foundation. And of the Rothschilds. That Q Anon message about the helicopter and the Rothschild estate was really something. I'll drink to that! 

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You Trump fanboy/girls are so stupid it's embarrassing for the Americans who are not so afflicted. But you'll be laughing out of the other side of your face when you are forced to replace your grocery shopping with dumpster diving. You are cheering the signs of your own demise. 

Let's review the math again. $57 Billion versus $255 Million. Can you see which number is bigger? Or are you a victim of that Common Core nonsense? 

And just to nip the standard follow up stupidity in the bud - No, Obunghole and Cankles are not /were not any better. Why would they be? They all work for the same psychotic owners. 

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LOL away ... that’s why USA makes you jealous. Because y’all Nervously LOL with your head you know where, and then come looking for a JHandOut when your LOL turns into COL.

Well, there is also the size issue, but we don’t want to get into the reason y’all need to keep the foreskins ... um, handy, he he.




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NEVER forget! The Chinese are marxist-leninist Communists, which fact is being brilliantly 'played down' in the West by the (((press))) at this time. Communism's ultimate purpose and goal is world federation of communist states - achieved by violent revolution OR in the Western nations, by Cultural Marxism. Communism is a Jewish creation of course. Bolshevism was Jewish. https://europeansworldwide.wordpress.com/2017/12/31/racist-ritualistic-…

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Yeah well, that was maybe the case around 1953. Now they're dealing with FOMO just like you at your dinner table, "No devices at supper!" Just like most American families.

Other thing about China, one in four human beings is Chinese. Americans, it's more like one in 25. 

Being Chinese, in China, or Indian in India, that more "default human". So your American thing is weirdly small minded. Sorry

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China will expect quick payback for every yuan, not empty promises and lies. China can take over the country in a matter of months. Mountains are no real obstacle when you can field a 5 million man army. Little food can be grown in the mountains, fighters would soon starve and what outside country would supply them with food and ammunition. India would ignore their plight and Afghanistan would be little help. China is stepping up to the plate but nothing will be free.

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Russia simply prosecutes a war like it should be. They kill as many bad guys as quickly as they can. If there are civilian casualties that's too bad.

However, in the end, there are far fewer civilians killed overall using this strategy rather than the MIC's strategy which is a prolonged static permanent conflict with no victor.

You fight to win or you do not fight at all. Go get 'em Ivan.

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nobody seems to care when Russia kills civilians

Actually it's the other way around.  When Russian forces killed civilians in Aleppo, the ((Western mass media)) exclaimed it is intentional targeting of civilians by evil thug Putin.  When the US (or its Saudi vassals) killed vastly more civilians (in Raqqa, Mosul, etc.), the ((Western mass media)) lamented about "collateral damage" and lauded US efforts to keep casualties to a minimum, blaming ISIS for using "human shields".

Nobody murders more civilians than the US and its allies, the Axis of Evil running through Washington, City of London and Tel Aviv, and its vassals.  Yet the US is constantly being crowned the "defender of freedom and human rights".


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Thank you for mentioning the city of London. Too many forget to include the British crown and the City when naming the axis. It began with them and continues to be run by them along with others lurking in the dark like certain families in Italy. The US has been used as their military arm and they've been quite successful. 

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Indeed.  The only people offended, amused or otherwise at this point are Russian emigrees to the US, American expats in Russia, and polyglots who read both Russian and US MSM news sources.


That large green bit straddling the Iraq border is US-controlled.  Word is that most of the US forces and equipment will soon relocate to Afghanistan.

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In his "twee-plomacy" Trump is saying that there is a new boss in the WH and that the US wants more control in return for its investments in that nation. The US is putting more troops in Afghanistan likely more as a threat to Iran on its west, and likely does not want any shit coming from Pakistan on on the east, should another war be in the books.  In any case there is no suggestion of a new direction away from the US policy of directly or indirection supporting Muslim militancy and terrorist groups for insurgency purposes.    

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