Children Forced To Freeze, As Baltimore Schools Open With No Heat

Baltimore students and teachers returned to school from holiday break on Tuesday, expecting to start the new year with a bang, but that proved an overly optimistic assumption for a collapsing school system, as the classrooms they found were flooded, and indoor temperatures barely above freezing.

Starting off on the wrong foot, Baltimore’s school system could be on track for a turbulent year, in conjunction with a widespread cheating scandal.


The recent cold snap in Maryland has sent temperatures across the state plunging: on Wednesday morning, Baltimore printed at 11 degrees.


On Tuesday, the cold weather paralyzed the school system across the city, however, schools remained open despite the horrific conditions.

“It was miserable. The kids had their coats, hats, and gloves on all day,” said Jesse Schneiderman, a social, studies teacher at Frederick Douglass High School.

One classroom at Frederick Douglass was completely destroyed, after flooding from a burst pipe rendered the classroom unsafe.

“A teacher in our basement, because her room is under the flooded classroom, lost all of her materials,” he said. “Other teachers had to teach in the library because their classrooms were too cold.”


Schneiderman added, “we were shocked we weren’t one of the schools sent home.” He also said water damage destroyed the wrestling room, the weight room, and the JROTC room.

Baltimore Brew notes that temperatures were barely above freezing inside the classrooms,


Four schools closed on Tuesday for weather-related issues, but social media indicates cold conditions in schools were widespread.


Social media was flooded with angry parents and teachers voicing their concern for a deteriorating schools system. Baltimore Brew reports classrooms at “Patterson High School, City College and Calverton Elementary School” also experienced no heat.

Jeffrey San Filippo, a seventh and eighth-grade history teacher at Calverton Elementary/Middle School, lashed out Baltimore City Schools and alerted the local media after his classroom only made it to a high of 40 degrees. San Filippo was shocked when he found out the city opened so many unheated schools, meanwhile they reassured everyone on social media everything was fine.

On Wednesday, it was day two with no heat and the social media outbursts continue…

Baltimore Brew reports city officials are “feverishly” working to prevent a further collapse in the school system:

Reached at City Schools headquarters in North Avenue, spokeswoman Edie House-Foster said school officials are doing their best with aging facilities.

“We have some of the oldest buildings in the state of Maryland,” House-Foster said. “Trying to maintain heat with the extreme temperatures and wind chills we’ve been having is extremely difficult.”


“Our facilities teams have been working feverishly to address the problems,” she said.


House-Foster said officials try to keep schools open where possible to make sure students can receive needed services like free and reduced price meals. She said she was only aware of weather-related problems at four schools:


Woodlhome Elementary/Middle School, the Elementary/Middle Alternative Program and Frederick Elementary either closed or dismissed early, she said.

Lakeland Elementary/Middle released students at 12:45 p.m. because of  heating system issues.   

Councilman Zeke Cohen said he recognizes the school system’s challenges, but “the school system needs to do a better job of protecting kids.”

“It is not acceptable for children to be learning in freezing temperatures,”  he said. “Understanding we’re going to be in extremely cold temperatures, they’ve got to make sure schools are prepared.”

Cohen said he heard today from parents and teachers across his Southeast Baltimore district, concerned about freezing classrooms.

On social media, Baltimore City Schools updated the community on more closures indicating the problem is more widespread than initially thought:


As we reported last night, there is more bad news for the East Coast. A “Bomb Cyclone” is set to detonate off the coast producing wicked winter weather, but what is following the storm could be even more devastating for the region.”The whole troposphere is coming south and we will not avoid an intense cold snap lasting several days,” said


With a freezing storm expected to plow onto into the East Coast through the weekend, we wonder if Baltimore City Schools can survive further cold?





Jeffersonian Liberal tmosley Thu, 01/04/2018 - 10:18 Permalink

Leftists and their liberal pawns  love to point to public education as the perfect example of how socialism benefits society and how even the most ardent free-marketers have accepted it as healthy and happy and successful.

They conveniently ignore stories like these, which are occurring with increasing frequency and indicate deeper and deeper systemic rot.

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lincolnsteffens svayambhu108 Wed, 01/03/2018 - 20:02 Permalink

Even in the 1940s and 50s some rural one room schools had a pot bellied stove. Those old inner city masonry buildings have little or no insulation. They could be retrofitted economically but they are probably so broke they have no money and no creativity to mitigate the phenomenal cost of fuel in weather like this.

Can anyone say "Maunder Minimum" baby ice age has arrived?

Baltimore is up the creek without a paddle. Very sad we have come to this.

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Sudden Debt HockeyFool Wed, 01/03/2018 - 18:51 Permalink

Typical for any third world country.


In the civil world called my country, kids would take out their smartphones and call their parents who would sue the government :)


We love our children and wouldn't allow this. Other citizens wouldn't take this either. But it will never happen, all schools have been rebuild in the last 10 years.

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vato poco JibjeResearch Wed, 01/03/2018 - 20:11 Permalink

yeah good luck with that sunshine. 

hey for some extra fun, propose an audit of Baltimore SD. with specific focus on a) making sure everyone getting a paycheck from BISD actually is a real person and b) capital expenditure outlays on existing school repairs/upgrades. 

you WATCH how fast every single democrat in Maryland runs away from that; and then calls you raciss so you never try it again. fuck the kids! these mutthafukkaks tryna go afta r graft!

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MK ULTRA Alpha yellowsub Wed, 01/03/2018 - 21:22 Permalink

Lead free water, we can't even have a debate about clean water in this country. There are cities in America with deadly water. I thought Obama would spend on Americans and all that, remember Raul Emanuel was chief of staff for the nearly trillion dollar Obama stimulus bill, well it went to Acorn and made a lot of billionaires with government money, Tesla Musk is one of the hold over Billionaires still feeding on cash cow Obama. Solar company had no real plan to stay in business, we blew nearly a trillion dollars on a plan which they foamed was shovel ready projects, it was a robbery. Just like the Bush II TARP bank robbery and the Bush I S&L robbery.

I hate to see these kids, black or white suffer because they're American kids. But the logic behind holding school no matter what is because many of these young kids, both parents or a single mother work and school is the only place for adult supervision in the ghetto. And they call this America, portable heating units should have been brought in. Like to see when heating will be restored. I never went to a school which wasn't clean clean, waxed and polished floors daily and proper heat. The old steam units on the walls. Back then, if it wasn't heated, school would have been cancelled, not today, the children of the ghetto must have a safe secure place during the day, too many crazies out there trying to grab them. THAT is the reasoning behind keeping them in the cold school.

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